Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Indian writes on murder of a Nigerian ] – The submission of an Indian identifying himself as Gopal Kamat to Masterweb News Desk on the murder of Obodo Simeon Uzoma,  a Nigerian resident in Goa, India on October 30 last month is published unedited below.
“Dear Sir; Please accept my heartfelt condolences for Mr Uzoma's death.. As a Nigerian footballer living in india Mr Ranti Martins said Indians have not had an exposure to foreigners and they are learning to become more accepting.. undoubtedly this process will improve in the future.. as a very diverse country india is modernising and learning to shed prejudice (india itself has people of all shades of complexions including perhaps several hundred million people who are very dark and have a skin tone similar to Africans, also millions who are mongoloid and Caucasian looking people - its quite a mix and hotchpotch) .. but culturally there has been isolation (and attack from islamists / Christians through history - which created further xenophobia) which is changing in the modern world..
“As for Nigerians in goa police found only 1 of 53 with valid passport and travel visas.. so there is a visible number in the underworld and drug trade there leading to some frustration from the local public.. also of about 300 arrests in india for drug smuggling there were about 60 Nigerians - so please don't see this as a racist problem - this is not so much a reaction to Africans in general as to a section of Nigerians who happen to be involved in drugs in goa for whatever reasons..
“I still think a mature population should never generalise and take every individual on a case by case basis.. also the indian police are to blame as well for tolerating drug trade (partly through incompetence, and corruption) and then you wake up one day and blame  a Nigerian group.
“Still let me assure you if you see indian media the reaction has BEEN OVERWHELMINGLY ANTI RACIST and lots of people including me are UPSET and embarrassed by this .. honestly it is very very sad to a foreigner, a guest meeting such a death and I condemn it
An investigation will get to the bottom of this and the guilty will be punished .. the Chief Minister of Goa Mr Parrikar is an honest politician, a highly educated person, a good man, and he will I am sure do justice..”
Best wishes
Gopal Kamat
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Eye Witness Account of Murder of Nigerian in India & Racist Clampdown
*Photo Caption - Obodo Simeon Uzoma lifeless body.

[ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu reports ] –  The Bible says in proverbs 29:18 that “where there is no vision the people perish.” This declaration is very true for a generation that has succumbed to unbelievable levels of mediocrity that they sing and dance for governors or presidents who build a few roads and then endlessly justify all the other failings of government. There are now large agents of mediocrity across Nigeria who have made a career from justifying the inexcusable failure of the Nigerian government at all levels and count some mediocre projects as achievements even when 53 years after independence Nigeria is a certified failed state in spite of abundant human and material resources.
The phenomenon of mediocrity is not new, it has been with us for a considerable length of time; what is new however, is the extent to which the culture of mediocrity has been consolidated across the Nigerian society with large sections of the population becoming the defenders and justifiers of the mediocrity of government. This is 2013, not 1813. We live in the 21st century, an era that has heralded the most advanced technology ever known to man. From the internet to face book, YouTube to twitter, solar energy to wind energy, GPS to space tourism, the world is ploughing through revolutionary technology in all spheres at a dizzying pace. Technology brings with it possibilities and solutions for all kinds of human challenges, it takes away the constraint and arduous task of needing to “reinvent the wheel,” yet in the age and midst of such possibilities, Nigeria has regressed into a failed state lacking the most basic infrastructure.
Sadly, there abound so many soaked in the muddied waters of mediocrity, willing to applaud and defend the government in the open glare of colossal failings. Most worrying is the well travelled and educated elite who are now either the purveyors, enablers or chief defenders of mediocrity. Nigeria is the only country where so called leaders are endlessly praised and celebrated for doing less than 10% of their job even when the 10% is mostly of doubtful quality. This trend is evident all across Nigeria as governors construct a few substandard roads, erect some cranky boreholes in a few communities and get treated to dance troupes and praise singers for failing in his job. Same goes for the president who is toasted and celebrated for patching up a few spots in some badly damaged federal roads that continues to kill thousands of victims annually.
Every year endless hypes and noise is made about the purported achievement of government; how things are improving; how this and that governor is ‘performing,’ but beneath all that deceit/ propaganda is the reality of failure across all strata of governance in Nigeria. Neither the president nor any of the governors are successful. None of them can pass even the most basic test of good governance and accountability. Government in this clime is all about scamming and mediocrity. They loot public funds, deceive the public with some mediocre projects and together with a mediocre populace celebrate their failings as success.
In the era of unprecedented technology and attendant possibilities, the nation has gone back in time. As a consequence of mediocrity and corruption, there is no remarkable development anywhere in Nigeria in spite of a sustained oil boom and consequent availability of financial resources. After more than fourteen years of democracy the nation is littered with bad roads. There is no pipe borne water, no electricity, no functional hospitals, no functional refineries, no functional steel plants, no functional public schools, no national airline, no social housing, no social welfare, no skills and vocational training centres, no functional railways, no waterways, no modern port facilities. The tragedy of Nigeria’s leadership failure is further appreciated when we ponder the irony of a nation that is the sixth largest crude oil producer in the world yet imports fuel for local consumption because the refineries are dysfunctional.
Mediocrity and its twin of corruption have ensured that there is increasing poverty, unemployment and massive infrastructure deficit at a time the nation is awash with petro-dollars. It has consigned the president and governors   to mediocre projects while ignoring major and massive infrastructural projects that would build capacity for industrial growth and social investments that will insulate the citizenry from poverty and destitution. A country with the resources, population and size of Nigeria should have a modern rail system with high speed   trains ferrying goods and persons across the nation, state of the art federal roads in excess of ten lanes, inland waterways and state of the art river ports, modern steel plants and refineries, a comprehensive and free high quality medical system, twenty four hour uninterrupted electricity, pure and clean pipe borne water, special economic zones and cluster industrial parks, subsidised education at all levels, basic social security and safety net, job and vocational training centres amongst other basic social services and infrastructure that are indispensable attributes of any functional nation.
Notwithstanding the mechanics of state failure, all too present in Nigeria, the justifiers and enablers of mediocrity are everywhere singing praises of government for non performance and giving endless excuses why the much desired basic infrastructure and social services does not exist. A nation where so many are ever too willing to defend visionless and underperforming governments cannot succeed. At a time when so many ambitious and progressive nations around the world are blazing an audacious trail in economic, infrastructural and social development, Nigeria is behind in time. A dirty, stumbling, un-ambitious giant of failure consigned to the ignoble depths of penury.
It must be borne in mind that successful societies are constructed through the continuous social pressure put on the leadership by a citizenry disposed to holding their leaders accountable. The choice is clear, it is either we emancipate ourselves from the cult of mediocrity, and put our leaders under enormous pressure to fulfil our aspirations for economic, social and infrastructural development or continue with mediocrity and be consumed by the social violence of a failed dysfunctional state.
Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ).

*Photo Caption – Map of  Nigeria 

[ Masterweb Reports ] - The International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law wishes to remind the Independent National Electoral Commission on the urgent need to re-scrutinize all its newly recruited ad hoc staff or workers that will work for the Commission in the all-important Anambra Governorship Election, fixed for this Saturday, November 16, 2013. This is to ensure that card-carrying party members are not recruited as collection officers, returning officers, presiding officers, etc and to avoid a repeat of the 2011 Anambra Central Senatorial poll incident, during which an adhoc INEC returning officer, one Mr. Alex Anene went and announced the poll result in an Awka hotel. the inclusion of Mr. Lawrence Nwuruku, the former chairman of the Ebonyi State PDP, as one of the Commission’s special Commissioners for the crucial poll is totally frowned at and protested against by our organization. Our firm opposition to Mr. Nwuruku’s inclusion stems from the fact that he is a career politician and a well known card carrying member of the PDP of the immediate past. Many people in Anambra State are uncomfortable with his inclusion as one of the Commission’s special commissioners for the Anambra governorship poll. Every indication clearly points to his inclusion as patently and manifestly bias. It is our call that his name should be........ Read More.
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[ Masterweb Reports ] –This is paper presentation to Senator Okurounmu National conference advisory committee by comrade Akanni Iromini, the Founder (ANM) on 3-11-2013 at NIA Victoria Island.
Nigeria: Why conference now? By Akanni Iromini
Though conference at all levels; from family setting up to the world at large is very vital to harmonious and peaceful co-existence. At this point of Nigeria's existence, what we need is good governance not national conference, because all the problems that is making people to call for national conference is fallout of bad leadership of many years at all levels of governments since 1966-till date, by both the military, civil servants, elected and appointed leaders and their collaborators outside the government who are from all linguistic groups that form Nigeria and whose number is not up to 10% of. Nigeria's population.
Apart from that, it is morally and democratically wrong for less than 10% of people that is accused of corrupt and bad leadership over the years to be the same set of people that will propose a national conference, the outcome of which is to be forwarded to National assembly, another corrupt arm of government for vetting, such exercise will likely end in futility. 
Another fear is that the conference might whip up sentiments that could cause disaffection and unforeseen crises among the over 90% of ordinary Nigerians who are fairly united today across most parts of the country and who has been at the receiving end of negative impacts of bad leadership since 1966.
Instead we suggest the proposed conference for all the stakeholders (who are still in good health) of all the governments since 1966 till date . The military, the civil servants, the elected and appointed leaders including all their collaborators outside the governments to converge at a conference where all the decisions and actions taken by all the past and present governments will be revisited and re-examined and all the past actions discovered to be wrong and reversible will be reversed in the efforts to move our country forward.   
Another major alternative to the proposed National conference that we believe will surely make our country great, beautiful and prosperous is Awake Nigeria Movement's (ANM) concept that will stop money bags politics which is ruining our country and replace it with collective sponsorship of candidate to positions of authority, because the system in place today is making our leaders/politicians spend too much money especially during elections. It is making them corrupt due to their indebtedness to too many people. Financially and morally. Under this system, they can never deliver the expected dividends of democracy to Nigerians.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Sola Olawunmi reports ] – Nigerian students have always been the victims of the regular scuffles between the government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU); they are indeed the proverbial grass that suffers when two elephants are engaged in a dogfight.
ASUU has always blamed government for insufficient funding of tertiary institutions in the country which has resulted in the present decay in our academic institutions and the sector as a whole. Well, that may not be far from the truth, as the nonchalance of successive governments toward education over the years has done more damage to that sector than good; and has resulted in innumerable work-to-rule actions among the teachers across all levels of education.
However, compared to previous governments, this present administration seems to have done more than its forbears to improve the status quo as well as meet ASUU’s demands. I recall reading that the federal government begged ASUU to reduce their demands, whereas ASUU said no and insisted that all provisos must be fulfilled before they would go back to the classrooms.
While it is good that ASUU make demands that will enhance our education system, and that will give them reasons to smile holding the chalks or markers in the classroom, they should also understand that all the decays in our academic institutions cannot be taken care of in one fell swoop. The progress which we all crave can only be achieved as a gradual process. And we need to appreciate the good intention of the Goodluck Jonathan administration in making a difference. After all, other governments did not seem to even care.
But, while the strike persists, the essence of it, we are told, is to favour the Nigerian students, but is this really so? The reality of it all is that Nigerian students are suffering greatly on account of this protracted strike and ASUU needs to put them into consideration as well. Most of our undergraduates are now engaged in various activities to keep themselves busy. Some are fortunate enough to get involved in legal activities, but majority are not so lucky, as they have taken destiny into their hands because they feel forsaken and frustrated and are now doing things they didn’t expect to do. Some spend time at cyber cafes, looking for the next ‘maga’ who will fall for their tricks.
The pathetic tale of this sad phenomenon can be seen in a recent report about a Nigerian undergraduate called Jane Okoro who attempted suicide because of the frustration of ASUU strike, claiming that at her age she should have been done with school if not for the unending strikes and ASUU’s hardline posture this time.
My question is, how can ASUU be destroying what they profess to be solving? It is becoming more obvious by the day that the welfare of the Nigerian students is not really the major concern of ASUU. ASUU is only fighting for its own pocket, and we might as well go to hell until the government stuffs it with enough cash.
Sola Olawunmi ( ).
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[ Masterweb Reports: Emeka Umeagbalasi reports ] – English Language is like Philosophy, who is an ageless female without menopause. The non-menopausal nature of the two is incontestable. While the oldest child of Philosophy is Science, which begat a twin: natural and social sciences with many more generations founded by them, starting from 18th and 19th centuries; Philosophy is still pregnant with the ante-natal/pre-natal result of “Logic”, “Metaphysics”, “Epistemology” and “Ethics” as her embryos. The Mother-English Language is even more ambitious. She has not only given birth to thousands of words and lost thousands as well over the years; but also adopted or “stolen” over fifty thousand “foreign sons and daughters” (words) in several decades.
This explains why she has different variants and meanings or definitions in different social climes especially in societies that use her as their mother or official tongue. Such social climes range from Ghana to South Africa; and USA to Trinidad & Tobago, etc. English Language still remains pregnant and stealer of foreign words till date. In social science research or write-ups, or investigation, just like the Statistical Package for Social Sciences’ computer software (SPSS), there is “right to operational or empirical definition and use of terms” (based on experiments or experiences rather than ideas, concepts or theories) that are universally embedded.
 My attention has been drawn to a rejoinder over some of our organization’s recent public information or statements by Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma of the Network on Police Reforms in Nigeria (NOPRIN). One of the statements of ours is dated 23rd of October, 2013 and titled: “Separating Igbo Cause, Democracy & Good Governance in Nigeria (Egalitarian Partisanship) From Pecuniary Politicking (Libertarian Partisanship): Putting The Records Straight”. Mr. Nwanguma, before becoming the Program Officer of NOPRIN, was a paid staff of the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) and worked in a number of its administrative departments. His performance and conduct rating while holding forth in the said office departments is not yet the focus of this write-up. He hails from Mbaise in Imo State, Southeast Nigeria and resides in Lagos.
In his rejoinder, dated October 28, 2013 and posted on his facebook wall as well as those of his friends and motivators, he engaged in fruitlessly damaging attacks on my person and our organization-Intersociety; labeling us “agents of the Government of Anambra State and APGA”, among other unprintable and unprovoked utterances and pen-attacks directed at us.  He concluded his rejoinder with a threat to reveal what he felt he did not want to say for now. Our “right to operational or empirical definition and use of terms” was fruitlessly challenged in his rejoinder.
 We have in our recent public information or statements cried out that the same people and groups that ganged up against us in the immediate past are back again. We are being haunted and hunted because of our insistence that those aspiring to occupy elective public offices in Nigeria particularly in Anambra State must not ascend to such hallowed positions through the window, but through popular polls. Our enemies have gone all out to even use our “friends” against us. But our armpits are not hairy!
We are not unaware of simple dictionary definition of the following terms: 1.partisan: showing too much support for one person, group or leader or; a person who strongly supports a particular leader, group or idea. Egalitarian: based on or holding the belief that everyone is equal and should have the same rights and opportunities. Libertarian: a person who strongly believes that people should have the freedom to do and think as they like. Freedom: the right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you. Liberty: freedom to live as he or she chooses without too many restrictions from government or authority. Human Right: one of the basic rights that everyone has right to be treated fairly and not in a cruel manner especially by their government.
Following from the forgoing, freedom is idealistic (no absolute freedom society) because in a society where everyone is allowed right to do or say what he or she wants without anybody stopping or moderating him or her, then anarchy becomes the order of the day. This is the failed notion of the “Russian Anarchists”.  Human rights and liberties are simply defined as “democratically moderated freedoms”. Section 44 of the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended in 2011 and other relevant subsections in the Chapter Four is our guide.  Libertarianism also connotes “individualism” as against egalitarianism, which connotes “collectivism”.
 We simply see partisanship as “interest” and understand our critics like Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma to mean that “our clarifications on Obiano’s alleged double voter card registration clearly shows that we are an interested party”; an allegation we strongly denied because of its sweeping nature. We have since apologized publicly over the erroneous inclusion of the names of the national Secretariat of CLO and its acting ED, Comrade Ibuchukwu Ezike in the joint statement of 19th October, 2013, issued by the Southeast Group 8 Rights Coalition.
 The US concept of human rights is seen by many seminal thinkers as “globally individualistic rights” or that has libertarian setting as opposed to Europe’s “collectivist rights approach” or that has egalitarian setting. This is why we rightly termed our roles and interest in the November 16 governorship poll and the constructive engagement with the present government of Anambra State since March 2006 as “egalitarian partisanship (interest)”, as opposed to “libertarian partisanship (selfish interest)”. In other words, our roles and interest are purely for public or collective good.
In our own understanding of “partisanship” or “interest”, every activity done by any human being or group has elements of interest. As a matter of fact, “interest” is the propeller of every human action without which there can be no human action. But the type of interest you have in the said action or conduct is the bone of contention. Since we see “partisanship” as “interest”, then there is “non-partisanship” in any human activity.
While it is not my intention here to respond to Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma’s rejoinder line by line, word by word, paragraph by paragraph and language by language, or reply him in the same manner he despicably did, I consider it necessary for the sake of our teeming followers including our in-kind resources contributors and our idolized friends and associates in the media, to give his trash its deserved treatment as well as putting the records straight. I want to restate firmly that our priceless contributions towards the restoration of the brutally and heartlessly stolen electoral mandate of the Anambra People in March 2006 are not regretted one bit and will be repeated countless times if such ungodly situations occur again.
 On the same premise, our constructive and transformative engagement or partnership with the Government of Anambra State in matters of good governance remains unshakeable. My popular relationship with the popular governor of Anambra Governor, Mr. Gregory Peter Obi is never in contention. At no time in the historic relationship have I looked for what goes into my private pocket, but what would benefit the Anambra public. My rare meetings with the governor are purely on State governance issues and not for personal aggrandizement.
Aside Mr. Peter Obi being my popular friend with no pecuniary interest attached whatsoever, my name and track records in the State bring food to my table and hopefully do so for the rest of my life. I have never sought to become a “crooked comrade” and if I choose to become one and  go militant by say, setting up “comrade boys” in over 200 markets in the State, I will be getting at least N1million every day from returns.  But till date, my name is never found or associated with any petty or large government contracts or building of motor parks or market stores anywhere in the State.
 It is understood that “money culture” has taken over the Nigerian society, with serious damage to our value system, which makes the likes of Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma to think that the culture of upright living does not exist anymore and that everybody lives crookedly. From 2003 till now, I have been labeled and called several names all in defense of sanctity of the ballot box and good governance and promotion of collectivism. Sadly and shocking too, once you raise your voice in Nigeria, it means you have been bribed or induced to say or do that which you said or did.
For the information of our empty critics such as Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma, the activities of our organization (Intersociety) are substantially supported through in-kind contributions and volunteerism. Cash donations also come from kind hearted members of the public including five market leaderships that support us with N50, 000 monthly. Just last month, Mr. Uche Umeozuruora; son of an Onitsha based multi millionaire, gave us a check of N100, 000.
 Our friends in the media offer to publish our advocacy activities as their own in-kind supports to us in appreciation of our grassroots works. Just two days ago, a young female lawyer offered to join us as a volunteer. Intersociety’s activities are hugely grassroots oriented. We are not “academic or theorist rights group”. Our thematic areas are “promotion of democracy, good governance, peace and security”, unlike NOPRIN, which is “pro and anti police conducts watchdog”. Anambra governorship poll is outside its limited mandate.
 Further, we recently launched a public appeal for the payment of our office apartment rent which expires by the end of December, 2013. The two years rent is N400, 000. The N100, 000 we have raised is in our Fidelity bank account. The Umeagbalasi Services Limited has pledged the sum of N100, 000 in support of the appeal. It is also important to point out that what takes an average Nigerian rights group that receives foreign grants N4million to achieve, takes us at Intersociety 400,000 to achieve.
 During the December 2011 public presentation of our twin publications, out of over N600, 000 realized through public appeal, N200, 000 came from our police friends, yet the two publications were on police misconducts in Nigeria. We are not “jack of all trades”. We cut out coat according to our size in terms of activities we carry out. It is clear that the public acceptance of our activities and our rising profile is very intimidating and these have some people unsettled.
 That we “failed”, in the language of Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma, to secure foreign grants does not mean that a rights group cannot exist or survive without foreign grants in Nigeria. In all fairness to Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma, he lent a helping hand as an expert grant writer in our failed grant proposals he referred to in his rejoinder. Pieces of evidence over NOPRIN’s failed foreign grants proposals also abound. Those behind the activities and successes of intersociety including its board members are not jobless. They are genuinely gainfully and professionally employed. With or without foreign grants, we have made our imprint far more than those receiving lofty dollar currencies in Nigeria. Since the white man’s dollar is drying up, some NGOs in the country now move from “rights advocacy” to “rights briefs/extortion”.
I have insisted and still insist that NGO leaders must always live an upright life and ready to account for their deeds and misdeeds, which they owe the public they serve at all times. An NGO person must be ready to defend his or her actions in a courageous and stainless manner. Because Mr. Nwanguma threatened in his rejoinder to say if pushed to the wall something or things he thinks will be nastier about me and my organization, I will not preempt him. My lifestyle is always in black and white.
 Before I became a guest of the United States Department in June 2013 on IVLP program on NGO Management, I was thoroughly investigated by its world class investigative agencies. Such an investigation was not for entrance into the US alone, but also for future interface. The current Chinese President, for instance, attended the IVLP 27 years ago. Dr. Joe Odumakin of Nigeria’s CD attended it five years ago.
As for Mr. Peter Obi attending my wedding reception six years ago, which Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma saw as a crime, the Nigerian Criminal Law has not forbidden it, so, for now, I am neither morally nor criminally liable. My popular wedding reception was also attended by the then Chairman of the Police Service Commission, the majority leader of the Anambra State House of Assembly, the State Commissioner of Police, the member representing the Aguata Federal Constituency, the DPO of Ekwuluobia Police Station and a host of other dignitaries from various social interest and political groups within and beyond my State.
 As for Mr. Nwanguma’s further falsehood to the effect that Mr. Peter Obi attended the occasion of my chieftaincy title in my town (Ezinifite in Aguata LGA), till date, I do not have any title of such. I am only a member of the “Nze Na Ozor” title society, in which I was enlisted in 2005. Mr. Peter Obi became the Anambra governor in March 2006 and not 2005. I urge Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma to tell the world further all he knows about me as he threatened in his rejoinder. While we allow him to say his trash, ours is to put such a trash where it rightly belongs. I am ever ready to defend all the roles I played or actions I performed since I came into public rights activism in 2001 when I became the Anambra State Branch chair of the CLO.
Lastly, the only thing which I will hold my breath for now until Mr. Okechukwu Nwanguma speaks again as he promised, is the issue of my relationship with the likes of Senator Joy Emodi, Hon. Dr. Christian Okeke, Mr. Emmanuel Nnamdi Ubah, Prof. Iheanacho Orajaka, etc, as well as my “kitchen line bungalow” in my ancestral abode and my bus-vehicle, which I use as my official vehicle. Perhaps this is where he will go next. I have also been begged and counseled by those I respect highly  to  refrain from attacking him personally because a friend who undertakes to do a hatchet job is forgivable so as to spare him or her from falling to the bullets of “perfect crime” if such odd job is undelivered.
 We see our present ordeal as a fierce battle against election riggers and their agents. We shall triumph as usual and put them to shame again. Igbo God and gods are not sleeping!!!
Emeka Umeagbalasi ( Email: Phone: 08033601078 ) is an Igbo rights activist & board chairman of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law. He writes from 41, Miss Elems Street, Fegge, Onitsha, Anambra State, Southeast, Nigeria.
*Photo Caption – Okechukwu Nwanguma

[ Masterweb Reports: Issachar Odion reports ] – The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has overstepped the bounds of reason. To say that most discerning Nigerians are angry with the union is an understatement. Whoever anticipated that ASUU’s show of shame would last this long?
At first, we all sympathized with the pedagogues, thinking they were protesting to secure better learning conditions for the younger generation. Alas, we were wrong! Now, the varsity teachers have made it clear that they are more interested in their personal comfort than the future of our nation.
At the beginning of the strike, the union bought us over by presenting poor infrastructure as the ostensible reason for their action; yet even after government has made concessions, releasing 130 billion naira and making a commitment to do even more, the lecturers have remained implacable. Isn’t it clear that they have less than noble intentions?
To make matters worse, ASUU has resorted to ludicrous antics in a bid to hoodwink Nigerians into thinking that they are national heroes fighting for the evolution of a better educational system. Obviously, this is far from the truth. Rather, they are simply using our young ones as pawns in a ruthlessly brutal duel to prove some political point, which is best known to them and their sponsors.
In times past, ASUU has called off strikes even when their requests were not acceded to. Why is it that they have remained adamant now that government is responding positively? I am especially appalled at the manner with which these people continue to insult our sensibilities by maliciously passing the buck to the government and deliberately maligning well meaning people like the Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who interestingly has nothing to do with the whole thing.
Being a daughter of academics and an academic herself, Madam Finance minister understands the need for a viable educational system, which explains why she has played a major role in ensuring that funds are released to cater for the provision of infrastructure in our universities. The last I heard, 100 billion naira has been released to put needed infrastructures in place on our campuses. Furthermore, the Federal Government has also committed to spending N200 billion in the 2014 budget on the universities as well as in each of the next three-four years until the universities are brought to world-class standard. This is in addition to the N100 billion dedicated and already made available for 2013. Not stopping there, the government has also increased to N40 billion the first instalment of funds for the payment of earned allowances to the striking lecturers, an improvement from the N30 billion previously released.
Any objective observer can easily see that the Finance Minister is in total support of improved emoluments for university teachers. But since it will be unwise to overdo it in a way that it will not be sustainable, she has appealed that they should accept what government has offered. Now, what is wrong with that?
Unfortunately, members of ASUU have continued to blackmail the woman for taking such a stance in the interest of national good. For them, it doesn’t matter if the entire economy shuts down as long as their own bank accounts are well funded. Isn’t that the height of irresponsibility?
Every university student knows that most lecturers don’t take their responsibility seriously. Most of them run personal ventures at the expense of the students they are being paid to teach. Yet, they keep agitating for pay raise. What an irony!
It is time for Nigerians to wake up and nail the real culprit. Like I observed in one of my recent articles, one of our major problems is the fact that we don’t take time to analyse issues for ourselves. Rather, we flow with the tide of public opinion which is most often defined by a few opinion shapers. We must tell ASUU that we cannot contain their excesses anymore. We will not allow them to continue to make scapegoats of our bright young minds, who incidentally are our hope and pride, in a bid to satisfy their selfish ends.
Issachar Odion ( ).
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[ Masterweb Reports: Wole Opesanmi reports ] – In the spirit of the celebration of the just concluded Eid-el Kabir with our Muslim Brothers, it is imperative that we shed some light on the truth about religion and hope therefore that we become better neighbour to our neighbours, better friend to our friends and off course better citizens to our nation. From Antiquity, religion has been a tool used in connecting with a higher power that most of us agree truly exists. You have just to look at the blueness of the sky to know that there’s a power way-bigger than what we could possibly understand and till the day everyone one of us become dusts, it will continue to be a mystery. The self-proclaimed Atheists can continue with their propaganda but the day anyone of them explains to us the origin of water or of day and night, that day I’d begin to think it fathomable for someone to say there’s no power bigger than him.
There is a higher power my brothers and sisters. Every religion refers 'the almighty' in different names, and there's always going to be different versions, truly we all worship the same being although we do it in different ways and we would agree that our way of worship has worked for us (Christianity has worked for me). Conversely, Religion has also been a weapon for people to exploit and twist to their advantage, and the raison d'être is implicit in the dogged, vis-à-vis fanatical belief of the people, which weakens their thinking faculty. Thus, it makes them dependent on their religious icon(s) for illumination on this path of life that we all are scheduled to go through. I have a Muslim friend by the name Daud who prays five times daily and observes every rite and ritual of the Islam religion. I’m a Christian; I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and I observe every rite and ritual of the Christian religion. The interesting auspice however is the fact that I would take a bullet for Daud as I believe he would for me. The rationale sorrounding our relationship might be lost on fanatics and extremist but the truth remains that; he has been a good friend to me over the years and I believe I have been same to him. Thus, even through the difference in our belief, we have kept our friendship.
 No true and healthy religion breeds terror, injustice and wickedness and if by chance you find yourself doing evil to your fellow man in the name of religion, no matter the justification by your religious icon, best believe you are in the wrong faith as no good ‘god’ will demand that you decapitate the head of your neighbour simply because he doesn’t believe in what you believe in. And no good god will have you make enemies (in the name of Holiness) with your neighbours even if they are of a different religion talk less of a different doctrine within the same religion. If you are told otherwise, my dear religious people, it is your first duty as a human being to resist such god for powers which demand human tyranny and injustice cannot accomplish their purpose unless human beings co-operate. The evil that follows Extremism and Fanaticism has been the bane of religion since the days of our Ancestors and I daresay it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Just read the papers and a hundred stories will surface; from the Senior Pastors having carnal knowledge of their members to Imams doing same with the Alhajas in the Mosque, negative exploitation of religion will continue. This truth saddens my heart and so I have decided to write my way into the hearts of the exploited and hope to heavens that I soften their fanaticism and make them (to a reasonable extent) Liberal in their view of life. The exploiters can continue their exploitation of the unguarded and naïve followers but like almost every religion agrees, WHAT YOU SOW, YOU WILL REAP.
Sometime back, in the course of my observation of the compulsory NYSC programme that Nigerian graduates are scheduled to go through, I got the opportunity to teach in a village in Enugu state (Nigeria). It is a village where ‘Dog eats Dog’ and everybody understands. The best you can do as an individual is to protect yourself and your family by whatever means possible (I’m talking about hardcore Juju here). I was teaching in a secondary school and in one of my classes, I found my students haranguing themselves on a very sensitive topic, (Religion). It took some firm intervention by me to silence their nauseating arguments and what made it worse for a listener and an observer like me was the fact that they were all supposed to be Christians. They were only arguing about their churches and trying to protect the reasons for the doctrines of their respective churches. For clarity sake I’d state categorically that the argument was between the Catholic church-going Students and the Pentecostal church-going Students. So enthusiastic were they in their arguments that they started calling themselves all sorts of ugly names at which point I had to quell the arguments and continue my Economics lessons. My Economics class was always interesting and soon, we had forgotten about the early arguments and concentrated on the ‘functions of the Central Bank in Nigeria’. However, I got to my ‘cubicle’ and couldn’t shake the nagging fear that these children’s religious fanaticism in something they knew very little about could be exploited by their spiritual heads and my mind swiftly raced to the Northern part of our dear country Nigeria.
The blood sucking sect in Nigeria called Boko Haram, and indeed all terrorist movements around the world are borne out of exploitation of the Achilles heel in religion. Some sick fellows have a grudge or an ambition and would go to any extent to settle or achieve it as the case may be. However, this dissertation isn’t for them as their hearts are hardened as stone and rigid as the biblical mountain that cannot be shaken. This critique is for that brother who believes he is doing the will of his god when he burns down the house of a ‘sinner’ with pregnant women and little children inside and he says it is because the sinner isn’t of the same religion as his, thus his god asks that he exterminates them unless they are willing to accept what he accepts and believe in what he believes in. He plays God and decides who lives and who dies, because he has the power (maybe through weapons) at that moment to do so. And in all of these wickedness’, he believes he is doing the will of a god. This exposition is for that church member that takes her daughter to the senior pastor for ‘cleansing’. Whereas we all know the ‘Machine’ used in the cleansing process, the knowledge is always lost on the woman as she believes it is the will of her god to let the senior pastor do whatever he deems fit (As the spirit leads) with her daughter. And finally, it is for those who believe in the ’Angelic nature’ of clergymen and say they shouldn’t be checked because they can never be wrong. The infamous Rev King burnt down some members cum followers of his church to death because they ‘Misbehaved’ and the church members stood by him. I’m yet to comprehend the possibility of standing by someone that might burn you to death if you ‘Misbehave’. How brainwashed can an individual be when it comes to religion? It is with unhappiness that I reveal to you; VERY MUCH! November 18, 1978, the United States witnessed horror like they have never seen as Rev Jim Jones convinced close to one thousand of his followers (children included) to commit mass suicide in Jonestown and that has been recorded as the highest mass suicidal act in the world. Such Tragedy!
The powers these religious Men have over their subjects cannot be quantified, cannot be understated and definitely cannot be taken for granted. Or how else can you explain this baleful and bewildering jingoism hideous in a paradoxical, insoluble and unnerving brouhaha embedded in religious innuendos? There’s no other explanation for the sheep-like followership that people exert when it comes to religion, our safest option remains for us to agree that these clergymen have great power over their subjects’ psyche, thus they can hurt them whilst fulfilling their personal ambition. This is the first step in the process of having a stable country devoid of religious killings, devoid of ‘spiritual cleansing’ by some pastors, free from bombings and free from mental, sexual and physical abuse by some Imams. If we acknowledge that these followers cannot think for themselves, we know that to stop them from doing harm to the society and to themselves, we have to protect them from their tyrannical leaders. We have to let these people know that Islam (as most religion) is a religion of peace and whoever preaches otherwise to them is their enemy and must be rebuked. Maybe if true Muslims pursue this cause zealously, there will be reduction in the social ills that the brainwashed Muslims commit. In the same vein, if true Christians pursue the enlightenment of brainwashed Christians, then corruption and abuse will have no place in Christendom. We might not live-happily-ever-after as a country, but I promise you, we will be better-off and my belief is based on the fact that Nigeria is a country full of pious people. It is ironic how we are still one of the most corrupt Nations in the world. Such conundrum isn’t it?
Few months back, there were protests across Nigeria and indeed across every sphere of religion that retaining the clause that allows little girls to be married off will be wickedness to the girl. The unfairness of the act being that the girl has no choice, has no say and most especially, has nobody to fight for her. Her parents are poor and as such they will take offers from any suitor, paedophile or not, connoting that she gets married to whomever regardless of her physical and mental readiness. On this matter shall I end this dissertation but not before expressing how I feel and I daresay you are free to challenge me if you think what I’m saying is balderdash.…. That the Islam religion permits the Muslim man to marry little girls is not news, the permission cannot be denied, it is in black and white in the Quran. The Prophet married a child. Also, that the Islam religion permits the Muslims to perform Jihad i.e. (kill in the name of Allah) is not news, the permission cannot be denied, it is a fact. There are handfuls of more permission by the Islam religion but that is not why we’re here. I am here to demonstrate to you how wicked and selfish an individual you are if you support child marriage simply because your religion permits it. If you maintain that child marriage should be practiced because in your heart you know that there is something about little girls that tickles your fancy and arouses sexual feelings in your loins, it is ok. It is a mental and/or psychological problem and you can seek medical and spiritual help. But if you hide under the guise of religion to marry and touch little girls because your religion says you can, well sir let’s explore this together and, I beg you to open your heart because that is the only way to know if your strong-mindedness on this issue is justified.
Several thousand years ago, it was okay for Muslims to kill people as long as they were ‘unbelievers’. As a matter of fact, the Islam religion was spread by warfare. Therefore, in that age and time, if you kill an individual that refuses Islam, you will be doing a wonderful thing and will be earning the respect and adulation of folks in your immediate environment. Let’s fast forward the date however to the year 2013 and let me ask why you don’t kill us ‘unbelievers’ that refuse the Islam religion today? Take a while to ponder. As you think it over, let me quickly let you know that the answer is very simple; the acts obtainable plenty centuries ago cannot fit into the present environment. Therefore even though it is permitted to perform holy Jihad which might result in loss of lives, you understand that this is a different age, it is a crime in this age and I daresay it is ‘All shades of wrong’ in this era and so it behooves of you as a good Muslim man or woman to concentrate on the aspects of the Quran that this age supports (Unless off course you are a Boko). Now let us take the child marriage situation and explore as well. Plenty centuries ago, the prophet Mohammed married a 6 yr old Aisha and had sexual relations with her at age 9 as was the norm and custom of that period and best believe there were no complication that arose from such consummations because if there were, the Prophet, Bless his soul wouldn’t have gone ahead with it and not only that, he would have advised his followers staunchly against it and my conviction is based on the fact that the Islam religion is a religion of peace and justness. Now let us fast forward the date to the year 2013 yet again and let me tell you about very few of the things the little girl that gets married at a very tender age suffers. Apart from the entire mental and psychological trauma which I cannot begin to break down to you because of the enormity of its volume, I would like to introduce you to a serious condition called ‘obstetric fistula’ prevalent in the Northern part of Nigeria where the bulk of the little female children are being married off. It is a condition that makes her lose the control of her bowel movements thereby making her pass urine and faeces uncontrollably which means therefore that she has to start wearing pampers and tissues everyday of her life to prevent being embarrased in public. If you can imagine that happening to your sweet little daughter when she’s married off and you have no qualms about doing that to somebody’s daughter, then there is a problem somewhere. Alternatively, if you are the man that loves marrying little girls because the Quran permits you and you now know that marrying and getting them pregnant at young ages can cause this terrible medical condition yet you don’t have reservations about the act, my brother, you are nothing short of an incarnate of the devil himself.
 Religion is evolutionary. No matter how hard we try to ignore it, fight it and sometimes castigate it, what obtained a thousand years ago cannot be practiced in this present age. Thus, it will be unfair to take certain customary and traditional practice of the old age that favoured their environment and the prevalent situation back then and fuse into the present simply because you are not on the losing side of the custom. That is not only being nonchalant about your neighbour’s plight, it is you being wicked. No good Muslim should hide under the excuse of the Islam religion to molest little girls albeit on their marital bed. If that is the hobby of the Nigerian Senators, it is okay. They can seek medical help and combine prayer with it. I believe God in his infinite mercy will cure them of the problem. However, if they do that under the pretext of obedience to the teachings of the Prophet, we shall continue to reject it and pray that they will see the light because I have no doubt in my mind that if Prophet Mohammed was in this age and time when marrying little girls would cause so much havoc to their health and break them mentally and physically, HE WOULD NOT SANCTION IT and If as a Muslim you believe otherwise, then its a pointer to the fact that you are either in the wrong religion or you are not practicing your religion right. In all your religious practices my dear Christian and Muslim brothers, ask yourself this question; can true religion really breed wickedness?
P.S- The Nigerian senate president said the situation will be re-visited, and I hope he reads this…. Sir, that you see us as fools (that make lots of noise, after which you come, say few soothingly-diplomatic words to calm the nerves and then everything is swept under the carpet and forgotten) doesn’t make us fools o! Nigerians are not foolish people. As a matter of fact, Nigerians are one of the smartest in the world and this is the reason for our cynical nature. We know what you and the rest of the people in Government are doing sir. We are just not motivated enough to start a revolution. 
But one day Na one day!
Wole Opesanmi (Email: Phone: 08073195581) reports  from Navy Town in Lagos - Nigeria.
*Photo Caption – An AK-47 Rifle. *One of the tools of evil in Nigeria and around the world.

[ Masterweb Reports: Fola Ojo reports ] – Chief Ladoke Akintola was one-time premier of the then Western Region of Nigeria. Smooth-talking, loquacious master of jabberwocky, Chief Akintola was severally accused by his many opponents of crass corruption.  His sarcastic response sickened many both in his party and outside. The line is memorable.  “I didn’t eat the money, I spent it, whose grandfather can swallow a penny?” he had said.  The premier, in a manner of a stand-up comedian, trivialized the behemoth called corruption, and today, the monstrous Godzilla is still very much around sinking Nigeria deep into thralldom and towering tribulations.  Friends, this is the fungus among us.
To date, our leaders determinedly continue to trivialize the madness of financial misappropriation and the long-term harm and hurt it unleashes on the destiny of Nigeria.  This wild-fire menace and monstrous cascade continues unhindered. The loose behaviors of some dare-devils in power now have become dangerous dance-steps on a freeway way to a volcanic conflagration threatening to gulp up the  beautiful but beleaguered country and spit it out down the of abyss of history.
I have decided in my small corner to stop calling those leaders who steal from the nation’s treasury “corrupt”. Because when you do, it seems the culprits perceive it is as a deserved adornment of a chieftaincy title. So they glee, and glow, and gyrate over the nomenclature. And unfortunately, the attendant historical punitive consequences meted out to “corrupt” Nigerian government officials are nothing but a replica of the sham and shame that takes place in a shanty courthouse.  All of them always get away.
It was both amusing and amazing when we learnt that the government is now on a massive man-hunt for the person responsible for revealing the frenzy, frightful, free-for-all shopping spree of exotic armored vehicles for Aviation Minister Stella Oduah that cost tax-payers $1.6 million. A man who should be celebrated and honored publicly is now the criminal. That is the state of things now in our land where the celebrity becomes the culprit.
Also recently, the new PDP threw a challenge in the face of the PDP-run government that it made $1.05bn in July 2013, and wanted to know what happened to the dough.  The platoons in the new PDP should know what they are talking about. The new PDP and the ancient PDP used to be conjoined twins until they were separated by the surgical scissors of ambition, power, money and control. Together they used to fight common enemies, together they took orders under the same commander, they both know what ammunitions are used for what squabble, they both know where the “ammunitions” are kept, they know how the ammunitions were procured, and they still have the template and blueprint of operations in their possession. When they allege that money is missing, the new PDP must know what they are talking about.
Home and abroad, money is missing in stacks and stashes. Home and abroad, our vaults are vanishing in batches. Government recently admitted that between August and September 2013, Nigeria’s external reserves dropped by $1.33bn — from $47bn to $45.67bn. Money is missing, projects are neither completed nor executed, external reserves are on a free-fall, and we are not fighting any wars!
I think to call our leaders “corrupt” is a musical alto and tenor in their ears. To call them “corrupt” is an attempt to embellish the act, costume the behavior in angelic robe and toga, and sandblast the feisty festivals of banditry and criminality that are going on in government. To call them “corrupt” is to make the vice appear meek and mild, because it no longer carries any correctional weight.  Who said our leaders are corrupt? What is going on is no longer corruption; governments at all levels have become grim gulags and concentration camps of heinous crime against humanity, and a bromide and banal affront on divinity.
It has shown through recent developments that these people don’t care if you call them “corrupt”. What follows an uncovered case of corruption is usually a coronation of the perpetrator. He or she is applauded and hailed as if he just scored a winning goal in a world cup final match.  He either becomes a chief in his village, an Igwe in his clan, a pastor in his church, an Imaam in his mosque, and a Jeep-driving, jet-flying celebrity among us.
…to be continued
Fola Ojo ( ).
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[ Masterweb Reports: Chris Onyishi reports ] –Talk is cheap, people say. Answering a comrade is even cheaper. What is difficult is performing like a comrade. When I was in the University, I used to think that what separated me from unimaginable wealth is the graduation date. When I move about these days, I still see young lads in their Youth Corps uniform feeling the same way I felt some 30 years ago. Little do they know that they are gradually inching into some cliff.
When comrade Adams Oshiomole was talking tough and twisting government’s arms in the yore years when he held sway as the NLC chief, little did he know that arm twisting is cheaper than arm bending. I am not particularly an ardent follower of what goes on in the Ancient Kingdom of Benin City to be able to assess how well the one time sweet talker, Comrade is fairing in the land but there is this saying that you must not dive into a glowing fire to know that you can get scotched.
There is this wild cat in my area that is noted for causing chicken to howl from their roost at night. The story is that before this species of cat imbibed this habit, it climbed down from the tree on one occasion and as it made its way through a dark alley, it stumbled on droppings from a chick.
The cat then robbed off the chick droppings and tasted it. The cat then said to itself, if this is this sweet, only, God knows how sweet the chick that dropped it will taste. So this is how the wild cat used the taste to imagine what the chick itself will taste like.
If what goes on at the backyard of Comrade Oshiomole is, by any stretch of imagination, what obtains inside of the Benin City, then, one does not have to go into Benin to understand how our ebullient but diminutive comrade is fairing in the land.
That the Benin bypass has become a harrowing experience to travelers who crisscross to and from Lagos axis is only a euphemism. For most of us who ply this bypass for lack of air fare or for avoidance of the regular droppings – from the skies – of our flying birds, of recent, it is like a little cricket between the Red Sea and the Red Dragon.
When you are coming from the Eastern part into the bypass you suddenly see a group of husky looking young men who would emerge from the bush adorning one yellow overcoat. They claim to be working for the Comrade. They then brandish ID cards and ask you to wind down. Before you come out of the shock, they are already inside your car demanding one form of radio license or the other and the fine ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 Naira.
Just about when you are through with them, one way or the other, you get midway into the bypass and now you see another group of 10 gangsters. This time you realize you are into a deep bull sheet. This group would be clutching cutlasses and short guns with some having painted faces with white substance. They are real armed robbers. Whereas the initial group disguised that they were government agents, the latter does not put in doubt as to the fact that they are real armed robbers.
If this does not portray what goes on inside Benin City, then it would appear that Oshiomole is using these groups of political togs turned armed robbers to terrorize people who use the bypass to move from South West to the South East and reverse. For crying out loud, why should anybody be made to pay radio license because he is passing through Edo State to his destination. The bypass was actually introduced after people complained of series of harassment from some individuals who would accost you with a motor cycle as you pass through the Benin town in those days to your destination.
It would appear that the notion is, follow the bypass and we will get you there in a more damning form. The bypass is not too long that Comrade Oshiomole, as the Chief Security Officer of the state, cannot cause security agents to patrol the length of it.
Chris Onyishi (  SMS to +234 806 093 4215 )
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