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How Times Change and Yet Humans Who Operate With Time Do Not Change

How Times Change and Yet Humans Who Operate With Time Do Not Change

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – It is amazing that what has dominated foreign press for the past 72 hours now is that the Duchess of Cambridge is less than 12 weeks pregnant and that she has been admitted in a London hospital for early morning sickness. One beautiful thing about this is that there is a hospital in London where she is being treated. But I am not very sure now whether an average Briton will get treatment in such hospital. One other beautiful thing about this story is that some of us now learn late though that when women are pregnant, they should be taken to hospital to be treated for what is called an early morning sickness. I will have to apologize to my wife for having not taken very elaborate care of her early morning sicknesses.
But oddly enough, we do not hear of other millions of British women's early morning sicknesses which make me begin to think that early morning sickness could be a special ailment for the monarchy or their own early morning sickness is far more out of the ordinary. Either case, I will still apologize to my wife of four kids who never visited hospitals for any early morning sickness except for usual anti natal visits and even at that we did always consummate it without the next door neighbor being aware of it.

That aside, if our own celebrities in Nigeria and most African states (and I mean our politicians and so called elder statesmen) will develop our medical facilities to such a point where they will no longer migrate abroad for medical details of any kind, we would have come off age even if mortals like my humble self won't be allowed to have treatment there. What we would be saving will be capital flight in the form of paying for medical treatment abroad in foreign currencies and in the form of paying for tickets and allowances of people like Bamanga Turkur the Chairman of the Biggest Party in Africa who would be flooding abroad (either for their medical checkups and treatments or to visit their comrades in arm who are receiving treatments) with retinue of aids and party men just as they did recently when they trooped out to felicitate with Gov. Suntai Dambaba of Taraba State in the North East state of Nigeria.

I admire Great Briton indeed. Even in very austere times (when about 30% of Europe is grappling with recession), their people and their press still have enormous time and resources to celebrate and talk about frivolous things. And if you see how the British government juggles their law and panel bit legislations to accommodate who gets in the line of succession to the monarchy, you will be mostly amazed. Is this monarchy the sole of England and by extension that of Europe? They moved from Kings to Queens and now to anything provided the successor comes from one family. My question is: why is the principle of democracy not applied to this Monarchy of a thing if it won't go away entirely?

There are monarchies elsewhere (in Belgium, Spain, etc,) but the rest of us are spared their idiosyncrasies. After the dissolution of the British Empire, and subsequently, the collapse of most monarchies, Great Britain craftily shrunk her own and introduced what it called Commonwealth of Nations so that it will continue to subjugate her former colonies. Today, Britons are not citizens but subjects of the Monarch and you have a situation where public servants take oath of allegiance to the British crown. The Monarch uses her royal prerogative to subtly subvert parliamentary activities at certain occasions which I earnestly think is an abuse of power but the most perplexing thing of all is that most Britons do not even think about all these. Instead, troop out in royal weddings and other suppressive activities of the Monarch waving their Union Jack. Some even had to sleep for days in tents along the path to have a glimpse of Kate and Williams lavish wedding last year.

It was widely reported that Kate and Williams wedding, last year 2011, took away nothing less than 64 million pounds from British taxpayers last year. Couldn't that amount have been shared to very poor people in one corner of Europe? Even if it was not going to be shared out on charity to orphanages, should the less privileged not have been spared the psychology of stupendous fanfare in the face of hopelessness? A look at the stupendous allocation of funds to the Monarchy in Britain marvels any rational human being and yet Britons do not think about it.

The argument from Monarch specialists and proponents is that the monarchy attracts wealth to Britain by way of tourism. They claim that people who troop to Britain on yearly bases to see the institution of monarchy contribute to the wealth of Great Britain. But it is also a fact that all the tourist attractions in the whole of the Middle East is not because Jesus Christ and St. Peter and Haggai and Abraham and Sarah and Isaac are still there. It is not because Joseph and the Jews are still living under one Pharaoh in Egypt. People troop to those areas because the relics of that era stand there as monuments to remind the modern people of what happened in the medieval times.

So, if the relics of the English Monarchy are maintained, it is still enough to attract tourists to Great Britain without regular and occasional wastes in the form of Royal Weddings and other royalties. I know of a place named a point of no return in Badagari in Nigeria. A lot of people, including my humble self, have visited there to see the artifacts and relics of slavery but I did not go there expecting to see the last boat carting my people away to America for slavery.

I went to the point of no return in Badagry with the mind of seeing what injustices my people had to go through for the sake of sustaining plantations in America and monarchies in Europe such as the one still thriving in Great Britain. Directly and indirectly now and then, African resources are what is being used to sustain the supper structures in Europe and Americas. So consequentially, whenever resources are depleted to flaunt idiosyncrasies of the British Monarchy, Africans bleed for it.

That there are fratricidal wars around the globe today has a lot of connection with the attitudes and behaviors of the so called civilized worlds. And the politicians, just like some Monarchies, around these civilized counties collude to fuel the amber of discord so as to keep open the conduit of resource flow from those underdeveloped nations to their own country. But what is still not visible to oppressors around the world is that when resources of the world as is freely given by GOD are fairly evenly distributed, most restiveness in the world that are economic in nature will die a natural death. Additional affluence which will only be as a result of ingenuity on the side of some inventors and very creative people will not steer any societal upheavals that will engender wars.

People recognize others who are superior to them brain-wise and do not wink an eye lid when they see them in a reasonable affluence over them. The spleen to cheat and or commit societal crimes only arises when the so called politicians who are not good enough live in opulence over and above the more creative individuals and the labor force. In Nigeria, for instance, University Professors are poorer than Local government Chairmen.

There may still be some differences brought about by tribal and religious bigots, but if there is sufficient justice, those differences may not usually manifest in the form of wars. They will take the shades of caste or social classes but they may never have the impetus to ignite wars.

A lot of people will not see what I am seeing now but I do remember that the tax on royal inheritances started not too long ago. If a commoner in Britain had muted the idea of introducing inheritance tax in Britain in the early sixties, he would have been lynched on the street of Liverpool. In the same vein I know that the thickness of the skin of Monarchy as it is being practiced today in Great Britain will thin out with time and until then we may not see any mitigation of the economic induced wars of atrocities going on in all fronts in all corners of the globe which are all directly or indirectly related to oppressions of one form or the other.

Chris Onyishi ( reports from Enugu, Nigeria.

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