Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - People are never literary giants by providence, as maybe the case in some other fields such as politics, showbiz, etc. The circumstance of discovery of a literary giant maybe by providence but that cannot be said of Prof. Chinua Achebe. Prof. Chinua Achebe’s position in the literary world is not by circumstantial evidence either. In all, I think that one literature, 50 languages and over 12 million copies is by no means a position of chance or luck. I recapped, recently, two tributes on Prof. Chinua Achebe by Tola Adeniyi (“Chinua Achebe: The Uncrowned Nobel Laureate”) - The Sun, 25th March 2013 - and Shola Balogun (“THE NOBEL LAUREATE WE NEVER HAD”) - The Sun, 24th March 2013. These two tributes are just but a figment in the avalanche of tributes to the great writer upon the news of his passage to the world beyond. The highlight of Tola’s expose, without disregards to other streaks in that tribute, is that “Chinua Achebe was not just a writer; he was a distinguished writer with the best and noblest of human virtues. A non hypocrite. A non bully. Achebe was both a great ambassador of Africa and a true and respectable specimen of the finest humanity" On Shola Balogun’s tribute, the aspect of his highlight includes; "… even literature is no longer immune from the vagaries of global politics and other........Read More
*Photo Caption - Women Wing of Ogidi Union during the airport reception of the body of Late Prof Chinua Achebe at the Private Wing, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on May 21, 2013. 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - There is a concern that while various religions are transforming themselves to meet the needs of a changing world, Islam hangs unalterably to the past like a dinosaur that refuses to disappear. For example, Islam is unalterably addicted to violence if the worshipers behave obstinately, stubbornly, steadfastly, unwavering, fixedly, obdurately, inflexibly, or unyielding in ways that are clearly brutal. A thing is unalterable if it is like a woman’s longstanding pregnancy that refuses to end so the baby can be delivered so everyone’s anxiety is extinguished. There is a reason for this. Perhaps, Islam should not behave as a sadist, a man who derives extreme pleasure in inflicting on self or on others. Doesn't a boxer float around the ring with intricate leg work while throwing and receiving blows? There is a thin thread running through pregnancy, sadism,, Islam and boxing champ: they all enjoy the attention of a wider world. Islam is like a boxer who steals into the opponent’s training camp just to yell and rain expletives designed to intimidate and weaken the opponent’s defenses. ISLAM OUGHT TO GET RID OF THE UNHEALTHY ATTENTION MUSLIMS SEEM TO RECIEVE FROM HOLDING THE WORLD A HOSTAGE OSTENSIBLY IN THE ATTEMPT TO AUTHENTICATE, CONVINCE, JUSTIFY ITS EXISTENCE, STEAL THE SHOW OR INSPIRE TERROR.
It is no coincidence that people who believe in religious teachings like Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Epicureanism, Taoism, Scientology, Rastafarian have lived happily with each other. It is not surprising that aside from the historical land dispute between Jews and Arabs, those who have Judaism are happier and fare better than Arabs who continue to wallow from one war to another, leaving behind a trail of bloodshed and misery. The world needs a system of beliefs to smooth the process of life on earth;, a philosophy that would provide anchor and facilitate man's journeys in a frightening environment. It is reasonable to believe that religion has helped man to answer such questions as: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What's my purpose in this life? Where do I go when this life expires? Everyone on earth believes there if God. Not believing in the existence of God is by itself a religious belief. Religion has helped people to hold on when there is nothing in them except the will that says “Hold On.” Religion provides the will that keeps us marching on until....whatever happens in the end. Religion helps us to rationalize and hope for a brighter tomorrow. The problem is not with what religion we profess; the tragedy is with how we profess that religion. Do we live in a harmonious, peaceful coexistence, or do we end up dead on a perilous, precarious planet? For the truly faithful, religion calls for faith in God who is omnipotent, and omnipresent. The overriding purpose of religion appears to pull people together in their pursuit of life, health, wealth, and happiness while life lasts. And religion draws people closer in their times of mourning.

The history of Islam is the history of a people at war on more fronts than there are men to man. Name any Muslim nation that is enjoying peace and whose citizens enjoy human rights without stoning and beheading Because the Muslims are perceived as “unpeaceful” and prone to frequent Islamic barbaric brutality, they are barricaded as farm animals under autocratic regimes ruled by strongmen in war-torn Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Arab Emirate, and Yemen. ISLAM MUST TRANSFORM OR BE CRIPPLED AS A RELIGION. There is so much confusion in the world stemming from animosity between sets of brothers, (a) between two half-brothers Isaac and Ishmael born to old man Abraham; (b) between two full brothers Jacob and Esau, twin sons of Isaac son of Abraham. Ishmael behaved violently toward younger sibling Isaac who was the child promised to 100-year-old man and his 90-year-old wife. Ishmael was suffered a banishment to the hot desert with his Egyptian mother Hagar. Result was war between descendants of Isaac and Ishmaelite (Arabs). Jacob outsmarted Esau the porridge eater and tricked him out of the coveted first-son birthright. Result has been seen in the enmity between the children of Jacob (later named Israel) and the descendants of Esau whom we now know as the Arabs. THIS ADVICE IS FOR WISE PARENTS: BEWARE OF ENCOURAGING SIBLING JEALOUSY. IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS, ISLAM MUST CHANGE OR BE CRIPPLED.

As you may know, Jews have successfully used the argument they are the chosen people of God and the chief partakers of the promises God gave Abraham. Jews take the promise seriously to befuddle their enemies, having acquired nuclear capability just to prove their point. Israel works hard to ensure nuclear technology doesn’t get into Arab hands. Jews have been able to convince the Arabs with the argument: “we are better than you because God has favored us over you.” While the Arabs have believed the Jews and accepted the subordinate role, they operate from a disadvantaged position, from a position of weakness. Arabs have never made it a secret they deeply resent their brothers and desire to obliterate or wipe out the Jewish State from off the face of God’s earth. Will God allow that to happen? Will the world stand by to see that happen? Because Jews have always managed to be united even under the most crushing regimes through long exiles, persecutions and near extermination in Nazi Germany, Jews are determined to always be ahead of the Arabs in self-determination and measures of development. For one thing, Jews are a superpower with nuclear capability. Ever wonder why Israel which is surrounded by hostile Arab nations is unafraid to sleep as peacefully as a lamb in the den of fierce lions. ARABS SHOULD THINK IT WISE TO RECOGNIZE THE EXISTENCE OF ISRAEL AS A SOVEREIGN NATION. YOU CANNOT SPILL THE BLLOD OF ONE JEW AND EXPECT NO RETALIATION FROM A PEOPLE WHOSE EXISTENCE HAS BEEN THREATENED FOR CENTURIES. CALL IT THE INSTINCT FOR SELF PRESERVATION.


Dr. James C. Agazie ( ) reports from U.S.

*Photo Caption – Copy of The Koran (Qur'an)

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Recently the Boko Haram Group of terrorists rejected the amnesty offer of the Nigerian Government making a Boko Haram Republic a viable alternative. A situation whereby everybody is begging a murderous group to accept amnesty makes nonsense of our collective sense of decency. President Jonathan, Sultan Abubakar, Ado Bayero, Bola Tinubu, etc are all begging some murderers to accept freedom. These people failed to realize that the only thing that will appease the PDP branch of Boko Haram is for Jonathan to renounce any plans for 2015 presidency. It is time for the Federal Government to consider a Boko Haram Republic in some parts of the north so that the rest of us can live in peace. . Reports from Baga showed that the residents harbour Boko Haram terrorists, implying that they are sympathetic to the cause of the group, therefore, territories sympathetic to the Boko Haram ideology should be lumped together to form a republic where they can govern themselves as the want . If this amnesty offer fails and the Northern elders fails to reign in their people, the Nigerian Government should prepare to cede territories to the shariaists. This article, published earlier in the year under the title 'Boko Haram Republic of Northern Nigeria: A Good Idea Part 2' is worth trying and will save us trillions of naira embezzled under the guise of fighting Boko Haram insurgency.
Boko Haram Republic of Kano, Boko Haram Republic of Borno, Boko Haram Republic of Yobe, Boko Haram Republic of Minna, Boko Haram Republic of Arewa and Sharia Republic of Nigeria are all possible names for the new extremist Islamic Republic.

Nigerians want peace and if a people are bent on forcefully visiting Sharia on the rest of Nigeria, they should be given a separate nation and let those of us that want to be governed by the secular laws of Nigeria be left alone.

The recent attacks on the Emir of Kano by those suspected to be Boko Haram extremists and the consensual nonchalance of the Kano citizenry to the incidence portrays a dangerous shift of mindset of the people. It is obvious that Boko Haram had not thrived in Katsina because the inhabitants refused the advances of the sect, but from the main Jibiya border post in Katsina to Kano,a distance of about two hours , lies a minority element among them providing a safe haven to the terrorists and dragging the name of the silent majority of Kano citizenry to the mud. It is obvious that if a Boko Haram republic will be carved out of the north, it will include territories from parts of Kano, Borno , Yobe, Bauchi, Kaduna and Niger States.

President Jonathan and his strategy team should look into carving territories out of these states to form a Boko Haram Republic provided that the inhabitants of the ceded territories show by reason of referendum that they prefer citizenship of a Boko Haram or Islamic Republic.

This referendum cannot cost the nation more than N50 Billion naira and another N500 billion could be given to the new republic as take-off grant for infrastructural development. A strict boundary, visa and travel policy should be adopted so that the Boko Haram nationals do not infiltrate into the rest of Nigeria. Curiously I’ve discovered by close interactions that majority of Muslim professionals would not mind belonging to an Islamic Republic but the type of Islamic Republic they would want is not the type administered by Mallam Shekau, the Supreme Commander of Boko Haram.

Instead of wasting billions and trillions of naira in chasing around Boko Haram extremists, putting undue pressure on the resources of the nation (estimated 7 trillion having been spent by all tiers) since the renewed onslaught, and more trillions will still be spent while abandoning other critical sectors of the economy- let a fraction of that sum be used to flag off campaign for a Boko Haram Republic and save us wasted funds.

If sincere northern elders are against the sect, they should use the occasion of the referendum to mobilize their people against the sect while those in support of the new republic can come out in the open to canvass their ideals instead of using the sect as political tools against the incumbent president.

This strategy will also deny emergency security contractors and their political accomplice further excuse to pillage the nation’s resources in the name of fight against terror. A report from Mallam El- Rufai has it that estimated N350 billion naira has been spent as security votes in one year and it is obvious to observers that of the said sum about N320 billion must have entered private pockets. Every Governor, Minister and Heads of Government Agencies are spending and embezzling trillions annually in the name of checkmating Boko Haram activities. Therefore, this Boko Haram republic is necessary to block this gross security waste pipe.

I still insist that a Boko Haram Republic or Islamic Republic headed by progressive northern intellectuals will likely institute a society that might surpass many African countries in development. If the Boko Haram regime decides to import hand cutting machines from China as antidote to corruption- they will not need any EFCC to chase any thief around with all the accompanying legal standoff- as all the looting of national treasury will stop in one month. They can elevate Fura, Zobo and Kunu drinks and their medicinal values will enhance national health while Guinness, Harp, Star and other alcoholic brewers will relocate their trade to Cameroun. The Boko Haram Republic will have no need to spend N5billion naira as Abuja Minister proposed in the 2013 budget for prostitutes because with some 50 lashes of Koboko (Horsewhip) prostitutes will relocate to their respective villages.

If this Boko Haram Republic model enthrones a simple, law abiding and just society, soon other African countries will emulate the model, but if the model fails, they everyone to his tents. Late Libyan Strongman Ghaddafi once advocated the division of the nation along a Christian South and a Muslim North. This genuine attempt to solve Nigeria’s lingering religious crisis may be reframed in such a manner that Local Governments, Senatorial Zones and States that want to join the Boko Haram Republic may have their way while the rest of Nigeria continues together. This idea of Boko Haram republic is worth trying so that extremist Muslims can have their own nation while moderate Muslims and their Christian brothers can live their lives in peace.

Obinna Akukwe ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption - An assault rifle, one of the weapons used by Boko Haram.

 [ Masterweb Reports: Chuks Ibegbu reports ] – The dastard abduction and murder of the former Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chudi Nwike is sending a shock wave across Igboland and the entire country.
For a race( Igbos) and a country to loose such great mind in such a manner is clear indication that we have descended to a hobbesian state. In sane societies no kidnapper , armed robber or social deviant will descend to the level of destroying the lives of people on whose strength of character and vision the society is built on. they can rob or manhandle their victims but they can kill them gruesomely as they did to Dr Nwike and two others. Even Nigerian armed robbers and kidnappers have no empathy as Nigerian rulers and politicians.
Our society has lost its values and prowling everywhere now are large number of demented and killer Youths who are victims of social degeneration and vacuum of role models. Our corrupt politicians have turned our youths into murderers, kidnappers and vampires without respect for the sacredness of human life. What a tragedy. How can any human being waste the life of the harmless and easy going Dr Nwike.
That was how they killed Chief John Nzewi the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo , Lagos chapter some months ago. What has become of some Igbo and Nigerian Youths. What will they do with the bloody money they make. At best they buy houses, cars and gallivant with treacherous beautiful girls. Is that what life is just all about.
Our successful men and women all over the world dread to come home again with this development. Is that how we can develop Igbo land and Nigeria.
The Anambra and Delta Police command and the inspector General of Police must not rest on their oars until the killers of Dr Nwike are found. There should be death sentence for kidnappers in our laws. We cannot continue this way. There should be moral revolution in this richly blessed but seemingly God forsaken country.
Aru na emezi na ala Igbo. Tufiakwa.

Chuks Ibegbu
Chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo
President - Movement For Justice And Equity In Nigeria
Chairman – Forum For National Conference In Nigeria
*Photo Caption – Late Dr Chudi Nwike

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Tunde Bakare is among the most controversial gospel ministers in Nigeria-this man who goes by title of a pastor, is obviously, by calling, a prophet of church and national revival. Tunde Bakare, a former legal adviser in Deeper Life Church, later became a pastor in Pastor Adeboye's Redeemed Christian Church of God until he left under controversial circumstances. Bakare is not the type of prophets who sees visions of colour of women's underwear and the bank details of his congregations in GTB, UBA or even Chase Manhattan Bank. His prophetic prediction is sometimes faulty due to poor analysis of pieces of spiritual information- even Apostle Peter misinterpreted the time of the coming of Jesus Christ; therefore, a prophet who is in a hurry to release information of global nature might misinterpret the vision. This is the problem with Bakare's prohecies.

Tunde Bakare is not an acclaimed seer, he obviously is not gifted in Words of Wisdom or Words of Knowledge, the type you may see when Adeboye ministers in Redeemed Christian Church of God or Odukoya preaches in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, however, this man has an unusual understanding of the times and seasons ( like the sons of Issachar) and as such through the tones of his speech, one can discern the mind of God concerning the nation and the church.

In March 1999, Tunde Bakare told a stunned nation that President-elect Olusegun Obasanjo would be killed by the military before the May 29th handover date. According to the prophesy that was credited to him, Bakare said that "In a vision I eavesdropped on the conversation going on in heaven. I saw Jesus on the throne called the seat of Governor and the subject they were discussing was Nigeria. This was what came out of the lips of the Lord. 'Rejoice not oh land, or your joy is temporary. For I am bringing your judges and your rulers, your priests and your prophets to my threshing floor. I will judge Saul and his comrades and after I have finished, I will restore to you a permanent joy. Obasanjo is not your messiah. He is King Agag and the prophetic axe will fall upon his head before May 29.' And I asked Lord, how are you going to judge Saul and what has he done? God said: 'I sent him on an assignment to overtake, to recover, and to demolish but he didn't. He spared the fat calves, he spared the big sheep and he brought Agag back to Jerusalem. I will judge Saul and his comrades and after I have finished my purging, then your joy will be permanent."

Eventually, Obasanjo was sworn in on the 29th of May 1999 and was never assassinated until he handed over to late president Umaru Yar'adua. However, I do recollect that following Pastor Bakare's prophecies, Obasanjo set up two groups of prayer teams in Otta Farms, a women's exclusive group and a general group, all interceding that the transition to civil rule be not truncated by soldiers. During the same period, Obasanjo ran to Pastor Adeboye's Redeemed Camp for spiritual fortification. He also ran to Primate Olabayo to deliver him from Bakare's prophecies and there are reports that he also embarked on a seven day fast. At the end the military were eased off without bloodshed.

Was Bakare's prophecy false- I do not think so? I believe that his interpretation of the vision and implications was faulty. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and declare the judgments of destruction from God on the inhabitants, the Ninevites repented at the preaching of Jonah and God told his prophet that He has averted the catastrophe He intended for that nation- and this u-turn made Jonah very angry. I believe that Bakare had understanding that something evil is about to occur in the land but while he foreclosed the possibilities of redemption, other prophets, pastors and prayer warriors heeded his warnings and used the power of intercession to avert the calamity.

However, earlier in 1993, he prophesied on Abiola's death, asking sarcastically, "Is there no old man in MKO's house to restrain him because once he begins, he will not come out alive?" Some pastors in Sokoto still remember that he prophesied the humiliation of the caliphate in 1995 when he first visited. According to Bakare ''1995 is the year of the unprecedented humiliation of the Sokoto caliphate. Its influence in the sociopolitical setup of Nigeria will not only wane, it will die. This (the then) Sultan will not be there by the end of the year'' In that same year, General Sanni Abacha deposed Dasuki as the Sultan of Sokoto.

Tunde Bakare is a prophet of national and church rebirth. He is angry for the state of Nigeria just as prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah cried for the spiritual fallen state of Israel. They also challenged the Governments of the day and condemned evil in the land. Therefore, Bakare is fulfilling his calling. He is in the forefront of a new generation of pastors who are no more ready to tolerate profligacy that has brought poverty on the nation. This is the prophetic ministry dimension of Tunde Bakare. Listening to his TV program, a pattern of a prophet burdened about the fallen state of the church and the corrupt state of the nation is easily discernible. He tries to educate his audience on the demands of integrity and leadership with a view to changing the mindset of a generation from consumption mentality to productive mindset.

Tunde Bakare has only one church, Later Rain Assembly, Lagos; however, it is discernible that hundreds of thousands of Nigerians listen to his Television preachment from all walks of life, including Muslims. He seldom dwells on prosperity, rather Christian maturity, responsibility and leadership seems to be the central theme of his message, with occasional bashing of the government of the day for ineptitude. Therefore, a drifting state like Nigeria needs the prophetic irritating voice of the likes of Bakare in order not to fall into a state of Armageddon.

Tunde Bakare became the running mate to the leader of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the most popular Muslim politician in Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, in the 2011 presidential polls. A lot of Christians and prominent pastors berated Bakare for teaming up with a Muslim fundamentalist, describing him as a saboteur. However, these pastors do not find any problem that Ekwueme ( Christian) teamed up with Shagari (Muslim) in 1979 and 1983, and that Jonathan ( Christian) teamed up with Yaradua( Muslim) in 2007, and they have no problem with Diya ( Christian) being deputy to maximum dictator, Abacha (Muslim) but because it is controversial Bakare, everybody must complain.

It is obvious that Muhammadu Buhari have been so entrapped by the sincerity of this Christian clergyman that he defied the advice of northern elders and Muslim Ulamas and picked Bakare, a Muslim convert to Christianity, as his running mate. This is the type of influence Bakare is wielding, able to create a cross religious trust in a nation polarized along religious lines. The last thing an average Nigerian Muslim wants is a preacher of the gospel as a deputy or running mate, but Bakare have broken that barrier. No wonder I know a lot of Muslims who personally told me that they listen to his preaching on Television every Sunday while a few confessed to me that they’ve sneaked to attend his church service at one time or the other.

As a church revival prophet, Tunde Bakare's programmes with other denominations are always geared towards sanitizing the churches which have derailed from the message of salvation to the message of empire building and stomach enlargement. I attended one of them in Sokoto some years back and noticed that pastors, after the conference, went back to their churches and started a revival process. I noticed the same pattern in Enugu quite earlier when some pastors went back to the gospel roots after one of his visitations.

Tunde Bakare condemns pastors who make their wives automatic pastors and Deputy General Overseers. He also condemns pastors who hang around political office holders without telling them the truth. He condemns turning every day of the week into church service without time for people to practice what they were taught. Above all, he wants the church to return to its Apostolic roots.

However, as a prophet, I have areas where I disagree with Bakare. He has variously condemned the use of anointed oil, anointed handkerchief, Holy Communion, communion of sprinkling, Shiloh sacrifice among others which some other denominations use as faith extenders. For instance, Winners Chapel uses anointing oil, mantle, blood of sprinkling, feet washing ; Redeemed Church uses anointing oil, anointed handkerchief; Mountain of Fire uses anointed oil; Catholics uses holy oil for ordination, confirmation and extreme unction and uses holy water frequently. Catholics reserve feet washing for Chrism Mass. The Bible states in Mark 6 vs 13 "And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them." . Also in James 5 vs 14-15 the Apostle enjoined thus ''Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him''.

The handkerchiefs of Paul was used to heal the sick, Acts 19 vs 11-20 states that “God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: so that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” As an itinerant missionary to some interior regions of Nigeria and Africa, I have personally encountered emergency darkness, demonic attacks, evil operations and occultist manipulations and it took the application of some of these faith extenders, as dictated by the Spirit, to contain some life threatening situations. Therefore, Bakare's position on these things is not based on revelation. However, the elevation of anointing oil, handkerchiefs, etc as substitute for the Spirit of God working in a Christian, producing faith for exploits, is highly condemnable, and if that is what Bakare meant, then he is in order.

Tunde Bakare is a prophet kept by God to ensure that the church and the nation do not slide into destruction. He is fulfilling his ministry. The likes of Rev Martin Luther King, Rev Jesse Jackson are activist pastors whose prophetic voice of resistance contributed in no small ways to the liberation of the black America from bondage and discrimination and set the US on the pedestal of being the symbol of democracy and equality, especially with the emergency of Barrack Obama as the first African American president.

Other pastors and prophets who have similar callings with Bakare should come out of hiding and rise to the occasion, lend a voice in redeeming the nation, region, zones , states and local councils from years of corrupt leaderships.

Tunde Bakare certainly has his excesses but he needs our prayers and support to succeed in this agenda of being a prophetic voice of church revival and national rebirth.

Obinna Akukwe ( reports.
*Photo Caption - Pastor Tunde Bakare

 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu reports ] – Maximilien Marie De Robespierre (1758-1794) once said that “death is the commencement of immortality.”  Chinua Achebe might have died but there his immortality begins, for having died he can die no more. He transcends to immortality and to eternal glory with the whole earth as his tomb, for as Pericles (495-429 BCE) declared, “heroes have the whole earth for their tomb.” Chinua Achebe is a hero and legend  for many reasons, not only did he pen the classic book “things fall apart” that  brought African literature to a worldwide audience, he stood on the side of the oppressed  and fought ceaselessly against  bad leadership, social injustice, racism and other  social ills. His famous  rebuttal to  Joseph Conrad’s racist  book  “heart of darkness”  which caricatured  Africans as a savage and subhuman people  stands  out  to date  as a  stinging  rebuke to the  racist and condescending  attitudes of the West towards Africans. 
From a generation of honest, hardworking and principled folk with a work ethic  that  produced the likes of Francis Nwokedi;   the most senior civil servant and first indigenous  permanent secretary, professor  Kenneth Onwuka  Dike;  the first indigenous vice chancellor of the university of Ibadan, Professor  Eni  Njoku;  the first vice chancellor of the university of Lagos,  Sir Louis Odumegwu  Ojukwu;  a British Knight and the first president of the Nigerian stock exchange,  Jaja  Nwachukwu;  the first speaker of the house of representatives,  General  Aguiyi  Ironsi;  the first indigenous  commander of the Nigerian army amongst other firsts both  in the public, political and private spheres of endeavour.  Chinua Achebe thus comes  from  a  generation of distinguished trail blazers in all spheres of endeavour and  left  his own print on the sands of time through his literary genius. All through his life,  he remained to the very end,  a man of unbelievable and  angelic  integrity,  who  lived through  Nigeria’s  consuming  jungle of corruption  without compromising  his integrity.  He was a man wedded to the greater calling of selfless service to humanity.

Yet, of all the attributes of Chinua Achebe, what has escaped most people is his gift of direct and indirect prophecy much of which has proven true over time.  Though,  the book “Things fall apart” was centred  around  the destructive effects of  colonialism  on traditional  Igbo  communities, it has  ominously proven overtime to be the predicament of the larger Nigeria. Things indeed fell apart for Nigeria from the earliest days of colonialism and post colonialism resulting in the ever increasing social chaos and existential crisis the nation faces.  “A man of the people” was published shortly before  the  January 1966 coup and predicted  that  the prevailing corruption and misrule would engender coups and counter coups in Nigeria,  since then Nigeria has moved  from coups  to counter coups.  “No longer at ease” captured the essence of Nigeria’s stifling corruption and failings in the title;  for  Nigeria has never been at ease. “The trouble with Nigeria” published in the 80’s made clear that   Nigeria’s  problems  stemmed  mainly from bad leadership.  Has that not been the case? Has Nigeria not been ruled by an unbroken chain of bigots, thieves, war criminals, mass murderers, incompetent  scoundrels  and other unpatriotic vermin who have destroyed the country? 

“Anthills of the savannah,” tells the story of a malevolent military dictatorship determined to cling to power by hook or crook;  has that not been  the  trajectory  of Nigeria?  Perhaps, of  all Achebe’s books  “There was a  country,” his  last book and parting shot, controversial  for the hard truth’s it delivered,  might yet prove  to be the most  ominous  and prophetic of his books. The book chronicles  the existence and  passing of  Biafra,  but given the social  injustice,  ethno-religious mass murders,  terrorism,  corruption  and general misrule in Nigeria,  adding  to Achebe’s penchant for direct and indirect prophesy,  “there was a country”  might yet end up being the story of Nigeria,  a country that once was but no longer is. There is no precedent in history of any nation with Nigeria’s contradictions, corruption, self  destruction  and  injustice that survived. Except Achebe’s advice which makes up a significant part of  the  book  is heeded, we will very soon be confronted with “ a country once called Nigeria that has since ceased to exist.”

Chinua Achebe, a  hero  and  prophet   transcends to immortality a legend. He came, he saw and he conquered,   leaving  his footprints not only in the sands of time but also etched in stone. His books, short stories, poems   and essays will continue to tell his story, the story of a man of integrity,  a visionary, a rare talent, a social crusader, a prophet and an eternal  “man of the people.”  May his soul  thrive in the heavenly abode of angels!  

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption – Prof Chinua Achebe

  [ Masterweb Reports ] – [Article written before the granting of amnesty to Boko Haram] - The call by the Sultan of Sokoto and National leader of the Muslim faith, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, to grant total amnesty to the dreaded Boko Haram members was rather outrageous and unfortunate. In what has become a public show of genuflection, prominent Nigerians from the north has since echoed the sentiments of the sultan to grant amnesty to a terrorist sect that has receivedfunds and training from global terror groups, such as al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab. The insurgents have almost collapsed the economy of North-East, leaving more than 4,000 people dead and thousands injured. The sultan has emboldened others in the drum beat of amnesty that has eclipsed public discourse in the weeks that ensued, and surely for a long time to come. One would have expected to hear a better argument than the reframe that suggests; If the Niger Delta militants were pardoned to bring about peace and security in the country, why would same not be extended to Boko Haram? I will revert to this shortly.
My first thought on President Jonathan’s disapproval of the sultan’s amnesty call was commendation. I reasoned he struck the right note for once but on a closer look at his remark, I was crestfallen. President Jonathan said: “For you to declare amnesty, you have to be communicating with people. You cannot declare amnesty for people that are communicating under a veil…” This can be rephrased to insinuate, as soon as they identify themselves and declare their intention, the government will consider granting them amnesty. And with the pardon gate flung open by him for Alamieyeseigha and others, this might prove to be a tricky one for the president, particularly as there are cheap political points to pick up from the north ahead of the 2015 general elections.

The amnesty that was granted to the Niger Delta militants should not in any way translate or equate to same for the Islamist fundamentalist. The agitations of the militants then, to some extent, was germane save for the violence. They were been ripped off by multi-nationals leaving them and their environmentmarginalized and underdeveloped even though their zone produced the oil that provides for the entire country. They agitated for resource control. They wanted their lives to be touched by the oil that was been explored daily from their neighbourhood. We all agreed, at some point in the their struggle, that the Niger Delta region has been neglected for too long. Regardless of the sympathy their plight elicited, their resort to armed banditry was condemned in strong terms.

Juxtapose with the Boko Haram uprising and its attempt to forcefully impose a religious ideology on a secular Nigerian society. The terror, senseless and wanton destruction of lives and property they have unleashed on Nigerians in a gutsy bid to oppose not only Western education, but western culture and modernisation is despicable. Their acts of terror have gone from the horrendous to the tragic as reflected in the ghastly suicide attack on five luxury buses in Kano that left about 25 people dead and over 50 others injured. These attacks are based on a warped and shallow religious ideology; the islamisation of Nigeria. They ignorantly disdain anything western, but wittingly get by daily with the help of simple machines, the very symbol of western influence in our lives. The blood of Nigerians should not atone for such a cause that does not only trivialize what amnesty stands for, but it seems to suggest that the activities of the sect are legitimate and tolerable. Niger Delta militants focused their attacks on oil installations and multi-national oil expatriates hostage, but Boko Haram is engaged in indiscriminate killing and maiming.

There is a thin line between amnesty and negotiation (dialogue) in the light of the controversy raised by the sultan’s comments. To canvass for amnesty is to promote the culture of crass impunity that desecrate the sanctity of human life. The government can sit with the leaders of the sect, if they wish to reveal themselves, for dialogue. Whatever be their demands, excluding amnesty, can be met by the government. As Bill Clinton rightly pointed out recently while in Nigeria, deprivation, illiteracy and poverty are root causes of Boko Haram. The government can dialogue with the sect for a cease fire and then develop the region, by creating employment and putting infrastructure in place. At this juncture, we must all come to the realisation that sometimes battles are not won with brute use of military force but on the table of dialogue.

The United States and other developed countries posit that they don't negotiate with terrorists because they have the capacity and intel to crush - in the case of al-Qaeda, the killing of Osama Bin Laden - the terrorists. Same cannot be said of Nigeria where there has been nothing to show for billions voted for security in the last few years. Security issues should be holistically approached because it takes more than JTF boots on the ground, armed to the teeth in troubled states to restore peace and stability.

There is a bigger picture to the diversionary and ill conceived amnesty being canvassed for the Islamic extremists. The government will be sending a wrong signal to the teeming population of unemployed Nigerian youths and yet another dangerous precedent after the amnesty to Niger Delta militants. It is akin to presidential pardon to felons, or a national honour which is a reward for criminality.  It will only buck up splincter sects like, Ansaru, and new rebellion from other parts of the country.

And if the government were to give unconditional pardon to the Boko Haram, will the government use the same methods of rehabilitation and reintegration for the Niger Delta militants? Skill acquisition centres, training and re-training methods at home and abroad? How will the government change their mentality to prepare them for their return to mainstream Nigeria? Whichever approach the government intend to employ, it will be a clear negation of the sects’ ideology of abhorrence for anything western. It is not rocket science that their angst with the government has nothing to do with money. All they seek is that sharia be entrenched across the country.

Amnesty should not be a leeway for the Nigerian government to wriggle itself out of security challenges. Only a weak government, with its security and anti-corruption agencies bereft of ideas reward criminals, militants, extremists, rapists and ex-convicts with pardon. Granting amnesty to Boko Haram is a latent approval to other forms of social vices and a continuum of the vicious cycle of legalised lawlessness.

Finally, there is a need to understand the Boko Haram agenda before contemplating amnesty for the sect. They are part of a global network of terror. Their Jihad is not motivated by money but a relentless drive in their fanatical religious ideology of eradicating all forms of western influence on the African continent using Nigeria and Mali as springboards. The promise of material wealth that an amnesty holds for the sect is a disincentive. The counter-terrorism war has never been won anywhere in the world with amnesty.

Theophilus Ilevbare ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption - People gather to view ThisDay Newspaper Jabi - Abuja office building heavily damaged by Boko Haram suicide bomb attack of April 2012.

[ Masterweb Reports ] – It is obvious to informed political strategists that the Igbos have schemed themselves out of possible presidency for 2015 for a probable paltry sum of N5billion naira (subsidy thieves stole N1.7 billion naira). Since the Ohaneze crisis started in February 2012, various versions of how much was released to the body through various guise, means and reasons was rife. A news media (247ureports ) reported that ’' Jonathan’s N5billion bribe tears Ohaneze Apart ‘'and went on to publish together with another media site ( Elombah) one of the secret bank accounts used to siphon the funds, but since the South East Governors set up a committee to look into the matter, facts before them suggested that the amount surpasses the N5 billion reported in the news. Some Committee members were availed of some secret account including the Diamond Bank account where over N275 million naira was withdrawn over a period of about two years without the knowledge of Ohaneze Secretariat. Informed sources have explained that the South East Governors were shocked when they realized that the presidency have been bombarding Ohaneze with cash, contracts and businesses and some Reconciliation Committee Members were so ashamed that they buried their heads in and sought an exit strategy. That is why a two-week assignment turned to over eight weeks and was concluded just before the Easter week. Their assignment is likened to a doctor called to cure malaria fever only to discover that the patient had acute Hepatitis B and needs complicated medication.

Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma , at the peak of the Ohaneze crisis , put a call through to Governor Peter Obi, and asked what Igbo Governors were doing to checkmate the spiraling crisis. Peter Obi responded by scheduling a meeting of the five South East Governors at Government House, Enugu, and they responded within 24 hours to deliberate on the matter. The five governors of the South East set up 11 man committee to look into the Ohaneze crisis after the controversial January 2013 elections, unify the aggrieved chieftains and make Ohaneze stronger. The committee members include Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, Rev Prof Obiora Ike, Senator Uche Chukwumerije, Senator Ben Obi, Prof Joe Irukwu, Hon Ohuabunwa and among others, but the extent of shit oozing from the place was such that even the Governors were reluctant to call for speedy conclusion of the report.

Among the revelations which shocked them, though not new to the informed observers was that the Ime Obi meeting of Ohaneze was called only four times throughout the four year tenure of the immediate past leadership. Ime Obi meeting is like the council of elders and they hold monthly meetings during which they review situations that concerns Igbos with a view to taking appropriate positions. The aggrieved parties alleged that the organization was run front Asaba without due consultations to forestall any attempt for Igbos to rally in pursuit of common agenda.

Another revelation was that the past leadership had audience with President Goodluck Jonathan 21 times and there was no infrastructure in Igbo land to show for the meetings. They alleged that he never attended any of the meetings with President Jonathan in the company of any member of Ime Obi nor member of the National Executive Council, therefore nobody knows whether Igbo interest is being sold during the meetings. However, the immediate past president Ambassador Ralph Uwechue had countered that the president had always requested to see only himself and as such he cannot be expected to carry crowd to the Sate House.

The committee were told that all the monies collected on behalf of the group was never lodged into the account and that the organization as at the time of swearing in of new executives, had less than N100,000 naira in the account. They were informed that if not for the magnanimity of Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State who came to the rescue of Ohaneze with N2million naira , the elections would not have held, wandering why the deliberate starving of funds to the organs when the members know that Ohaneze had excess cash in secret accounts. The committee was told that the reason for the starvation of funds was to frustrate a free and fair election and impose some presidency anointed candidates on the Igbos .Uwechue countered the starvation of funds argument by explaining that he personally released N1million naira to the body for conduct of the said election , describing the taunted intervention of Orji as a blackmail.

The committee members were told that there was never any agreement between President Jonathan and Ohaneze that the former will support an Igbo man for president either in 2015 or 2019 and that Ohaneze’s blind endorsement of Jonathan 2015 is motivated by personal and business interests and they revealed some multi billion naira business interests of some Ohaneze Chieftains championing Jonathan 2015 projects.

The committee members also discovered that the presidential aide on Subsidy Reinvestment Programme, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpa was not acting alone in the bribery scandal. They were told that some people, who returned their bribe cheques issued through a proxy company, were given cash equivalent of between $120,000-150,000 dollars to shut up their mouth while Igbo interests is being sold. Nze Akachukwu on his own part have threatened to expose anybody that tries to drag his name to the mud and reportedly told some Igbo elders that he did everything with the consent of Ohaneze leadership.

Ambasador Uwechue had always maintained that the Ohaneze foundation was run by the Akachukwu in concert with the past publicity secretary, Chief Ralph Ndigwe, who was managing the Ikenga Express fleet of buses and that he was denied vital information and access to the funds. That was his submission to the earlier committee set up by Ohaneze to investigate the matter and that was the stance he maintained while speaking with some members of the committee.

The committee was told that the new leadership of Ohaneze has already foreclosed any support for Igbo presidency in 2015. The statement by the Ohaneze spokesman Prince Tonnie Ogonna that '' If President Jonathan declines to run in 2015, it then makes it quicker for the Igbo. The bottom line is that Ohanaeze supports Jonathan in whatever decision he takes in 2015'' was tendered as evidence that the new leadership have sold off without any concrete agreement. This stance of the new Ohaneze leadership is already yielding dividends of financial transformation for some members.

Some Committees members, together with the Governors were disappointed that all the hues and cries that Ohaneze lacked funding was all lies and that Ohaneze was swimming in billions. Some of them expressed disappointment that the group had acquiesced to the President Jonathan second term agenda cheaply while others believe that Ohaneze is in order.

Governor Martins Elechi of Ebonyi State felt slighted that a president was elected for Ohaneze from his state and he was not allowed to either make input. He demanded a new election whereby according to the Ohaneze constitution, three persons must be presented from the state from which the General Convention can chose one.

The Committee had concluded its reports, however, informed sources revealed that while Governors Obi and Orji of Anambra and Abia States respectively are in support of the continuation of the present executives, Okorocha and Elechi favours fresh elections . It is expected that the Governors will harmonize their positions and probably appease the aggrieved parties.

Whichever way it goes, through acts of sabotage, it is obvious that Igbo presidency has been sold and those expecting the Igbo to preside over Nigeria in 2015 should blame their leaders for sacrificing their desting for paltry appeasement of a few billions.

Obinna Akukwe  ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption – Seal of The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the official symbol of the Nigerian President, first used in 1979 by President Shehu Shagari.

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Frantz Fanon it was  who  said  that “every generation  must out of  relative obscurity discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it”.  In the aftermath of  the Kano terrorist attacks and the seven decades of  routine ethno-religious mass killings in the North, our generation must as Frantz Fanon said confront the unique mission of our time which must be fulfilled through the choice of freedom over slavery and  of self  determination over internal colonialism. 
It  should be clear  to all and sundry that  the freak contraption known as  Nigeria is not sacred, it is purely and simply a British creation designed first and foremost  to service her imperial interests and not for the benefit of those who inhabit the geographical space. Given the history of Europe, which not surprisingly  is the bloodiest continent in human history with the 1st  and  2nd  world wars originating from Europe,  the later ending as recently as 1945 and  the many nationalist battles fought across many generations on ethnic lines including the recent ethnic conflicts in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia etc, the British knew they were creating in Nigeria, a tinderbox of contradictions and endless conflicts, but never bothered because the servicing of her imperial interests was more important than the cohesion or unity of their colonial subjects. To date the European Union has refused to let Muslim Turkey join the EU because they want to avoid creating religious contradictions within the European club.

Thus, those who argue to keep a nation that has failed exceptionally due to her contradictions are mentally lazy people who are afraid to take any challenges. They give all kinds of laughable excuses to keep a nation in a state of paralysis rather than trying something new. If a marriage is unworkable, unprogressive and violent, the simple solution is to get a divorce.  Nations are no different; if it is not working there should be a break-up.

Mental  laziness which manifests in a fear to try something new or take on daunting challenges is a phenomenon that has kept the black race in perpetual retrogression and slavery. While the white race and other races are willing to take on daunting challenges,  going to the moon and overcoming all kinds of formidable situations,  the black race is content to sing, dance and give all kinds of silly excuses why nothing can be done. Paralysed  by a fear of every challenge, the black race has remained to date the most unprogressive of all human species. It is this same mindset of a fear of something new, a fear of challenges that those who argue to keep a failed Nigeria exhibit. They prefer to remain in a nation that is a hopeless jungle of failure rather than take on challenges to chart their own destiny, they prefer to remain in  slavery rather than try freedom, they prefer to live under oppression rather than fight for their rights and dignity. Dr James David  Manning once said that the black race was found to be the most suitable for slavery because then as now are  always willing to accept any situation without a fight. This is the exactly the mindset that those who argue for one Nigeria exhibit.

There is no sane argument to keep Nigeria. It is a nation consumed by injustice, hatred, self destruction, it is also the most failed nation on earth incapable of providing  the most fundamental  right, which is the right  to life without which any other right cannot exist and of providing the basic essentials  such as electricity, pipe borne water etc. These are basic amenities that are taken for granted in the poorest African countries. In spite of being the 6th largest oil producer in the world and the largest in Africa, Nigeria imports fuel. There is no other nation on the face of the earth with this level of failure. It is a nation that dehumanises her  citizens and strips them of every human dignity. A nation that makes animals out of men.  A nation that is at best a human zoo.  There is a reason why Nigeria has failed so exceptionally and it is her irreconcilable contradictions.

Any careful observer  will realise that “one Nigeria” has always been a scam which even the loudest advocates do not believe in. It’s only been a convenient ploy to loot the nation. The so called one Nigeria leaders have contributed more to the destruction of Nigeria than anyone else. In anticipation of the nation’s eventual collapse, all of them are busy building their future outside Nigeria. These leaders send all their children abroad, buy houses abroad and stash their wealth abroad, yet these are the same leaders that  sing  “one Nigeria”. How long can we be fooled?  Indeed is Nigeria not an already disintegrated nation? What is left of a nation where ethnic groups are returning to their enclaves because of ethno-religious crises or where a section of the country introduces sharia  laws in  violation of the constitution, or where terrorists  bomb and kill innocents in churches and other locations  on account of their religion and ethnicity? Must we wait for everyone to be killed before we realise that Nigeria cannot work? 

Nigeria is a nightmare. We need to finally confront the reality of   it’s impossibility as a viable nation and break-it up. The Scottish have just scheduled an independence referendum for  September 2014 after centuries of union with Britain. In 1991,  the Soviet Union, a nuclear world power disintegrated. In 1947, Pakistan seeking a separate nation for Muslims seceded from India. In 1993, following a referendum,  Eritrea seceded from Sudan. In 1992 Yugoslavia disintegrated leading to more than 8 new nations. In 1993, Czechoslovakia disintegrated.  In 1971, Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan. In 2002, East Timor seceded from Indonesia and in 2011 South Sudan seceded from Sudan. There is thus a long precedent of self determination by many nations around the world. Most importantly, none of the new nations have ever regretted their decisions to separate from their former nations in spite of whatever challenges they might be facing. There is no reason why  the aftermath of  Nigeria’s breakup scenario will be different.

The French live in France, the Irish in Ireland, the Germans in Germany amongst others, so why should so called Nigerians  be forced  to live with a myriad  of disparate ethnic nations  that is further divided along religious lines?  Amongst  former  British colonies,  three nations namely, Nigeria, Sudan and India were created with contradictions that made them impossible to function by particularly  lumping significant Muslim populations with other ethno-religious groups. Out of the three,  India and Sudan has disintegrated, only Nigeria remains. There is no nation in the world where significant populations of fundamentalist Muslims cohabit peacefully with other religions and this reality has been vindicated in Nigeria with the endless ethno-religious  mass killings in the North. No matter how much we try to pretend, empirical evidence suggests that there will never  be peace, harmony nor progress until there is a separation between the fundamentalist Muslims in the Sharia North and the rest. The  route of disintegration travelled by India and Sudan must therefore, inevitably include Nigeria and the time is now.

 Advantages Of  Break-up:

(1) Accountability of  Leaders

Amongst the many advantages of Nigeria’s break-up, the single greatest gain will be the possibility to hold leaders accountable in a new nation freed from Nigeria’s contradictions. It  is no secret that Nigeria’s monumental corruption-patronage  is fuelled and sustained by tribalism. It is impossible  to effect  the kind  of radical and draconian measures  needed to stamp out corruption  without  awakening the ghosts of tribalism. This is the simple reason why there hasn’t been a Jerry Rawlings kind of  revolution   in spite of the monumental looting and destruction of the nation.  It should be recalled that Major Kaduna Nzeogwu’s coup in spite of its shortcomings and excesses was fundamentally against election rigging-corruption, violence and misrule but the coup was defeated on the altar of Nigeria’s ethno-religious contradictions.

Nigeria thus provides a tribal shield occasioned by her contradictions to leaders who conscious of this “ethnic immunity” engage in unlimited looting.  Nigeria’s Break-up will remove this important  tribal  shield and render the leaders accountable  to their  people with the possibility of severe consequences for recalcitrant leaders.

(2) Job  Creation And Opportunities

Many people still do not realise that Nigeria’s breakup will open up many job opportunities. There are presently 36 states and 774 local governments  in Nigeria that have to be accommodated  by restricted quota in federal  jobs such as the Police force, the Armed forces, the customs service, immigration service, the SSS, NNPC, PHCN, Nigeria airways, Nitel, NAFDAC, foreign missions and other boards and parastatals. Sharing these positions between 36 states and 774 local governments’ means that very few people within any jurisdiction gets employed in these services.  Since every nation must  have  these essential services, it means that Nigeria’s disintegration will open up these job opportunities to only people from the new nations.  Rather than sharing these positions with a myriad of states and local governments, these positions and many more will open exclusively to people from the new nation creating a lot of job opportunities.

 (3)  Reconstruction and Concentrated Localised Development

One of the advantages of breakup is localised construction to develop the new capital city and other national projects. Unlike Nigeria where every development was concentrated in Lagos and now  Abuja while other areas were ignored to the extent that there were even official policies of marginalisation preventing the development of an international airport and other capacity building projects in other areas, the new nations must necessarily build such important  and capacity building projects as an international airport and other  infrastructure for their  capital and other major cities without let or hindrance.  Other national development projects around the new nations will also naturally be undertaken creating concentrated localised development and the attendant job creation opportunities. 

 (4) Increased Resources, Membership of The UN and  Direct Foreign Aid

In present day Nigeria under the parasitic monkey dey work baboon dey chop system, resources from the 10 oil producing states, 6 in the Niger Delta, 3 in the East and 1 in the West  plus resources from customs and excise duties accruing from goods imported into the country  and value added tax from consumption  are the  chief  sources  of resources distributed to the 36 states and 774 local governments. This system robs resources from those who generate it to fund those  who contribute nothing. For example, the 12 Northern sharia  states with the highest concentration of local governments in Nigeria  that contribute nothing  is funded to the tune of more than  four trillion Naira or $40 billion annually.  Nigeria’s Breakup will free these resources and return it to those who generate the resources.

Breakup will also lead to increased investments and exploitation of natural resources such as coal, limestone, crude oil  and others in parts of Nigeria where such activity has not been allowed in present day Nigeria. Local taxes generated from customs and excise, value added tax etc will be for the sole use of the location from where it is generated. Many African nations such as Rwanda,Uganda, Tanzania etc that thrive solely on foreign aid are all doing better than Nigeria. Breakup will lead to the establishment of international finance,  aid  and political organizations such as the UN, IMF, world bank, WHO, UNICEF etc in the new nations which will in turn lead to direct foreign aid and intervention for the construction of critical infrastructure and other social programs. 

(5) Localised Education And Industrial Policy

It is not for nothing that other African countries have maintained a basic standard of education while education in Nigeria has practically collapsed. Nigeria’s leadership was dominated for long by the North that  had no desire to encourage education since their own people hardly went to school, they also never  encouraged  youth empowerment, since they have groomed their own youths to become poverty ridden-destitute almajiri’s.  Since a man cannot give what he does not have, it was never in the interest or calculation of erstwhile northern leaders to invest in education or youth empowerment, which has now birthed the crisis of collapsed education, youth unemployment, poverty and social chaos in the nation. Breakup will make it possible for the new nations to articulate and develop a robust education and industrial policy that caters specifically to their needs, aspirations and addresses the problem of  poverty- youth unemployment.

(6) Biometric ID Cards And Social Security

Whereas  less endowed  African countries are well organised with a structured  ID card system and a database that  helps in planning, security and general administration, the politics of  population manipulation and fraud by the north  induced  northern leaders to block all initiatives for a secure civic registration ID card system  in Nigeria.  Breakup will make it possible for the new nations to create a comprehensive database with biometric ID cards  that incorporates  fingerprints, digital photographs and DNA profiles. An added advantage of biometric identification is the creation of a  social security system that provides a safety net for the citizens.  

(7) Convening Of  A Sovereign National conference

For so long  the sovereign rights of each ethnic group  have  been suppressed  through the consistent refusal to convene a sovereign national conference by selfish northern interests who want to maintain the status quo of social, economic and political  injustices.  Breakup will make it possible for the citizens  of  the new nations to convene a sovereign national conference on  the basis of equality and exhaustively negotiate a covenant or constitution of association that respects the autonomy of all constituent units and creates a harmonious and prosperous nation. 
(8) End Of Marginalisation And Apartheid

Since the end of the Biafra-Nigeria conflict, marginalisation and apartheid has been the official policy of the Nigerian government towards some sections of the citizenry that resulted in the near total absence of  federal  infrastructure in their  region  and the near total exclusion  of  those citizens from the upper echelons of government. Breakup will bring a definite and final end to more than four decades of marginalisation. 


The advantages of break-up are so  many  that there is neither  the time nor the space to catalogue all of them. The undisputable fact remains that Nigeria is an unworkable and irredeemable failure. If other less endowed  African  nations  can have basic amenities and a measure of  peace while Nigeria does not,  then there is something seriously wrong with Nigeria and  it’s  time to finally confront the reality of the impossibility of Nigeria  as a nation. Except for those who have chosen collective suicide or perpetual slavery, I see no reason why anyone would want to be part of a nation where   there is marginalisation, injustice, inequality, oppression, ethno-religious mass murders and a total lack of progress.  A nation where if you live in the North you are segregated into strangers quarters known as “sabon gari” because the northerners consider you a stranger who should not live in their midst. The same Northerners segregate themselves into Hausa quarters when they move down south because  they  don’t believe they should mix with strangers and yet this is the country we pretend to be a nation.

Is it not also true that a Nigerian from the South is safer living in another African country or anywhere else in the world as a foreigner than living in the North as a Nigerian where he would sooner  be murdered on account of his ethnicity and religion?  Where then is the nation in Nigeria?  The worst lie is the lie a man tells himself.  Nigerians have continued to lie to themselves that Nigeria is a nation when the reality and all empirical evidence have consistently proven otherwise. As Fanon said, it’s time to undertake the mission  of  our generation and breakup this contraption. The mass killings in the North will never end and there will never be peace or progress in Nigeria until there is a breakup and permanent separation between the Muslim North and the rest of the nation. It is the greatest yoke holding the nation down the lifting of which will  herald  freedom,  peace,  prosperity and other profound  changes.

There are many ways,  means and options to break up this hopeless and useless nation. One of them is simply to de-amalgamate the North and the South, others include scheduling a referendum or plebiscite on self determination.  For the sake of our children and the coming generation, Southern leaders and all men of goodwill must come  together to  actualise  this divine and necessary duty as a  final solution to save our children from the burden of being trapped  in such a tragic and nightmarish contraption. The time is now!

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ) reports.

*Photo Caption – Map of Nigeria

 [ Masterweb Reports ] – Having spotted, on several sites, an article by one Yushau A. Shuaib in which the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is accused of facilitating controversial appointments in favour of her Igbo fellows, I was alarmed by this tale by moonlight gone viral. Somehow the thesis of the article did not quite fit. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has earned a solid reputation for her fight for a better Nigeria, her passion for a united Nigeria where fairness and equity reign. How could she, as our elders say, learn how to use her left hand in her old age? It just didn’t sound right. Still, I decided to study Shuaib’s piece to see if he had any basis for making such a wild allegation.
At the end of the exercise, it was obvious that the writer, in pursuit of an unholy agenda, was on a carefully planned mission to paint this icon of integrity in bad light; thus tarnishing her sterling image among Nigerians and the international community. The evidence he presented in support of the allegations he made was flawed, his logic was distorted and his conclusion very very malicious. In other words, Mr Shuaib was telling big fat lies against an innocent woman. So, having followed the activities of Madam Finance Minister, as an observer of political events, I thought I might as well offer some thoughts to set the facts right.

First of all, although Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala appears to hold a very powerful position in President Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet, as the writer posits, we also must not ignore the fact that she doesn’t call the shots when it comes to federal appointments. Her influence, as great as it is, is very limited when it comes to matters of public appointments. Apart from the fact that she cannot intrude into areas that are not directly connected with her job responsibilities, she would be acutely aware of the grave consequences that might be engendered by her whimsical interference in such matters. Having built a global reputation for integrity and performance, she – more than anyone – would be conscious of the damage that tribalism or any form of nepotism can do, not only to her credibility but also to national cohesion – an ideal that she is known to stand for.

In fact, most of the appointments cited in Mr Shuaib’s article appeared to have been made before Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala resumed office as Coordinating Minister for the Economy. This shows that his write up was nothing but a cheap hatchet job designed to achieve satanic objectives with lies. Thank God Nigerians are too smart to be fooled by such antics.

As much as we have the responsibility of keeping our leaders in check, we must be careful to do so dispassionately, without any form of prejudice. Criticisms are more effective when they are based on facts and devoid of ulterior motive. I am afraid to submit that Mr Shuaib’s piece does not pass that litmus test.

Olusola Daniel reports. Olusola Daniel is a social critic, political observer and an advocate for community development. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

*Photo Caption – Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala