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 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Here is the bitter side of history, that it is never fully recorded or reported. The sparse record of it that remains was written by individuals who viewed, experienced and interpreted events strictly from own limited point of view. In other words, we can never truly recover the full facts of the past by reading the skewed accounts presented by the historians. An Hausa man would write the history of Nigeria in a light that protects the perennial interest of the Hausas. The Chinua Achebes would go to the extent of unnaturally bending past record and presenting it in light that makes one view the Igbos as permanent victims of undeserving malevolence directed at them from all other ethnic groups around. And when a Yoruba man, the Fani-Kayodes, writes his own version and surnames it The Bitter Truth, he goes all the........ Read More
*Photo Caption - Chinua Achebe-Left; Femi Fani-Kayode-Right 

 [ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Fola Ojo reports ] - The current debate on the deportation of some people of Igbo extraction by Governor Fashola has opened up a bigger debate on the necessity of the colloquy that must take place between us all. For me, everything is a lesson, and in 2013, I have just learnt 13 new things about Nigeria and Nigerians amidst the back-and-forth, ping-pong-style verbal ricochet now hitting the media waves in the country.
1.      If you live in Lagos and have fallen on bad times, you can be deported when caught.
2.      A mentally –challenged person or beggar cannot be rehabilitated by his state of residence but by his state-of-origin.
3.      If you don’t like who lives in your neighborhood, just tag them beggars and ship them back home.
4.       In Lagos, deportation is the legal means of getting rid of “excess-luggage”, in the North, it is beheading and bombing.
5.      Now we know, after all, Lagos is not a Yoruba territory.
6.      The title; “Oba of Lagos” will eventually become either the “Obi of Lagos” or “Emir of Lagos” because Lagos is a “No-man’s-land”.
7.      The hatred of one tribe by the other in Nigeria is deeper than we ever thought, and it is getting deeper.
8.       Many Pastors are not going to comment on the deportation discussion.  Hah!  Anything that will affect Tithe & Offering is sacrosanct (no-go-area).
9.      Politicians who currently hold positions will not let you know how they really feel. Believe it, they feel plenty.
10.  Femi Fani-Kayode was merely expressing what many Yorubas (not all) hold as opinions about the Igbos and Nigeria, Orji Kalu was merely expressing what many Igbos (not all) think about the Yorubas and Nigeria.
11.  Both fani-Kayode and Kalu currently have no political jobs; the rave and rage is an application for one.
12.  Hausas are not going to get in the frantic fray with you fools, bruise yourselves and they cruise to the presidency in 2015.
13.  Regular Nigerians do not give a hoot about this hoopla; they just want food on their table.

Dr. Fola Ojo ( ) reports from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

*Photo Caption - Lagos State Igbo deportees

 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu  Nwobu reports ] – Many Nigerians would qualify to be rebranded a different species of Homo sapiens   totally separate from all other human species. The evidence of these unusual phenomena is obvious in the uncommon absurdities, the monumental injustice, the sheer wickedness, the groundswell of hate and the self destruction with which the nation is defined.  Added to this is the total and abject failure of Nigeria   in spite of Olympian endowments in human and material resources.  There is no other nation on the face of the earth with Nigeria’s endowments that has failed as much as Nigeria neither is there any precedent in human history.  Nigeria is thus a human and historical exception in failure.
But wait a minute;  Nigeria is not inhabited by animals, Nigeria is inhabited by human beings and led by human beings many of whom unfortunately like the Femi  Fani Kayode’s  of this world might not even be human at all or even if they are human  constitute a different species.  It is such abnormal beings  that  have broken the world record of making a richly endowed nation the greatest experiment in failure ever known to man.  And thus nothing works, even though we have everything that should make it work, and thus we are only capable of hate including self hate, which is why a councillor or local government chairman will steal and deprive the very community he or she comes from, the governor will steal and deprive the state he comes from, the president will steal and deprive the nation he comes from, and thus we engage in nothing other than self destruction as the world watches in amazement. It is not surprising that Nigeria has produced more sadists and more mass killers than Adolf Hitler.

Not even animals have ever been known to indulge in the level of self destruction and perfidy associated with Nigeria. Animals do take responsibility for their children/ siblings, they don’t kill their own kind and they have a social structure and community that is recognisable in the herds of a kind that often throng together. Nigeria has thus proven to be even more debased than animals have ever been capable off and the reason is clear; the quality of humanity of many Nigerians which has in turn influenced their character and the way they think. There have been suggestions in some quarters that many Nigerians are mentally disturbed and thus lunatics, but even mad persons do have basic common sense which is something that is totally absent in many of these characters that have vandalised the nation.

One of such characters is Femi Fani Kayode,  a relevance seeking  opportunist  who is  fond  of  jumping into every national  issue and almost always  injecting tribalism into simple issues  of citizenship or social justice as his strategy of finding relevance. Being incapable of being objective or constructive, his articles/utterances are often full of contradictions and sometimes outright nonsense.  He has nonetheless carved a niche for himself as a disrespectful talkative loudmouth and one of the rabidly bigoted/ignorant Nigerians who thrive in fanning the flames of the “tribalism industry.”  The recklessness and   illogicality’s he brings to bear on issues of national  importance  no doubt marks him out as one of those  many Nigerians who should be rebranded a different  species of humanity responsible for Nigeria’s damning predicament.  Nowhere is this more demonstrated than his take in the constitutional issue of deportation of persons from Lagos, which he has characteristically and laughably chosen to make a tribal issue. A man of Fani Kayode’s education is ordinarily expected to be able to distinguish between emotional issues and constitutional issues, he is also expected to like a member of a jury be capable of good judgement on the side of justice devoid of sentiments for the simple reason that as the saying goes “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.   But Fani Kayode found it impossible to exercise good judgement, because he belongs to the group who thrive in the “tribalism industry” and in the suffering  of Nigerians including his own people.

The illegality of the action of the Lagos state government in the deportation of person should be obvious even to the layman.  Nigeria has a constitution which spells out very clearly the rights of every Nigerian to reside wherever they chose in any part of the nation without let or hindrance.  In violation of this constitutional right Governor Fashola started a campaign of institutional kidnapping (arresting and holding persons against their will) and deportation of persons to several states within Nigeria. At the last count Fashola has deported people to several Northern states, to Oyo, Ogun states and recently to Onitsha where at the dead of night persons some of whom were from Edo state, Delta and Kogi states were dumped.  Some of the deported persons were reportedly lunatics who could not communicate or express themselves and it is possible that some of them might even be from Lagos state or elsewhere. 

The pretext is that the deported persons are homeless and destitute who were repatriated to reunite them with their family; but you don’t hold people against their will/constitutional rights and dump them at night along the road and claim to be reuniting them with their families. Government exists to provide for the most downtrodden and impoverished in society. It is the responsibility of government to invest in creating jobs, opportunities, and to rehabilitate the downtrodden including the disabled in their respective jurisdictions and not to deport them.  In all normal and well governed societies, government has a massive budget of social welfare with which they provide for social housing, unemployment allowances for those who have no jobs, disability allowances, medical cards and other varieties of social aid.

There are thousands of technically destitute Nigerians residing in Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and elsewhere who have been housed by the government in council houses and who depend on their livelihood from social welfare payments and other benefits. The government of those countries have not deported   Nigerians back to Nigeria because they are destitute and dependent on the government to survive in line with the logic of Lagos state government and their enablers like Fani Kayode.  If Fashola was so interested in resolving the issue of destitution he could have shown an example by rehabilitating  indigenes of his state, but it is not on record anywhere that Fashola has provided social housing, unemployment benefits, medical insurance  and other social aid to poor indigenes of Lagos state. It is thus evident that what Fashola has manifested is  the  usual  sadism and wickedness of Nigerian leaders and their disdain for the poor and downtrodden. 

In light of the tragedy of the deportations, it is shameful  but not surprising  given  his antecedents that  Fani Kayode descended so low as to make it a tribal issue when he said  amongst others that “ the Ibos where  given back  their properties when they returned to Lagos after  the Nigeria-Biafra war, and that while Ibos have been free to invest in Lagos  the East has not allowed the Yoruba’s to invest there”.  This is the extent of ignorance, bigotry and deceit Fani Kayode brought to an issue that has to do with justice and constitutionality. In the first place it is preposterous for Fani Kayode to reduce the tragedy of the Biafran war to returned properties  when  it is obvious that the needless lives lost is more valuable than properties, it is also obvious that the Biafrans who were  willing to fight and die in that conflict would have preferred to have Biafra and loose the so called properties rather  than the situation in Nigeria today with all the injustice, oppression  and  bigotry people like him have  sowed  which is why after the millions of lives lost to keep the nation together there  are still people like him insisting that it was right to deport Nigerians in their own country.

The injustice and genocide of Biafra is an open sore which should continue to haunt people like Fani Kayode because his kith and kin participated in the mass slaughter to usurp the inalienable rights of a people to self determination (he himself has severally advocated a sovereign national conference) recognised   under international law in the United Nations charter which could have been determined through democratic means by holding a plebiscite or referendum.  One wonders where Kayode finds the moral right to talk of the Biafran war when 43 years after the conflict people like him are supporting the deportation of Nigerians in their own supposed country?  How does he find the moral right to talk of Biafra when his father who was the deputy premier to Ladoke Akintola was part of the group that fought/conspired against chief Obafemi Awolowo   and pioneered election rigging in Nigeria through the massive rigging fiesta in the Western region in 1964 that unleashed the violence (wetie) that eventually led to the January 1966 coup and consequently the war? If not for corrupt acts of people like Fani Kayode’s father in rigging elections and orchestrating violence in the West, there would have been no coup and thus no war. It is easy for hypocrites like Kayode to conveniently bypass the facts when he talks of Biafra and the crisis that led to it but historical facts are on record and his father played some of the critical corrupt roles that truncated the nation’s democracy and led to the war.

Secondly,  his premise that the Yoruba have not been allowed to invest in the East is the most laughable deceit of the century, because there is no law that forbids  the  Yoruba from investing in the East. Yoruba’s have not invested in the East because they choose not to. For someone like myself who grew up in what was then  Midwest  and  later  Bendel  state, I don’t remember seeing  any Yoruba person or Yoruba investment  in the area. Maybe Fani Kayode will also claim that the people of the Midwest which incidentally used to be part of the Western region also prevented them from investing there.  Truth is;   Yoruba’s are generally not given to much migration and investment outside their region within Nigeria. You are more likely to see a Yoruba person in London than in Calabar and you are more likely to see Yoruba investments in properties and others in London than in Benin City.  Even in Abuja which by virtue of being the federal  capital  attracts all Nigerians, you are more likely to see other Nigerians owning properties and investing than you would  Yorubas, I am not aware of any law that stops  Yorubas from investing in Abuja as much as other Nigerians. This tendency to shun investments outside the West for whatever reason is the real reason why there isn’t much Yoruba investment in the East and elsewhere and not the garbage peddled by the likes Kayode. He might himself be in a better position to tell us why his people are loath to investing outside their region.

Another factor, Fani Kayode conveniently ignored is how the federal   government policy has affected migration and investment in Nigeria.  Nigerian migration and investment is driven mainly by federal presence and investments in infrastructure. This is why Nigeria with a population in excess of 150 million people only has only two major cities of note; namely Lagos and Abuja. After the war with the consolidation of the unitary system, much development was driven only by the federal government. Lagos being the then federal capital benefitted from a massive investment in infrastructure and federal presence, it is estimated that 90% of the infrastructure in Lagos state was built by the federal government. Murtala  Muhammed international airport, Tin Can Port, Federal palace hotel,  Ikoyi Hotel, 1004 towers, national  secretariat  towers, national stadium, national arts theatre, Nitel  building (the tallest in Nigeria)  Eko bridge, third mainland bridge, carter bridge and all the flyovers in Lagos amongst so many other infrastructure were built by the federal government. There is more federal presence and more flyovers built by the federal government   in Lagos alone than the whole of the Southeast, South-south and North Central. If as bigots like Fani Kayode deceitfully claim, Lagos was developed by the West then we should have seen much of that development in Ibadan which was after all the capital of the Western region.

No city in Nigeria has benefitted as much in federal investments and presence like Lagos with the only exception being Abuja which is the current federal capital. Without this massive federal investments Lagos would predictably have been like so many other small desolate coastal towns across Nigeria.  This massive government presence and infrastructure naturally pushed migration of jobseekers, private investors and others towards Lagos, (this same phenomenon is being presently replicated in Abuja) and naturally created the cosmopolitan city Lagos became. Notably, at the same time that Lagos was benefitting from massive federal investments, other parts of Nigeria particularly the East was ignored and even marginalised.  Since capital and people mostly  go where there is infrastructure and federal presence which is evident  across the world  in London, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Belgium,  Acrra,  Nairobi amongst others  being the most cosmopolitan cities in their countries  the influx was routed  to Lagos.  Abuja, until recently an empty forest has been transformed through massive federal investments. It is very likely that  Fani  Kayode being one of the “federal  looters”  with ill gotten wealth has a home or office in Abuja because of  its status as  the federal capital, how would Kayode feel  if Northerners  some years later  start insulting residents of Abuja and claiming the North developed Abuja? 

All factors considered, Fani  Kayode can thus not have expected the Yoruba’s  to invest in the East even if they wanted to when the federal government made sure as a state policy after  the civil war  to lock the East  out of all federal presence and infrastructure,  which happens  to be the factors  that  drives migration and investments. If for example Enugu or Sapele   happened to be Nigeria’s capital with all the federal presence an infrastructure that goes with it, the same corresponding migration and investments from all sections of Nigeria would take place there the same way it happened in Lagos and now happening in Abuja.  The undisputable fact is that federal presence and infrastructure is the chief driver of migration and investments in Nigeria. For this same reason and factors, it is very rare to see non natives settled elsewhere in the West outside Lagos, and even Yoruba’s themselves from all the other states invest and settle more in Lagos than elsewhere in the West.  The factors that made Lagos an area of influx and that inhibited migration and investments in other parts of Nigeria is an issue that someone like Fani Kayode is expected to understand.

The question of who owns Lagos should never arise except in the  heads of  the ignoramus  who thrive in the “tribalism industry”  like Fani  Kayode,  for the simple reason that Lagos like all Nigerian cities, towns, villages and even natural resources under her soil is owned by all Nigerians. This is after all why  crude oil resources that is obtained mainly from the Niger-Delta is allocated to all states and local governments  across  Nigeria, an allocation that exclusively sustains most of the states in Fani Kayode’s  region.  Kayode used to live in Acrra which happens to be the largest city in Ghana settled by people from all parts of the country, I am not sure he ever witnessed a situation where the Acrra authorities were deporting people to other parts of Ghana? And since he is the only one in his family who lives in Nigeria according to his own admission, how would he feel if all his relations abroad are deported back to Nigeria because they assessed social welfare or any social aid from the state?  Does his relations’ residing abroad have anymore entitlements and rights of residence in the foreign countries where they reside than Nigerians in their own country?  Instead of always pandering to ignorance/bigotry and insulting residents of Lagos as the likes of Fani Kayode and his co travellers have become notorious for, he should be grateful to all Nigerians that the federal government located much federal investments in his region at the expense of other regions which created the cosmopolitan city that Lagos is. 
Corruption and tribalism are Nigeria’s two biggest industries; not surprisingly Fani Kayode is heavily invested in both, but It is important to remind people like him who have infamously tried to reduce a constitutional and moral issue to a tribal issue, that Fashola has also deported persons to Oyo and Ogun states who happen to be from the same region, it is also possible that some of the lunatics dumped in Onitsha who could not identify themselves are indigenes of Lagos state. Injustice has no boundaries and Fashola’s action if unchecked means that even Fani Kayode who is not himself from Lagos state could be deported someday. Knowing the history of Africa with ethnically and religiously homogenous countries like Somalia and Rwanda torn by strife and conflicts, Fani Kayode should realise that injustice can tear apart even members of the same immediate family.  Nigeria has failed because of the penchant to perpetrate, justify injustice and fan the flames of tribalism.  Nothing destroys a people or nation like injustice and people like Fani Kayode should realise that injustice has no boundaries.

While he conveniently wears the tribal coat as a relevance seeking gambit, It is not a secret that the likes of  Fani  Kayode loves no one but himself, neither does he speak for the Yoruba; an urbane and sophisticated people who must  find him an embarrassment.  He simply belongs to the sadistic, unconscionable, bigoted and wicked political class that have destroyed the nation. The fact that he is currently facing trial for looted funds  while a minister of aviation lends credence to the fact that he is just another vulture waiting to devour the carcass of the suffering Nigerian.  While a minister of aviation he had no achievement beyond looting the coffers and planes were crashing from the sky like rain drops. There are suggestions that  he is a disturbed person, some suggest he is high on drugs, while all that may be true, I believe his real problem is  belonging to the different species of Homo sapiens  that have made Nigeria a laughing stock in the world and vindicated the racists who claim the black race is inferior. My parting advice to him is to repent, seek to retrieve his humanity, seek treatment and learn to be on the side of justice if he hopes that his children, siblings and future generations can have a normal nation and society to live in where they will be free from all types of bigotry, oppression and inhumanity.

Lawrence Chinedu  Nwobu ( Email: ).

*Photo Caption – Femi  Fani Kayode

 [ Masterweb Reports: Clement Udegbe reports ] – When Governor Babatunde Raji  Fashola  was sworn in as the Governor of Lagos State, to take over from his mentor, I was one of those who vouched for him, urging my friends in our small but very closed forum of lawyers who are pastors to monitor and watch the actions of Lawyers in Power.
I boasted that here comes the first SAN, as a Governor, who will show Nigerians that lawyers have the key to the challenges of this blessed nation, and that Lagos will soon experience a turn around for good. Today, we all agree that he has done well  and still doing well except for one terrible and dangerous tendency his government has displayed too frequently.

Around December 2009,the LASG, provided buses and was paying a sum ranging from N8,000 toN15,000 to anyone who wanted to leave Lagos. What was baffling was that the evacuation targeted people from the South- South and South East of Nigeria, especially the Igbos.

Any man who wants people to leave “their Lagos” so shabbily is wickedly inconsiderate because some of these citizens being urged to depart or relocate from Lagos may have come here when some of them in power today were toddlers. Some of these persons so believed in Lagos, that they gave their children Yoruba names like myself.

They only discovered late in life, like I now do, that many of these men who are in power have refused to outgrow their dislike for Igbos! To me, that action signaled the possibility of BRF waking up any morning to ask a whole group, and ethnic group to leave Lagos. Igbos could be made to leave Lagos one day, if nothing is done now.

I quickly took this thought to my forum of Pastor Lawyers, and after a good argument, they disagreed with me, but  we all agreed to watch BRF closely to observe anything that will prove my thoughts or to confirm my fears for the Igbo people in Lagos. After BRF’s re-election in 2011, we all agreed that the man will become bolder, more blunt, daring, and even wicked in his second term. This was purely based on his body language in everything he did, after he was sworn in for the second term.

Soon after, LASG had a serious brush with the Igbo traders in Alaba International Market, Ojo. He threatened to close their market, and we noted it.

Then he hit the Okada riders very hard, and as that was settling down, he hit the Ladipo Igbo traders early this year, and closed the market indefinitely! It took the intervention of Owelle Rochas Okorocha of Imo State to reach BRF’s milk of mercy and he reopened Ladipo Market, but not without a warning! I, had to, and without any apologies, come to the painful conclusion that it is either that someone very high up in the LASG does not like Ndigbo, or it is BRF himself. What angered me more was that Owelle had to beg him for Ndigbo.

This Igbo people I complained, when will they wake up to know and accept that no one likes them in this arrangement called Nigeria, and comport themselves properly at all times and in all they do?

To confirm that I was correct, on the July 26 morning, Onitsha people at the bridge head area woke up to the deportation of about 70 Igbos by LASG to Anambra State! What BRF has told Ndigbo by this action include: That Lagos State under his administration will not tolerate Igbo failed citizens in the state; Lagos will allow only those who contribute immensely to the Internally Generated Revenue of the State, and if any becomes unable to pay tax for any reason, LASG will send him back to Igboland.

Don’t ever think you can do anything about how LASG, treats Ndigbo,whether their treatment of Igbos is constitutional or not, no one can do anything about it. Since Igbo Governors may only come to beg him for mercy, he might as well just send their people back to them, good riddance of bad rubbish! Finally, LASG can and will disregard the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when it concerns Ndigbo, because they are ACN!

The deportation of Nigerians from Nigeria was the worst assault on the pride of Igbo people in Lagos; it was deliberately calculated to see what the Igbo people would do, and it is in very bad taste to me.

The meaning was that a governor who thinks and goes ahead to approve the transportation and relocation of these Nigerian citizens from his state, has succeeded in flouting and abusing the constitutional rights of these citizens to a place of domicile, to stay and earn their living in any part of Nigeria.

If the Federal Government does not speak and do something about this, there will be cause for any Igbo man to worry about this contraption called Nigeria that we have all so believed in. LASG must be made to account for these persons, cater and provide for them, because it was in Lagos that they lost focus and their destiny  ruined.

Lagos Area Boys run wild, extorting money from bus drivers, causing nuisance with impunity ostensibly encouraged by LASG. I just wonder when this insult of Ndigbo will end.The growing trend of disrespecting the Igbo people in Lagos, and wherever in Nigeria must stop.

If nothing is done about this by the FG, many will have to brace up for a fight for their constitutional right, or pack away from Lagos State. And this is because my Igbo people say that if your fowl comes out in the morning from its cage and starts pursuing you, it is wise that you run for your dear life, because it may have developed sharp teeth overnight!

Clement Udegbe, a Nigerian lawyer reports from Lagos.

*Photo Caption – Governor Babatunde Raji  Fashola of Lagos State, Nigeria.

 [ Masterweb Reports: Theophilus Ilevbare reports ] – It is no longer news that Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of the House of Representatives is been courted to hoist the northern flag in the 2015 presidential contest as he is said to possess the qualities the nation requires at the moment, though he has not officially declared his intention to contest for the plum job, only a naïve political observer will claim ignorance of his lofty ambition. Tacit endorsement and nudges have never been in short supply in the past months, notable and most assuring to him is the phrase to ‘try something higher’ – the way former Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida puts it to him. Since then Tambuwal has been under pressure from prominent northern leaders to contest the 2015 presidential election. Even as he continues to make consultations and weigh his options, the opposition coalition - APC, are waiting in the wings to lure him to their camp.
Tambuwal is already reaching out to every nook and cranny of the country by personally honouring all invitations for naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals, thanksgiving, birthdays, constituency project launching or commissioning and other socio-political engagements organised by members of the House, state governors, prominent politicians and traditional rulers. His romance with members of the opposition has drawn the ire of the party’s hierarchy at the Wadata Plaza Headquarters of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). They describe such open association as an "unholy alliance". He has also tended towards opposition views in his comments on several national issues.

The Speaker enjoys tremendous support from opposition members of the House of Representatives, in addition to his cordial relationship with his party members. Political strategists see Tambuwal as one who could win over PDP members to the APC if he agrees to defect. But there is the fear of a backlash, (like a real threat of impeachment should he cross-carpet to the APC to contest) instigated by the PDP as they have majority lawmakers in the House. To nullify and checkmate any threat of impeachment, pundits believe the APC plan to engineer a massive defection of the members of the House of Representatives from the PDP to its fold in the event that the speaker eventually rise to the bait to contest the 2015 presidency on APC platform.

His proponents harp his aspiration for the presidency on the way he has successfully steered the affairs of the House by rising above partisanship and giving equal leverage to the opposition members in the House. Hence, Tambuwal is been projected by many as a progressive. His colleagues have come out boldly to declare their support for the Speaker’s 2015 ambition amid calls from some South/South lawmakers for caution. Hon. Lawal Yahaya Gumau representing Toro Federal Constituency, Bauchi state, bared his mind on Tambuwal's aspiration: “I want to assure you that anybody that can preside over the National Assembly, be it Speaker or Senate president, 360 people in the House and stay with them in peace like Tambuwal is doing; such a person can rule Nigeria”. Therein lies the selling point of pro-Tambuwal group. They fail to realise that leading a House of just 360 adults elected as worthy representative of various constituencies of the nation cannot be a yardstick that makes Tambuwal the most qualified aspirant to become president of a country of 160 million people of diverse culture, ethnic and religious differences.

Many Nigerians are favourably disposed to a paradigm shift from the old guard of ex-military administrators to the younger breed of politicians which is in tandem with the trending global practice. World super power leaders like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Francois Hollande and others who are young, well educated, eloquent, dynamic and charismatic. But that alone is not enough. Beyond the bridges Tambuwal is building as he trots the country, he needs the endorsement and votes of Nigerians, not that of the northern elders to win elections. He should focus more on his image as a nationalist, rather than a regional northern aspirant who might end up dancing to the tune of the northern elders if he makes it to Aso Rock. However, in most quarters, he is still regarded in the shadows of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, whom many believe, still has cult following in the north. How he intends to leapfrog the retired General for the consensus candidate of the north in 2015 remains to be seen.

The number four citizen is in a crowded race for the presidency, no doubt. He seem to be playing safe, choosing to remain in the PDP for now. 2015 will be a year of reckoning for the ruling party as Nigerians are already disillusioned with the leadership they’ve provided in the past fourteen years. It is a party torn to the seams by crisis and the pursuit of self-interest. We are not under any illusion that the PDP is invincible, regardless of the clout and war chest they’ve garnered over the years. PDP can as well wave goodbye to the presidency in 2015 with the incumbent toeing the path that they have trod since 1999. As divided as the party is today, if the elections were to be conducted, Jonathan and the behemoth of a party he represents will be defeated. It will be difficult for the incumbent President to win an election in Nigeria without the support of the North. The only way the PDP can stand a chance at the 2015 polls is to field a northern presidential candidate.   

In spite of the goodwill that Tambuwal is currently enjoying, the Speaker must exercise restraint so as not to get carried away as there are fears that he is been led to the fray to be left in the lurch. When push comes to shove, those nudging him to contest might abandon his ship. The political wilderness former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has found himself since he fell out of favour with ex-president, Olusegun Obasanjo, should be instructive for the Sokoto-born lawmaker. If it is people like IBB that will be behind Tambuwal, men who have ruled this nation and left us where we are now, then he is going to fail even if he wins the election. He must be careful of being used and dumped by senior political parasites masquerading as messiahs.

Tambuwal must not feign ignorance of Speaker predecessors, how they fell eventually to the booby trap the PDP laid patiently in waiting. Hon. Ghali Umar Na'aba readily comes to mind. He pitched most lawmakers in the green chambers against the President between 1999 and 2003. He was booted out by the PDP when it was time for the 2003 elections and he is yet to be integrated into the mainstream of the party till today.

Hon. Aminu Bello Masari, Speaker between 2003 and 2007, whom many still believed led a House that had the most cordial relationship with the executive during Obasanjo's eight year tenure. He didn’t oppose the government frontally, but was accused of working against the party behind the scenes. He was stopped in his tracks when he attempted to secure the ticket of the PDP for the governorship seat of Katsina state in 2007. Ibrahim Shema, who is now the governor, was given the nod ahead of him as those issues came to the fore.

It is quite precarious for Tambuwal to openly hobnob with the opposition as the leaders of his party - on the platform he became a federal lawmaker - continue to kick. How he intends to get away unscathed is perhaps, privy to him alone. Should his 2015 presidential ambition become unfulfilled, will he still have a political future in the PDP or the yet to be registered APC?

Theophilus Ilevbare ( ).

*Photo Caption – Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal

 [ Masterweb Reports: Abdullahi M. Seidu reports ] – In the last couple of months, battles have raged between the executive and the legislative arm of government over the functionality of the 2013 budget. And after the dust settled, we were informed that over N100 billion had been budgeted for constituency projects.
Although, I am not totally comfortable with the inclusion of constituency projects in our national budget, I believe it will bring a bit of normalcy to the stormy relationship between the executive and the legislative arm of government. For some time now, National Assembly members have been bent on having constituency projects included in the national budget and are even more determined to implement such projects themselves; now, isn’t that outlandish? The legislators are trying to combine roles; they want to retain legislative and executive powers at the same time!

I am sure they would be on the verge of war as the president has directed the Minister for Special Duties to implement and oversee the constituency projects. “Mr President has assigned the Minister for Special Duties to assist in overseeing the implementation of the N100 billion constituency projects across the country,” said the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, during a press briefing in Abuja on the 2013 budget.

The Federal Government is totally justified in taking charge of the implementation of this vex item called constituency projects; because, in my opinion, the National Assembly members have no business executing projects, except they are certified contractors. National Assembly members are constitutionally empowered to legislate (make laws) and not to execute laws, least of all projects! The framers of the constitution, in their wisdom, have given every organ of government their functions; and each organ is expected to play its role without unnecessarily straying to covert other roles.

Allegations abound about how some members of the National Assembly corner the funds of the constituency projects into their personal pockets without actually executing any projects. According to the Managing Director of Anambra Imo River Basin Development Authority, Mr Onu Eluwa, constituency development projects form the bulk of abandoned projects in the water sector. In his words, “We have a lot of abandoned projects; these projects are largely what we call the constituency projects of legislators, which, when a new legislator comes, he does not continue financing. We have to build the projects from the budgets that are made available to us. If there isn’t continued financing for a project and a contractor is on that project and he is not paid, he can’t stay there indefinitely, that is why we have these abandoned projects.”

Eluwa is not alone in picking holes in constituency projects implementation by lawmakers, Innocent Akpoteju Adjenughwure, President, Renaissance Agenda; Team Leader, Niger Delta Study Group Extractive Sector; and National Coordinator of Campaign Against Arms Trade Network in Nigeria, kicked against the inclusion of bogus constituency project in the national budget: “It is not the duty of the lawmakers to allocate the resources in the budget, as their duty is to monitor the effective implementation of the budget across the entire country. The constituency project malady is a short route to corrupt tendency.”

The idea of constituency projects for legislators sprung up at the experimental stage of Nigeria’s democratic dispensation. I believe the intention then was not to stuff the pockets and accounts of legislators. Rather, the idea was to ensure a minimum presence of government in every constituency by having some grassroot projects sited in each one during budget implementation. It is clear that the National Assembly members need to focus on their assignments, as enshrined in the 1999 constitution, and refrain from meddling in matters they have no business. 

Abdullahi M. Seidu ( ).

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 [ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] – Succession politics have heated up the polity so much that President Jonathan’s kinsmen have threatened 160 million Nigerians that if he loses the next election, they will break up the nation-therefore proponents of Biafra, Oduduwa, Arewa republics should take the cue and vote out Jonathan in 2015.
Goodluck Jonathan became the president of Nigeria on a platter of gold (death of Yar’adua and Boko Haram attacks) under an obvious divine interjection. His predecessor Yar’adua became president on a platter of gold (Obasanjo do-or die electoral malpractice and ruling party convention manipulations). Obasanjo too became president in 1999 on a platter of gold (Babangida and anti June-12 elements used him to frustrate Olu Falae).

Now the same break-up of Nigeria which caused the civil war is being offered on a platter of gold-‘If Jonathan Fails We Break-Up Nigeria’. This is the story militant leader Asari Dokubo, Kingsley Kuku and others, both young and old, has been singing. They claim they are threatening the north-but actually they are threatening the entire Nigeria. They are actually warning Afenifere, Ohaneze, Arewa, MASSOB,OPC, Boko Haram, CAN, PFN,SCIA and all groups  in Nigeria that if kinsman Jonathan fails the 2015 election, there will be no Nigeria. According to Dokubo, ‘’I want to go on to say that, there will be no peace, not only in the Niger Delta, but everywhere if Goodluck Jonathan is not president again, by 2015, except God takes his life, which we don’t pray for’’. Kingsley Kuku Special Adviser to the President on Amnesty told US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (African Affairs) in Washington DC that’ It is only a Jonathan presidency that can guarantee continued peace and energy security in the Niger Delta''

These and numerous other inflammatory statements are self serving and devoid of reasoning. Instead of these warlords advising their kinsman to apprehend the subsidy thieves who stole N1.7 trillion ($12 billion dollars) of Nigeria’s money and use the recovered funds to provide employment and other  FRESH AIR he promised Nigerians, they are threatening everybody. Instead of telling their kinsman to seek for the recovery of the $67 billion dollars embezzled from the time he was Vice President under Yaradua till date  when the lid was opened by Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and use such to provide enabling critical infrastructure in Nigerian , they are threatening everybody. Instead of telling their tribesman to investigate the people behind the $1billion dollar Malabu Oli deal, a fund that can construct ten new federal universities, they are threatening war. The truth is that such silly noise making has done more harm to the Jonathan presidency than anything else.

There is no doubt that the north is under the curse of nemesis –with the Fulani herdsmen creating confusion all over the Middle Belt and South-the prospects of a united northern challenge is impossible.

The Yoruba west is observing at the entire scenario, knowing that they wouldn’t bat an eye if the nation breaks up. I want to state it categorically that Yoruba have nothing to lose if Nigeria breaks up and as such when such ethnic inflammatory nonsense is spewed out- they should stop being cowardly and dare the break-up.

The middle-belt will not lose much under a broken Nigeria. Since they started serving the core north, they have been rewarded with religious riots, herdsmen attacks and marginalization.

The core north will even recover from a balkanized Nigeria. Mallam Shekau and his criminal band have at least shown that they have an ideological base to their struggle-they want to practice their Sharia without western influence-which the north is entitled to if that is what they want. Shekau and his marauders have refused to be bribed to drop their murderous ideology despite all the billions offered by different negotiating groups since the conflict started. If they manage to control the north- they will most probably wipe off corruption and child marriage in a matter of weeks.

For the Ijaws, they are ready for the break-up of Nigeria. Senator Joseph Waku and Mallam Nasir El-Rufai among numjerous informed outsiders have already made the matter an open issue. Bayelsa state has its own national flag and national anthem and coat of arms.  The problem is that the Western countries are not yet favorably disposed to an Ijaw Republic. There is fear in the US that militants and criminal elements within Ijaw nation will overshadow and control the bureaucrats, professionals and progressives among them making the new republic another conflict zone. Discuss with these militants in Transcorp Hilton, Nicon Luxury, Rock View and other hotels they usually lodge and enjoy themselves in the city of Abuja ,you will discover a mindset ready to pillage the nation and go their way.

Where does Biafra stand in all these?  The usual unpreparedness that cost Biafra the civil war. North is ready to confront Jonathan. Jonathan’s kinsmen have made a plan B. Yorubas may catch in on the situation to declare Oduduwa republic. Igbos are just clinging to Jonathan as if the destiny of over 50 million of them depends on him-arrant nonsense. By the time Jonathan sells them to protect himself and his people’s aspirations, they will cry betrayal they way they cried over Awolowo.

MASSOB, BILIE, ALADIMMA, BIAFRA FOUNDATION, Ohaneze Youths and all the groups seeking for the actualization of Biafra should utilize this golden opportunity. Mobilize and vote the incumbent out in 2015 and Ijaws will declare an Ijaw republic-in the ensuing confusion, declare a Biafra republic and have your freedom. Jonathan and his kinsmen are not interested in Biafra. They want their own country-Ogoni, Urhobo, Ishekiri all want separatist republic-and they may have back- up plans. What are Igbos doing-talking nonsense on facebook and twitter and whining around Jonathan presidency-instead of strategizing on how to contain the situation if things get out of hand.

By the time the prepared Ijaws goes home with the Yorubas under the saddle of Tinubu-who might declare himself the Emperor of Oduduwa Republic-the next confusion will be in Igbo lands and another pogrom and genocide against Igbos will begin in the north.

Asari Dokubo, Kingsley Kuku and other war mongers are talking some ethnic nonsense. However, this nonsense can turn to common sense-vote out PDP in 2015 and cue behind the Ijaw ethnic warlords to reclaim Biafra Republic, Oduduwa Republic, Benue-Plateau Republic, Sharia Republic and Boko Haram Republic.

Personally, I do not subscribe to the break-up of Nigeria. Every tribe in Nigeria has its good, bad and ugly and if the good ones join hands, heads and hearts together, they can reclaim back Nigeria from the forces of disintegration and shepherd the nation to greatness. If the incumbent can deliver on a quarter of his electoral promises, by 2015 the opposition will have nothing to use to campaign against him. However, with ethnic warlords and supporters of the president beating drums of war, separatism and threatening that come 2015, no Jonathan, no Nigeria, daring all of us, then to hell with Nigeria-lets help them break up the nonsense.

Obinna Akukwe ( ).

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 [ Masterweb Reports: Eddy Aghanenu reports ] – Recently, the Speaker of House of Representative, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal raised dust when he said that conditions for revolution are ripe in the country.  Hon. Aminu Tambuwal is no stranger to controversy. In his public posturing, the Speaker continually wants to be on the populist side. This could be due to process that led to his emergence as the Speaker of House of Representatives. His emergence was as a result of the marriage of the opposition members and some rebel PDP members in the House. It is normal therefore, that he should be singing tunes that will be pleasant to the ears of the opposition.
At an event in Lagos, the speaker decried the high rate of corruption and other vices in the country. To him, we could be having revolution in our hands if our leaders (looters) do not have a change of heart. Hear him: “The most compelling reasons for revolution throughout the ages were injustice, crushing poverty, marginalisation, rampant corruption, lawlessness, joblessness, and general disaffection with the ruling elite. You will agree with me that these describe conditions in our nation now, to a very large degree.”  

He spoke the right words, at the right place, the right audience and the right time. His analysis was on the mark. Unemployment is at its highest peak. Insecurity is on the rise. Unbridled corruption is the order of the day. Poverty has enveloped the land. Election rigging is the modus operandi of winning election by the ruling party. Economic growth has taken flight. Nothing is working. The country is almost a failed state. No thanks to the political elite.

What has the honourable speaker and the House done to stem the tide? It can safely be said that the National Assembly is part of our problems. They allocate salaries and allowances to themselves that no one knows except them. They embark on frivolous trips and over sight functions whose results are never known. In a country where majority can barely find food to eat, the honourable members are allocating to themselves several millions of naira for their furniture, wardrobe, cars and other unnecessary luxuries. They live in affluence while other Nigerians are scavenging for their survival. The electorate who voted these men and women into the House only knows the colour of poverty.

The Speaker and members of the House are not different from the political elite. Rather than making sure that the executive arm is checkmated and made to execute programmes beneficial to the people, they are busy hobnobbing with the executive to the detriment of the people. Scandals in the House are no longer news. Most reports never see the light of day. Important bills are swept under the carpet. How can it be said that the House chaired by the Honourable Speaker has been unable to pass the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) years after it has been sent to the House?  This is a bill meant to arrest the monumental rot in the petroleum sector.

There is anger in the land. Anywhere one goes, anger is written all over the faces of Nigerians. Anger of man’s inhumanity to man! The people we elected or who rigged themselves to power are now masters and lording it over the masses. No political elite thinks of developing the nation and bringing it at par to the west. Infrastructural decay decorates the land. Arewa youths are crying over the wasted opportunities by their leaders. In every geo political zone there are cries and anger against the ruling class.

Gradually, the people are increasingly becoming aware that the problem of this country is neither religion nor ethnicity. The use of religion and ethnicity to balkanize the people can no longer work. The realization has dawned on the masses that the problem of this country is the political elite. It transcends religion, ethnicity and geo political zone. The hunted are getting united by the day to seek for the hunter. The oppressed are in unison to seek for the pharaoh that refuses to allow them go.

Let the Honourable Speaker not delude himself into thinking that the revolution that he says is ripe will pass him by. He is part of the ruling class. Even if he sings beautiful melodies to the people, he will still be remembered as part of the problem. The only way to save himself is to purge himself and work arduously to transform this country to the nation of our dreams. Let other members of the political elite shun corruption and other vices and remember that power was entrusted to them by the people. They are not masters but servants of the people.

Let our leaders learn from what happened and is happening in the Arab world. If the Arab spring, happens in Nigeria, the political elite will be consumed in the flames of people’s anger. Let them including Hon Aminu Tambuwal do what is right, implement people oriented programmes and return looted money (for those who might have corruptly enriched themselves) to the people. That is the only way to prevent the revolution which the Honourable Speaker is predicting. 

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 [ Masterweb Reports ] - I have tried, with difficulty, to refuse the temptation of commenting on the goings-on in the Rivers State and, most recently, its House of Assembly for some time now. I find out that the urge to think aloud increases, each time, with the news emanating from the Garden City which has now been turned into a gladiators’ arena. When I watch a popular DSTV channel called “Nat Geo Wild”, I do see how animals eschew God and play God to each other in the jungle. I always feel bad but I understand I am watching animals. What is happening in Rivers State, politically speaking, today is not far from a “Nat Geo Wild” in real sense, the only difference is that this time around human beings – and not animals – are involved; playing God to each other and making a mince meat out of each other’s flesh. I have chosen to relay the comments of some people on this issue. All is based on news items. I was not there and would not want to be........ Read More
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 [ Masterweb Reports: Theophilus Ilevbare reports ] – On Democracy Day, Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the Jonathan government in towing the infamous path of ignominy as he danced to the macabre steps of the Jonathan administration’s mid-term scorecard of transformation Agenda. Jackson said it was obvious that the ship of the Nigerian Nation is sailing in the right course describing the transparency of President Goodluck Jonathan as unequalled in contemporary democracy. My first thoughts were to let it pass, but in the course of my interaction with concerned Nigerians in the Diaspora, particularly in the US, we saw a need to bring to public knowledge Rev. Jesse Jackson’s clandestine scheme of grand deception his visits and long association with the country’s leaders has been shrouded.
Over the past two years, the present administration has resorted to window dressing and the former shadow Senator for the District of Columbia has being the trumpeter on the international scene. The Baptist minister, tried to pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians during the mid-term performance report of President Jonathan. The sight of Rev. Jackson on that day was reminiscent of former President of the United States, Nick Carter, working in the same capacity for ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo. Jackson’s affiliation with the present administration can at best be described as a relationship of congruent characters. 

When in America, he challenges the US government to be inclusive, to establish just and humane priorities for the benefit of all. Across the Atlantic to Africa, he endorses corruption, unemployment and undemocratic proclivities of an elected president. His speech had nothing to suggest that he is an advocate of economic and social justice, but instead, it smacked of the familiar vibes of a political hireling.

As a civil right activist, his activism must be people centered. Any government that has failed in its responsibility in providing basic infrastructure, employment, security of lives and property is not deserving of such high praise. The rhetoric of President Jonathan and his fawning ministers does not translate to realities on ground when citizens are inundated daily with unprecedented corruption, rising unemployment, deteriorating security conditions, decaying infrastructure and impunity, brandishing useless figures in the faces of Nigerians that translates to nothing makes a mockery our democracy. Rev. Jackson, as an international activist, ought to have known better that nowhere in the world is achievement on paper equated to hard facts on ground more so when Nigerian politics and politicians are involved. The scorecard of a Nigerian President must be scrutinized before making pronouncement on it.

In Bayelsa state, the two-time United States democratic presidential nominee backed the federal government’s amnesty programme for Boko Haram. Consequently, he was lampooned by Nigerians for supporting the misguided and unfortunate amnesty offer. I will begin to take Rev. Jackson more seriously if he voices same sentiments to President Obama that al-Qaeda, AQIM and other members of dreaded terrorist cells on US soil be granted amnesty. He cannot feign ignorance of the stance of America on terrorism. The United States do not negotiate with terrorists let alone grant amnesty. Rev. Jackson should be in a better position to advise and campaign against amnesty. There is no justice in rewarding terrorists who have turned places of peaceful gatherings to an abattoir, law abiding citizens are preys as they have continued to perpetrate their dastardly killings with unrestrained fervor. The Boston Marathon bombing in which not more than five people were killed resulted in a manhunt for the perpetrators, putting Boston in locked down until the suspects were apprehended. But for whatever be the  reason the government brought Jackson to Nigeria, it is clear it was for name recognition rather than substance of thought or theory. Jackson must strive to understand the peculiarities and complexity of issues in Nigeria before making his comments.  

Can the American political activist aver that his several visits to Nigeria spanning decades reflect the ideals of his Rainbow PUSH coalition in the US where good governance is put on the front burner? His long years of friendship with some of Nigeria’s tyrannical military rulers  has been fraught with umbrageous intents. Snippets revealed he once told a group of African diplomats in New York City in 1997, that Sani Abacha was the visionary leader Nigeria needs "at this(sic) moment," same Abacha whose regime was widely considered as an international pariah. Of Ibrahim Babangida in 1992, he said he is "The most progressive military president Nigeria deserve". These were military dictators who have been accused of murder, embezzlement, institutionalizing corruption, men who have done everything in their reach while in power to put Nigeria out and send Nigerians to hell on earth. Rev. Jackson fought hard in the international community against economic sanctions on Nigeria when the UN was suggesting such a move in 1996 to speed up democratic changes and return the country to civilian control. It is same Jackson, who didn’t see anything wrong fraternizing with a dreaded dictator that is enjoying a democratic Nigeria today. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was alive, certainly, he would have disapproved of Jackson's ties with the discredited soldiers of fortune and his eccentric international activism. Reason why Jesse Jackson has lost relevance in his country cannot be farfetched.

The image of a prosperous and corruption-free Nigeria is being painted by a motley figure like Rev. Jesse Jackson to the world and Nigeria stand to lose a lot if we allow him get away with such.

Since the inception of President Barack Obama led administration in 2008, Rev. Jackson - the Greenville, South Carolina born advocate - has made spirited attempts to launder the image of Nigeria to America that it is deserving of a visit by President Obama. But he has been unsuccessful in his latest mug’s game. On Obama’s second trip to Africa, he has once again boycotted Nigeria, choosing rather to stopover at countries who have demonstrated commitment to democracy, good governance and has upheld human rights. Expectedly, President Obama does not acknowledge him as a serious politician. He is no longer considered an elder statesman in the US. So, Nigeria and other third world countries is the way to go. If the intentions of Rev. Jackson were genuine, why has he failed to work with other Nigerian activists in Nigeria or US over the years?

Jackson’s visits to Nigeria underscores the thinking of some “friends” of Nigeria in America who find it difficult to disconnect from the wealth they see in the Nigerian political elite. For them, that only is important. They care less about the intricacies and the dynamics of control of its resources. They see Nigeria and all they want is to be part of the few who milk the country dry.

Well, to the Jackson crowd, we have a duty to remind them that the struggle for civil rights, democracy and good governance by Nigeria’s activists of yesteryears and today is not in vain. 

Theophilus Ilevbare ( ).

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