Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - When the Obi administration in Anambra State took the momentous decision to revert the management of erstwhile mission/voluntary agency schools to their initial proprietors, quite a number of people and organizations received the news with mixed feelings. Even as perceptive observers believed it was a measure in the right direction, some others looked on in blissful ignorance. Easily more vociferous were the self-styled commentators who condemned the decision without even the benefit of the finer details. “Why hand over those schools to “private” proprietors who would fleece the parents/guardians and engage...... Read More. 
*Photo Caption - Governor Peter Obi


 [ Masterweb Reports ] – I read with bemusement Ogaga Ifovwodo’s piece on the Vice President’s official residence. I do not understand his quarrel with the cost of the nation’s Number Two’s official residence. That the residence of the vice president is to cost a mere sixteen billion naira is a surprise to me. When I first heard of the cost, I thought they were referring to the official residence of a deputy governor of a state. What is so special about this amount that has made Ogaga Ifovwodo have sleepless nights? Has Ifovwodo forgotten that this is Nigeria and not a tiny country like Gambia or Seychelles or even Eritrea?
This is Nigeria! The most populous black nation in the world! The giant of Africa! The most blessed country in the continent! Rich in oil and other mineral resources! Rich in human resources! Has Ifovwodo forgotten that Nigeria was paying the salaries of some South American nations in the early seventies? This is a country where ordinary citizens like me have purchased private jets worth over a trillion naira in the last five years. Is Nigeria such a poor country that the Vice President’s official residence should be like those found in Ajegunle or Suleja? Money has never been our problem as Ifowodo rightly quoted Gowon. The problem has always been how to spend it. Now that we are wisely spending our money, enemies of this government are quarrelling with it.

The Vice President’s residence must befit the status. Let us equally remember that it is not the personal property of Sambo. Ifovwodo may reside there in future as the nation’s vice president. The place must have a worship centre. There must be a mosque, church and traditional place of worship for people like the Kongi and others of his ilk. The place of worship is meant as place where the Vice President will go and ask for forgiveness if he mistakenly misplaces a few billion naira. He can equally go there to ask for miracle for a better Nigeria even though he has planned for a better Nigeria.

A state of the art hospital is also ear marked for the Vice President’s residence. It will be manned by specialist doctors from Saudi Arabia and Germany. This is to prevent another Yar’dua and Chime’scenario where Nigerians will be wondering where their leaders are receiving treatment. In this case, special assistants in the Vice President’s Office can be signing documents on his behalf and claiming it is signed by the Vice President if (God forbid) he falls sick.

The Vice President’s official residence is also have a banquet hall that will accommodate about a thousand people. The place will be used for official and non official functions. Once in a while, Dbanj, Tu Face and others could be invited to entertain the nation’s big wigs with undergraduate females being invited to learn the art of governance. The Vice President will no longer run to Kaduna and in fear too when giving out his daughters for marriage. The banquet hall serves that purpose. There must be enough rooms too in the official residence where the Vice President’s relatives and friends can lodge thereby saving money that would have been used for hotel accommodation.

The security of the Vice President is equally important. While monitoring devices will be installed both within and without the premises, a missile shield will also be installed. Nobody knows what these Boko Haram people may come up with. Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Armoured cars will be permanently stationed there. What will happen if kidnappers kidnap our Vice President? That is why the residence must be well secured.

As prophetically suggested by Senator Smart Adeyemi, the furniture for the Vice President’s residence will be made in heaven. The famed Benin furniture makers will not be good enough. The kitchen materials will cost over a billion naira. Every other material that will be used to furnish the residence will be imported. There will equally be a landing pad for helicopters to land and take off (not the type of helicopters used by the Nigerian Navy). Because of the good nature of our roads and for security purposes, the Vice President will no longer be using our roads. The Vice President will be flying from and to office so that we do not have another Murtala Muhammed in our hands.

President Jonathan, you will agree with me has be very frugal in spending. He is spending lessthan a billion naira next year for feeding. He now eats only cassava bread found only in Aso Rock supermarket. Abakiliki rice is now his favourite. In next year’s budget, some amount have been ear marked for generator repairs because there will be constant power by 2013. I learnt that an order has been given that no diesel should be bought to power generators next year. The new banquet hall in Aso Rock is a mere two billion naira. He is buying just one additional to add to the presidential fleet. This project is not expensive.

With some other features that will be provided in the official residence of the vice president, I see no reason with Ifovwodo’s anger. To me, the amount is inadequate. The agency required to vet all contracts have seen the need for contract variation. Ogaga Ifovwodo talked about building schools and hospitals. How can the Vice President brainstorm and think properly on how to make Nigeria better if he sleeps in a “matchbox house”? This was the type of residence Jakande was staying in Ilupeju while he was governor of Lagos state. The same with Bafarawa while governor of Sokoto State.
The era where our leaders stay in their inadequate personal residences to administer the people is over. The said amount is not even half of what some fuel importers were paid as fuel subsidy. Delta State spent N7.4billion to demolish anthills in Asaba Airport in ten days. That is the way money must be spent. Not frugal like some war torn countries. Nigeria is rich. We must show that we are rich. The Vice President’s residence is an example of showing that we are rich.
Eddy Aghanenu reports.

*Photo Caption – New  Nigeria Vice President’s  residence under construction.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – There is disturbing news within pastoral circles in Abuja concerning some backslidden colleagues whose recent patronage of a certain Port Harcourt based occult woman is a source of concern. This woman fabled with the ability to make people see visions of people’s names, phone numbers, bank details, colors of ladies underwear and sundry secrets. After reading my recent article ‘new style prophets : visions of phone numbers and ladies underwear’, a pastor who was about to be initiated into the Port Harcourt Cult of Prophets, out of little fear of God, sought a second opinion on the issue. This pastor who has a small church in Abuja believes that the numerical strength of his church is not commensurate with his efforts and is desperate to try other means of succeeding in ministry. Therefore, he intended joining the group loyal to the mystery woman before my meeting with him.
Some pastors have confirmed to me that actually there is a woman in Port Harcourt who gives power to see visions and they mentioned the names of some colleagues that patronized her. This woman whom they claimed is so powerful that she can appear and disappear, will firstly demand some indecent sexual gratification from the prospective pastor as signs of loyalty, including sucking of certain organs. After the sexual affairs, she will make some animal cry and administer some other materials and the eyes of the patrons will open to see the spirit world and discuss with some strange beings. She indoctrinates them that there is nothing like heaven, hell or sin and that God kept lots of treasures in the water kingdom to help humanity in fashion, music, movies, politics, finance, health and pastoral work and only those bound by oath of loyalty and secrecy are eligible to access the treasures of the spirit world. They described pastors who are yet to join as slaves who will soon bow to the children of the illuminated.

Many pastors, both young and old ones are being lured into this Port Harcourt cult and within weeks what appears like miracles, prophesy and prosperity becomes regular feature in their congregation. Some notable pastors in Abuja have shamelessly joined the bandwagon while a others stuck to their other sources of powers. One of the recently initiated pastors mentioned the names of a bishop and a prophet patronized by top government officials within the presidency among those who convinced him to visit the woman. Rather than see the entire operation as demonic, he sees it as business and advised others to connect before the window closes.

Another pastor who renounced membership of the cult earlier in the year had to run away from his base to Abuja when he received constant death threat from the group. He was advised to subject himself to days of fasting at one of the deliverance churches in town which he promptly did.

The situation has become alarming that the aforementioned pastor who was approached for membership, out of indecision and fear of hell fire, sought my opinion, and subsequently paid a visit to a recent initiate. According to the recently initiated pastor, the consultation and oil fee was initially N100, 000 naira but due to the surging crowd, they have increased the consultation fee to N200, 000 naira. Then there are prices for different types of oil. The most popular is called ‘’seeing oil’’ which empowers people to see into other peoples secret. The next most popular oil is called ‘do as I say’ which makes it possible for the congregation to do whatsoever the pastor says without any compulsion including surrendering all live savings. There is also oil called ‘touch and follow’ which they use to hypnotize any beautiful lady who comes their way into sleeping with them. There is oil for falling under anointing called ‘slaying oil’. There is ‘crowd pulling oil’ used to increase membership strength. The payment for the oil is different from the consultation fee.

This oil must be serviced and refreshed by constant homosexual, fornication and adulterous activities especially shortly before preaching. The second condition is that the pastor must emphasize on prosperity and motivational messages above the message of righteousness. The pastors will also return to give back a part of the proceeds as thanksgiving.

I had weeks earlier confronted a pastor of a church who recently patronized the woman and was excited that he now sees into people’s future. This man whose attempt to draw crowd to his church and enter the league of super rich failed repeatedly despite numerous efforts, got tired of the situation and decided to help God. His submission and affinity to some senior colleagues for transference of anointing through seed sowing and impartation equally failed until a bishop introduced him to this powerful woman in Port Harcourt. This once firebrand pastor now indulges in homosexuality and adultery and does not feel any compunction about it.

This issue of pastors getting powers from occultist kingdom was first experienced by me as a young pastor in a church seventeen years ago and we observed strange things which we didn’t understand but rejected because it didn’t look spiritually clean. Years later during a retreat at Scripture Union Camp of Faith Okigwe, I came back to the hostel around 2am after prayers and overhead a very senior pastor of a church in Owerri at one corner behind the hostel sobbing and telling God that ‘’if you do not give me power now to do the miraculous, I will go to where others go to get theirs...’’ This pastor, oblivious of my presence, went ahead to mention in his prayers ,the names of pastors colleagues who have gone to get powers from different places and threatened God to either show up or risk losing him to the other side’’. Later on I started receiving eyewitness account of some people who have acquired strange powers, how they got involved and why they did such.

One of them who recently joined this Port Harcourt cult , in response to my disapproval said ‘’man of God, if hunger have wired you, you wouldn’t be talking like this ‘’ while the other one said that he cannot continue to tolerate the sight of little pastors making waves while he continues to be a spectator.

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have not effectively monitored pastoral activities while some pastors have rejected membership of the body; therefore everybody is his own master. This overemphasis on prosperity is killing the churches that now some pastor flock to strange places for spiritual empowerment in order to belong to the class of super rich pastors, accompanied by lots of homosexual bodyguards. The generation that started the Pentecostal revival in Nigeria immediately after the Biafra war, gave birth to pastors like Uma Ukpai, Paul Nwachukwu, Austin Nwodika, Nicholas Ezeh, Williams Kumuyi, Enoch Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Mike Okonkwo and the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa , Prophet Gabriel Oduyemi, among others. The current generation is birthing pastors who flock to bar beach Lagos, Calabar, Kumasi, Ashanti, Tamale and some parts of Cameroun to receive powers.

If these Pentecostal fathers do not hasten to address this evil trend and arrest the influx of strange powers into the church, within the next five years, the Nigerian Church will become a branch of the Marine kingdom and the little fire of the Holy Spirit still remaining will be extinguished. The history of strange powers infiltrating the church started from Simon the Magnus (Acts 8 vs 9-24) who repented at the preaching of Philip but later according to church history as illustrated by Iraneaus and Justin Martyr became the author of strange signs in the church. However, the early church rose against it and temporarily checkmated it.

However, if the church leaders show the usual indifference attitude to the issue, non-pastors, church workers and the laity should endeavor to personally grow their faith in God and be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing whose purpose is to win souls for the devil.

It is worthy to note that majority of pastors in Abuja who have been approached for membership rejected it outright and it is only few misled ones that appear excited about this Port Harcourt Occult woman. God still performs miracles in churches and pastors in need of such grace should wait upon The Lord in prayers instead of seeking the assistance of unclean spirits. Genuine pastors should shut down spiritually all these manifestations of strange powers before the anger of God falls on both the guilty and the innocent with disastrous consequences.

Obinna Akukwe ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption – Christian Symbol

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - "Should Christians celebrate Christmas?" or, "How should a Christian celebrate Christmas?" These are questions of concern for many sincere believers. In fact, many believers dislike the season and have refused to celebrate it at all. A number of reasons are given, and while I might agree with some of their concerns and some of the reasons offered against the observance of Christmas, I would not necessarily agree with their conclusions. One day I happened to catch a TV preacher denouncing the celebration of Christmas. He was saying it is pagan holiday, and that Christ could not have born in December. He used some Old Testament passages to show how the Christmas tree was idolatrous and an abomination. He quoted Jeremiah 10:2-4 which reads: “Thus says the LORD, "Do not learn the way of the nations, And do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them; 3 For the customs of the peoples are delusion; Because it is wood cut from the forest, The work of the ....... Read More
*Photo Caption - Dr. Lewis Akpogena 

[ Masterweb Reports ]Where is Father Mark? The question was directed at no one in particular. One of his parishioners, Mr Ugochukwu Obute, was only trying to be sure that their spiritual father was present at the official commissioning ceremony of their neighbourhood internal roads. Obute, who is the chairman of town one in the Federal Housing Estate, New Owerri, wanted to be sure that the Reverend Father was present, ostensibly to help clear some doubts and misinformation among the residents of the urban community.

It turned out that some government agencies had been laying claims to building their roads. The roads were so well done that some politicians saw it as a means of boosting their chances of electoral conquest. Curiously, those trying to take credit for the good roads did not mind that a project sign post boldly proclaimed that the contract was awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC.

So, when Rev. Dr Mark Njoku, the Parish Priest of St Mark’s Catholic Church, had the opportunity to speak, he said he was relieved that they had confirmed the true identity of the agency that brought them succour. “At last, we now know who to thank for giving us a solid and smooth network of roads. We are certainly going to offer specials prayers for the NDDC for literally making our roads straight and smooth.” he said.

For Engr. Emeka Nwachukwu, one of the leaders in the estate, “this is the dividend of democracy that we can see and feel.” He said that a good job always speaks for itself, noting that the NDDC deserves kudos for paying attention to quality. Indeed, the three-kilometre road seemed to confer the status of Government Reservation Area [GRA] on the estate.

The neighbouring Federal Housing Estate, also in the New Owerri area of the state capital, equally celebrated the inauguration of its own internal roads built by the NDDC. The chairman of that section of the estate, Engr. Jerry Ugwuoke, commended the fact that the asphalt was laid on stone base. ‘That is as good as it gets in road construction,” he said.

The high standard exhibited on these roads, more or less set the tone for many other projects commissioned within the same period by the NDDC in Imo and Rivers states. While 6 have been inaugurated so far in Imo State, it was a rosier picture in Rivers State, where 46 completed projects were handed over to the benefitting communities. The projects include roads, solar-powered water, classroom blocks, cottage comprehensive health centres and rural electrification.

It was celebration galore as the people sang and danced to express their joy and appreciation for the amenities the NDDC had provided for them. The people of Mbaoma in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State were particularly joyful. Their happiness came from the portable water which they are now drinking, courtesy of the 20,000 gallon solar-powered water scheme built by the commission.. Their school children danced; their women danced and their men cheered. Even NDDC officials joined in the dancing.

The dancing continued in Akeme community in Arondizogu, Ideato North Local Government Area. They also had cause to rejoice as the Ejizie-Izuogu Road was handed over to them by the NDDC. Eze Dr Mike Nwosu, the traditional ruler of Akeme in Arondizogu, said that his people had seen the good works of the NDDC and could testify that the commission does not compromise on standards. “Our prayer is that the road will pave the way to a flourishing relationship that will benefit my people,” he said.

Eze Nwosu said he had many good things to say to the NDDC but he was constrained to limit his comments to Igbo language because of a new directive from Chief Rochas Okorocha, the Imo State Governor. According to him, there is a new order that no traditional ruler in the state should speak English in any public event. He said the directive was meant to save the Igbo language from extinction.

Barr. Peter Ezeobi, the representative of Imo State on the board of the NDDC, told the people that the commission was determined to make its presence felt in all parts of the Niger Delta as quickly as possible. He assured them that as an interventionist agency, the NDDC was determined to take development to all nooks and crannies of the region.

Ezeobi, who performed the commissioning ceremony on behalf of the Managing Director of the NDDC, Dr Christian Oboh, assured the people that the amenities being provided for them would endure for a long time because the commission was known for high quality jobs. “We don’t believe in half measures and indeed, excellence is our hallmark,” he said.

The interventionist agency had earlier commissioned a three-kilometre road, with drainages for a high-brow neighbourhood in Aladinma estate of Owerri North Local Government. At that event Mrs Osato Arenyika, the NDDC director in the Owerri office, said that from now on, all completed projects of the interventionist agency would be commissioned to show the world how well it has performed. “In the past, we had taken it for granted that our projects will speak for us, but it has become necessary to also show the people what we are doing,” she said.

Arenyika charged the Saint Andrew’s Neighbourhood Association [SANA], the body coordinating the affairs of the estate, to maintain the road, as well as the street lights and the transformer also provided by the NDDC.

Engr. Michael Nwachukwu, chairman of the SANA neighbourhood, said that the NDDC has added a lot of value to the lives of the people in the area. “You have made us the envy of the town, our neighbourhood has become the prime place to live in this town, with durable roads built for us, the transformer you gave us and recently the solar street lights,” he said.

In Rivers State, it was truly a bounteous harvest of projects. In a three-day swing across the state, 46 projects were inaugurated with fanfare by the representative of Rivers State on the Board of the NDDC, Professor Ibitamuno Aminigo and the Director in the State office, Dr [Mrs] Enyia Akwagaga, on behalf of Dr. Oboh, the Managing Director of the commission.

At George-Ama in Okrika Local Government Area, the home town of Chief Rufus Ada-George, the former Governor of Rivers State, the feeling of satisfaction was palpable. The welcoming smiles were all that was needed to demonstrate that the people were satisfied with the internal roads which the NDDC built for them.

Prof Aminigo expressed delight at the quality of job done on the road. “It is a thing of joy for me because I know the value of this project to this community. The benefits are enormous for the fishermen who can now very easily access the markets with their daily takes,” he said. Aminigo said the board and management of the commission were working in consonance with the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan, with special emphasis on increasing the tempo of infrastructure development in the oil-producing region. He stated that the NDDC would henceforth commission all its completed projects to erase the wrong impression that it was not living up to expectations as an interventionist agency.

A community leader in George-Ama, Mr.James Kalipa thanked the NDDC for the road project, describing it as a sign of good things to come in the community. “We say a big thank you to the NDDC for touching the lives of our people. We expect more projects in the future.” The NDDC Director heading the Rivers State office, Dr Akwagaga said that the commission would continue to intervene in the areas of critical need for the people of the region. She urged communities where projects were commissioned to jealously guard them for the benefit of their people.

Dr. Akwagaga commended the people of Umerelu in Ikwerre Local government Area for appreciating the classroom blocks built for them and urged them to continue to be peaceful as that was the only way to attract more amenities from the NDDC.

Mr. Ifeatu Agbu ( ) reports from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
*Photo Above - Map of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region showing its composite 8 states.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – I’ll be honest …. During the political season I find myself avoiding certain conversations that I do care about. Mind you, I do have opinions. My wife would say I have an opinion on everything. Faith and social issues are extremely important to me, and I have spent a lot of years studying and following the trends and their impact on people I care a lot about. I am especially focused on issues that affect the poor, mentally ill, unemployed, addicted, and homeless. Topics of Medicare, unemployment benefits, the death penalty, gun control, abortion, gay marriage, state and federal budget and deficits, immigration, and foreign policy all matter to me. I do have opinions! (And I vote!)

Yet during the final months of Nigeria’s presidential street fight, I tend to lay low. I know that one simple conversation with almost anyone can turn volatile and unleash the beast within them. If educated congressmen, presidential candidates, governors, and even local representatives can be as nasty and polarized as they have publicly shown, there is little reason to honestly discuss an issue, since the potential for alienation and misrepresentation is at an all-time high. No one seems to be listening, having crystallized their presuppositions with a crafty skill of spinning any topic into their agenda. Ironically, our children are watching adult leaders’ model behavior we wouldn’t let them get away with.

In my mind, the poor are the ones being hijacked in all of this. Wealthy politicians from both major parties certainly are not arguing or creating policy from the viewpoint of Jesus. In fact, thinly veiled religious statements have become part of the shallowness of Nigerian politics. To the pundits, “Under God” doesn’t mean, “I submit to the teachings of God to love my enemies, serve others, and model the sacrificial lifestyle of God in the Flesh.” It more closely resembles Friday night football in Port Harcourt when the public prayer at the stadium blesses the home team and urges God’s victory for them. We have wrapped the Bible in a flag and replaced faith with “civil religion” which ultimately becomes anti-Christian.

Will Christian Nigerians ever stand up for the poor and marginalized? I doubt it. Though I may be a growing cynic, it is not from cynicism that I make that statement. It’s just that I believe that most politics and religion today are driven by wealth and selfishness. There was a time when government’s role was to protect and advocate for those in our culture who could not protect themselves. Yet today in the Nigeria, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Today almost all the States budget funds to help the mentally ill and the poor. We have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the World. Urban teenagers still drop out of school at alarming rates. And instead of “welcoming the stranger,” as the Bible clearly required of followers of God, we despise the foreigner. There is no restorative justice or rehabilitation in place for the offender and certainly no jobs for the felon when they are released. And amidst all these social dilemmas in our nation and State, there is little room for substantive discussion and compromise, only blame, anger, and creating anecdotal myths that seek to validate our stances, with very little accomplished in the end.

Driving along Liberation Stadium Road, Elekahia Port Harcourt saw some young ladies using a girl of about 9 years with a protruding tumor outside d anus and another man with protruding tumor in one side of the face. All of these tumor/external abnormal growths about a size of a football was dropping and swinging like tail. The sight brought me such discomfort l could not look at it twice. I felt bitterness in my mind. My heart was filled with concern and pains of what to do to help. I remember when l was in America. I worked with Rescue Missions that rehabilitate and take such people off the street, take care of them with the help of Government grant. In our streets daily poor people, beggars, physically challenged people, prostitutes are everywhere begging and creating the impressions that we don’t have responsible governments or we seem not to care for such less privilege people.

We politicize with the need of people. Government budget on the needy but don’t take care of the needy. Some of us take advantage of the need of the needy by exploiting and using them to make money for ourselves. We are not complete when such needy people are there on our streets and we do nothing to rehabilitate them. To the Christians our faith without care for the needy is ungodly religion (James 1:27, 2:14-26). I am replicating what l saw and did in America by establishing Helping Hands Rescue Centre to rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of destitute, drug & Alcohol addicts, prostitutes, physically challenge persons, abused and abandoned children, widows, orphans, refugees, homeless, single parents, the aged people, etc. If you believe in this cause join and partner. If we don’t care the people perish. I am hopeful, though not so much for politics in Nigeria. I still believe in the transforming work of God’s Spirit, which can renew and transform any of his followers. I still believe the Church and God’s people living out the kingdom of God on earth will have more impact than any politician. Yet even that goes with a price —Jesus was crucified by the politicians and religious leaders of his day. Have question you may call: 08033399821 or write:  Stay and blessed.

Dr. Lewis Akpogena, a Christian Devotional Writer, Educationist and Consultant reports from Port Harcourt.

*Photo Above - Dr. Lewis Akpogena

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – I am beginning to think that politicians – apart from the ones that are involved in the early days of their nationhood – all over the world (but particularly African politicians) are the same and are the architect of the various crises ravaging mankind outside of natural disasters. There is nothing I hate so much as hearing an incumbent repeatedly lament that he cannot perform because of the activities of his predecessors in office. Why should a normal human being hide under the cloak of an earlier administration’s action or inaction, in office, to fail to perform and he would not abdicate his office? I loathe rulers who pass buck.
Can you imagine President Jacob Xuma - of South Africa - blaming apartheid regime and the governments before his administration as being responsible for the woes of South Africa now? His party, the ANC, has ruled South Africa for about 18 years since post apartheid era and President Jacob Xuma – who came to power with all manner of rhetoric and gimmick against Thabo Mbeki is – is giving frivolous excuses for his failure to deliver the dividends of democracy to his people. All indices point to the fact that South African economy has been nose diving in the recent years following collapse of apartheid.

And my question to all these uncreative politicians has been, did you ever take time to study the magnitude of the problems facing your state or country before thrusting up yourself to be voted into a ruler-ship position? If you did, were you not sensible enough to assess that you have or do not have the ability and the capacity to reverse the anomalies facing your nation or state or local government before strutting to be allowed to rule?

I sincerely hope President Xuma and co do not mess up South Africa to the point where apartheid regime gives the shade of an option or alternative form of governance. African nations are in dire need of leadership. We have had rulers all along.

In a bid to rule at all cost, most politicians all over the world today resort to cheap and populist songs which they sell to the electorate and as soon as they are voted into power they begin to put the blame of inability to perform on previous governments. And I ask again, what did you think of before asking to be voted for? To blame past government or to correct what the past government did wrongly or what it did not get right?

You get a mentally bereft, materially poor and dull human being who bulldozes his/her way to power position when he knows that he is not capable and creative enough to manage society. In a couple of months he becomes stupendously affluent and the citizenry and the state become stupendously poorer.

Then he starts trotting around the globe and roaming about in motorcades (within the state) with intimidating security agents of the state. Before you say jack, he/she turns around to blame previous administration for his inability to perform. And to add salt to the injury he would not honorably resign since it has become clear, even to him/her, that he/she has no solution to excruciating socio-political maladies staring his nation on the forehead. He serves s out his term aimlessly without any improvement and even goes all out to get reelected. He does not even struggle to leave the state of the economy the way he met it. He/she keeps meandering through until he finishes allowable term. The then relapses into what we call elder statesman from where he remotes the polity. He foists his offspring on the state to keep the looting game.

So from one administration to another, nations get poorer while these jokers get richer. The world is getting to a point where there will be total collapse of organized state and the politicians should prepare to face the consequences.

After singing the “Change We Need” song, President Obama of USA only managed to win a reelection (by only less than 2% over Romney of Republican) with the new slogan “Forward” and swaggering that Americans have decided and that he will be cutting tax from wealthy Americans to give the poor instead of proving how he will create more jobs to empower the middle class. And this is the kind of song that is easily bought by an impoverished electorate whose impoverishment is directly related to the politicians’ inability to steer the state ship in the right direction.

And at the same time it has been noted that the American congress is the costliest in the world. Why is it not easier for the executive and congress to start by reducing their pay pack and allowances, by 50%, which has constantly been rising since the past two to three decades irrespective of the economic tumble? The only thing that remains constant is the wages and allowances of politicians. They take the option that will tend to punish anyone else except themselves in times of economic difficulties which they initiated, in the first place, by their selfish actions.

Politicians spend more time consciously politicking (with the lives of the electorates) than they ruminate over scientific approach to solving socio-political problems of their countries. Effectively, up to 40% of their term is spent on politicking and political campaigns, another 30% on their personal lives and only 30% is spent on the rest of government activities which is mostly characterized by awarding contracts that never get to a logical end through which they stash away national wealth.

Today, President Obama is strutting on how he will veto the tax-cut policy if the congress fails to play ball to avoid what they have dubbed “fiscal cliff”, whatever that means. Politicians all over the world are fund of messing up the economies of their nations and when they do, they come up with some amazingly senseless phrases.

The question that comes to mind when President Obama swears to go ahead and implement tax cut from the wealthy class is, did they become wealthy illegally and if yes, why not prosecute them instead of talking about cutting their wealth for a “fiscal cliff” which they did not originate? Who are in this wealthy class? Are they chieftains of industry? And if you cut their money just because they are wealthy, will there not be a backlash on jobs and will the tax cut be the final solution to the so called “fiscal cliff”?

But the point worth making is that if tax cut becomes arbitrary, the middle class and, in fact, everybody else will soon become a victim. Politicians do not have a scientific approach for resolving societal problems. And it is a fact that when politicians are on a final lap of their term, there is nothing they have to run for again. They will tend to put up a bubby trap before leaving office so that when their successors come in, the buck passing continues and the citizenry continues to suffer for it.

We saw similar thing when President Jonathan of Nigeria who told us how he went to school without shoes and bags (and the slogan of ”Breath of fresh air and transformation” with sub slogan of “GOODLUCK”) suddenly turned out to become a President who would use over 1 billion naira for only feeding annually and turns around to blame Nigeria’s backwardness and woes on amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates.

There is this notion that Nigeria runs the second most expensive National assembly with its 109 senators and 360 reps and myriad of aids and it is on record that Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of the Central Bank of Nigeria once alerted that the Nigerian national assembly takes a whopping 25% of Nigeria’s total national budget. Alhaji Maitama Sule – a onetime permanent representative to the UN – said that much (even though I do not see him much different from the rest) in The Punch of July 20th 2012 as reported by one Olusola Fabiyi.

Today, President Jonathan runs the highest number of ministers and aids than any other government before his, while he keeps threatening us with revolution and teasing us with an unfounded notion that he will become the best president at the end of his first term and at the same time signaling to us (in his recent media chat of 18th Nov. 2012) that one term of four years is not enough for any government to carry out any development that will be visible. What an absurdity? We have heard this over and over again and yet when a new person comes in, it rubbishes what his predecessor has done by restarting the whole process, all over, so as to create a room for the vicious looting and sharing of national wealth amongst its political cronies.

This is the same administration that has failed to shirk off corruption even with glaring evidence and chooses to punish Nigerians by removing what they call “subsidy”, a vague term that is being used to polish corruption. Is the wages and allowances of politicians fixed in heaven? Reasonable logic shows that a 50% cut in National Assemblies’ wages and allowances and that of the executive is even bigger and better savings than the indirect taxation on fuel being meted out on the populace in the name of “oil subsidy” removal. And 50% cut from their wages and allowances still leaves them with more than enough funds to leave their ostentatious lives.

We are seeing how President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt is gradually trying to become a 21st century dictator a few months after he backed a “revolution” that toppled Hosni Mubarak on the allegation of high handedness and corruption. Haba. What do these politicians take the rest of us for? This is a president who was alleged to have touched his private part while starring at Julia Gillard’s legs and breast. You now see the caliber of people who present themselves to electorates to be voted into high offices. I did a piece at the onset of the Arab spring era which I gave the caption “Egypt: A Revolution with yet no direction”.

In that piece, I had written thus: “A half backed revolution, from the forgoing, is worse than none. Even though most of the protesters at the Tahir square in Egypt have one concept in common and that is that the ship of the Egyptian state - as piloted by ousted captain Mubarak - is not headed in the right direction, none of them has an alternative direction. Or at least, no one amongst them was bold enough to handle the rudder and start the redirection that will take not less than 36 months to finally dismantle the vertices of dictator they are combating.”

Furthermore, I had in the aforementioned piece said that “… It is on this note that I am not comfortable when people insinuate that what is happening in Egypt now is a revolution. I call it mere protest. If it must be a revolution, Egyptians must insist that the army should go back to barracks while from among the protesters should a group of assembly be raised to oversee a general election that will usher in a democratic government that will not have the coloration and smell of Mubarak’s dictatorial establishment.

A thorough revolution, as we see from history and from definitions of it, comes not just to make a monarch or a dictator flee his country or abdicate his reign, but with strong and sustained radical socio-political quake that demolished the structures that had sustained the monarch or the dictator. The dictator should not be given the opportunity to flee his country but should be brought back to answer for every one penny fraudulently acquired and numerous human rights abuses during his reign.”

From all indications, one is not now certain if President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt has anything to offer. It has become another kangaroo case where he is arrogating extreme power to himself after supposedly being elected into office by Egyptians.

From Belusconi of Italy, Sakozi of France, Syrian Al Sad, and the states of Yemeni , North Korea , Greece, Namibia, Mali, CDR, Angola, Afghan, etc, the story is the same. Rulers live in affluence while citizenry scotch in abject poverty. The middle class has almost vanished in so many nations of the world.

The major difference between politicians of civilized world and that of under developed nations (particularly of African states) is in the style of wealth accumulation and storage. Whereas the politicians of developed nations are hamstrung by their laws on where they keep their loots or wealth acquired by virtue of their status, the developing nations’ politicians stash their wealth away in more “stable” economies of the developed worlds, thus creating capital flight out of their economies. The politicians of African nations look inferior to their counterparts in civilized worlds and above all, they behave as if their state is doomed to collapse.

The similarity is that both are treacherous, they both come out richer than they were; their nations come out poorer than they were.

You need to see where these politicians converge under all manner of names: g5, g8, g20, AU, UN, etc, in Viena Austria, New Zealand, Adis Ababa and every other most benign countries in the best of environment to discuss about issues ranging from energy, ecosystem, ecology, ozone layer depletion, world peace, terrorism, Middle East issues, etc. You would almost think they are in a fashion parade. Then thereafter they parade themselves before journalists and give communiqué. Several years down the line, the situations get worse and so you wonder what they actually go to discuss.

But if you reason that no discovery or invention has ever taken place in atmosphere of absolute comfort, you would understand why politicians and rulers – world over – may not be the best group to foster social engineering that will usher peace to mankind. Politicians and rulers, all over the world, get confused when they get to power and begin to enjoy absolutely unimaginable comfort. Thinkers and creative people who bring about situation that add value to humanity either do not come from rosy background or they debunk their cozy environment in search of knowledge and wisdom. They are not people who stuff their local and foreign accounts with wealth stolen from national treasuries of their countries. They do not leave their immediate environment when they search for solutions. They do not enter jet plane to fly across and around the world.

Some politicians of these days come from a much decadent background to become super rich without any tangible effort other than feasting on state treasury. Most are usually offspring of past corrupt rulers who brought their countries to the nasty and messy situation such states are into. Most of them cannot run companies successfully and they make life uncomfortable for entrepreneurs who venture into politics.

They also asphyxiate entrepreneurs with heavy and double taxations with little or no infrastructural development that will encourage entrepreneurs. So what you get is a situation where these frustrated entrepreneurs employ the teaming youths for a very undeserving remuneration thus creating a very gullible and focus less and less patriotic youth population. These youths become vulnerable to manipulation by the same politicians who use them for all manner of nefarious activities in their bid to grab power at all cost. The state keeps suffering while these uncharitable politicians blossom shamelessly.

The first step in reversing this trend, of organized state collapse caused by politicians, is to make leadership less and less comfortable and attractive. People who aspire to lead should denounce or be made to denounce extra inducement. They should not be allowed to leave in separate places called government houses. They should be made to live as ordinary citizens while government functions should be carried out on exigency basis. They must be made to live with the populace and face the same conditions so that they will understand the realities of the people they claim to be serving. They must be banned from travelling oversee for medical treatment. Their families must be banned from schooling abroad.

The second step is for the electorate to realize that politicians are not doing them any favors. They should stop being helpless in their own land. They should rise to the occasion by voting out whoever chooses ostentatious live instead of using their country’s wealth to develop their State. The citizenry should evolve more nationalistic instinct and think more of the future of their countries than the prevailing quest to get rich quick even at the expense of national growth and sustainability.

The third option is to ban anybody who does not have a vocation from standing any elective position or even taking up any public appointment. Politics should not on itself become a vocation for anybody. You should be one of a University teacher, an entrepreneur, scientist, a mason, an accomplished lawyer, a medical expert, an accomplished engineer, etc before being eligible to hold public office. People who get elected should have gotten to the pick of their chosen vocation. Politics and politicking should be seen as pure service. People who get wealthier after engaging in public service should be sanctioned by the law.

Most of the people who parade themselves today as politicians (at least from Nigerian perspective) do not come from any definable vocation. Most of them do not have the capacity and any inkling of what is required to move an organized state forward because they do not understand what an organized state means to the citizenry in the first place. It is time social scientists got up to formulate what should be the minimum credential for one to answer a politician. At the moment, the only credential in Nigeria is if you are not good in anything but treachery.

Chris Onyishi ( reports from Enugu, Nigeria.

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 [ Masterweb Reports ] – “Leadership requires honesty, principle, integrity, being visionary and commitment to a cause. In developing world and every modern society, these are qualities that are used to measure persons who aspire to lead or occupy positions of Public Trust. Unfortunately, some events that polluted our ugly past drove honest people away from the nation’s Political arena. Anioma land like many Nigeria communities had her share of this dislocation; and still parades individuals who see public service as opportunity for self-enrichment rather than a fiduciary responsibility solely in the interest of the people with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to all. These individuals who lack the essential qualities of good leaders are the ones impeding the progress and development of their communities and Nigeria. I must tender my candid apology to earnest few in this group as I do not intend to paint all personages in public service as dishonest and deficient in good leadership skills.” -Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili
“If we fail in our duty to say the fact because our kinsmen are involved, we are preparing the ground for the destruction of the Country...” …Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Leadership requires honesty, principle, integrity, being visionary and commitment to a cause. In developing world and every modern society, these are qualities that are used to measure persons who aspire to lead or occupy positions of Public Trust. Unfortunately, some events that polluted our ugly past drove honest people away from the nation’s Political arena. Anioma land like many Nigeria communities had her share of this dislocation; and still parades individuals who see public service as opportunity for self-enrichment rather than a fiduciary responsibility solely in the interest of the people with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to all. These individuals who lack the essential qualities of good leaders are the ones impeding the progress and development of their communities and Nigeria. I must tender my candid apology to earnest few in this group as I do not intend to paint all personages in public service as dishonest and deficient in good leadership skills.

I would like to state here that I am not a leader. I do not and have not practically aspired to lead any group. And quite frankly, I am not interested in doing that at all. However, I do have good followership skills and I have observed that millions of Anioma people share this same attribute. They know good leaders and are easily able to identify one. However, I do not know many communities in the world where persons who have put their personal interests above the collective good of their communities would hope or aspire to be rewarded with higher responsibilities or offices. This ugly scenario is currently playing out in Anioma. A few Anioma representatives who have no inkling of what public service is about are unashamedly flaunting their incompetence and hypocrisy that are so visible to the same people they have grossly short-changed.

According to our forefathers: “Experience is what you gain from your own actions; wisdom is what you gain from the experience of others”. Anioma people have seen how they have been badly represented over a decade by those falling over themselves, and spinning to be rewarded with higher offices. Anioma and Delta have learned wisdom from the experiences of states in the South-West Nigeria; they have seen developments and innovations in education and governance in South- South States of Edo, and Rivers States. They have observed active young men and women of their generation threw away corrupt selfish leaders in the Middle East and Arab nations. And just recently in the Unites States of America Presidential election, they saw how ordinary men and women can achieve extra-ordinary feats when common folks trump big money and hypocrisy for personal integrity and individual liberty.

The greatest risk to actualizing cohesion and rapid development in Anioma is Anioma Politicians. Sounds simple, yet it remains an area Anioma elders are unwilling to tackle. Except for Dr. Ibe Kachukwu, who has been laboring at the grass root and assiduously communicating the purpose of governance and public service to Anioma politicians, other Anioma elites are showing little concern about rots in their home state. On the other hand, Anioma elders at home rather than speaking out against the greed that has overcome their lands have joined the “lootocrats”. Jostling for the kill and personal gains, they have formed long queues behind various gladiators who are seeking to run as Governors come 2015.

There is a great need to reminisce on the circumstances that produced those who presently occupy Anioma slots in public service and leadership positions. It is important that we evaluate whether they have represented core Anioma values and interests, or whether in their duties and official capacities they have promoted their personal interests above public interest.

An unbiased appraisal of their stewardship for its benefit to the people shows abysmally poor performances that would keep generations to come wondering how we ended up with a gang of rapacious bandits and rogues masquerading as leaders. But if we must reclaim the future for our kids, we as individuals must determine the type of leadership we need. And the first logical step towards this goal is by dispatching, retiring and consigning these political jobbers to the sad part of Delta/ Anioma history and sordid past.

The sacred red soil of Anioma land and the spirits of those who were murdered in cold blood in order to foist rogue leadership on Anioma people cry for justice every day. Therefore, if there are no doubts in our minds that present Anioma community leaders in partnership with the appointed and elected representatives have not performed in the greater interest of all (and evidences abound everywhere for the blind to see); It would be most disingenuous for Anioma people to reward any of these folks with a higher office. Not after they have raped our sacred land by plundering our common wealth.

These individuals who have connived with strangers to disenfranchise Anioma communities, and benefited through contract awards and political appointments; and who subsequently have enriched themselves at the expense of Anioma people, do not merit any support for a higher office on behalf of Anioma nation. Anioma culture and values do not reward bad behaviors and the noble men and women of Anioma land will resist any call to support these bad eggs amongst them or whoever had misrepresented them in the past or present for any future appointments or elections. They must be resisted no matter the amount of money they may throw around, and in defiance of powers behind them, or the height and prominence of the position they occupy.

Anioma people worldwide are ready, alert and eagerly yearning for a leadership that will articulate a clear vision for Anioma nation. Without this vision it would be impossible to face the future as one people in the emerging Nigeria nation of six geopolitical zones. Anioma needs unpretentious leadership that would rally all the different interests and accommodate opposing views by building coalitions for common good of the people. They can no longer afford to be represented by sons and daughters who have constantly betrayed public trust, or have had their fingers in shoddy dealings that have appearances of corruption or such acts, or have allegations proven or not hanging over their heads.

An informed and articulate generation of Anioma young men and women has emerged and anxiously waiting for Anioma elders to close their ranks and make the judgment call on whether these folks are the best Anioma can provide Delta State, whether they are credible enough to continue to represent Anioma; or whether Anioma should look outside for credible leaders.

Anioma people are not oblivious of the fact that a good chunk of these elders they so expect to make the judgment call have soiled their hands in dinners with these rogue leaders. The people are aware of some elders in competing Anioma groups and whose source of funding are from Anioma rogues politicians.

Anioma youths do not ask that they return their loots but will sound a note of warning that those who connive with gangsters to loot of their commonwealth will go down with their patrons on the day of reckoning. They must look them in their eyes and tell them that the age of transparency is here and that it will be no longer business as usual. And that there will be no hiding place after they have been defeated because, they must account for their deeds while in office. The days of reckoning will come and just like their past bodies, justice must take its full course… it is fast approaching.

In our time, we have seen how the most peaceful communities suddenly turn violent overnight. Therefore, those who take the docility of Anioma people for granted should not be surprise to wake up one morning to discover that the peace they so much took for granted was no longer guaranteed. Anioma nation has host of respectable men and women better than the present opportunists who parade themselves as leaders. Honorable and respectable men can be found everywhere in Anioma land. Great and selfless Anioma personalities abound from the valleys of Ukwu Nzu in Aniocha North Local Government Area, across the bank of Ologodo River in Ika Kingdom; and through the hills of Ogwume in Ndokwa West.

Decent and honorable personalities with exceptional characters can be found in every nine local Government Areas of Delta North Senatorial District (DNST). It is therefore illogical to expect that Anioma people would continue to look up to the usurpers who have done little or nothing to improve their lot of millions of unemployed Anioma graduates roaming the streets; who are doing nothing to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of sick elders and seniors without social safety nets; and who are selfishly carting away their resources when thousands of primary school pupils study on cold grounds and under leaking roofs, and dilapidated schools buildings. The time to call a conference of Anioma Associations and community Development Unions to sit down and design a blue print and way forward for Anioma people has come. Anioma youths have long lost confidence in present leadership tussle among our elders on one hand, and the political opportunist on the other. There is a gaping vacuum for visionary leadership yearning to be filled in this land of revolutionaries. We cannot exhume Reverend Nwadie Martins or Sir Dennis Osadebay from their graves to come fill this vacuum. Good men and women must take up their mantle to rally Anioma people to rebrand public service and politics as social works with power as against the present Chop-I-Chop mentality.

The deprivation, disenfranchisement and level of poverty visited upon Anioma land by successive administrations in connivance with Anioma swashbucklers have got to an unimaginable level. If the people do not show their anger, this wickedness will note abate. Anioma sons and daughters home and abroad have EQUAL stakes in the project of protecting their commonwealth and projecting individual freedom, self-expression and dignity for all. Therefore, everyone must join hands to reclaim the mandate for credible Anioma representation or Anioma leadership will remain in the hands of second-rates for a long time.

And if our elders do not see the hand writing on the wall, or are looking the other way because they are overwhelmed by the rots in the system; Anioma youths must gear up, summon courage and employ the power of social media to mobilize for new leadership. Now the tools are available. It will be productive to seize the opportunity of the technology of social media communications to advocate for good governance.

Now is time to start some soul searching. It is also time for praise singers to advise their masters to reconsider their warped values; and respect the unique qualities of principle, honesty, ethics, integrity and visionary leadership for which our forefathers and post- independence leaders were known. Now is the time to demonstrate that Anioma people still hold and respect these values. And there is no better way to demonstrate this in a democracy than using mobilization and voting through the ballot to retire and confine to history, the present rogues who have misrepresented Aniomas as fraudulent people before our nation and other nations of the world.

History does not record anywhere that progress comes by electing into highest office incompetent characters or hawkish and egocentric persons who have exhibited total disregard for collective interest and people’s welfare. In the words of our forefathers” when a moth wears the appearance of a wasp, we infer that the imitation is intended to deceive insectivorous animals which prosecute the moth but avoid the wasp” and that “Ebu gba nwata ofu nzizi okpi, ogba oso.”

Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili ( ) reports.

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 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Though General Obasanjo is part of our problems as a nation, he has a distinct character of commenting bluntly on issues. This was the case when the former president warned of an imminent revolution in Nigeria, if the business of governance continues as usual. He expressed fears that "Nigeria will witness a revolution soon unless government takes urgent steps to check the growing youth unemployment and poverty.
There is no doubt, that we the Nigerian youth have no confidence in the present crop of rulers in Nigeria. We are under no illusion, that they do not have our interest at heart. We are positive, that if nothing drastic is done we will continue to suffer and wallow in poverty while they continue to indulge themselves and their families at our expense.

Indications and signs pointing to the failure of the rulers of Nigeria are abound. One needs no soothsayers to know that all is not well, if a country as rich as Nigeria has a 72 percent youth unemployment rate.

A Nigerian graduate begins to sense a bleak future ahead while serving the compulsory and irrelevant one year national youth service corps scheme. It is then that he/she will go for months without receiving his/her monthly allowance and without any explanation. I know many corp members that had to rely on the goodwill of their host communities to feed themselves because of the inability of those concerned, to ensure that they receive their allowance as at when due.

Graduation in Nigeria has seized to have it required significance, as far as finding a means of livelihood is concerned. Because its only those considered extremely lucky that find jobs with their qualifications within 2 to 3 years after graduation. Some unfortunate one's who were unlucky not to have learnt a trade, go for as long as 10 years without jobs. All these problems regarding job search surprisingly affects the masses only, for the children of the ruling class and their cronies change jobs at will the moment an opening becomes available. Its only after they have sorted out the best and more promising jobs, that the crumbs are then left for the masses to occupy.

The other section of Nigerian youths whom have chosen to learn a trade to better themselves rather than acquiring a certificate that doesn't guarantee a daily bread, also face challenges and artificial obstacles created by years of corruption and gross selfishness of nigerian rulers. From Nigeria's return to democracy in 1999 to date, Nigeria has had more than 500 youth empowerment programmes created between the federal, states and local governments that have so far yielded no positive results. As a matter of fact, we the Nigerian youths see those empowerment schemes as avenues for local politicians And their cronies to corner the remaining crumbs being passed down from the top in the name of the destitute Nigerian youths. Anyone conversant with the process involved in the shady empowerment programmes knows that, the list of beneficiaries are usually filled with ghost names created by local organisers at the expense of the hard-working Nigerian youths.

These series of challenges and dashed hopes, turned a large amount of Nigerian youths into Okada riders. This trade was at one time the highest employer of Nigeria's teeming youths. To further demonstrate their lack of sympathy for the plight of the unemployed, some state governments have now banned the Okada trade without offering any tangible alternative to thousands of the grounded Okada riders.

This and other anti youth policies too numerous to mention has demonstrated the government's lack of genuine interest in the welfare and progress of the Nigerian youths. The fuel subsidy removal protests held all over the country early this year should have served as an eye opener to the government. They should have listened to the voices of the youths that braved intimidation, cold and sunshine to protest a policy we consider anti people. They instead connived with some so called labour leaders to feed us lies and deception. They came up with a bogus SURE programme that they know is not feasible considering their greed and selfishness. Those who disregarded Obasanjo's warning are indeed too blind to see, they are too deaf to hear and too dumb to understand the echoes of revolution in the making.

Revolt we shall if things continue the way they are, because we are fed up and tired of unfulfilled promises year after year while our rulers and their cronies feed fat at our expense. Nigeria is our country too, so we deserve to benefit from its riches as everyone else. We are not asking for handouts, nigerian youths are hard-working and industrious. All we need are opportunities and a corrupt free nation to excel.

Amiru Adamu, Publisher of Northern Wind Magazine reports.

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 [ Masterweb Reports ] – The Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Oye, Ekiti State, Ven. Prof. Chinedu Osita Nebo, OON, NPOM, has said that for Nigeria to achieve vision 2020 it entails personal transformation in all the citizens.

He posited this recently at the University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN) at the memorial Anniversary Lecture of RT. Honourable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, GCFR, PC,The Owelle of Onitsha while presenting a lecture on “ Transformational Leadership and the Quest for the National Transformation.”

He decried the current state of insecurity, moral decadence and poverty amongst others in the country which according to him is our “National Dilemma”.

According to him, he said there would be no transformation in Nigeria until the individuals are transformed.

He said, “ Nigeria is under a siege that holds us hostage and until we kill pleasures and look inwardly, national transformation would remain a mirage.

“ we must transform our mindset in order to bring transformation in this nation.”

Furthermore, Nebo added that Nigeria needs servant leaders like Nnamdi Azikiwe who would stand firm against all societal ills.

He said, “leadership is to lead right and to live right. The leaders of Nigeria should learn from Azikiwe and not just keep loathing public funds.

He said leaders must be competent and altruistic, incorruptible, passionate about vision, responsive to staff needs and must enlighten the public and make them see that they are owners of the government.

He said, Nigeria is a failed nation because of the system practiced and that transformation can only come if leaders are accountable to the people.

He therefore enjoined the leaders to be servant leaders while giving his A-Z of Transformational Principles and to use their position to transform this nation just like Azikiwe did and not using their positions as an avenue to enrich themselves through negative ways.

Also speaking at the occasion, The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Prof. Onwuliri, said Nigeria can only be transformed if every Nigerian contribute in their own little way where ever they find themselves and not just blame government officials.

Other eminent Nigerians who graced the occasion were Chief Dr. Alex Ekwueme, GCON, Former Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.R.H. Alfred Nnnaemeka Achebe, MFR, CON. Obi of Onitsha, Prof Mrs.Uche Azikiwe, Professor Bartho Okolo, The RT. Rev. A.E. Agbo(JP), Bishop of Nsukka Diocese amongst others.

Victor Igiri reports.
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