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NSCDC Brouhaha: My Oga at the Top - Does the Victim Deserves to be Punished or Furnished?

NSCDC Brouhaha: My Oga at the Top - Does the Victim Deserves to be Punished or Furnished?

 [ Masterweb Reports] - Some Nigerians are beginning to express their disapproval by the rate at which the story has gone and thinks the victim should be pardoned at this time since it could only be assumed to be a common mistake, including unverified rumours that the wife to the victim went as far as visiting Channels Television to alert the management of the gravity of damages the programme has caused his family, and tweets said to have been made by a famous artist known as “Rugged man”, blaming Channels Television presenters for acting unprofessionally. I was opportune to watch the programme life and I believe the presenters did what was supposed since it was their duty to carry the audience along.

The scandal depicts a great show of dismal, negligence and malpractice in the security sector. This is one opportunity to get things right, in as much as we all know that no one is perfect, some actions should be intolerable hence we intend to revive the sector. The exasperating fact of the issue is not only that the victim does not know the official website of his organization which could only be assumed to be careless ignorant mistake, but that he does not know what a website is, the format of a website, and that a website should end with a worldwide generic domain (.com, .org,, .co, etc.).

This divulges the rate of gross inequality of recruitment processes not only in our security apparatus but also in the public sector at large, more qualified candidates apply for positions but those positions are being influenced and manipulated by top politicians, directors, and other senior public servants who unduly give out those positions to incompetent candidates. Most government parastatals are fond of what is commonly known as secret or in-house recruitment, which gives them the opportunity to select their relatives and well-wishers, thus, resulting in high rate of inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the sector. More competent and qualified candidates roam the street in search of jobs but those jobs are given out inaptly.

The issue of a security commandant not knowing what a website is at this time of computer era goes far beyond reasonable doubt that there is a misconduct in his recruitment exercise, which in a working society would not only lead to rigorous screening and re-check, but also  questioning of the recruitment team that was in-charge of his recruitment processes. How was he recruited? Did he pass through a school of learning? How did he pass through the rigorous screening tests for a security post? Does he have a basic knowledge of computer and internet? How would he efficiently and effectively discharge of his duties without the use of computer and internet? Does he research online? There are questions and there should be answers.

Okeke Vincent Chidozie reports. Okeke Vincent Chidozie is a revolutionary writer, a public speaker, researcher and campaigner of truth. He writes from Lagos, with huge interest in good governance, youth empowerment and global issues.

*Photo Caption - Cross section of NSCDC Armed Squad officers at passing out parade in 2011.