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NewsReel 26/6/14 - Masterweb Interview With First Nigerian Female Aesthetician, Cosmetologist & Skin Consultant In Spain

NewsReel 26/6/14 - Masterweb Interview With First Nigerian Female Aesthetician, Cosmetologist & Skin Consultant In Spain

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Call her Misses glamour, charming, she will fit in; the presence of this bursting lady arrests the attention of her environment. She is the first Nigerian lady that gives laser treatment under beauty care in the kingdom of Spain as a professional aesthetician, cosmetologist and skin consultant. She is a role model, women leader for Nigeria and Igbo women in Spain where she resides. Recently our foreign correspondent in Spain was opportune to have an interview with her in Madrid Spain in an occasion where she provided answers with ease to questions posed to her.

Madam, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Mrs. Jennifer Alawari Okechi Diorgu, the daughter of late chief A.W. Diorgu, held from Akwete Ukwa L. G. A. Abia state. Akwete villa is well known in the history of Nigeria for their clothes weaving being used all over the world for rich traditional weddings.

I am married to Hon. Charles Okechi from Udi L. G. A. Enugu State with four children and have produced two graduates in this kingdom of Spain. I came with my husband after my career in Nigeria and my stay in London. We are among the first Nigeria immigrants to Spain.

Please tell us about your profession?

I could say I have finally acquired what I have passion for, which are Aesthetician, Cosmetologist and skin consultant.

What are these about and how did you obtain the training and education?

These are the millennium trend that gives exit to job creations anywhere in the world. I started my first year role in cosmetics and aesthetic in 1991 at Desiree Professional Academy in Valencia Spain, where I obtained my professional national degree Diploma. I went for one year practicals and later continued intensive studies with another professional academy. Really these are off and on studies because of new research for our own good health and a healthy skin. Aestheticians must have a complete training program that is accredited by the state board of cosmetology.

Is there many aestheticians job opening available?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) there are about 47,000 aestheticians and medical aestheticians employed in the United States. The BLS projects more than 11,000 new jobs to be added, which is a strong 25 percent growth rate in their country as well as here in Spain too.

What are the duties of Aestheticians?

Depending on experience and training, aestheticians provide a wide variety of services and procedures. They will meet with clients or patients by appointment, and consult on skin care needs and will examine the patient’s skin and recommend a skin care regimen and products.

Provide pre and post-operative skin care and help manage effect of diseases or skin condition such as rashes and other out breaks.

Help patients to minimize the appearance of various skin imperfections such as acne, also reduce the effect of aging on the skin.

On treatment like peelings, facial scrubs, laser treatment, Botox injections, cosmetic filler to reduce lines and wrinkles. Katie Patton, a licensed medical aesthetician says, “Be Tenacious, Believe in what you are doing”. Aesthetician career is quiet interesting but have long process. I love it with passion.

As a role model, how have you coordinated women in Spain?

Well there is a saying that where you live is where you thrive. I am proud to be an Igbo lady and a Nigerian woman, and to be precise I have contributed in my own small world. I started the meeting issue through my husband, when he was the vice president of Nigeria association and later became the president of Igbo improvement union Valencia.

So when I went to meeting, I saw a lot of women, they were like the sheep without a shepherd and I saw how uncomfortable they were in the mixt of men. The ladies saw how vibrant I am and made a clarion call to have me as their women leader and I accepted and became the pioneer president of women wing under Igbo Improvement Union Valencia. And later I was appointed as National president of Igbo General Assembly (IGA) Spain women wing. As ex-president, I still remain a board member. Then presently still the chairlady of Enugu State Association women wing Valencia.

How many dignitaries have visited during the conferences that took place in Spain?

In one of the conference hosted by my husband as the president then, I invited the former third citizen of Nigeria, Hon. Chief Adolfus Wabara and the beautiful wife. And he honored the invitation and came to Spain with the wife and the occasion was groovy. My greetings go to him and the wife for making me proud and Ndigbo as well.

Another dignitary came through Charles Oguchi. He brought Hon. Oke Nze Odu Obi and his beautiful Lolo with Hon. Shegun, all based in London. Hon Nze Odu Obi is the first Nigerian dentist, hails from Owerri. He is like a father to Ndigbo in diaspora. May God bless him and family. This occasion was first of its kind and we really felt at home and after the whole event, I was satisfied that they had lunch in my house. My thanks to all of them.

You were National Coordinator of Good luck Jonathan campaign in the last election?

That was in 2011 when I visited home, Nigeria I came back with certificate of National coordinator of Good Luck  Jonathan election campaign through Hon Alabo Graham Douglas the ex-four times minister. May God bless you sir, first time to meet a down to earth man as a Nigerian man who has tasted power and still remain humble. I will explain, when a Nigeria man test corridor of power or affluence, he or she looks down on everyone, but in the case of Douglas, he is a friend of children, youths, old and young and always give you answers to your questions when needed and at any given time.

Please our Nigerian men and women learn this good behavior and stop asking who your god father is. The god father of everyone is our Lord Jesus Christ, thank you.
You have been outside Nigeria for long and may have seen a lot of the outside world?

Yes, sometimes is good for us to travel out as to have more experiences and courtesy. In my own case, I have lived outside for about 26 years and have lived and visited about 8 countries, London, Italy, Swiss, Portugal, Holland, Paris and New York, “I am done”

Are you doing any charity job?

Yes of course, life is give and take, as the Spanish people has impacted knowledge of  language on me, so I ‘m giving back English class to the low (I.Q) children of age 14 to 20 years under protection of European union services. And I am happy with what I am doing, thanks.

What is your dream and future plans with all these experiences you have acquired and as a cosmetologist?

Well to accomplish my dream, I will like to have a cream and cosmetic sets in International market on my name. Also I am waiting to impact my experiences to others, when we start having steady light supply in our country Nigeria.

*Photo Caption - Mrs. Jennifer Alawari Okechi Diorgu