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Delta State: Group Dismiss Marginalization Claim, Meet Media Professionals in Warri

Delta State: Group Dismiss Marginalization Claim, Meet Media Professionals in Warri

 -Masterweb Reports

The character and values of some politicians in Delta state came under the searchlight of The People’s Movement, a group of prominent Deltans Thursday and the group did not mince words in asking the detractors of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to bury their heads in shame.

The group bemoaned the actions of some politicians, self- acclaimed human rights activists and community leaders, insisting that Governor Uduaghan’s decision to channel Delta State resources towards making life better for the ordinary citizens of the state was the reason for most of his problems with the elite.

Director of Communications for The People’s Movement, Mrs Ibifuro Tatua in a press release issued in Lagos, dismissed the allegation of marginalization by some ethnic leaders accusing the elite of promoting their selfish interest.

According to her, “If you don’t tar any road or build any hospital, so long as you are able to satisfy their personal needs, they believe you are the best” adding that “if you are a parasite trying to see that everything that comes in to benefit the society, you pocket it, you cannot be a friend to Governor Uduaghan”.

What Deltans need today, according to the group, is for them to look at the basis, particularly the governor’s three point agenda of peace/security, human capital and infrastructural development and then support him in taking the state to greater height, noting that Delta State is moving forward because of the governor’s decision to cut down conspicuous consumption and his effective deployment of state resources.

While appealing to those behind the abduction of the Delta State Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Hope Eghagha to release him, the group also announced its determination to work with other democratic forces to build a better future for the people of the state.

“We cannot achieve anything by jeering at each other and destroying our great state. The energies we dissipate in pointless controversies should be channeled into positive objectives” the group advised.

The statement further said they would meet with selected Journalists in Delta State next month to articulate its vision, find creative solutions to problems in the state, brainstorm ways of reporting the achievements of the governor and other great ideas that can make a difference and make Delta State far better


Ibifuro Tatua, Director Communication, The People’s Movement.
*Photo Caption – Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states (including Delta State), and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT)