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NewsReel July 15, 2013: Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife Speaks Out On Different Issues

NewsReel July 15, 2013: Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife Speaks Out On Different Issues

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife is the presiding Bishop of the Victory Christian Centre. She discusses her 18 years journey after her husband, Bishop Anayo Iloputaife, was murdered at his home on February 4, 1995 unknown armed assassins.
Q. What has kept you going years after the demise of your husband?
A. I have seen the goodness of God all these years. His incomparable character is clearly seen in my life. I say to people, if you want to see God, just look at me.

Q. What do you miss most about him?
A. His leadership, friendship, love for God’s glory, dogged commitment to the word of God, excellence and personal integrity in the ministry.

Q. What were the initial challenges when he passed on and you had to take over the church administration?
A. The challenges were not different from the general challenges of leadership which included betrayals, abandonment, rejection and disloyalty. Opposition came from every angle but I had faith in God’s power. Through His word, mercy and grace, I was able to cope.

Q. How did you meet him?
A. We met in Lagos. He had just returned from North America where he started his ministry, but according to him, God had told him to come back to Nigeria. By divine connection, we met at a church gathering.

Q. Is there no space in your heart for another man?
A. No and yes. No, because I don’t have a desire. Yes, because if it is God’s will for me and this ministry, I will accept it.

Q. Are you afraid that another man may take advantage of everything your late husband worked for?
A. That is not my thinking. When he passed on, I believe that his ministry on earth had ended and the living will have to go on. I am more concerned about the quality of the person, but it doesn’t have to be a husband. He can just be a male figure that can take charge. What   makes a ministry distinct is that it takes on the character of the founder. The character is more important than any other thing.

Q. You talked about betrayals earlier, can you expatiate more on this?
A. First of all, there is this cultural bias against female leadership. A glass ceiling in the minds of even civilised people today makes them see women as people who cannot do certain things, but God is not saying that. I am an example of God’s placement. If He did not choose me, I would not be doing what I am doing at the moment.  Secure and accomplished men respect women who have the integrity and are focused on what they do.

Q. Who is Nkechi Iloputaife?
A. I think I am an excellent person, I pay attention to details but a lot of people don’t see the simplicity because in the discharge of my duties, I sometimes take decisions that are really tough. I am simple-hearted, kind and take pleasure in helping people be the best they can be.

Q. What do you wish to be remembered for?
A. I wish to be remembered for fearing God, my rugged commitment to His word and my benevolence. I am always going out of my way to help people, my heart bleeds when I see people who seem to be written off. I try to make a statement that no human being created by God can be written off. I like to visit the prisons before my birthday; I have a monthly fellowship with widows. Being a widow, I can feel their pain, even though our circumstances may not be the same. I can relate to their predicament and I know, because of the peculiar circumstances, some of them have problem obtaining a good meal.  I have a programme where they come out every month and we all eat together. We also do medical outreach and spiritual therapy for them. We work with prisons and orphanages.

Q. What kind of upbringing did you have?
A. I had a difficult childhood but God used it to shape my adulthood. Everything about that childhood is what God used to make me what I am today.

Q. How do you relax?
A. I am learning to rest, I am somebody who works all the time and somebody has to remind me to rest and have fun.  I read, watch television and go to the spa. I also visit the gym.

Q. What about your diet?
A. Over the years it has changed. I no longer eat what I used to eat when I was younger. I told myself I was going to have a lifestyle change at a certain point in my life and this would include the way I eat.

Q. What does style mean to you?
A. I have always been a stylish person. At one time, I was very dramatic but now the two words that best describe my style are simplicity and elegance. I can be dressed up in a pair of jeans or whatever suits my temperament, but I just found out that the older you get, the less complicated you would want your style to be. I will never lose my elegance, especially how I put my stuff together. My name, Nkechi Anayo, means style and elegance. I had an opportunity to preach in a very traditional   church.  When the man of God introduced me with excitement, his congregation just stared at me. When I took over the microphone, I said to them, ‘Nobody should put any breaks on me, your pastor put me on this pulpit and he knew me very well before he invited me here, so if you can just remove your mind from the way I look, which may not match your theology, we can all get something good from the word of God.’ Then, everybody laughed and allowed the spirit of God to take over. I think there are things that are personal to us and style is personal to me.  God does not mind my style because He wired me that way. As far as style is concerned, I like to stay with who I am. Everybody does not have to approve of the way I look. I have my own platform and I have people who would rather listen to me than somebody else. I just like being me and God allows me to be me.  My fashion must be matched with comfort. I like bowler hats a lot. It is very convenient for me. Several years ago, I just decided to stick to my bowler hat.

Q. What will be your advice to women?
A. Regardless of their pursuit, they should fear God and keep His commandments. Also, they should believe in themselves because nobody is going to believe in them.  On the road to success, you meet a lot of obstacles and if you don’t believe in yourself, you will lose your faith.  Choose your friends on purpose because that will determine whether you achieve your dreams.  They should be people who will propel you forward, not the ones who will pull you back.

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