Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

-Masterweb Reports
The Nationwide and state Saturday environmental sanitation days popularly known as “clean-up”, is seen and regarded as a lazy man’s system and should be replaced with effective methods to deal with filth in our environment.
Sanitation according to WordWeb dictionary is “the state of being clean and conducive to health”. Sanitation should be a daily activity not weekly or monthly activity, because it is a well-known fact that “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and clean environment promotes good health.
Environmental sanitation days being observed both nationally and states’ level are being poorly carried out, reasons being that people view it as free/resting day for watching TV, going to farm/ garden, holding family/compound/community meetings, playing football and other outdoor games, visiting nearby friends and relations, etc.
Furthermore, putting into consideration people on essential duty (Doctors, Nurses, Ministers of God, Imams, Security Agents, etc), those whose day of worship is on Saturday (Seventh Day Adventist, etc.), people on emergency call (health, travellers, politicians, etc) there is then need to do away with this antiquated system of Saturday clean-up exercise.
As a measure to replace this system with more effective method, there is need for Government to make use of environmental sanitation agencies in their various states and federal level such as; Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, sanitary officers, and other relevant agencies in monitoring our environments and meting out appropriate sanctions to nonconformists. To make environmental cleaning a serious issue, there is also need to pass a law for the apprehension of anyone found littering the environment irrespective of the occasion or one’s position in the society.
Another measure to enforce environmental sanitation is through encouraging people at various business and market places to organise days for their Environmental Sanitation/ clean-up and provide them with free wastebaskets and other materials necessary for the exercise.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Obinna Akukwe)
Yar’adua , Nigeria’s fourth democratically selected president. Yar’adua  , Nigeria’s most unassuming president. Yar’adua , Nigeria’s most frail president. Yar’adua , Nigeria’s most educated president . Yar’adua , Nigeria’s only president with leftist ideology. The manner of your exit equals the manner of your entrance. Mysterious appearance and mysterious disappearance. State Governors Peter Odili, Donald Duke, Sam Egwu, Ahmed Makarfi, even Jerry Gana and Rochas Okorocha were all in the presidential race of 2007 and from nowhere you appeared through Obasanjoic abracadabra and became the ruling party flag bearer. All the presidential aspirants except Rochas and Jerry were commandeered to genuflect before His Royal Ota majesty and accept the native intelligence that brought you to power. The ensuing presidential do or die abracadabra raised to power two made you the choice of the entire Nigerians while your Buhari opponent was left to weep the second time.

Yar’adua , the first thing you did as president elect was to denounce the process that brought you to power while still clinging to the stolen mandate. You were the first president in Nigeria to ever admit that the road to victory was as fraudulent as fraud itself. However the Justices of the Supreme Court by their majority judgment felt that you actually had typhoid fever when you admitted that the election was fraudulent.
Yar’adua you were the first president in Nigeria to declare your asset. You weren’t materialistic but your wife Turai was the direct opposite of you .During your regime the praise of Turai was the arrival of favour. Emirs, Igwes, Obas, Professors, High Chiefs, Ex this and Ex that all bowed down to Her Majesty Turai before being qualified to share in the national cake.
Yar’adua , you weren’t corrupt but during your regime , the newest cabal in the country, the Nigeria Governors Forum manipulated your rule of law  mantra and begun the process of liquidating the foreign reserves which godfather Obasanjo left behind.
Yar’adua your Seven Point Agenda has been replaced by the Transformational agenda and Vision 20; 2020 and Nigerians are anxiously waiting and praying for the transformation. All those cabals who held the nation hostage while you were sick have been thrown into the dustbin by your brother Goodluck and replaced by another set of cabal. Your godfather Obasanjo have been frustrated out of the PDP as the Chairman of BOT and the assistant godfather Babangida have been sidelined and marginalized by the same party that he goes about the globe complaining.  
Yar’adua you weren’t confrontational but you could not suffer fools hanging around your political space. On your way to Brazil you gave the military high command order that before you finish your first breakfast in Brazil they would have wiped off Boko Haram from your Presidency or you sack all of them from the service. Of course before you finished brushing your teeth to taste the sumptuous ala-cart before the breakfast table in Brasilia, the army high command have finished  wiping off the then Boko Haram and handed their leader to the notorious Nigerian police.
Yar’adua you weren’t an economist but you never trusted the economic theories of the all knowing western economists. They forced you to increase fuel price by ten naira but immediately their convoy left the gates of the state house you hastily reversed yourself and reduced it by five naira to the fury of the western economists.
Yar’adua your godfather Obasanjo , just like Shehu your late brother, never believed in rule of law but rule of power and money but you defied their  philosophy and introduced the rule of law mantra into the Nigerian polity. You obeyed court orders and asked your Ministers, Ambassadors and Heads of Parastatals to do the same.
Yar’adua why did you leave live this? The nation you left behind is now a mess and civil war is looming. Let me intimate you of events tat occurred in your absence.
The first lady, Patience is still very powerful but not as powerful as your wife. The power Turai once wielded has been split between Patience, Ngozi, Diezani and Stella-Oduah.
The 2011 presidential election was still fraudulent but not as fraudulent as the one supervised by professor Maurice and Dr Abel.
The Governors Forum cabal you couldn’t checkmate have checkmated your younger brother Goodluck. They have collectively defecated fuel subsidy, corruption and Boko Haram on the transformational agenda your brother promised Nigerians.
Yar’adua , while you got the Boko Haram extremists hunted and chased into Chad and Sudan your Goodluck brother have continued to play snooker with them until they now have annexes  in his state house, national assembly, judiciary and police force.
Yar;adua you started the amnesty programme for the Niger Delta militants and established a ministry for the interest of Niger delta but your brother have not been able to establish a negotiable link with the Boko Haram militants.
Yaradua the James Ibori which you shielded from prosecution for helping you with funds for the presidential election have now been jailed in Britain for money laundering charges.
Yaradua ,the latest is that the fuel subsidy bill which was N384 billion naira in 2009, the year you went to that Saudi hospital where they finished you off, by 2011 the subsidy bill had skyrocketed to N1.7 trillion naira and the culprits are walking freely and threatening Brimstone.
Yaradua, some elder statesmen have left to join you in that place. Have you met with them. Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, the Ezeigbo Gburugburu died and was given the most celebrated burial in the history of Africa. From London to Zungeru, Lagos to Enugu thousands gathered to pay homage to the Lion of Biafra. Dr Matthew Mbu and Professor Sam Aluko also died and were accorded respects.
Yar’adua, your brother Goodluck isn’t an economist either but he got so carried away by the economic theories of western capitalists that he added eighty naira to the same fuel price you removed five naira.
Yar’adua , the rule of law mantra have died .Twenty protesters were killed  around the country because they gathered to occupy empty square hitherto inhabited by beggars and mentally deranged to complain that they are hungry and need food on their table.
Yar’adua wake up. You have slept enough! The northern politicians wished you death with the evil permutations that they will use the zonal formula to ascend your exalted throne where food is N1billion naira annually. However your brother Goodluck thought them lessons on silence and subterfuge and dribbled them to political irrelevance. Out of frustration they have sworn to make the nation ungovernable for your brother until he reverts back to the zoning formula and allows them to complete your tenure and your brother is presently helpless. He prefers to hide in the villa like goggled Sanni and occasionally escape for meetings of African Union.
Yar’adua  wake up now before civil war starts in Nigeria. Your tenure remains one year. Move round your former residence in the villa and chase away those people wining and dining from five pm while distracting your brother from giving us the needed fresh air.
Yar’adua wake up! You’ve slept enough! Wake up!  Wait! Did I hear that revered Christian leaders like Archbishop John Onaiyekan, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Emmanuel Kure and Professor Yusuf Obaje prayed with you days before your death? That’s a problem. If they did then they must have administered the Sacrament of Extreme Unction to you. This revered Sacrament is administered only to people at the point of death so that the Almighty will receive them unto paradise. If they administered it then Yar’adua you better stay where you are because that place is better than your former residence in Aso Villa.
Obinna Akukwe

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Dr. Ekeke)
Nigeria is in a serious crisis and state of emergency.  There is crisis everywhere in the national space.  There is crisis of commitment in the home, moral and spiritual crisis in the church, crisis of conscience among the citizens, crisis in national government, state and local, security crisis, employment and job crisis, electricity crisis, healthcare crisis, crisis in education sector, road and transport crisis, infrastructure crisis, and even crisis in the business and banking sector.  The Nigerian State is chronically sick, ethically and morally decadent, and frankly, suffering from a serious and severe identity crisis.  These are horrible and challenging times in Nigeria. And nobody cares.  Nobody really seems to be in-charge here.  Whenever there’s a crisis, people want to know, who’s in charge?  People want to know what those entrusted with power and authority is doing to bring about stability and peace.  In the case of Nigeria, no one really cares.  No one seems to be doing anything.  Who will deliver Nigeria and Nigerians from the murderous sect called Boko Haram and from selfish politicians and self-serving public servants managing the affairs of the nation today? 
The problem of Nigeria is not just socio-economic but ethnic-religious.  Nigeria is in a serious ethno-religious warfare that has been going on since her amalgamation.  It’ll take spiritual, moral and courageous leaders to understand and deal squarely with the ethnic-religious challenges facing Nigeria.  Our politicians, leaders and intellectuals need divine discernment and holy wisdom on spiritual and religious warfare confronting Nigeria today. And I firmly believe that lack of godly, courageous, and compassionate leaders are the root cause of Nigeria’s problems and the primary cause for poverty and the travails of our society. 
As I reflect upon the sorry-state of affairs and the on-going conversation in Nigeria  regarding – the urgent need for Sovereign National Conference, the call for Fiscal Federalism, the sincere need for Nigeria’s Break-up, the inability of Federal Government and Security Agencies to crush Boko Haram and protect innocent citizens, the rancor and ethnic hatred, the rambling for 2015 Presidency - still 3 years away, the risk of one-party demo-crazy, the rascals and rogues in the House of Assembly and Senate, James Ibori acquittal in Nigeria and recent sentencing to 13 years prison in London, and the mind-boggling and unbelievable Police Pension scam, my heart bleeds.  However, I remain hopeful that one day – well meaning Nigerians will find the godly anger, muster the courage, and divine strength to work together to fight the enemies of human progress, flush out incompetence, inefficiency and combat evil and wickedness in our society.  I am deeply convinced that the greatest need of our generation is finding Nigerians with righteous anger, godly fear, strong, compassionate and courageous men and women to take over the affairs of our beloved nation from the savages that are have hindered her progress for so long.  
In this piece, I’ll give some of my commentaries as well as offer some solutions on the current topics and on-going issues being debated in Nigeria today. 
[ Bribery & Corruption ]
Let me begin with the satanic habit of most Nigerians, which is bribery and corruption.  Since the return to democratic presidential system of government in 1999, we have seen an unprecedented scandal for bribe, tax evasion, stealing, embezzlement, fraudulent contracts looting and money laundering by the very people entrusted with power and management of public treasury.  Let me name a few:  Siemens and Wilbros bribery scandals for contracts, Halliburton tax bribery, Chevron, Texaco, Royal Dutch and Bake Hughes bribe for tax evasion, looting and money laundering by 31 governors during Obasanjo’s first and second-terms in office.  Billions of Naira spent by INEC that regaled PDP the most fraudulent election in the history of Nigeria in 2003 and 2007, the national identity card project fraud, N300 billion of federal road construction without any good road to show for it, PTDF looting, privatization of federal establishments to friends and families, and trillions of waste in the energy sector, Fuel Subsidy corruption, scam and waste, etc.  In 2007, Nigerians also learned that the past military rulers squandered nearly 400 billion US dollars in the last forty years.  That same week, the World Bank and other international organizations reported that Nigeria risks collapse and disintegration if the current looting, corruption, and criminality do not stop.  Currently a list of Nigerian looters and the amount deposited in various banks and currencies are circulating online – source: World Bank.  The validity of this list cannot be ascertained; however, the list is missing critical names of Nigerian looters – former and current political actors.
The $400 billion that our military rulers looted and embezzled in the last fifty years is thirty times more the $13 billion Marshall Plan economic aid and technical assistance that was packaged to rebuild sixteen European countries after the devastation of World War II in 1945.  Today our leaders travel to those European countries for holidays and medical treatment or send their children there for studies.  The public funds that Nigerian past military and politicians looted and embezzled could have been utilized to rebuild the entire African economies and create the same luxury they see today in Europe, America, and Dubai.  Rather our rulers preferred to steal, loot, and launder public funds into their private accounts in secret banks overseas where those same financial resources are then loaned to residents of those countries to start businesses and carry out major infrastructural projects and human development.   Today, the loots of General Abacha are not only located in secret banks in Switzerland and other foreign banks, but are being discovered hidden in juju houses in Nigeria while poverty, disease, corruption and hopelessness buffet the people.  What a travesty!
[ Police Pension Scam ]
Just a couple of years ago, we read the scandalous looting and embezzlement of Police budget by the former IGP, Chief Balogun, who looted hundreds of millions and acquired houses practically in every major State of Nigeria including a few overseas.  He depleted the police department budget, paid the police personnel meager salaries that forced most of them to openly ask for N20 bribe at checkpoints.  Today, it is Police pension scam.  My heart bleeds when I read about the illegal financial transactions and mismanagement of N26 billion of Police Pension Funds into private accounts.  Yesterday, the newspapers reported that five banks – First Bank, Fidelity, UBA, Guarantee Trust and Ecobank were engaged in the scandalous and fraudulent scheme.  The on-going revelation of this monumental corruption and pension scam is minded boggling and unbelievable.  How can this occur in a nation that have leaders and aspires to develop and prosper?  How can the banks not suspect such illegality and huge deposits of funds without any business backup?  The banks are not only supposed to encourage individuals to save and companies to invest and compete in capital markets, but must also question and discourage fictitious and illegal financial transactions. 
Over the years, especially since the return to democratic presidential government in 1999, we have seen and read many scandalous reports about banks and their greedy CEOs issuing un-collateral loans – savings from poor Nigerians to themselves by using fictitious names and sometimes non-existent companies abroad to steal and stash billions of Naira to the detriment of the poor Nigerian masses.  Case in point was Mrs. Cecilia Ibru and others.  The appointment of Mallam Sansui by the late president Umaru Yar’Adua in 2007, to sanitize the banking sector after the failure of Prof. Charles Souldo to do so, was welcome news for most.  But today, we have seen that Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is also failing in this endeavor.  His fiscal and monetary policies – including the introduction of Islamic banking, which kicked-off in Abuja, Kaduna and Kano, were designed to Islamize Nigerian economy and fund the jihadist sects for political power and control.  Rather than establish and enact polices that will checkmate cronyism , illegal financial transactions and beefcake businesses, Mallam Sanusi is  engaged in radical rhetoric  Islamic discourse  by establishing  Islamic banking and promoting it.  He has also become a Boko-Haram and Jihad apologist, defending Boko Haram murderous activities in the North.  Recently, he’s been arguing that the North is poor because of the derivation formula, which rewards the South more, especially the oil producing states, than the North.  Also, we have not seeing the effects of his cashless program, but rather, Mallam Sanusi is positioning himself to run for governor of Kano state in 2015 and ultimately for presidency at some point. 
The CBN Governor and bank CEOs must understand that the 21st century bank must not only work to encourage individuals to save and companies to invest, compete, and hire a strong and well-educated workforce, but must have a vision to use information technology to benefit consumers and stimulate investment, innovation, and create jobs. 
Those persons and banks implicated in the Police pension scam should be properly punished.  I believe this is happening in other sectors as well.  EFCC, ICPC, Police and other crime management agencies should be investigate other sectors of the economy and arrest and prosecute those implicated in this monumental fraud and illegality. 
[ James Ibori conviction and sentencing in London ]
James Ibori is just one among many superficial, selfish politicians and self-serving public servants running and overseeing the affairs of things in Nigeria.  During president Obasanjo’s 8-year reign, 31 out of 36 governors were indicted for various public funds looting and money laundering.  Today, most – if not all of them, are walking free in Nigeria and reside in various countries of the world enjoying their loot.  By the way, this same animal called James Ibori was acquitted of the same 170 charges in Asaba by a Nigerian Judge in 2009.  What does that tell us of Nigerian Judges and courts?  Our justice system – courts, lawyers and Judges have now become cohorts and share abundantly in the monumental corruption going on in Nigeria.  It’s terrible and sad indeed.  The very institutions that suppose to punish crime and protect against embezzlement of nation’s assets are now cohorts in the very robbery, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, looting and laundering of the nation’s oil wealth.  James Ibori believed Britain is Nigeria where he would've walked scot-free.  Will Nigerian Judges and courts learn anything from Ibori’s sentencing in London?  What about the lawyers defending and arguing sheepishly for a crook and criminal like James Ibori?  What about the many Ibori’s still in position of power and leadership positions today in Nigeria?  Will they learn anything from Ibori’s trial and sentencing in UK?  It’s really a shame that politicians and so-called leaders are reduced to fools and nonentities because of money and material things. 
I propose the following threes things before anyone is elected into public office:
-         That those aspiring for public office should go for psychological evaluation.  Men and women aspiring for higher office or position of leadership in Nigeria must present a certificate of psychological evaluation. 
        Aspiring politicians and public servants should be evaluated mentally, emotionally, psychologically and yes morally, before they are enthroned into position of leadership.
-         Their private life, public record, and professional experience should be examined and scrutinized by an independent board before they are elected or voted into public office. 
[ How to stop bribery & corruption – Measures and solutions to eradicate corruption and embezzlement of public funds ]
-         I also propose and firmly believe that it is time to take corruption and public funds embezzlement very seriously in Nigeria, otherwise this aberration and savage habits will not stop.  Let’s start by making people to swear in the name of their god or higher power.  Personally I do not believe in capital punishment even in the case of premeditated murder, but because of the satanic greed and the mind-boggling looting, embezzlement and mismanagement of public wealth, I whole-heartily support capital punishment for those clearly convicted for such crimes like ex-governor James Ibori, Pension scam fraudsters and other monumental public funds mismanagement that we have read and seen in Nigeria.
-         Setup a management office staffed with men and women of integrity and honesty, character and principle to oversee the payments of government workers and other civil servants, public servants, governors, ministers, senators, legislators, ministers, president’s aides, staff, VP aides, staff, VP and president - using the means of modern technology like electronic payment and direct deposits.  This is 21st century and there are various  technology software that can implemented and setup to directly wire and pay into the accounts of government workers and public servants on bi-weekly or monthly basis as designed.
-         The management payment office should also be established in each State and with a central office in Abuja.  With robust database like Oracle and electronic payment software, it takes just a matter of minutes to manage funds and disburse funds to each government officials and public servants bank accounts and email or mail the deposit slips to them.  Basically, the idea of cash-less society and electronic means of payment will go a long way to discourage bribery and hinder corruption.
-         The same mechanism should be replicated for State and Local government.  If we are really serious about eradicating bribery and corruption, electronic payment and a centralized management office staffed with men and women of character, principle, honesty and integrity is the way to go.
        Make those serving in sensitive money departments to swear in the name of God or Bible, Allah and Koran, or god of thunder, etc., and finally
-         Introduce and enforce death penalty for those convicted of embezzlement of public funds. 
Until the use of technology is deployed and these drastic and draconian measures are taken to punish corrupt politicians and leaders in Nigeria, the nation will not move forward.  Until, the Nigerian people learn to elect, appoint and put people of integrity and people that can be trusted in charge of the nation’s business, Nigeria will never see any genuine development and progress.  Bad leadership, corruption, ineptitude, myopic and visionless leaders must be restrained from the nation’s polity for the nation to achieve any meaningful progress.  
The Police pension scam is ridiculous, unbelievable, and insane.  Such acts can only be carried out by crooks, criminals, savages so speak – by a crop of satanic minds that are superficial, cryptic, inept, greedy, corrupt, unqualified, arrogant and incompetent, whose stock in trade is to steal, embezzle, diminish and rubbish the potential of Nigerian people and society. 
Look-out for Part 2 of this essay.  I will be  discussing the following topics:  Why Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was not elected World bank president, 2015 Presidency and Nigeria’s Risk of One-party Demo-crazy, Fiscal Federalism, Resource Control and Poverty in the North, Boko Haram, Insecurity, National Dialogue, and Nigeria's Break-up.  I will conclude with the call for Courageous and Great leadership.
Dr. Ekeke is a theologian, author, consultant, and leadership scholar. He is the president of Leadership Wisdom Institute.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Kali Gwegwe)
On the 15th of September, 2011; I posted a piece on my blog titled “Okonjo-Iweala: A Patriot Blinded by the West.” This piece was also published by some off and online media. I had attempted to highlight three major points. In the first place, I had wanted to drum home the point that Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, minister of finance and coordinating minister of the economy has the passion and courage of a true patriot. The second point I wanted to establish was the fact that Okonjo-Iweala was an involuntary “apostle” of western democracies. Thirdly, I was of the opinion that western democracies can only use but never trust “apostles” like Okonjo-Iweala. The outcome of the election to select a replacement for the outgoing World Bank chief, Robert Zoellick has vindicated me. The withdrawal of Colombia’s former finance minister, Jose Antonio Ocampo from the World Bank presidential race was enough for Okonjo-Iweala to see the spirit of United States celebrating with bottles of champagne on the streets of Washington DC. Sentiment apart, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had a superior credential to occupy the World Bank presidency.
Typical of every vibrant and complex society, some applauded my candid opinion and others poured heaps of condemnation on my head.  One fair point to note however is the fact that the criticisms that followed my piece had no capacity to change what was wrong to right. What was then wrong, if one must ask? It was wrong for Okonjo-Iweala to look at Africa with western eyes. While it is true that advancement in science and technology has compressed the world into a global village, we cannot stand on this truism to deny the fact that population, culture, and religion plays critical role in shaping the local economy of every society. Perhaps, owing to the fact that she was an “insider”, Okonjo-Iweala often times acted in manners that suggested she was too informed to accept contrary opinions- especially the ones dressed in the robes of criticism.
Not only was the foundation of her campaign very shallow and stained with racial sentiments, she was undoubtedly a victim of her own characteristic arrogance. Right from the first day she came to work for the Nigerian government during the Obasanjo administration, Okonjo-Iweala has refused to accept the bitter fact that in economics, issues are isolated and treated on their individual merits. Only lazy people who do not believe in themselves will rely on the ideas of others without paying attention to associated evidences and facts. It would also not be fair for any person charged with managing the economy of a nation to rely only on old ideologies or viewpoints of political parties to design fiscal policies. What else can one expect from a World Bank apostle?
Not aware of the hidden agenda of her western mentors, Okonjo-Iweala was deliberately deceived into looking at Nigeria’s economic problems with “western eyes”. It was for this simple reason that she could not accept a fundamental truth spoken by even uneducated women in village markets: every society on the face of the earth has its peculiarities. Sadly, this was the very point her sole opponent and eventual winner of the World Bank presidential election on Monday 16th April, 2012; Jim Yong Kim used to sink her boat. Kim later revealed to the BBC that he would consider the cultural and social peculiarities of various regions to ensure that the Bank’s schemes achieved the desired results.
As part of efforts to successfully use both the IMF and World Bank to secure pole positions in global finance and economy, western democracies intentionally creates the false impression that population, poverty level, culture, and religion does not matter in designing fiscal policies. It was based on this false opinion that Okonjo-Iweala spearheaded the subsidy removal battle against the Nigerian masses. This was what I wrote on my blog: “It must be noted that every society has its own peculiarities. As a result of this, what has worked in country A may not necessarily work in country B. Africans wearing “western eyes” will never realize this fact even though it is profusely clear. For instance, the governor of Nigeria’s Central, Lamido Sanusi and Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala are all bitterly agitating for the removal of fuel subsidy simply because same has worked elsewhere in America and Europe. Since they are wearing “western eyes”, they have failed to realize that: (a) Unemployment figures are very low in America and Europe (b) An average American or European worker earn as much as $130 or N19,500 per day. With this kind of salary, Nigerians can afford to buy fuel even at N150 per liter.”
If after failing to win the confidence of her mentors, Okonjo-Iweala does not learn anything, repent, and jettison her World Bank “mentality”; President Goodluck Jonathan should waste no time to offload her. Industrialized western democracies have through her, succeeded in turning most Nigerian masses against the president owing to some non-aligning fiscal policies she introduced. We must not forget the fact that one of the veiled aims of the IMF and World Bank is to prescribe fiscal policies that will pitch the masses against governments of developing countries. This is to create crisis and give little or no room for political leaders to build their national economies and secure economic independence. Western nations are afraid that Africa securing economic independence will mean lesser exports and dwindling foreign exchange revenue.
Is it not sad that Okonjo-Iweala suggested the removal of fuel subsidy as a sure way of fighting corruption in the nation’s oil sector? Is this how other countries fight corruption? Subsidy in itself is not a bad idea. Nations introduce subsidy to protect its citizens. As you read this, the EU subsidizes agriculture and fisheries and yet advice Nigerian government to withdraw fuel subsidy. This is not just ironic but suspicious. The fiscal policy of fuel subsidy removal is directly in conflict with the World Bank’s commitment to fighting poverty in developing countries. We are aware that the partial removal of fuel subsidy in January has expectedly jumped the prices of goods and services thereby weakening the purchasing power of a greater percentage of Nigerians. The direct consequence is increase in poverty level. Those that used N20,000 to meet the needs of their families now require about N40,000 or more to do same because the cost of transport, rent, food, education, and health care services have climbed up the ladder.
I have always maintained that just as there are many ways to kill a rat, there are also many ways to remove fuel subsidy. It is quite sad that Okonjo-Iweala preferred the option that will serve the parochial interest of her western mentors.  We are no longer fools. 
Kali Gwegwe
CEO, Nigeria Democracy Watchtower
2, Greenvilla-Customs Link Road
Baelsa State

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Chuks Ibegbu)
I knew right from the beginning that it would be easier for the carmel to pass through the eye of the needle than for Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to be the next World Bank President. As a student of history, international politics and economy, I knew that USA and Europe cannot commit class and geo-politcal suicide by relinquishing the headship of the WORLD ECONOMIC CZAR, the World Bank to a woman from a third world country, more so from a nation that has refused to get it right in everything. How on earth do we expect EUROPE AND USA to take such risk even with Ngozi Iweala's impeccable academic records and chains of degrees.
How on earth will a nation that has refused to get it right in her human rights record,  politics, economy and infrastructures be trusted with such a global position. I am not one of those carried away with the fake patriotism and self-deceit that have kept us where we are today. A spade must be called a spade.
One thing Africans and the third world have refused  or ignored to realise is that the world geo-economic and even geo-political order would continue to disfavour them until they build stable, and prosperous polity  that would command the respect of the world. Granted that most problems in Africa and the third world were caused by Europeans, is it not enough time since the era of decolonisation for Africans and the third world to get it right and device home grown developmental strategies? It was this home grown strategies that made the former Eastern region of Nigeria the fastest growing economy in the third world in the 60s. Okpara, the Premier of that region did not need truckload of dollars or pounds to fastrack the Eastern economy.  What he needed was the will power which many of the rulers of this generation either lack or are not ready to imbibe. Awolowo did it in the West. Ahmadu Bello did it in the North.
The interest of the present rulers is colossal SECURITY VOTES, IMMUNITY FROM THEIR CORRUPTION, AND MAINTAINING UNCONSTIUTIONAL OFFICES LIKE THE OFFICE OF THE FIRST LADY AT FEDERAL, STATE AND LGA LEVELS. Their interest is far removed from developing Nigeria, forget about their preachments and lip service.
Coming back to Ngozi Iweala again, she lost out to a world economic order that has no place for economic and political weakling and toddlers. The same thing happened to Nigeria in the choice of AU chairman, and other continental bodies. Something is expected from Nigeria by Africa and the World  but they are awefully disappointed to see Nigeria as a GIANT ON MOSQUITO LEGS.
Well, Ngozi has tried her best. She should now get to work and see how she can influence her employers to turn a new leaf. By the way how come Nigeria paid colossal billions of dollars to the so-called creditor nations when OBJ was in charge and NGOZI as the Finance Minister then and yet we are worst-off today? The lesson all should learn is that it is not verbose theories and imperialists grandstandings that can save Africa. It is only prudence and homegrown economic measures that can do it. Europe and the West would continue to claim that we owe them and our naive rulers would fall into their antics only to discover that its all APRIL FOOL. WHAT A PITY.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Amiru Adamu)
Though there are other militant groups operating in the Niger delta, the movement for the emancipation of the niger delta (MEND) is considered as the umbrella organization of all the youths of the niger delta, fighting for their rights. The perceived objectives of the group have two sides. While the government and other foreign beneficiaries see MEND as a terrorist group trying to sabotage their effort to explore oil, the youths and most people of Nigeria on the other hand see them as a group of oppressed Nigerian youths trying to expose the unfair exploitation of the masses in the Niger delta by the Nigerian government, in partnership with some foreign corporations.
Though these 2 points of view can be challenged by  Sympathizers depending on the side they  Sympathize with, the facts from any neutral point of view will show that the people of the Niger delta have suffered an unprecedented degradation of their environment due to unchecked pollution produced by the oil industry. The people of the area have no ability to engage in fishing and farming,the two major occupations  in the region because of oil exploration. They also have nothing to show for it, because oil revenues are rarely seen by the people.
No right thinking individual will expect the youths of the area to fold their arms and watch themselves and other kinsman and women being polluted and starved out of existence by the Nigerian government and other multinationals. I have been coming across commentaries made by people mostly government  Sympathizers, who are out of touch with reality. They always condemn MEND blindly without pausing to think of the situation that forced those industrious youths of the delta into militancy.
Though I am not in support of violence in any form, I am also not is support of oppression and daylight robbery. The people of the Niger delta are really in need of people who will look at their situation from a human perspective. I believe the late president Umaru Musa Yar'adua granted amnesty to the youths of the Niger delta because he considered their situation from a humanitarian point of view.
The re-integration programme that followed the amnesty has so far been fairly implemented,but the government needs to speed up the implementation before the youths of the delta region get tired of the slow pace.
What amuses me most in the whole oil money saga, is the misinformation being encouraged by the elites who enjoy most of the revenue generated from oil exploration. An average person from the Niger delta is encouraged to believe that a large chunk of the oil revenue goes to the Northerners, while the Northerners are encouraged to believe that most of the oil revenue goes to the people of the Niger delta.
I will like to use this medium to denounce both claims, because the average Northerner is as poor as an average Nigerian from the Niger delta if not worse. The fact is, the oil revenue goes into the pockets of the political class, irrespective of the region they come from. They are conspiring and conniving in unison to loot and starve Nigerians.
The Niger delta as an oil producing region really deserves a lot more. They deserve to get more from the oil revenue being generated, considering the pains they go through due to oil exploration. By saying the Niger delta, I mean the people not some elites or political jobbers who collect and divert funds meant for the industrious and courageous people of the Niger delta.
MEND, on its own part should make sure it controls its members and avoid attacking innocent civilians who have no hand in oppressing and depriving them. They should continue to struggle till they achieve what they have sacrificed so much to achieve. At least we know what they are fighting for.
Amiru Adamu is an activist writer and publisher of Northern Wind Magazine.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Joseph Aku)
Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state recently handed over some elementary and secondary schools to their original owners: principally the Catholic and Anglican missions. The citizens and well-wishers of Anambra State cannot thank the governor enough for this. It is just like delivering Anambrarians from a demonic bondage to which we had been subjected to since the post war forceful take-over of the schools by the military regimes on the premise that religion breeds religious politics and would create unfavourable structural divisions in the country.
It must be noted that the ban of religious doctrines in schools affected morality. The consequences are debasement of morals and disciplines in Christian schools. Thus, favorable environment was created by politicians and businessmen in their quest for wealth, and their insensible display of this ill-gotten wealth. Hence, all sorts of crimes, ranging from fraud or 419 to armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, unbridled marital infidelities, proliferation of abortions, lack of respect for elders and for authorities, lack of reverence even for the clergy, ritual killings, political assassinations and even apathy to academic activities thrived.
All erupted like a volcanic explosion. Girls sell themselves to teachers and lecturers to pass their examinations, and boy's monetize their ways out, or terrorize their way through with cult formations. These are Christians from all the denominations, with no exception whatsoever. The dividends are low quality basic education and therefore low quality higher education for which many oversea institutions, to which we very much depend for scientific and technological advancement, now reject our certificates. There is therefore no sacrifice too great to make to reverse this abysmal state of affairs. Thus, Gov. Obi should be given undiluted kudos for handing over schools to missions.
However, one appreciates the apprehensions of some trade unionists in unfortunately opposing this well-meant development. Mission schools had never been good paymasters. Their guiding principal is principally profit. The fees are often astronomically high. We therefore would not expect that the mission schools should not make their own profit, but it should not be such as to disenfranchise children from Christian education, thus driving them back to private institutions where religion cannot safely be taught without facing antagonism from one denomination or the other. Thank God the state government is committed to checking such excesses by missions. Thank God also that government has accepted to pay the teachers in such mission schools.
One also would not like to see a situation where mothers teaching in these schools are not recognized as having dual divine responsibilities, one to the schools and the other to their homes.
The trade unionists should quietly and purposely discuss these issues with the government and the missions, rather than throwing up threats of strike as the first line of action. No doubt, much can be achieved through dialogue. Embarking on strike on this issue is a disservice to the educational, moral, and disciplinary wellbeing of our children as the leaders of tomorrow. Unions should please not rob us of this gem. It is not acceptable, and the missions must also think twice about the welfare of their employees to conform to modern norms and practices.
Joseph Aku, Ekwulobia, Anambra State

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Makanjuola Olaleye Ademola)
It is a known fact that the arrival of Europeans in Nigeria, just like in other West African countries, was as a result of the desire to establish and expand trade. The slave trade, which originally dominated foreign interest in Nigeria, automatically dimmed with the discovery of palm oil and palm kernel, which later became more lucrative and attractive avenues of wealth for British investors.
According to historians, “the people of Old Calabar have exported seven to eight hundred tons of palm oil beside bar wood annually” as far back as 1789. As a result of the nature of the newly found trade and business, palm oil and palm kernels developed steadily and speedily to replace trade in long period of time until 1894 when British government, through the foreign office, posted a consul to the area to help in the protection of the interests of British merchants. The consul and others were then instructed to act only as traders and not colonist. Nigeria was now colonized by the British.
Nigeria gained her independence from the whites after colonization and exploitation of her natural resources in 1960, and became a federation in 1963.  We all thought the pace was set, but some tasking questions are now left for us to answer.
First and foremost, oil exploitation started in 1956 at Obiri in Niger Delta; oil exportation started in 1958. The Niger Delta area is a place where most oils in Nigeria are being generated, yet the people still live in abject poverty with no education and employment opportunity to boast of. What’s the way Nigeria? Isaac Boro fought for the right of the Niger Delta in the 1960’s, after which he was arrested; he also fought in the civil war where he later died. Ken Saro-Wiwa who was an environmental activists, also created the movement for survival of the Ogoni people (MOSOP), he was equally hanged in November 10th 1995. What’s the way Nigeria? Military started in the late 90’s and Amnesty was introduced in 2009. The people in Niger Delta live on water, but there is no water for them to drink or fish because most of their vegetation has been destroyed by oil due to the oil spillage. Niger Delta is a high oil drilling area yet, they are not close to development.
In a related development, fuel subsidy came to play. From 2007 to 2010, the average budget spent on subsidy was 240 billion naira but in 2011, it increased to over 1.3 trillion naira. The government says the fuel subsidy removal would be used to execute a programme called “Subsidy Reinstatement Programme” (SUREP). Fuel subsidy has now become the tradition of past Nigerian heads of states. Many people however argued that there was never a subsidy, rather there is an over bloated government with wasteful spending. The money realized from the fuel subsidy is not being used for its primary purpose. Nigerian’s still find problem to acquire petrol even as we have abundance of oil in the country. Transportation fare is not being regulated as owners of public transport choose any price which suites them and the masses are left with no choice but to comply.
As if this was not enough, Boko-Haram now poses a threat in most parts of Nigeria especially in the North. Boko-Haram started by saying “Western education is evil”, there by threatening various Nigerian universities and blowing up different places in the North and other parts of Nigeria leaving scores of people dead. Surprisingly, churches and mosques are being blown up without prior knowledge of what this Islamic sect wants. The problem in the North is that there is low revenue allocated to them for development. Nigeria is a land of abundance of milk and honey, yet there is none to eat bread. The big question now is: which way Nigeria?
Makanjuola Olaleye Ademola (University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba.)

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Obinna Akukwe)
There has been clamor from various concerned and patriotic sources that the few privileged Nigerians who cornered over I trillion naira($7billion dollars) belonging to the Nigerian people  in the name of subsidy be brought to book. There is equally hope that the ongoing probe of fraud in the pensions industry, financial securities industry and other malicious avenues of siphoning state resources be brought to book. I am part of those hoping that a transformational miracle will occur that will bring them to book. This is illogical optimism, based, not on precedence, but on wishful thinking. There are many reasons President Goodluck Jonathan cannot prosecute subsidy and other thieves.
The first reason is situated in the personality of the man Goodluck Jonathan. President Goodluck does not do anything unless he is pushed to do so. He was literarily convinced to assume the post of Acting Governor when Alamaeseigha was having problems with the Metropolitan Police. During the Yaradua Presidency illness saga, he was pushed to assume the constitutional position of Acting President. President Goodluck initially set out to reform the PDP, using the then national chairman, Okwesilieze Nwodo, but when the state governor under PDP kicked against it , he jettisoned the idea . Even in the case of the fleeing  former Governor Sylva of Bayelsa State, the people behind the political suffocation of Sylva led by King Turner , had to tail President Goodluck until he finished the Sylva demolition project. The push for the subsidy, pension, securities commission and other thieves to be prosecuted is still weak and cannot yet move this Goodluck. This is situated in the fact that from the time of Farida Waziri the graft commission have been a front office department of the presidency and can only prosecute when the presidency gives clearance. This clearance is likely not to come from this Goodluck.
The second reason the subsidy thieves cannot be prosecuted is that part of the proceeds from these thievery went into prosecuting the 2011 presidential elections. Oil magnets, political associates, contractors and others where used to bring out huge sums for the project and when the presidential project was done with, they refused to surrender the pot from where they were drinking the oil. Therefore to ask President Goodluck to prosecute those who mobilized state resources to help him during elections and deliver him from what would have been a Buhari- Tinubu alliance or an unpredictable runoff election is a wishful thinking.
The third reason is that if these oil thieves goes down they will drag the ruling party with them because they will expose the beneficiaries of all the fraud in the system, therefore the Nigerian government will do everything to frustrate the prosecution.
During the regime of Yaradua , and as immaterialist as the late president, he found it difficult to surrender the former Governor of Delta State to the graft commission for prosecution. This is because the former governor sponsored a substantial part of the late president’s election. When the Metriopolitan police decided to try Ibori for money laundering in 1998, the late president sent the Attorney General of  the whole Nigeria, giant of Africa to ask the London police to hands off the matter. The attorney General wrote the Metropolitan Police that Nigerian money is not missing n that Ibori has no case to answer.
During the era of General Abdulsalami Abubakar and after the death of MKO Abiola , Babangida preferred Olusegun Obasanjo to Olu Falae as president despite the fact that Olu Falae served him both as Secretary to the Federal Government and later as Minister of Finance. This is because Babangida believes that an Obasanjo presidency would likely shield him from prosecution as a reward for helping him ascend the Nigerian throne ,while Falae, already the choice of the progressives, would likely be adamant. Obasanjo rewarded the Babangida assistance by ensuring that the Dr Pius Okigbo report on the mismanagement of the gulf oil windfall was not implemented, and when the heat became too much , they connived to remove the document from every public record.
During the 2003 presidential election especially after the parliamentary elections, there was a rapport between Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu and Muhammadu Buhari that in the event of a runoff election, APGA and ANPP will form an alliance. Ojukwu demanded an end to the incessant killings of Igbos,and infrastructural development of the South East  as conditions for supporting Buhari. Obasanjo got wind of the alliance and turned the rest of the election into a shameful allocation of votes to ensure the runoff never was. In 2007 the northern elites demanded immunity from prosecution before they can support Buhari as president. In 2011 the northern mediators wanted immunity from prosecution and the ACN wanted the Vice Presidential slot which was suspected they wanted to hand over to Tinubu. While Buhari accepted the then conditions of Odumegwu Ojukwu without hesitation, he rejected that of the northern elders and the ACN so that he will have the freedom to act according to his conscience. A lot of people called him rigid, uncompromising and a bad business man. Now we have a dynamic, flexible, smiling and good business savvy President and we are complaining about the results of compromise.
Olusegun Obasanjo refused to surrender Ibrahim Babangida for prosecution. Yaradua refused to surrender Ibori for prosecution, on which basis are Nigerians hoping that President Goodluck will be different.  It is simply expecting too much from him where his godfathers dared not.
The best we can get from these probes is information, and this information will be handy in the days of revolution, or social unrest or even war. The information and the shock of the disclosures of fraud is being stored in the subconscious of Nigerians and will be handy at the appropriate time. The other gain is that the recent probes have made the next set of looters to be a bit careful. That bit of carefulness on their part can translate to lots of billions of dollars in saved funds hitherto opened for embezzlement. Those making noise that President Goodluck should prosecute the thieves would be disappointed at the crash of their optimism.

-Masterweb Reports (Submission By Ifeanyi Afuba)
I read with disappointment the offensive reaction of an unknown Igbo group to the Zik Prize for Leadership recently conferred on Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi as published in National Compass of Wednesday, March 21, 2012. The statement-story, ‘Obi unworthy of Zik award’ ascribed to a half anonymous Prince Orjiako, abused the Governor underthe pretext of commenting on the said award.
Why didn’t the author of the press statement provide his full names forpossible identification of his person? Orjiako is a common name in Igboland; Prince is not a name but a casual title. No other information is provided for authenticating the identity of this pseudo analyst who spares no punches in trying to knock down the award.
For the avoidance of doubt, let us consider what was presented as the basis of Obi’s supposed unsuitability for the Zik Prize. ‘Ordinarily, nobody would have bothered about Peter Obi and his dead-on-arrival 2015 vice presidential ambition, which is now pushing him into doing all sorts of things, including the abomination of acquiring a Zik award, but it is important to buttress that Peter Obi is not worthy of a Zik award. Obi has never hidden his hatred, lack of respect and opposition to Zik, even in his grave….Obi has never spoken up or led any action to ensure the completion of the abandoned Zik’s mausoleum.’
It is easy enough to see that the above is irrelevant to the considerations for the award of the prize. The above criticism is trite and petty. Itindicates the frustrations of someone suffering sleeplessness over another’s successes. But the problem goes beyond narrow-mindedness. The criticism is founded on falsehood and distortions.
Governor Peter Obi has never spoken of a vice presidential ambition or indeed about any other political ambition after his governorship assignment. He is presently busy meeting the challenges of good governance in Anambra State. He has not said or done anything to suggesta future political interest. Some of his friends and associates even say that Obi would return to the private sector when he completes his tenure in 2014. The far-fetched reference to a vice presidential ambition is obviously an attempt to embarrass the Governor. This scheme is betrayed by the spiteful accusation and choice of language in the statement ‘which is now pushing him into doing all sorts of things, including the abomination of acquiring the Zik Prize.’   
Obi has received honours and awards from reputable organizations since 2007. Was he nursing a senatorial or presidential ambition then? Peter Obi, I dare say, has rejected honours more than any other Governor in Nigeria today. As the saying goes, there are awards and there are awards.The Anambra first citizen would prefer that all recognitions for him be deferred to the end of his tenure to avoid distractions from the task at hand and the imputation of motives into the honours. But his leadership accomplishments follow him wherever he goes and there is no hiding place for him. Rejecting every award might portray him as proud and aloof so in the case of more credible bodies, he is compelled to make exceptions to the rule.
The contention that ‘Peter Obi is not worthy of a Zik award’ underscores the huge ignorance about the concept of the award or the mischief behind the opposition. Did the shadowy critic of the conferment care to read the citation upon which the merits of the award were eloquently highlighted?In any case, the purport of the Zik Prize in Leadership ought to be self explanatory. It seeks to elevate the quality of leadership in Africa by recognizing those who have demonstrated vision, service and integrity in leadership.  The award represents an effort to encourage statesmanship in and out of public office. That is why the award went to outstanding leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Salim Ahmed Salim, Sam Nujoma and Jerry Rawlings in the past. They were not honoured for declaring that they loved the late Nnamdi Azikiwe or for going to sweep his compound at Onitsha every morning.
Obi’s exploits in Anambra, and at regional and national levels are too well known to be recounted here. But suffice it to say that this is a man who brought Anambra back from the brink of a failed state to one of the most peaceful, stable and fastest developing states in Nigeria today. For the past five years he has headed the South-East Governors’ Forum to the satisfaction of his brother-governors. In clear expression of wider confidence in his abilities, Obi had gone on to become vice chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum and economic adviser to the President.
In the face of Obi’s qualification for the Prize, the proponents of the report then resorted to the lie that he ‘has never hidden his hatred, lack of respect and opposition to Zik, even in his grave.’ Why are we not given instances of this? The intensifier, even in his grave, implies that this ill feeling for Zik started before his death. Yet, Obi came into politics only in 2002 by which time the great Zik had long departed. Was it then as a student that Obi was engaged in this cold war with Zik? Governor Obi as someone who understands the essence of leadership has never failed to pay compliment to Zik as one of Nigeria’s founding fathers. Whenever he sees need to illustrate Anambra’s gift of human resources, the Governor would mention Zik first. And to be sure, Zik was honoured at the celebration of the state’s 20th anniversary in August 2011.
It is also not true that Governor Obi has been unconcerned about the completion of Zik’s mausoleum. This is a federal government project but through memos and physical representations the Governor has severally pleaded for reactivation of the project. It is on record that it was through the Governor’s persistent engagement with the federal authorities thatcontract was recently awarded for the rehabilitation of Boromeo – Bridgehead road that passes in front of Zik’s residence.
Afuba wrote this piece from Nimo.