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NewsReel 16/1/2014 - Letter requesting repair of Ijegun to Ijagemo road in Lagos State

NewsReel 16/1/2014 - Letter requesting repair of Ijegun to Ijagemo road in Lagos State

[ Masterweb Reports: Paul Martins writes ] – Good day Sir; I am writing to you concerning what could be a dangerous situation at Ijegun to Ijagemo road of Igando/Ikotun local council development area, Lagos state Nigeria. Because of the early winter thaw, and the rainy weather lately, there has developed series of potholes . This problem started as a small group of potholes I believe, which have since merged together into a gap which grows daily. The hole is now roughly five feet wide and getting large enough to swallow the rear of an entire car.
The roads are now deteriorating so quickly they are becoming impassable in anything other than a HGV or Tractor and even they run the risk of the road collapsing and sliding into the ditch. Boundary Lane at Hundred End is predicted to catastrophically fail anytime soon, endangering lives for the want of a bit of maintenance.
According to the contributions that was outlined to be done by our honorable of our constituency, Hon. Omotayo Aramide Oduntan (Mrs) who has been a member from July 4th 2011. which are:
* Rehabilitation  of federal water project in Alimosho constituency II (January 2012);

* Repairs of bad portion on Ijegun road;


* Silt clearing on Ijegun road and drainage, January 2012);


It is unfair to have this rigorous lies on the Lagos state house of assembly website. Looking at our political office holders ranging from the local government to the house assembly, Ijegun/Ijagemo has recorded the worst representatives in the whole local governments in Lagos state. I said that because there is no one that is trying to bring any developmental projects to the area and if there is one I am challenging him/her to speak out. At this juncture, I would like to remind the elected that you were elected to protect the yearnings and aspirations of your electorates in which you will be accountable on the Day of Judgment for betraying them. The worst of all is the present member of the lagos state house of assembly representing Alimosho constituency II that has spent almost seven years (7) without achieving anything for the community rather moved away from ijegun to lekki and spend the government money on her house and trips to America and the unfortunate part is that we have not been seeing or hearing from her during any proceeding defending any interest of her constituency.

At the end, I would like His Excellency the executive governor of Lagos state Barr. Babatunde Raji Fashola to intervene and assist in the provision of good road using any means, even if it has to be collecting the grant apart from staff salary and running cost to execute the same laudable projects other local governments have been doing.

Finally, I would want the entire indigenes of the local government to come together and decide for the local government for who to be elected in the forth coming election  to prevent the present elected officer from turning their sits as their personal belongings that they have inherited .Dear indigenes we have decided to write not by insinuation or to achieve any political ambition but just to enlighten you and wake you from slumber.

Paul Martins ( Email: ).
*Photo Caption – Map of Lagos State