Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports ] - An Igbo Lady who resides in Ghana is claiming she saw The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu disguising in Ghana. She claims she saw him at Eddys Pizza in Ghana at about 8:45 pm, yesterday, 11 of December 2017… She says when she saw him, she spoke to......   Read More
*Photo Caption - Eddys Pizza, Ghana.

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - APC Youths Renaissance was shocked to read about the huge sums of money distributed to delegates at the just concluded PDP National Convention despite the excruciating pains the empty economy it left behind has imposed on Nigerians.

The reality of yesterday's show of shame by PDP rogues and gangsters has shown to Nigerians that PDP remained unremorseful to the black hole economy and the decrepit infrastructures it corruptly and irresponsibly left behind inspite of the unprecedented oil boom it witnessed during its inglorious reign.
Instead of apologizing to Nigerians for the shallow economic foundation it laid for the country, the new National Chairman of a corrupt and irresponsible party Uche Secondus had the effrontry to insult the sensibilities of Nigerian voters who rejected and sacked them from office when he said their corrupt party would come back to power in 2019.
Since we are in the era of prudent and legitimate financial spending and not in the era where stealing was not corruption, we urge the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to investigate the source of the money shared to party delegates and prosecute those behind the act.
We also urge the EFCC to investigate who brought the money, which bank provided it, how did it found its way to the convention arena and who was the main beneficiary?
Proper investigation should be conducted and offenders punished to serve as deterrents to others.
Mr. Collins Edwin
National Secretary,
APC Youths Renaissance.
Media Contact:

*Photo Caption - APC logo



[ Masterweb Reports: SKC Ogbonnia reports ] - The People's Democratic Party (PDP), the main opposition party in Nigeria, has concluded its long-awaited national convention. The main takeaway from the gathering is the zoning of its presidential candidate for the 2019 elections to Northern Nigeria. But they may not be alone. The fiercest narrative that has continued to greet my expression of interest to vie for president under the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is that power must remain in the North past 2019.
So, why specifically the North at this critical stage of national development where the nation is facing serious crises in all fronts? Have the leaders from any particular zone shown any magic wand in solving national problems? If zoning is suddenly the sole panacea for our problems, what are the criteria?
The cursory history below is cue.
By May 2019, the North might have occupied the seat of power for about 42 out of 59 years of national independence. Of the three Northern political zones, the North-West would have been in power for roughly 18 years; 11 democratic, and 7 years under military rule. The North-East already had about 6 years of democratic governance in the First Republic; while the North-Central accounted for solid 18 years, all military. Yet, despite unfettered allocation of federal funds to the Northern region, its huge natural and human resources remain grossly untapped. It is not surprising, therefore, that the image of the poor human condition in the North is the convex lens through which the history of bad leadership in Nigeria is seen worldwide.
Similarly, the Southern Nigeria has held power for about 17 years. The South-West zone was at the helm for 12 years; 8 years of democratic power, and 4 years of military and quasi military dictatorships. The South-South follows with 5 years, all democratic leadership; while the South-East accounted for 6 months through military authority. Unfortunately, however, the condition of vital federal projects in the South, including roads and airports, remain an eyesore. Needless to mention that the region is well known for high crime rates home and abroad.
Ultimately, politicians from both the North and South are guilty of bad leadership in Nigeria. We must admit, therefore, that the distrust in the polity is deeply rooted in the past, where each ethnic group or region patently shares blame. But if zoning must prevail at this critical time, common sense dictates that the law of equity would equally demand that the position of the president be allocated to the region or the zones thus far marginalized in the presidential equation.
Critics are expected to roar here. As if Nigeria just attained independence in 1999, they will attempt to argue that the rotation began in 1999. Others have also made the case that the rotation rationale does not consider military rule. Fine. But there is the need for consistency. Nigeria has moved onto political zones instead of the regional concept. Thus, the presidential calculators ought to zoom their searchlight into the North-Central and the South-East, being the political zones that are yet to produce democratic presidents. In other words, any presidential aspirant from North-West, South-West, South-South, and North-East might as well step aside.
More progressively, let there be open contest from all zones without preordained anointment. Nigeria needs a leader who is best equipped to lead at this stage of national development. For things are not going well in our country. The ordinary man and woman is finding it difficult to survive. Many of the youths are fleeing the country, most of whom have no other choice than to embrace the harsh conditions in immigration jails in foreign lands as more hopeful than the free life in our native land. Some are even accepting to be sold as slaves insofar they escape the Nigerian dilemma.
Make no mistake about it, the main problem is not the fault of the current national government. Instead, it is a culmination of acute leadership failures inherited from the past PDP regimes that squandered the nation's golden opportunities. For example, despite unprecedented revenue generated from crude oil from 1999 to 2014, abject corruption, rather than the dividend of the hard-earned democracy, was the order of the day.
As can be recalled, that very situation prompted many patriots, including this writer-to sacrifice our individual political and business interests-to promote any candidate who could stem the tide of bad governance bedeviling the country at the time. We did not care about ethnicity, religion or creed. We did not care that the South-South, the very life zone of the nation, which at the time had a sitting president in Goodluck Jonathan, had not exhausted its eight years in Aso Villa. All we sought was a Nigerian, simply a Nigerian, with a history of fighting corruption. Muhammadu Buhari was that man.
Buhari came back to power with good intentions and has performed to the best of his ability. At least, corruption is once again being viewed as stealing. But, if the truth is told, his best can no longer cope with the demands of the 21st century Nigeria. In short, President Muhammadu Buhari has two glaring styles to consider moving forward: The Mandela manner or the Mugabe muggle. The world is watching.
The world is definitely watching, believing that Nigeria can do much better. It is not a secret that her citizens, including the youth, are leading lights worldwide in all-important areas of human civilization from medicine, education, engineering, law enforcement, and what have you. Yet, the same Nigerian professionals cannot replicate similar standards at home because of all manners of discrimination, including uneven zoning and quota. That trend must change. The posterity beckons on us to capitalize on our rich diversity and find common grounds where ideas could converge for practical solutions instead of amplifying the echoes of a lifelong pattern of tribal or regional rivalries.
SKC Ogbonnia*, an APC presidential aspirant, writes from Abuja, Nigeria.
*Photo Caption - SKC Ogbonnia

[ Masterweb Reports: Isiaka Wakili reports ] - The Federal Executive Council on Wednesday approved N16 billion for the construction of the headquarters of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).
The Minister of Niger Delta, Usani Uguru, disclosed this while addressing State House correspondents after the cabinet meeting presided over by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
The minister said the building, which would be sited in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, was estimated to be completed within 52 weeks.
Uguru stated that the East-West Road project in the Niger Delta region was "designed to fail", but that the present administration was trying to revive it.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Pwavodi Joshua reports ] - Dec. 6, 2017: The Attack by Fulani herdsmen yesterday was a reprisal attack to what happened last two weeks in Shafaron Village of Numan Adamawa State. Last week information came to the people about the incoming of several Fulani and foreigners into the state and believed to have been camped around Mayo Belwa.
There was tension on Friday 1/12/2017 that the Fulani are set to attack Numan and its environs, as a result of this information alot of people packed and left the town for safety elsewhere. The same day there was clash between the MOPOL and the Fulani which led to the loss of lives of 7 MOPOL.
The main attack started around 6am yesterday (4/12/2017) where thousands of the herdsmen advance towards Lawaru village. These herdsmen are believed to be hired from other countries to carry out this massacre. They were heavily armed with different sophisticated weapon such as Machine Guns, RPG, AK 47, Knives, Matches, Bows and Arrow, one can wonder where they got all these fire arms from.
The villagers despite the attack went in good spirit with no gun but guts. They tried to counter the herdsmen but it was not possible. While the men remained behind to fight, hundreds of women were running into bushes. Within some minutes, the troop headed into Dong. People hid themselves watching the herdsmen burning their houses. Young girls between the age 12-14hrs were raped mercilessly by the herdsmen.
Aside that, a helicopter was hovering over, and giving them cover. At a certain point when the villagers noticed the herdsmen were running out of arms, they mobilized themselves to face the herdsmen. Not too long a military jet released a bomb on the villagers killing many of them. Most of the men killed were by the four air strikes while children and women were killed by the Fulani.
In total Seven villages have been burnt down, which are Dong, Lawaru, Kodomti, Shafaron, Bare, Nzoruwe, Shemun. The village head of Lawaru has been killed. More than 50 confirmed dead bodies recorded and thousands of villagers are left homeless. The Fulani were in their thousands clearing all this villages heading towards Numan which is believed to be their main target, but they got scared and turned back when their bullets was getting exhausted and despite all this that was happening there were no any security to counter them.
As a trained jet fighter you can’t make mistakes on a broad day light when the Fulani people are in thousands. There is no any re-enforcement from the Government. The Jets threw bombs and the impact of the bombs was one of the contributing factors that destroyed the villages.
All the statements from the government are false and political. We will quote from what the Emir of Kano said "I hope what happened in Mambilla and Numan will not go Unpunished ". This attack came some days after this statement.
The government should not force us to conclude that they have a hand in this attack. This is a carefully, Sponsored and calculated planned attack to kill the bachama people, and we will be tempted to say the government were aware of this attack and yet they were silent about it. The worst has already been done, we hope the lives of the people lost will rest in peace. *Click link for enlarged photo of victims -
Pwavodi Joshua can be reached via
*Photo Caption - Some of the victims *Click link below for enlarged photo of victims -

[ Masterweb Reports: Anderson Ekene reports ] - Like unending tales of the proverbial tortoise that never ceases to amaze the listener once the story teller starts, so is the story of the Asaba International Airport that has ever remained in the news since its conception.



Until few weeks ago, the natural person to point finger to as the reason behind the delay of the airport attaining its full operational status since Governor Ifeanyi Okowa came onboard in 2015 is ULO Consultants Limited chaired by Asaba born construction business mogul, Uche Okpuno. The accusation gained weight when the State House of Assembly Committee on Works paid an oversight visit to the Airport and lambasted ULO, the contractor for the project as doing a shoddy job.
This medium exclusively reported ULO withdrawal of services from the airport, which prompted the government to start damage control. Further investigation backed up with documents has revealed the shady actions of the Delta State Government in frustrating the company from fully completing work in the Asaba Airport.
NCAA report on the Airport
In a memo exclusively sourced by this medium, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) revealed that contrary to Delta State Government claims that ULO did a poor job, "the inspection revealed that much progress had been achieved on the construction work on the runway, taxiways and the terminal building and the works done so far meet the Nigerian Civil Aviation requirement."
The memo sent to the Deputy Governor's Office was written on 14th February, 2011 and signed by one Alh. Lawal Haruna for the Director General.
At the instance of the Delta State Government under Fmr. Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan, the NCAA DG alongside his technical team carried out an inspection of the Airport in preparation for the commissioning of the airport for flight operations by April 2011.
The inspection which was carried out from 27th - 28th February 2011 generated a report to the Chairman of the Asaba Airport Project Implementation Committee on 3rd March 2011 commending the level of work done by ULO which included construction work done at the airside. This memo seen by this medium was signed by P. Adebiyi for the DG.
The Asaba Airport our investigations revealed can accommodate some of the world's biggest aircraft, as built by ULO. Months after the first flight landed in the Airport, the State Government requested from NCAA to conduct a team of Aviation Safety Inspectors from 26th -27th January 2012 for approval of operations of CRJ 900 and B737 aircrafts.
In shocking the State Government who made the request, a written memo with No NCAA/DAAS/ARD/ASA/VOL.1/12 and signed by Alh. Lawal Haruna was dispatched directly to the Governor on 22nd February 2012, where it explicitly stated that"
"Asaba Airport with runway length of 3400m can easily accommodate CRJ 900 and B747 jumbo jet".
The only obstacle NCAA cautioned against was the "hill after one end of the runway (Runway 11) that constitutes an obstruction within the runway end safety area, though work is in progress to reduce its height"
Gov. Okowa downgrade Airport against ULO's advice.
Our sources within Delta State Government circle squealed to us that Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa has concluded plans to downgrade the Asaba Airport from the 60m width initially planned by ULO who had already laid a 60m width foundation to 45m. We gathered that the Governor is following advice given him by the Ministry of Works.
Findings by this newspaper revealed that ULO wrote to the Governor kicking against the downgrade noting that only runways of 3km length and 60m width are designated to operate 747 and other bigger crafts, which the NCAA had already approved, noting that it will be counterproductive to reduce the width.
This advice by ULO has been discarded by Okowa. A copy of 24 Airports in Nigeria with their runways specifications (length and width) was also obtained by us.
The unheard and untold truth
The Asaba Airport awarded to an indigenous company in ULO Consultants Limited was built on a terrain of over 10 metres filling at one end named 29 Runway with an approach, built over a tributary River Niger named Anwai with a 3.4km by 60m Runway constructed on it.
On the other end, an initial cutting (excavation) of between 13 metre to over 30 metres hill at another approach at the other end, named 11 Runway, a mean feat of construction, so much that almost 10 years after, no portion of the Runway has failed and the Airport still operational.
Due mainly to political considerations and inadequate funding of the Asaba Airport, the Uduaghan's administration awarded another airport project in Warri for over N40 billion.
Investigations carried out revealed that the Navigational Aids and Airfield Lights have been vandalized regularly due to state government inability to provide security.
Series of letters written by the contractor and NCAA to the State Government to close some of the gaps were rebuffed which led to the eventual downgrade in 2015 and led to the award on removing the obstacles and rehabilitation of the Runway and Taxiways, which as usual the current state government is frustrating by not making money available to complete the work.
Anderson Ekene ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] - Nawaoh! Buhari had one shot, he bungled it. Abi, if you enter by coup, it is your failure and you cannot complain if you are couped out. A good General is not clueless and incompetent enough for those he surrounds himself with to fool and overthrow him. He had a second shot, he politicized, nepotized, fanaticized and cabalized it, keeping Nigeria stagnant for 3 whole years: same corruption, police extortion continua, poverty killing the masses, borrowing billions to make the government 'look good' with charity programs while misappropriating billions of dollars via the NNPC, transferring $ billions to cabal via FOREX subsidy scam, no clean-up of the Niger Delta, reneging on all promises including True Federalism – item #1 of APC manifesto, police and military brutality, clamping down on freedom of the press, disobeying courts, obstructing justice against thieves and concealing looters' identities, etc, etc. Even going as far as importing and re-instate fugitive looter cabal that even clueless and deadly corrupt GEJ expelled, and defending them with the entire DSS apparatus, but yet he wants a third shot. A THIRD shot! Na curse?! It's not their fault. Shebi it is our treacherous senate that does not know its duty and sworn obligation to impeach.
Similarly, Atiku gave it to Nigeria in the behind for 8 years he was in the presidency. He with his friends OBJ and el-Rufai sold Nigeria to themselves those years of privatization madness, until Yar'Adua of dignified memory took over and started reversing the crazy privatizations, including reversing the sale of the refineries to usual suspect Dangote; before he died suspiciously. N11 trillion electricity fund embezzlement, anyone?!! Halliburton! And yet Atiku wants another 4 or 8! To do what???!!! The two 80 year old friends who, combined, have been the ones in power for a quarter of Nigeria's existence, do not believe they could have inspired or educated any Nigerians worthy of the office. Two phools! It must be for the healthcare. Nigerian Presidential healthcare abroad is super! ...or perhaps they think Aso rock is a geriatric home.
But I do not blame them. I blame us and our media. After all, while many new generation Nigerians, myself included, have declared to run in 2019, the Nigerian media, the entire main stream media, have all been bought over by the cabal and state. None of them will publish young or new generation aspirants. Thank God for social media and alternative media...the engine that we shall use to run 2019 elections, no matter how Buhari and Daura's new obstructive gadgets and financial backed intimidation tries to disrupt. Check out the main stream media today and see. All you read in them is the rants and regurgitations of the expired cabal, defunct of ideas, who hire youth to do the thinking for them. INEC is rigged and the media is bought.
But we @CabalMustGo promise to deliver Nigeria from the cabal and their media. We have created a "Next Generation Candidate" section [ ] where we will field the new-mind candidates. No mind them. We the masses are doing our thing this time. We will kick out all the Minna and Otta-meeting shameless old goons of the PDPAPC/ oPDP, nPDP(APC) and affiliates, who party together and chop together till the day they contest against each other, then continue celebrating each other on their birthdays. See comedy! Just this September Buhari was sending his best friend Atiku as emissary to the south east. And throughout his tenure, he used to send Atiku as his ambassador to South Africa and other places. When election reach then the two old bedmates will think Nigerians will divide and choose among them! LOL!
"Ecclesiastes 3: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
The season of all the cabal is over. By the grace of the Almighty.
*Photo Caption - President Muhammadu Buhari & Atiku

[ Masterweb Reports: Emma Elekwa reports ] - The Movement for the Actualization of a Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has advised President Muhammadu Buhari, to forget about his aspiration for re-election, saying Nigeria would disintegrate before 2019.
The group also asked Atiku Abubakar and other political gladiators interested in the office of the president to perish their dreams as three nations would emerge from Nigeria before then.
In a statement issued yesterday in Awka, Anambra State by the group's leader, Uchenna Madu, the body said President Buhari would be the last president of a "unified" Nigeria.
It maintained that no military might or alliances with Islamic international community will stop the soon emergence of Biafra.
"MASSOB wishes to inform the political gladiators of Nigerian state that their 2019 political ambitions will not materialize because Nigeria as an entity will not exist beyond the year 2019.
"Before the end of the year 2019, there will be no more Nigeria as a political entity, there will be newborn nations called Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa republics," it stated.
The group described as a painful irony the way Nigeria retained the name given to her by the colonial masters, when countries as Gold Coast(Ghana) Upper Volta( Burkina Faso), Tanganyika ( Tanzania) and so on had changed their names immediately after their independence to reflect indigenous content.
"MASSOB in collaboration with other Pro-Biafra groups in the genuine spirit of Biafra revolution declared that enough is enough," the group said.
"A new strategies and consolidation anchored on the principles of nonviolence will soon be unveil.
"The coming together of pro-Biafra groups will multiply our synergies and double our consistent efforts towards Biafra actualization and restoration through our undying demand and pressure for a referendum that will determine our stake in the Biafra project.
"We wish to remind the citizens and inhabitants of this geographical expression called Nigeria by the British colonial lords that God did not create us as Nigerians or our ancestors chose the cursed name called Nigeria.
"We inherited and anchored our names through our native, cultural and traditional inclinations. It is only dogs and other domestic pets that retain and maintain names given to them by their lords and owners.
"Some other nations of Africa who pride their native, cultural and traditional values as a mark of respect to their forefathers rejected the change of their country's name British colonial master gave them but political gladiators in Nigeria want to sustain and preserve this geographical expression called Nigeria.
"We are naturally and ancestrally called Biafra, Odududuwa and Arewa."
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] - In 2011 at the start of the war on Libya when former president Goodluck Jonathan was in power, he ordered the immediate evacuation of Nigerians in the embattled nation.

The then Director General of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Muhammad Sani-Sidi is quoted in the media to have said, “NEMA, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the National Security Adviser among other stakeholders have been mandated by the President to work out strategies for a successful evacuation of Nigerians to safety in their motherland.”

Since Libya fell, the abuse and trade of Nigerians in the north African nation and traveling through with the hope of migrating to Europe as they flee poverty in Nigeria, has been at extreme levels. Many of us saw the images of Nigerians in zoos when Libya fell. A recent CNN show brought it to greater public view which has finally stimulated reactions by the Nigerian administration.
It is not encouraging that the Nigerian government hesitates so long to take determined and proactive measures to protect the lives and dignity of its citizens at home and abroad. On president Muhammadu Buhari's visit to the UN 72nd session in New York this September, while he raised issues that do not directly affect Nigerians including the issue of the North Korean threat, he was not recorded to have raised the issue of Black African enslavement in Libya. A present and pressing calamity. 
With Nigeria's role in the African Union, there are several actions including military options that the Nigerian government can take towards compelling the government of Libya to respect and protect fundamental human rights of Africans in the country. Nigerian citizens must also be immediately protected and evacuated. This while the government is also obligated to take the welfare and security of citizens at home as priority over a select elite few.
The African People's Union and ENDS organisation in our efforts to bring action on this stain to humanity have initiated the following petition to demand action from global organisations and responsible governments. We implore you to read and sign.  

Petitioning President of the United States and 4 others #AbolishAfricanEnslavement#AbolishAfricanEnslavement
It is time to stop the abuse and enslavement of Black Africans in Libya.
It is quite painful to write about the fact that this 2017 our Black brothers are being sold as slaves in Libya for a few hundred dollars a piece. Our brothers and sisters are being maltreated, abused, humiliated, raped and killed without recourse. 
But the Libyan government knows about it and is part of it. According to a UN report from June this 2017, [ the Libyan Coast Guard and the Department to Counter Illegal Migration are directly involved in the enslavement and trade of Black African migrants who they capture.
More worrisome is the fact that the foreign governments implicated in deposing Moammar Ghaddafi and consequently destabilizing the entire African continent are again involved in supporting and assisting the Libyan government agencies implicated in the UN report. 
Quoting from the Council of the European Union, "EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia is the EU naval operation disrupting the business model of migrant smugglers and human traffickers in the Southern Central Mediterranean. The operation has two supporting tasks: training the Libyan Coastguard and Navy and contributing to the implementation of the UN arms embargo on the high seas off the coast of Libya in accordance with UNSCR 2292 (2016) and 2357 (2017)." [
Additionally African governments especially the Nigerian government which was one of a few to vote for the action taken against Libya are today doing next to nothing to address the Libyan abomination.
We hereby petition the United Nations, European Union, African Union, United States Government, and Nigerian Government in particular and other governments to rise up to their proper responsibilities to arrest the situation in Libya immediately and abolish the new dehumanizing slave trade via this axis. The world must not sit idle as fellow human beings are openly abused and traded at this time in our history.
It is time to rise up and #AbolishAfricanEnslavement
Petition created by and African People's Union (
Contact Dr. Perry Brimah +1-929-427-5305 (Whatsapp)
*Photo Caption - Goodluck Jonathan

[ Masterweb Reports: Lois Ugbede reports ] - The Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, on Thursday downplayed the clamour for restructuring in Nigeria, describing it as a "madness" that can be stopped by good governance.
Mr. Shettima spoke at the book launch of a former Minister of Youths and Sports Development under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Bolaji Abdullahi, who is now the spokesperson of the All Progressive Congress, APC.
The event took place at the Yar’Adua Centre in the Central Business District of Abuja.
The book titled "On a Platter of Gold" was written on how Mr. Jonathan became president of Nigeria in 2011 but lost the office at the 2015 general election.
Mr. Shettima, who was the Father of the Day, dismissed the clamour for restructuring, saying "To hell with restructuring."
According to the governor, if jobs are provided and other sectors of the economy, especially the education sector is developed, "this madness", referring to restructuring, "will stop."
"People are talking about artificial intelligence, other nations are talking about nano technology or robotics engineering but unfortunately, the topical issue in Nigeria is restructuring. Restructuring my foot! To hell with restructuring.
"Let us improve on governance, let us work for the people, invest in education, create jobs for our people, this madness will stop," the governor said.
Several Nigerians including ethnic organisations like the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Afenifere have demanded restructuring of Nigeria, saying it was the way to resolve many of the challenges facing the country.
Based on the clamour, Mr. Shettima’s party, APC, set up a committee to review the various restructuring calls.
Mr. Shettima, who described Mr. Jonathan as an honest man, said it was the people he surrounded himself with that made his government fail.
"Comparing (former President Olusegun) Obasanjo and the people he worked with and those Jonathan worked with, you will understand why.
"If you look at Obasanjo, hate him or love him, you have to respect Obasanjo for not only believing in the Nigerian project, but for surrounding himself with men of quality.
"If you mention Obasanjo, the names that readily come to mind are those of Oby Ezekwesili, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jim Ovia, Tony Elumelu, Nasiru el-Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu, Bukola Saraki and other quality Nigerians who have the capacity to add value to the system.
"But when you think of President Jonathan, with all due respect, he surrounded himself with an assorted crop of religious bigots, tribal kindred and all sorts of reactionary elements. Ateke Tom, Government Tompolo, Late Oronto Douglas, Asari Dokubo, Edwin Clark, Ayo Oritsejafor and others."
*Photo Caption - Governor Kashim Shettima