Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – “Leadership requires honesty, principle, integrity, being visionary and commitment to a cause. In developing world and every modern society, these are qualities that are used to measure persons who aspire to lead or occupy positions of Public Trust. Unfortunately, some events that polluted our ugly past drove honest people away from the nation’s Political arena. Anioma land like many Nigeria communities had her share of this dislocation; and still parades individuals who see public service as opportunity for self-enrichment rather than a fiduciary responsibility solely in the interest of the people with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to all. These individuals who lack the essential qualities of good leaders are the ones impeding the progress and development of their communities and Nigeria. I must tender my candid apology to earnest few in this group as I do not intend to paint all personages in public service as dishonest and deficient in good leadership skills.” -Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili
“If we fail in our duty to say the fact because our kinsmen are involved, we are preparing the ground for the destruction of the Country...” …Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Leadership requires honesty, principle, integrity, being visionary and commitment to a cause. In developing world and every modern society, these are qualities that are used to measure persons who aspire to lead or occupy positions of Public Trust. Unfortunately, some events that polluted our ugly past drove honest people away from the nation’s Political arena. Anioma land like many Nigeria communities had her share of this dislocation; and still parades individuals who see public service as opportunity for self-enrichment rather than a fiduciary responsibility solely in the interest of the people with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to all. These individuals who lack the essential qualities of good leaders are the ones impeding the progress and development of their communities and Nigeria. I must tender my candid apology to earnest few in this group as I do not intend to paint all personages in public service as dishonest and deficient in good leadership skills.

I would like to state here that I am not a leader. I do not and have not practically aspired to lead any group. And quite frankly, I am not interested in doing that at all. However, I do have good followership skills and I have observed that millions of Anioma people share this same attribute. They know good leaders and are easily able to identify one. However, I do not know many communities in the world where persons who have put their personal interests above the collective good of their communities would hope or aspire to be rewarded with higher responsibilities or offices. This ugly scenario is currently playing out in Anioma. A few Anioma representatives who have no inkling of what public service is about are unashamedly flaunting their incompetence and hypocrisy that are so visible to the same people they have grossly short-changed.

According to our forefathers: “Experience is what you gain from your own actions; wisdom is what you gain from the experience of others”. Anioma people have seen how they have been badly represented over a decade by those falling over themselves, and spinning to be rewarded with higher offices. Anioma and Delta have learned wisdom from the experiences of states in the South-West Nigeria; they have seen developments and innovations in education and governance in South- South States of Edo, and Rivers States. They have observed active young men and women of their generation threw away corrupt selfish leaders in the Middle East and Arab nations. And just recently in the Unites States of America Presidential election, they saw how ordinary men and women can achieve extra-ordinary feats when common folks trump big money and hypocrisy for personal integrity and individual liberty.

The greatest risk to actualizing cohesion and rapid development in Anioma is Anioma Politicians. Sounds simple, yet it remains an area Anioma elders are unwilling to tackle. Except for Dr. Ibe Kachukwu, who has been laboring at the grass root and assiduously communicating the purpose of governance and public service to Anioma politicians, other Anioma elites are showing little concern about rots in their home state. On the other hand, Anioma elders at home rather than speaking out against the greed that has overcome their lands have joined the “lootocrats”. Jostling for the kill and personal gains, they have formed long queues behind various gladiators who are seeking to run as Governors come 2015.

There is a great need to reminisce on the circumstances that produced those who presently occupy Anioma slots in public service and leadership positions. It is important that we evaluate whether they have represented core Anioma values and interests, or whether in their duties and official capacities they have promoted their personal interests above public interest.

An unbiased appraisal of their stewardship for its benefit to the people shows abysmally poor performances that would keep generations to come wondering how we ended up with a gang of rapacious bandits and rogues masquerading as leaders. But if we must reclaim the future for our kids, we as individuals must determine the type of leadership we need. And the first logical step towards this goal is by dispatching, retiring and consigning these political jobbers to the sad part of Delta/ Anioma history and sordid past.

The sacred red soil of Anioma land and the spirits of those who were murdered in cold blood in order to foist rogue leadership on Anioma people cry for justice every day. Therefore, if there are no doubts in our minds that present Anioma community leaders in partnership with the appointed and elected representatives have not performed in the greater interest of all (and evidences abound everywhere for the blind to see); It would be most disingenuous for Anioma people to reward any of these folks with a higher office. Not after they have raped our sacred land by plundering our common wealth.

These individuals who have connived with strangers to disenfranchise Anioma communities, and benefited through contract awards and political appointments; and who subsequently have enriched themselves at the expense of Anioma people, do not merit any support for a higher office on behalf of Anioma nation. Anioma culture and values do not reward bad behaviors and the noble men and women of Anioma land will resist any call to support these bad eggs amongst them or whoever had misrepresented them in the past or present for any future appointments or elections. They must be resisted no matter the amount of money they may throw around, and in defiance of powers behind them, or the height and prominence of the position they occupy.

Anioma people worldwide are ready, alert and eagerly yearning for a leadership that will articulate a clear vision for Anioma nation. Without this vision it would be impossible to face the future as one people in the emerging Nigeria nation of six geopolitical zones. Anioma needs unpretentious leadership that would rally all the different interests and accommodate opposing views by building coalitions for common good of the people. They can no longer afford to be represented by sons and daughters who have constantly betrayed public trust, or have had their fingers in shoddy dealings that have appearances of corruption or such acts, or have allegations proven or not hanging over their heads.

An informed and articulate generation of Anioma young men and women has emerged and anxiously waiting for Anioma elders to close their ranks and make the judgment call on whether these folks are the best Anioma can provide Delta State, whether they are credible enough to continue to represent Anioma; or whether Anioma should look outside for credible leaders.

Anioma people are not oblivious of the fact that a good chunk of these elders they so expect to make the judgment call have soiled their hands in dinners with these rogue leaders. The people are aware of some elders in competing Anioma groups and whose source of funding are from Anioma rogues politicians.

Anioma youths do not ask that they return their loots but will sound a note of warning that those who connive with gangsters to loot of their commonwealth will go down with their patrons on the day of reckoning. They must look them in their eyes and tell them that the age of transparency is here and that it will be no longer business as usual. And that there will be no hiding place after they have been defeated because, they must account for their deeds while in office. The days of reckoning will come and just like their past bodies, justice must take its full course… it is fast approaching.

In our time, we have seen how the most peaceful communities suddenly turn violent overnight. Therefore, those who take the docility of Anioma people for granted should not be surprise to wake up one morning to discover that the peace they so much took for granted was no longer guaranteed. Anioma nation has host of respectable men and women better than the present opportunists who parade themselves as leaders. Honorable and respectable men can be found everywhere in Anioma land. Great and selfless Anioma personalities abound from the valleys of Ukwu Nzu in Aniocha North Local Government Area, across the bank of Ologodo River in Ika Kingdom; and through the hills of Ogwume in Ndokwa West.

Decent and honorable personalities with exceptional characters can be found in every nine local Government Areas of Delta North Senatorial District (DNST). It is therefore illogical to expect that Anioma people would continue to look up to the usurpers who have done little or nothing to improve their lot of millions of unemployed Anioma graduates roaming the streets; who are doing nothing to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of sick elders and seniors without social safety nets; and who are selfishly carting away their resources when thousands of primary school pupils study on cold grounds and under leaking roofs, and dilapidated schools buildings. The time to call a conference of Anioma Associations and community Development Unions to sit down and design a blue print and way forward for Anioma people has come. Anioma youths have long lost confidence in present leadership tussle among our elders on one hand, and the political opportunist on the other. There is a gaping vacuum for visionary leadership yearning to be filled in this land of revolutionaries. We cannot exhume Reverend Nwadie Martins or Sir Dennis Osadebay from their graves to come fill this vacuum. Good men and women must take up their mantle to rally Anioma people to rebrand public service and politics as social works with power as against the present Chop-I-Chop mentality.

The deprivation, disenfranchisement and level of poverty visited upon Anioma land by successive administrations in connivance with Anioma swashbucklers have got to an unimaginable level. If the people do not show their anger, this wickedness will note abate. Anioma sons and daughters home and abroad have EQUAL stakes in the project of protecting their commonwealth and projecting individual freedom, self-expression and dignity for all. Therefore, everyone must join hands to reclaim the mandate for credible Anioma representation or Anioma leadership will remain in the hands of second-rates for a long time.

And if our elders do not see the hand writing on the wall, or are looking the other way because they are overwhelmed by the rots in the system; Anioma youths must gear up, summon courage and employ the power of social media to mobilize for new leadership. Now the tools are available. It will be productive to seize the opportunity of the technology of social media communications to advocate for good governance.

Now is time to start some soul searching. It is also time for praise singers to advise their masters to reconsider their warped values; and respect the unique qualities of principle, honesty, ethics, integrity and visionary leadership for which our forefathers and post- independence leaders were known. Now is the time to demonstrate that Anioma people still hold and respect these values. And there is no better way to demonstrate this in a democracy than using mobilization and voting through the ballot to retire and confine to history, the present rogues who have misrepresented Aniomas as fraudulent people before our nation and other nations of the world.

History does not record anywhere that progress comes by electing into highest office incompetent characters or hawkish and egocentric persons who have exhibited total disregard for collective interest and people’s welfare. In the words of our forefathers” when a moth wears the appearance of a wasp, we infer that the imitation is intended to deceive insectivorous animals which prosecute the moth but avoid the wasp” and that “Ebu gba nwata ofu nzizi okpi, ogba oso.”

Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing Anioma

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Though General Obasanjo is part of our problems as a nation, he has a distinct character of commenting bluntly on issues. This was the case when the former president warned of an imminent revolution in Nigeria, if the business of governance continues as usual. He expressed fears that "Nigeria will witness a revolution soon unless government takes urgent steps to check the growing youth unemployment and poverty.
There is no doubt, that we the Nigerian youth have no confidence in the present crop of rulers in Nigeria. We are under no illusion, that they do not have our interest at heart. We are positive, that if nothing drastic is done we will continue to suffer and wallow in poverty while they continue to indulge themselves and their families at our expense.

Indications and signs pointing to the failure of the rulers of Nigeria are abound. One needs no soothsayers to know that all is not well, if a country as rich as Nigeria has a 72 percent youth unemployment rate.

A Nigerian graduate begins to sense a bleak future ahead while serving the compulsory and irrelevant one year national youth service corps scheme. It is then that he/she will go for months without receiving his/her monthly allowance and without any explanation. I know many corp members that had to rely on the goodwill of their host communities to feed themselves because of the inability of those concerned, to ensure that they receive their allowance as at when due.

Graduation in Nigeria has seized to have it required significance, as far as finding a means of livelihood is concerned. Because its only those considered extremely lucky that find jobs with their qualifications within 2 to 3 years after graduation. Some unfortunate one's who were unlucky not to have learnt a trade, go for as long as 10 years without jobs. All these problems regarding job search surprisingly affects the masses only, for the children of the ruling class and their cronies change jobs at will the moment an opening becomes available. Its only after they have sorted out the best and more promising jobs, that the crumbs are then left for the masses to occupy.

The other section of Nigerian youths whom have chosen to learn a trade to better themselves rather than acquiring a certificate that doesn't guarantee a daily bread, also face challenges and artificial obstacles created by years of corruption and gross selfishness of nigerian rulers. From Nigeria's return to democracy in 1999 to date, Nigeria has had more than 500 youth empowerment programmes created between the federal, states and local governments that have so far yielded no positive results. As a matter of fact, we the Nigerian youths see those empowerment schemes as avenues for local politicians And their cronies to corner the remaining crumbs being passed down from the top in the name of the destitute Nigerian youths. Anyone conversant with the process involved in the shady empowerment programmes knows that, the list of beneficiaries are usually filled with ghost names created by local organisers at the expense of the hard-working Nigerian youths.

These series of challenges and dashed hopes, turned a large amount of Nigerian youths into Okada riders. This trade was at one time the highest employer of Nigeria's teeming youths. To further demonstrate their lack of sympathy for the plight of the unemployed, some state governments have now banned the Okada trade without offering any tangible alternative to thousands of the grounded Okada riders.

This and other anti youth policies too numerous to mention has demonstrated the government's lack of genuine interest in the welfare and progress of the Nigerian youths. The fuel subsidy removal protests held all over the country early this year should have served as an eye opener to the government. They should have listened to the voices of the youths that braved intimidation, cold and sunshine to protest a policy we consider anti people. They instead connived with some so called labour leaders to feed us lies and deception. They came up with a bogus SURE programme that they know is not feasible considering their greed and selfishness. Those who disregarded Obasanjo's warning are indeed too blind to see, they are too deaf to hear and too dumb to understand the echoes of revolution in the making.

Revolt we shall if things continue the way they are, because we are fed up and tired of unfulfilled promises year after year while our rulers and their cronies feed fat at our expense. Nigeria is our country too, so we deserve to benefit from its riches as everyone else. We are not asking for handouts, nigerian youths are hard-working and industrious. All we need are opportunities and a corrupt free nation to excel.

Amiru Adamu, Publisher of Northern Wind Magazine reports.

*Photo Caption - National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members at a parade

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – The Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Oye, Ekiti State, Ven. Prof. Chinedu Osita Nebo, OON, NPOM, has said that for Nigeria to achieve vision 2020 it entails personal transformation in all the citizens.

He posited this recently at the University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN) at the memorial Anniversary Lecture of RT. Honourable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, GCFR, PC,The Owelle of Onitsha while presenting a lecture on “ Transformational Leadership and the Quest for the National Transformation.”

He decried the current state of insecurity, moral decadence and poverty amongst others in the country which according to him is our “National Dilemma”.

According to him, he said there would be no transformation in Nigeria until the individuals are transformed.

He said, “ Nigeria is under a siege that holds us hostage and until we kill pleasures and look inwardly, national transformation would remain a mirage.

“ we must transform our mindset in order to bring transformation in this nation.”

Furthermore, Nebo added that Nigeria needs servant leaders like Nnamdi Azikiwe who would stand firm against all societal ills.

He said, “leadership is to lead right and to live right. The leaders of Nigeria should learn from Azikiwe and not just keep loathing public funds.

He said leaders must be competent and altruistic, incorruptible, passionate about vision, responsive to staff needs and must enlighten the public and make them see that they are owners of the government.

He said, Nigeria is a failed nation because of the system practiced and that transformation can only come if leaders are accountable to the people.

He therefore enjoined the leaders to be servant leaders while giving his A-Z of Transformational Principles and to use their position to transform this nation just like Azikiwe did and not using their positions as an avenue to enrich themselves through negative ways.

Also speaking at the occasion, The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Prof. Onwuliri, said Nigeria can only be transformed if every Nigerian contribute in their own little way where ever they find themselves and not just blame government officials.

Other eminent Nigerians who graced the occasion were Chief Dr. Alex Ekwueme, GCON, Former Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.R.H. Alfred Nnnaemeka Achebe, MFR, CON. Obi of Onitsha, Prof Mrs.Uche Azikiwe, Professor Bartho Okolo, The RT. Rev. A.E. Agbo(JP), Bishop of Nsukka Diocese amongst others.

Victor Igiri reports.
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"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but not one of my words will be left unfulfilled." The word of God, as the ultimate illuminant, reveals Truth in its perfection. It reveals man and his weaknesses and insufficiency; then it reveals the old serpent and all his ways. Above all, it reveals the stand of God, the father and creator of all, in and regarding all things. It's the mind, passion, and desire of God that all men know Him in Spirit and in Truth, for then, He stands assured that man has been given all he needs to stand shoulder above all the whiles of the devil. But, wait! That very God of love has everything within Him to consume as with fire; this very God who's given all things freely to man keeps closest account like no other and is sure to demand from each of us what we have done with the grace He’s also freely given. Man must fear and honor God in the way he relates with his fellow...or ‘die!’ The days of divine accountability surely draw near and we must choose how to meet our maker: by the wings of the system of the world, or by the speed of His Spirit.

For us, Christians, the lives of those men and women of God who handed us their acts and the results of their faith through the Holy Bible are enough revelations to all that we are the generation St. Paul warned Brother Timothy against. And with the speed at which the word of God fulfills itself in our days, man has little or no time left to decide, let alone sitting on the fence. For those "men of God" in Nigeria whose "guiding spirits" draw even closer to baseness and vanity - causing them to choose flying on the wings of this world (at the expense of God's truths) rather than incubating for that Chariot of witness which crowned prophet Elijah's ministry, I have these to say:

1. The days of Paul's advice to Timothy is come upon us.
2. The clock of final separation ticks even faster.
3. God is all-knowing and there will be no hiding place to say, "it was not my idea; it was that of my flock which loves me and gave it to me as a gift.".

Although Jesus knew who it was in Judas Iscariot, He did not stop from letting him control the purse of the Master's ministry nor did He send him away empty; everyone has something to take from the presence of that Chief-corner-Stone. Evidently, my dear Lord allowed Judas for many purposes, amongst which are these:

1. He wouldn't let the devil stop Him from sharing his love to mankind; He wouldn't let His mind and mission stray.
2. He already knew who would betray Him and He already knew it was he who loves money and the false-safety it offers. He knew Judas would be made to say "yes" to the many yes of the world, as long as he was paid. And, in order not to let his ministry of the stomach and of betrayal permeate other disciples; He had to let him become the Central Bank Governor. Some would have wondered why He didn’t reject his discipleship outright; the answer is that He does not reject anyone except he who has rejected Him.

And, as for the betrayer, we all know his eventual destiny. What more can the Spirit reveal through "little me" which He's not made known to them in whose hands lay the lives of God’s many great flock? Yet, it's only to whosoever that has ear that the hearing will come.

Abraham left his father's house because the Lord bid him come; Jacob persevered for yet another 7 years in the house of his crooked uncle, Laban, because he knew his God and the promises He's made; Joseph rejected the enticing spirit of betrayal and death personified in Potiphar’s wife, because he had a better promise in keeping to the precepts handed to him by his father; Moses, on realizing himself, became aware that true wealth lies in the salvation of his people, God’s people, and he sold himself to that cause. What more can we say? Prophet Elijah became as a vagabond as he diligently followed the voice of his master...and he was rewarded with a far greater glory: he was taken to heaven, far beyond the horizon of man's telescope, let alone the transcending ability of speed-jets. Elisha was so fired-up, even deep down in his marrow that, when he died, even his bones still contained the fire of his spirit's presence. It was that same presence, revelation and consciousness which moved Brother Elijah (without any private jets) ahead of the weak Ahab and his chariot; that very Spirit moved Saint Philip suddenly away from the Ethiopian eunuch of great authority after he had revealed to him the scriptures and got him baptized. One thing we can boldly affirm of the Spirit of God is that He's equally able to be our flight as He is our peace. He's so able that it would be as lying against Him for any of His servants to claim that the sufficiency of God's kingdom lies in the help that the wisdom of this world can provide/substitute.

I longingly look up to that day when my spirit will catch enough fire and revelation so as to give that Sweet Spirit the room He deserves in me to be both my jet of this age and my chariot of fire. But, until then, one thing I should do is allowing God to reveal more of His love through me to those in Him, especially those whom He's entrusted to my care. But pushing them/suggesting to them by any body language to get me a jet while my flock gradually moves from lukewarm state to becoming "the devils of Christ" so as to keep up with the “ministerial pressure” of my mundane, baseless and vain preaching, these will keep my body, soul and spirit at the very limit where the jets of the rich of this world can go, and not farther. No! I seek that Chariot of fire! I look to experience that speed with which the angels come to our ministration. Those whose comfort and wealth in Zion have turned into “competing fathers” with the Father should always look at where they were hewn from because there's a limit to God's tolerance towards abominations in Zion. Let those who can still hear even the seeming “faint voice” of the Spirit stand and testify to His truths, even as He testifies before us before our father in heaven. Build the Church! Build your flock, for in building them are you expanding your share of glory which the Father will be much willing to crown you with on that day when you have learnt to depend on the speed of the Spirit rather than that of man.

Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports.

*Photo Caption - Bishop David Oyedepo in his private jet

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"Be fruitful and increase in number." These were the very words of Yahweh to man as recorded in the Holy book, the Bible. In every home where couples have waited for years but still could not have a child, even one child to their names, ridicule, shame, disappointment and many sorrows become the air around them: the man is ridiculed for seemingly not being "man enough” and his wife is often ashamed to walk in the market-square or even among her fellow married-women because, then, she'd become the topic of all gatherings and gossip. And even if people were scattered about the market or wherever she goes, her presence and passage would usually converge common disagreeing friends to a point where they could have a common interest as they try to figure out her “reasons for being barren." As for close friends, associates and relatives, disappointment dawns on them, not just because their loved ones who got married for years have not been blessed with the cry of a baby - even one baby; but also because as they look at the faces of these couples, they see a people who go about with pains which no man could heal - except God who spoke forth man. As for their parents, if they be still alive, sorrow of their children's childlessness suddenly makes them feel childless themselves. And so we have a close-society of ridiculed, ashamed, disappointed and sorrowful people. Oh! What blessing a child is! What joy we all feel when the blessed baby finally arrives! Thank you, Lord, for the grace of procreation. Nigeria, the blood is against you! The blood of my grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, in-laws, uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives happily, arrogantly and unrepentantly wasted in 30 steady months of shelling, butchering, murdering, torturing, dehumanization, humiliation, starvation and deprivation, speak against you to this date. What blindness could convince any otherwise?

The news going round for some time now, and even coming out from some northern political and religious notables, has been that the highhandedness of the Nigerian government under Olusegun Obasanjo, which led to the death of the leader of Boko Haram, Mohammed Yusuf, brought about the full-blown terrorist activities of the northern-Nigeria religious chauvinists against Ndigbo, Christians and the State. How highly a son is valued! Even if he were the most notorious in town, he'd still be "my beloved!" Hear me, all ye peoples! Boko Haram terrorist group, which has killed over 3000 people (65% of whom are arguably of the indigenous people of Biafra), according to the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika, has repeatedly been appeased financially, submitted to and, to a larger extent, adored by both the so-called “Nigerian government” and the political pillars of the northern Nigeria. The clear understanding here, then, is that the unlawful death of one man from the north of Nigeria brought about the brutal and unjust murder of over 3000 innocent Nigerians and the destruction of properties (of the State, companies, organizations, places of worship and of individuals) running into hundreds of billions of Naira. To cap this abomination of blatant and arrogant injustice from the Nigerian two-types-of-citizens government, enslaved by the "born-to-rules or destroy," hear The Northern Governors Forum (NSGF) on the murder of a northern ex General whose karma of his genocidal crimes sent home in pain, shame and anguish: " This is callous and one death “too many." Nigeria, the blood of your genocidal victims is against you and you will never prosper!

They easily waved it aside - the deaths - the gruesome murders committed against the sons and daughters of Ana-Igbo. They even thought it right, lawful and patriotic for us, Ndigbo, to have seemingly forgotten all about the deaths by starvation and bombs and rape and deprivation perpetrated against us by the abominable Gowon with his cabinet of murderers, some of whom ended up taking their own lives or being helped by the principle of euthanasia. Many of them who would evidently still exit via these means still wander about in the darkness of regrets and pride. What degradation! So, understanding this, one gets amazed, even amused at the look of wonder, surprise, confusion, and even ignorance on their guilty faces as they see the Spirit of Biafra stirring every single Biafran remnant to seek a redress. They, probably in their customary arrogant-foolishness, imagined that we, the Igbo, did not hopefully wait for the birth of each and every child they thoughtlessly snuffed life out from, nor did we celebrate their entrance into our homes. When they have succeeded in annihilation over three thousands of our "living," they went to their homes with loots and booties from the helpless innocents. But God is our help! Some even built places of worship with the blood of these innocents slain! They did these and still said: "God is for us, who can be against us?" Well, in the law of Jehovah whose son paid the final price for all with His Most-Precious blood, Nigeria and Nigerians, by happily killing the helpless, deprivedand unjustly treated Igbo children, in blatant and conscious opposition to Jesus' finished work which revealed Him as the Christ, the blood of these children remains against you. And in the slanted, unjust and lawless laws of the so-called "Federated Nigeria," if the northern leaders found justification for Boko Haram's killing of hundreds of my ‘brothers of blood and faith’ in retaliation for the death of one so-called "leader of a sect," and if both the Federal and State governments have continued to financially appease this very sect for the death of "one" man, then the unappeased blood of more than 3 million Igbo children murdered by the Nigerian government and by individuals who still move about all over Nigeria, holding several offices and bragging about how Nigeria owes them obeisance for these abominations done in her name, then the blood is against you. And this blood will reveal to Nigeria that there are only two types of blood that speak before God: that of Abel of vengeance and that of Jesus of Mercy and Salvation. To those who humble themselves and pray - confessing their sins, if they forsake them and turn to God and administer justice in the land, the blood of Jesus will stand in the gap, form a whole and heal every land so the peoples in them can genuinely prosper. But while men brag about not being their "brothers’ keepers," the blood of Abel will continue to speak against them. There remains only one remedy and one justice for Nigeria and the powers that hold unwilling people glued and spiraling towards a destructive destiny: A freed and Sovereign Republic of Biafra. Until then, the blood of vengeance and mercy will keep its stand against Nigeria and continue to speak against her until her remaining glory becomes her greatest burden and curse. Those who reject and oppose the chief corner-stone will forever live in offences and they will forever stumble. Yet Biafra IS and its sovereignty has come!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports.

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At last or at least it seems to appear, that balancing of the present geopolitical zones on basis of equity and fairness is one issue that Nigerians and their representatives at the National Assembly have come to agree.

A new Anioma State as the sixth State of South East geopolitical zone is being proposed and may well provide this master stroke. If it receives a favorable consideration, it is strongly being tossed as a Bride: “A Bride of Equity” that would bring to an end a history of imbalance and injustice, and provide the closure needed to foreclose the perception of marginalization.

“To be, or not to be: that is the question: 
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer 
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, 
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, 
And by opposing end them?”
…William Shakespeare.

The above Century old quote from William Shakespeare summarizes the predicament that Anioma People must confront as they approach the National Assembly Committee on the review of 1999 Constitution at Constituency level public hearing.

Anioma People without big players in Nigeria politics presently hold the ace that could provide this balancing act for the South-South and South East geopolitical zones. A new Anioma State with the right composition and location in the proper geopolitical zone will be the pride a nation of people and manifestation of the peoples’ ability to solve their problems by compromise and precision.

However, the dilemma is whether a People with the longest agitation for a state in the history of state creation will boggle this chance. As it stands today, if no consensus is reached on the communities that would constitute a new Anioma State, and its best geopolitical location; Anioma People may have to live with a self-inflicted injury in many years to come.

There are propositions that a new Anioma State that is partly different from what has long been pursued or historically proposed may emerge more viable. Reasons are that times have changed, and communities and social formations have evolved and are still evolving.

First there are more challenges and opportunities today than far back when Sir Dennis Osadebe and his folks first conceived the idea of a separate political jurisdiction to be known as Asaba Division in the old Western Region. This political jurisdiction with some modifications constitutes what is presently known as Anioma.

Anioma region and people have evolved from seeing themselves as or being classified as: Western Igbos, Midwestern Igbos, Bendel Igbos and Delta Igbos to seeing themselves simple as Anioma people. This new identity is supported by many factors the most potent being a new Anioma Nationalism fueled by social media communications.

To some people a little modification to the composition of communities that would constitute a new Anioma State or realignments both in terms of geographical composition and nomenclature may further promote and assure its future viability.

According to the above, a new viable Anioma state may be that which is created not only to provide succor to Anioma people’s historical demand for a state of their own, but that also takes into account the needs of its closest neighbors and the entire Nigeria nation.

This group advocates for a new Anioma State that is carved out from the present Delta State and that will provide a relief from the persistent tension between Anioma people and the Core Delta people in the present Delta State. This new Anioma will include the Igbankes and Egbedes presently in Edo State; the Ndoni people( Sir Peter Odili’s Community) that was originally part of Aboh Division but presently in Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local Government Area (LGA) Rivers State ; Onitasha people now presently in Anambra State but share historical and cultural links with other Onicha communities of Eze Chime Clan in Aniocha Local Government Area, in Anioma region of present Delta State; the Oguta people presently in Imo State but share historical root an culture with Aboh people.

To others, it is either an Anioma State as was conceived by our forefathers or nothing.

The pros and cons of these two positions must be fully communicated to Anioma people by each party making these propositions. In the coming state creation exercise Anioma people will resist to be left with the short end of the stick.

Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili reports.

Echiemeze Chizekene Ofili

*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing Anioma   

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - In Nigeria, it is prayer everywhere. The churches, mosques, shrines, forests, mountains, rivers, trees and every available space, have been turned to prayer centres and yet the most insensitive form of governance is hoisted on the nation. Armed robbery, ritual killings, kidnapping, rape and injustice abound everywhere. Poverty, sickness, despair, frustration and attendant mediocrity and negative tendencies are the results of all our prayers. Now, we have the newest addition, suicide bombing and reckless waste of human lives. A lot of people have asked the question: Where is God when all these things are happening?
Nigerians pray all manner of prayers, 70-day fasting, 70-day deliverance, 40-day sallat, Ramadan fast, pilgrimage to Jerusalem, pilgrimage to Mecca and other dedicated sites of worship, and yet you cannot entrust an adherent with your spouse for 24 hours. During Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime, marabouts were imported from Mali, Sierra-Leone and Senegal, when their Nigerian counterparts failed to kill the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO)chieftains with prayers. These professional prayer warriors couldn’t tell Abacha that Nigerians were tired of his dictatorship.

During Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency, a lot of prayer warriors in the Villa were allegedly busy impregnating NYSC members serving in the Villa in the guise of securing permanent employment for them while the tenure elongation crisis was on the verge of ruining the country. Obasanjo saw so much hypocrisy that he had to resort to a combination of Africanism and his faith to survive. Another group of prayer warriors have held President Goodluck Jonathan hostage in the Villa. They frighten him every time with gory prophesies, while they smile to the bank. Everywhere, people are praying. All these prayers are hypocritical prayers. The Bible says in 2 Chronicles, chapter 7, vs. 14, ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.’

The prerequisite for God to answer prayers and heal Nigeria is repentance. In the Bible, King David humbled himself when Prophet Nathan told him that he had sinned. He tore his clothes and wept for many days until God had compassion. His Nigerian counterpart will do the opposite. Our leaders travel to Jerusalem and Mecca and, in the midst of the solemn ceremonies, co-ordinate how the next round of looting of government treasury will be clinically executed, and then they go back to finish the ceremonies. Once the pilgrimage is over the Nigerian prayer warrior comes back to his church or mosque with the aura of answered prayers. Then the poverty-stricken congregation will hang around him to receive favours (after nights of fasting and days of sallat for God to touch his heart).

God must be seriously solicited to touch the heart of the looter of public funds or else his church or mosque members will not receive any crumbs from the loot. The impoverished parishioner or mosque member knows that he was one of the people who directly or indirectly put him in a state of poverty, insecurity, hopelessness and helplessness and, therefore, he equally begs God to give him the opportunity to partake of the looting of the national wealth, since the congregational leaders have not cared to query the thieving but important looter on the source of his wealth.

The prayer warrior in Nigerian church or mosque is a hypocrite. Let his pastor or imam sermonise against sin, corruption, greed, inhumanity to man and disrespect for the feelings of others and he will get offended and leave the congregation, withdrawing his much needed funds. However, call for prayer that all his enemies should die, including members of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and justices about to reverse stolen electoral mandates and you will see all sorts of acrobatics, gymnastics, incantations, invocations and madness all in the name of prayer.

There is no doubt that he that comes to equity must come with clean hands. A thousand noisemakers may be in a church but God hears only the 10 who have decided in their heart not to follow the crowd if given the opportunity. If the combined prayers of these 10 men cannot move God or ward off the impending evil, then calamity is visited on everybody. That is the problem the nation is having with Boko Haram and other conflicts plaguing the nation.

The dynamics of prayer is such that if your prayer is for personal or family matters, you could easily connect into the remote sites where the angels will attend to you on behalf of God. However, if your prayer were of general application, corporate in nature and of concern to the masses of people in your territory then other dynamics will apply. You must be sufficiently qualified before you can represent a state, region or nation in a prayer bouquet.

A hypocrite could pray personal prayers and God will still answer because he is stirring personal spiritual space; however, you must have enough locus standi before you stir a communal spiritual space in a prayer session. You must be potentially better than those you are praying against.

Let the Nigerian prayer warrior decide to live by the tenets of his faith which is: ‘do unto others as you wish others do unto you,’ and before you raise your voice louder (even in a bush or atop a tree) the Almighty God will answer and drive off those evil rulers who refuse to change for the better, out of our political space on their way to perdition.

Obinna Akukwe ( ) reports.

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Public Statement By Intersociety Nigeria: (Onitsha Nigeria, October 26, 2012)-The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law notes with gladdened heart the true reflection of the will of the great people of Ondo State in choosing their public officers democratically particularly the occupant of the office of their governor, who was democratically re-elected on 20th day of October 2012, having first been sworn in on 24th day of February 2009 after revalidation of his mandate by the Court of Appeal, Benin Division. The results of the October 20 Governorship Election, announced on Sunday, 21st were another credible match towards the institutionalization of the sanctity of the electoral ballot in Nigeria , which is in tandem with the immortal principle of-it is better to have 10.000 live votes than to have 10million dead votes. Unlike in Nigeria’s previous elections, particularly the pre-2011 elections where dead voters and votes held sway; the Ondo State election voters and votes were not robotically created. With 1.638,950 registered voters and 624,659 voted; out of which 594, 244 votes were valid and 30,415 invalid, the Ondo election is demographically and scientifically incontestable. It also passed the litmus test of common sense. The voters were also conscientiously fair in the choice of their candidates, especially their vote-distribution and electoral choice index reflected in the votes received by the three leading candidates-Mimiko, Oke and Akeredolu, who are now winners and losers.

By simple calculations, the 260,199 Ondo valid voters chose Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and his Labour Party as the most favoured and popular candidate and party in the State; the second most popular and favoured candidate and party went to Barr. Olusola Oke and his PDP with 155,961 valid votes, while the ACN; the Southwest (Oduduwa) regional party and its candidate, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN (former NBA boss) was chosen as the third most popular and favoured party and candidate in the State with 143,512 valid votes. By Local Government distribution, Labour Party and its winner was more popular in 13 LGAs, PDP and its candidate was more popular in 2 LGAs with runners up in others that made it to garner more votes than the ACN, while the ACN and its candidate was more popular in 3 LGAs. As a result of this, the people of Ondo State have spoken again in collective hallowed voice through their 594,244 valid representatives. They first spoke in April 2007, but the forces of evil and organized ballot criminals quenched their hallowed voice temporarily until in February 2009 when some mortal angels in the temple of justice returned their sacred mandate to its rightful owner, having been emboldened by Mr. Peter Obi of Anambra State and the State-based progressive democratic forces.

Lessons Learnt: One of the bitter lessons of organizing credible elections in Nigeria of late, such as the Ondo Election is the blatant refusal of the defeated politicians and their parties to accept defeat and use of some, if not many media establishments to discredit the credibility of such polls. Even when such media establishments are drafted to observe the elections and put their outcomes in black and white, the same media bodies go hell wire in discrediting the credibility of the said polls under the guise of hear the other sides and cash-and-carry journalism. Today, for reasons of parochial and material interests, defeated politicians, their parties and media collaborators have refused to adopt the natural and universal best parameters for determining credible polls and their results. It is correct to say that these malevolent political players never wish Nigeria and Nigerians to have credible elections and their results in their electoral industry.

The second bitter lesson is the trial of election cases on the pages of newspaper by lawyers hired by the defeated politicians and their parties. Court-room matters including election matters are like criminal investigations that strictly require confidentiality and authenticity to retain their substances. The raging Salami Scandal is a case in point. The undue uses of media by practicing lawyers make them the worst in litigation performance index. These lawyers are best described as 911 Lorry or Gwongworo lawyers. For instance, one of Nigeria’s new breed most creative and noiseless lawyers is Mr. Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN. He is hardly heard on the pages of newspaper in litigation matters, whether civil, criminal or electoral, yet he has turned out to be one of the Nigeria’s finest lawyers. On the other hand, the Nigeria’s most talkative lawyers are some, if not many of the Lagos-based SANs, who have also penetrated Abuja. Apart from getting fat briefs through media noise-making and litigating by media, their contributions towards the growth of law and rule of law in Nigeria are near-zero. They commit legal and professional blunders and turn them into objects for media and legal canonization. They function simultaneously as members of political parties, pro-democracy groups, civil rights groups and legal profession. The case of Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, who was the NBA boss during the Salami Scandal of 2009/2010 with alleged ACN links and the party’s governorship candidate in the just concluded Ondo governorship poll, is a typical example. Also, the case of Ayo Isa Salami, who was the Appeal Court boss then, accused of being the ACN sympathizer, is a second typical example. Through the antics and exploits of these Lagos lawyers, some, if not many of the Apex and Appellate decided cases in the country are not socially developmental in comparison with their counter-parts in Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and the Scandinavian countries. They dominate national discourse on socio-economic salvation yet they are the same accomplices who collude with Nigeria’s master economic criminals to return the country back to cave. Nigeria’s statutory laws and case-laws are steadily retrogressive courtesy of her rogue members of outer, inner and bench Bars (talkative lawyers).

The third good lesson is that in no distance future, indiscriminate filing of elections petition cases in electoral courts in Nigeria will fizzle out if the polls’ outcomes continue to reflect the true wishes of the Nigerian people. For instance, most of the 1,695 existing Federal and State electoral seats in the country were judicially unrevoked after the 2011 general elections. Unlike in the previous elections where petitions were filed in almost all of them, a reasonable number of the said seats were not judicially contested, while most of those contested were judicially affirmed particularly the 31 governorship seats. These were and still are hugely attributed to a slight departure recorded in the 2011 general polls, from the usual armada of frauds that characterize the Nigeria’s electoral industry especially the previous rogue voter-register. It is our total submission that the July14 and October 20 staggered governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States are an appreciable improvement in Professor Attahiru Jega’s Nigerian election midwifery. It is our firm hopes that billions of Nigeria’s tax payers’ money spent directly and indirectly during elections seasons in election petitions cases will be maximally reduced in no distance time if elections continue to be credible. Kudos to INEC over the Ondo credible poll!

Why Ondo Poll Is Beyond Judicial Revocation, Salami Magic & Media Noise-making: Unlike in Osun and Ekiti States’ governorship election disputes which were resolved through Salami Magic, the Ondo State election litigation, from all intents and purposes, is judicially irrevocable. It is also immune from the viruses of Salami Magic. Not even media noise-making can alter the sacred decision of the respected Ondo voters. Judiciary as the bastion of the commoners cannot taint the hallowed electoral decisions of the Ondo people no matter the amount of media noise-making and threat of litigation by the defeated sectional political players, who blatantly refused to accept defeat banking on judicial one-chance. Also, the possibility of Salami Magic replicating itself in the instant case has been done a fatal blow by many emerging factors. For instance, by Section 285(2) of the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended, the governorship election tribunal is created and the governorship election petition originates therein; by Section 246(3) of the same Constitution, first appeal from governorship election matter lies at the Appellate Court; and by Section 233(2)(e)(iv) , it ends or terminates at the Supreme or Apex Court. By the provisions of Section 285(5) (6) and (7), filing of the governorship election petition takes 21 days after the date of the declaration of the official results (i.e.22/10/2012); the matter is originally heard and determined within 180 days at the tribunal; re-examined and disposed of at the Appellate Court within 60 days; and affirmed or rejected at the Apex within 60 days. The foregoing provisions are subject to exceptional circumstances such as retrials at the original electoral tribunal as may be so ordered superiorly. In all, the entire governorship matter is to last for 10 months, from the tribunal to the Apex Court.

So even if Salami Magic still holds sway at the tribunal and the Appellate Court, it may not see the light of the day at the Apex Court, which is a mirror through which the country’s judiciary performance index is viewed by the outside world. To avoid the hallowed mandate freely given by the Ondo people being a victim of technical justice, we advise the winner of the sacred mandate to scout for and assemble sound, creative and noiseless lawyers both Silk and non-Silk so as to judicially prove the authenticity of the sacred mandate within the confines of preponderance of probabilities or credible pieces of evidence and retain same with a view to holding it in competent trust for the people of Ondo State in the next four years. The Ondo governorship election outcome is a critical moment of assessment and re-assessment for the losers especially the Action Congress of Nigeria in its zone of grip it came abysmally third despite its thirst and raging policy of politics of malevolent ethnicity and exclusion as well as candidates’ imposition and assemblage of election riggers in its fold. It is shocking and deafening that the party is relegated to the background as the third most preferred party after PDP; a party some have described as , a celebrated party of rioters and brigands. For ACN to have lost Ondo State poll after it lost Kwara and Kogi States as well as all its governorship elections’ litigations arising from the 2011 general poll, means that its sectional policy, among others require radical review. Judicially speaking, the party’s victory in Edo State in 2008 is still worth celebrating, but its victories Osun and Ekiti States in 2010 are still seen by many as a coup using the hallowed temple of justice. Once again, we congratulate Citizens Peter Obi of Anambra State, Adams Oshiomole of Edo State and Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State for their resilient judicial struggles to reclaim their stolen mandates from Nigeria’s unrepentant electoral criminals, who have been allowed to walk the country’s streets as free members of the society despite their heinous electoral crimes. Citizen Peter Obi is particularly commended for sleeping in electoral courts for almost three years in order to get back his brutally stolen mandate, which emboldened others to follow suit. The trio of Obi, Oshiomole and Mimiko are Nigeria’s three-pillared inventors of staggered election chemistry in the 21st century Nigeria.

We heartily commend INEC and the credible election monitors and observers including the media, the TMG and the Women Arise for their dogged roles that made the poll a success.


Emeka Umeagbalasi, BOT Chairman

*Photo Caption - Emeka Umeagbalasi

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My attention was drawn to an article (Ngozi Iweala: Nigeria’s Weakest Link) by one Sonala Olumhense. After reading the piece, I concluded that only someone who has absolutely no regard for conscience and truth could have attempted to create such large-scale deception as is being peddled by the writer of this malicious article. It is indeed amazing the extent some people can go just to bring themselves to limelight.

The efforts of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to reinvigorate the economy and fight corruption have been widely acknowledged by Nigerians and the world at large. Therefore, such a prejudiced concoction, as Olumhense’s, is not just a distractive tactic but also a tit-for-tat attempt in connivance with corrupt individuals in high places, whose evil machinery has been grounded by this exceptional woman. Indeed, this is another manifestation of the Nigerian analogy that when you fight corruption, corruption fights back!

Without much ado, I will like to examine the ten points on which Olumhense premised his baseless case.

Point One: His report on the failure of the National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) is a blatant lie. Under this programme, Nigeria was able to pay its debts arrears owed to some International Finance Institutions (IFIs), particularly the Paris and London Clubs via: (1) Direct repayment where $6.4b was paid (2) Debt buy-back arrangement where $8b was settled at 25% discount, and (3) Debts write-off where $16b was written-off by the creditors. The entire Paris Club debt relief enjoyed by Nigeria totalled US$18b, or a 60% for a US$12.4b payment of arrears and buyback. Similarly, the debts owed to London club commercial creditors were also restructured and paid off. The domestic debts constituting about 12% of GDP in 2005, owed to contractors and civil service pensioners were systematically paid.

Other economic spheres where NEEDS recorded appreciable achievements include fiscal and monetary policies. Public spending was reduced from 47.0% in 2001 (before she assumed office) to 35.4% in 2004, which resulted in budget surplus of 7.7% of the GDP for 2004, up from deficits of 4-5% of the GDP in 2002-2003 (USAID, 2006). The list is endless. Anyone can search the records and see for themselves.

Point Two: Sonala claimed that billions of naira was drained and is still being drained into the poverty eradication programme involving 13 federal ministries. However, this is another vituperative attack against the person of Okonjo-Iweala. How could he possibly link the Finance Minister with the performance or otherwise of 13 other ministries in such a direct manner? As the Coordinating Minister of the Economy, she is supposed to carry out oversight functions – and that she seems to have been doing quite well. Her efforts to ensure that MDAs deliver have been widely acknowledged. Ministries, departments and agencies that are not living up to their billing are constantly being checked. It is only fair to acknowledge that, in spite of the challenges of corrupt officials who may be trying to divert the poverty eradication funds, the programme has recorded a commendable degree of success in the areas of youth employment, rural infrastructural development, social welfare services and national resources development.

Point Three: The writer also claimed that in the negotiations with the Paris Club, one “top member” of the government walked away with a personal fee of N60 billion. He went on to indict former president Obasanjo and Okonjo-Iweala claiming that none of them had ever challenged it, as if that would validate his spurious allegations. Obviously, madam minister has enough work on her table and is more concerned with serious matters of state to be taken in by such rootless ranting. How can someone who prides himself as a neutral social critic make such bogus claims as these without backing them with concrete facts? Who is the “top member” of the government that walked away with a personal fee of N60 billion? I dare Olumhense and his sponsors to name the person if indeed his claims are true. It is only unintelligent people like Sonala who would make stupid accusations like that in a process that is vetted internationally.

Point Four: The success of the MDG programme is another area where the writer of this malicious article has chosen to ignore the facts. Apart from the records, which are readily available, the impact of the MDG programme has been widely felt across the nation. Ask the students who now have new classrooms, or the rural dwellers that have now have access to basic facilities including well-equipped health centres. Time and space will not permit me to give a detailed analysis via this medium. But, really, how necessary is that when anyone can easily check the facts for themselves?

Points Five and Six of Olumhense’s article refer to Okonjo-Iweala’s tenure as finance minister during the Obasanjo regime without due recourse to the fact that she left that office in 2006. For conscience’s sake, you cannot hold her responsible for events that transpired when she was not in office!

Point Seven: Olumhense wrote, In a speech after she left office, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said: “General Abacha looted about $3-5 billion from the Nigerian treasury in truckloads of cash in foreign currencies, in traveler’s checks and other means. Most of these monies were laundered abroad through a complex network including some of the world’s best known banks.” Now, how does that prove his point? Isn’t it obvious that this writer is only attempting to insult our intelligence?

Point Eight: Olumhense wrote, the pioneer chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and a very close friend of Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, has confessed that the Obasanjo government was more corrupt than that of Abacha. This is another serious blunder. I thought the EFCC is saddled with the responsibility of stemming the tide of corruption. Since when has that become part of NOI’s job description? Even at that, her relentless commitment to tackle corruption has been so effective as to have earned her the name “Okonjo Wahala” by those whose corruption coffers are being ripped open.

Point Nine: Obasanjo was said to have indicted Mr. Jonathan’s government of squandering $35 billion of Nigeria’s foreign reserves since May 2007, saying the money may have been “shared.” This is another lame point begging for validation. It is too bad that Olumhense would use this as a point against the Finance Minister, thinking Nigerians would be as gullible as himself to accept it hook, line and sinker. If he possesses such evidence of corruption against Mrs Iweala, then his patriotic duty is to report her to the EFCC. People like him are responsible for the persistent lack of progress in Nigeria, because they will rather have a mediocre in charge of the economy.

Point Ten: The writer’s claim that the ‘Transforming Nigeria Document’ is not yet available is the easiest pointer to his malicious intentions as the article has long been published and has been in the public domain for nothing less than seven months. Anyone can simply Google and download the document from the National Planning Commission website:

How come Olumhense did not see all the good things being done by the Finance Minister? Why did he not mention the reduction in recurrent expenditure, the bringing of oil subsidy profiteers to book, the ports reform, the Sovereign Wealth Fund, the poverty eradication and women empowerment policies and other good things being implemented by the minister? Olumhense is like the proverbial loafer who, whilst ignoring the life-sustaining functions of the sun, frequently complains that it casts shadows. Sonala Olumhense and people like him must realize that any fool can criticize, condemn and complain.

I pity the future of this country with people like him wielding whatever modicum of influence they have on hapless Nigerian readers with the liberty that their pen – or more appropriately – their computer and internet modem afford them. Olumhense’s argument is warped and his reasoning debased. People like him don't amount to much on a penny worth of paper. And they make far worse administrators than the people they set out to criticise. It is obvious that Olumhense is the weakest link in all of Nigerian media given that he is an outright liar!

Ayodeji Sunday reports.

Ayodeji, a social commentator and community development advocate, writes from Lagos.
*Photo Caption - Nigeria Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

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The Nigerian budget of 2012 and 2013 has generated a lot of public interest – and rightly so. After all, the budget is the most concrete declaration of our government’s national priorities; and it’s good we are now beginning to take government to task on the management of our nation’s resources.

It is no news that over the years, the performance of the Nigerian budget has been far from desirable, as will be revealed by a cursory examination of relevant facts and figures. However, at a closer look, it is easy to see that we are on the path to recovery. You probably don’t agree with that. Wait until I clarify my point. I do not dispute the abysmal performance of the Nigerian budget so far. But with the new paradigms that are being adopted in the process of budget preparation and implementation, one can confidently affirm that things are getting better.

Any lettered individual can examine the 2012/2013 budget and see its close kinship with budgets that work in western and other African nations. Thanks to the economic team headed by the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Gone are the days when the budget process is shrouded in mystery. Now, improved budget transparency has increased public engagement in the budget process and the masses can actively participate in and potentially influence the way in which their money is being spent.

Just like what obtains in other countries, we have witnessed a significant increase in the capacity of Civil Society Organisations to hold the government accountable for decisions related to allocation of public funds. Notable among such bodies is the Citizens Wealth Platform, a group of non-governmental and faith-based organisations. This development has ensured that the budget is more favourable to the interests of the poor masses who constitute the larger percentage of the population.

It is also encouraging to note the drop in recurrent expenditure from a worrisome 74% in the 2011 budget to 71.47% in the 2012 budget and 68.66% in the proposed 2013 budget. Simultaneously, capital expenditure is expected to rise from 28.53% in 2012 to 31.34% in 2013 and will continue in like manner subsequently. The steady downward trend in recurrent expenditure and upward trend in capital expenditure is another development that is in line with international best practices.

What is more, the government has expressed its commitment to ensure that the budget makes practical impact on the areas that matter most to the Nigerian people – job creation, power supply, roads, rail, other infrastructure and, of course, agriculture. One cannot but recognise the efforts of the economic team to ensure that the nation’s resources are managed prudently and transparently while prioritizing key growth sectors of the economy and national security.

The efforts of the Finance Minister to ensure early implementation of the 2013 budget is yet another positive step in bridging the gap between our national budget and the performing budgets of other nations. Even though we still have a long way to go, it is reassuring to know that we are on our way to having a performing budget. We may not be there yet, but we are definitely not where we used to be.

Ayodeji Sunday reports from Lagos.

*Photo Caption – Map of Nigeria