Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Eddie Onuzuruike reports ] – Our attention has been drawn to a heinous publication of the Sun Newspaper on page 42 of Saturday, 18th January 2014. Though atrocious, it came as no surprise. The Sun has long taken the franchise to insult Chief T.A. Orji and denigrate Abia people at will. It is a procedural relay baton that moves from one columnist to another. From the past, it was the hired pen and grammatically incongruous, Odimegwu Onwumere and the regular columnists like Adesina, Ukeh and others. Now  Obinna Kalu has mounted the saddle,  the question is, who comes next? We know why, as it is said, ‘he who pays the piper dictates the tune,’ and this time, smarting from a previous election misadventure, he wants it shrill and strident.
Possibly being desperate, they may rationalize their hideous intent with the words of Frank Smedley, which states that, ‘all is fair in love and war.’  As stated in previous rejoinders, to Abia, the sun is a rooster jurisdiction of a fiendish court where the cockroach cannot get any bit of justice, even with a battery of lawyers.  What surprised us was that it came from a column titled Legal Forum. One would have expected a just and upright dissertation but it was the complete contrary, with grave intent to harm, demonize the victims and misinform the unsuspecting public.
What bothers us most is that Obinna Kalu shamelessly, presented fallacies as facts from start to finish without blinking an eyelid. In the first paragraph, Obinna claimed that ‘serious public condemnation has trailed the announcement of the proposed project’ referring to the proposed innovative Abia Airport and Seaport. It will be legally fair for Obinna to tell us how and where he garnered his public condemnation. Whether from the newspapers or the radios? I am very sure that Obinna doesn’t live in Abia and did not conduct any opinion poll unless imaginary public rallies and simulated protests which his group holds so dear as a strategy.
In his hurry not to see any good in the present administration of Chief T. A. Orji, he exposed his deep rooted bias and ingrained prejudice. He acknowledged in his writing that the project will be a PPA. He probably meant PPP. His mind is subconsciously rooted in  Progressive People’s Alliance, the PPA, a tottering and fumbling party, an adjunct and collaborator of Sun Newspaper who is still brooding over their loss and slide in Abia politics that came to a halt in 2010. If he really meant PPP, how then will the government use it as a conduit pipe to siphon funds? PPP projects are transparent. From experience, the partners manage and fund the projects.
Going through the maze of his writing, one would notice serious efforts to sell his lies as truth but according to Grosvenor, ‘It is difficult for empty bags to stand erect.’ Facts are sacred and opinion is free.
The Airport and Seaport initiative of Abia present administration is well thought out and like other projects of Ochendo, are meant to raise the indices of growth in Abia as a 21st century participant in world commerce. It is very obvious that Obinna needs some lessons on economics. Abia people, especially in Aba are deeply into commerce which involves travelling, importation, export and stocking of varying goods. An airport and seaport in Abia with other services, will create job opportunities, curtail smuggling, boost the IGR and increase the tourism potentials of Abia. Obinna’s real intent is envy that Ochendo and rather than his sponsors would go down in history as the man who gave Abia air and seaport. That is all!
The proposed seaport at Obuaku is premised at a defunct port of ancient experience, predating the coming of the Whiteman which has a seaway to the Atlantic. This move by Abia government will recreate a navigable route as it is only seven kilometers to the Atlantic Ocean. With a seaport, the fatal occurrences that our people suffer in sailing on critical vessels while going to Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon will be eliminated. Not only that, it will rekindle in the Ukwa people, the lacking cultural water transport, bringing anew an almost forgotten skill of canoeing and boating which are presently Olympian sports of high commercial indices.
The tourism potentials of Abia as stated earlier will be further enhanced with the connection to the Blue River. Most importantly, it will be the only nautical connection of the South-east Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria to the Atlantic Ocean and the whole world. The existing ports at Akiri Ukwu, Ntugbu-Akwete and Obeaku have been intermittently navigable with canoes, speed boats and outboard engines. These crude ports are economically supportive to the people but have from time to time been put into bad use. Goods have been pirated and people robbed.
Crude oil from vandalized pipelines had been smuggled through these creek roots. Some of the most stunning cases of kidnapping  and scintillating escapes have gone through these vagrant waterways and government wants to develop the port and have a multiple harvests including security alertness to the extent of boosting national security against undue inversion. More so, the oil-rich Ukwa land has veritably given Abia a maritime definition and so deserves any developmental project sited there. Is this not unprecedented?
It is so unfortunate that a legal forum column can take on such a high degree of misinformation. Obinna claims that the empowerment vehicles which the whole world is aware are freely given, witnessed by no other than the Governor of the Central Bank, Mallam Sanusi Lamido, are hire purchase vehicles. To make his lies stand, he quoted funny prices of 1.8m and 600,000 Naira respectively. If kalu could go to the extent of publishing falsehood in a newspaper, then I will not hesitate in calling him a liar until he proves his claims.
Presently, over 700 vehicles have been given out, witnessed by journalists and the public. The list of recipients were published in Newspapers and magazines with names and phone numbers, numbers of vehicles, and state of origin added for transparency. Please, I urge readers to verify if kalu’s claims are based on facts. These empowerment initiatives are assuming popular dimensions that Abians at home and abroad are subscribing in true followership.
Our lawmakers at Abuja and Abia, specifically Arua Arunsi, and Hon. Uzo Azubuike have done similar things in their constituencies. Hon Chidiebere Nwoko and Ihieasinmuo, alias onye Keke have cued in with Nwoko giving out 3 vehicles. On Saturday January 11, 2014, a similar act took place in Item where two vehicles and 9 motorcycles were given out. On January 23, 2014, Mazi Dan Okeke, CEO of Express Concerns who had built Courtrooms and other community reliefs in his Ututu community, Arochukwu LGA, from the public sector angle in Port-Harcourt gave four Sienna space wagons to His Excellency to support his empowerment programme. These are verifiable facts.
At the international level, Panama Canal was built to shorten the journey between the Atlantic and Pacific. What stops Ochendo from doing a 7 kilometer dredging to give Abia and South-east a much needed seaway to the Atlantic?
His enumeration of moribund industries in Aba and the accusation that the state was responsible is the mother of all lies. It is a known fact that due to power supply which ebbed since the nineties, many manufacturers migrated to other West African countries, especially  Ghana and it started during the previous administration. These were not caused by Abia State. Most of the establishments he mentioned have either management problems or have changed hands like Bourdex Communications which was taken over by another group. It is on verifiable record that the present administration has done so much to shore up the growth of industries.
The evacuation of power from the 332KVA, Ohiya power plant and the construction of a road to Geometric Power Plant in Aba and support jobs to Aloji Power Plant are evident efforts to make Aba, Power-sufficient. These are few examples. Talking about roads, the present administration of T.A. Orji has constructed more roads than the previous administrations, military and civilians put together. The recent 102 roads done in Abia has Aba taking the lion shares. The security solutions which Obinna’s group previously denied and now acknowledge, have brought more business to Aba than any other place in Abia. The road decay in Aba was not caused in the last seven years of T.A. Orji’s administration. They were there and Ochendo has done quite a lot to alleviate them. All the roads in Aba in particular and Abia in general cannot be finished in one day, it is a continuous process and Ochendo has vowed to leave Abia a lot better than he found it.
 The health sector is at its best since 22 years of existence of Abia. Do we need to repeat ourselves over and over? The Abia Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic Centre is good news in Nigeria. No less than Dr. Onyebuchi  Chukwu, the Health Minister came and unveiled the project. The 100-bed hospital is a medical rave. Does any other state have 710 Primary Health Centres? Has he heard about the ambulance services in the 17 LGA’s? The mother-child maternal care involving multiple immunizations have brought laurels and Abians are happier as the governor is keeping his vow to be governor of healthy people. In the educational sector, there are also massive improvements with the synergy of Abia State Universal Basic Education Board, ASUBEB and the Ministry of Education, building new schools, refurbishing and furnishing old ones. Education is free in primary and secondary.
Bursary and scholarship are back. Schools have been returned to missionary owners to enhance efficiency and intensify moral education. Surprisingly, the Government is still paying the salaries of teachers in those returned schools, so what more do you expect? Presently, there are the model schools in the 17 LGAs better equipped than most universities in Nigeria.
Obinna kalu is actually toeing the line of the Sun group who has sworn to fight the government. From all intents and purposes, Obinna is desperately fighting to keep his job but 2015 is gradually approaching, and when T.A. Orji leaves, I wonder what else Obinna will write about. It is obvious that Obinna is putting a curse on himself as he is telling lies against Abia for certainly; he will use the Abia Airport sometime in life. In the wise words of Shakespeare: ‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.' Obinna is certainly one!
Onuzuruike reports from Umuahia, Abia State.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Hilda Ifeoma Ifegwu reports ] – There is the Igbo proverb that a man absent in a burial would always start the exhumation of a corpse from the feet. This is a taboo in Igbo custom.
The Nation on Sunday January 12, 2014, presented speculations as facts on page 21, written by Sam Egburonu, one of Nation’s regular columnist. He erroneously credited Chief Apugo’s exit from the PDP to APC as a big loss to PDP. Lies! damn lies.
Chief B. B. Apugo has been living on past glories of NRC days. It is a known story how he sponsored Dr Ogbonna Onu, first democratically elected governor of Abia State. The installation of Onu got his head swollen that no cap could size it and he started playing god.
 His nominees for the commissionership sailed through like milking a cow, but he did not know when to stop and so got at loggerheads with the incumbent governor. In life, there is a point you cannot go beyond and it was Apugo’s first time near a governor and so, he lacked knowledge of the power of incumbency. Onu later in his administration weaned himself of Apugo’s overbearing Godfatherism and used the big stick. In truth, the biggest defeat Apugo had suffered in his uninspiring political career was in Onu’s hands during a party convention where Apugo’s invincibility was debunked. His thugs, one of his biggest weapons were boxed in and couldn’t have access to the venue, now the FRSC H.Q. in Amuzukwu Umuahia.
In that same administration, when Apugo could not have his way, he urged his nominees to resign, and they all did except a few like Chief Jonny Nwabuisi who is now a stalwart of APC. Professor Nwoko, a good gentleman, the Secretary to the State Government then was one of the people who resigned. These few mentioned are still living and could tell the story better if they have not written their memoirs.
Sam equally cited Emenike as probably the second most powerful to join the APC ranks in Abia. In the poorly researched article, Sam forgot Chief G. O. Onyemobi who has been bearing the APC cross.
Now, listen Sam! Chief Apugo and Emenike are two trouble makers that will destroy APC. Apugo has never been a team player- a very poor attribute for party politics. Chief Apugo, in his autocratic behavior does not attend meetings in another man’s house except in his palace with his bevy of domestic staff and kitchen cabinet made up of spent political forces who sing his praises, tirelessly echoing his opinions and hailing every banal utterance he makes. In physical terms, Apugo’s place is a lion’s den and there are no Daniels in APC. Watch out, his first action now will be to hijack APC and that’s where the trouble will start. Chief G. O. Onyemobi who has been running the affairs of APC in the state knows Apugo too well to have anything to do with him or take him into confidence.
Emenike on his own is another tinder box. 'Emenike is only an election politician,' said one of his coordinators. He comes around when there is election after which he fails, litigates and zooms off. He knows more lawyers than he knows the electorate. He is more familiar with the precincts of the courts in Nigeria than he knows his home constituency and has not been known to have won any election even that of his age grade. Emenike holds court like Apugo and seriously disdains his so called followers except those who have mastered his mentality and only tell him what he likes to hear. You wrote about strong political structures for both men. More inexactitudes! They neither have structures nor strong base, if you doubt, go to INEC and find out the pattern of votes they have garnered in all the elections.
Emenike only thrives on chasing political shadows like the last case where he organized his own primary, ignored the PDP approved primaries apparatus and organized his lateral primary in his own venue, overseen by his selected officers. APC in Abia is really in trouble. I will be looking out to see who will stand behind Emenike except Security men. If the stories that made the rounds are anything to go by, most of the people who served him in previous elections were hounded by security men and cars and other items he gave for the election were recovered. I can name names if need be. Still talking about, the tempestuous Chief Apugo, he has not been of any use to Abia PDP. Recall the PDP presidential primaries in the Eagle Square, Abuja, January 13, 2011. He was the only Abia delegate who voted against the adopted candidate. Out of the 81 delegates accredited, one vote was lost and everybody knew whose vote it was. Is such a character the type to be positioned as worthy member? Emenike’s lateral primaries and Apugo’s rebellion in Abuja drew the ire of the party disciplinary committee and nearly fetched them expulsion from the party but for T. A. Orji’s intervention. Their exit is good riddance to bad rubbish.
For Sam Egburonu, if he puts his ears to the ground, he will certainly hear the drumbeats of the ants.
Hilda Ifeoma Ifegwu wrote from Umuahia, Abia State. 
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[ Masterweb Reports: Hilda Ifeoma Ifegwu reports ] – The classical case of betrayal chronicled in the bible in the case of Jesus Christ and Judas litter the synoptic gospels of Luke, Mark and Matthew. It equally did not escape the profuse writings of king David, the psalmist in Psalm Chapter 41, verse 9, where he said: ‘even my own familiar friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.’ William Shakespeare upped the tempo when he wrote Julius Caesar and portrayed Marcus Brutus as worst of all traitors and the expression, Et Tu Brute, [even you Brutus], is still in use till
today and still playing out in many places on daily basis and at all levels of government, more critical in politics and business.
 Such would not have been expected since Abia State has come out of the political woods, surviving political calumny, liberating the state from a stranglehold of a family oligarchy, overwhelming one of the most harrowing cases of kidnapping and armed robbery in the history of Nigeria.
 Surprisingly and probably because of the insatiability of man, people keep working at counter points instead of supporting the government to improve their lots.
 Well, the consolation is that in most cases of betrayal and sabotage, it has not been easy for the perpetrators of such magnitude of sabotage. Judas is still suffering till today as he is always in use as a very good example of betrayers. For instance, the names of the apostles are everyday in use with millions of namesakes, but I am yet to meet someone who answers Judas boldly. Even among our 36 governors, there are potent namesakes associated with early apostolic work- Emmanuel and Peter, for Delta and Anambra States respectively.
Chief   T. A. Orji, Ochendo, in verifiable terms has turned Abia around with policy and tangible projects. More so on security and unity. It is no more news that Abia was fractious between 2007and 2009 but the governor began a
re-engineering that brought Abia to a rock stabled place that has become an exemplar in case studies and reference point at home and abroad. If you can’t believe me at least you can take the words of Chief Onyema Ugochukwu, former and pioneer chairman of NDDC, PDP flag-bearer in 2007, who said in a newspaper interview that: ’Abia State PDP has never been more united than it is now. It has also never been more peaceful than it is now. And a lot of that credit goes to the governor, Chief T A Orji, who has done so well in bringing Abians together.’
Added to this testimony are the trend of firsts like the International Conference Centre, the new workers secretariat, new markets, advanced  health delivery, the complexes in the courts, ASEPA, ASUBEB, JAAC houses and the new Government House. Exciting as they are to all lovers of development, not ignoring all these milestones of peace, security and policy initiatives, the monkey wrench is being so recklessly cast at work with high intent to sabotage the monumental ambience of harmony and stability in Abia.
 These unyielding efforts are known, the sources of such distasteful services have been identified, especially those who lost position and have refused to be comforted but the funny and worrisome issues are those of insiders presently pretending to be with the present administration. They fund pseudo writers in the print world, energize hackers and blackmailers in the social media. Simply put, they hunt with the hounds and run with the hares. They are now warned as their nefarious activities are no more secret. It may be more honourable to quit rather than remain pretending. On a graver note, let them study the cases of Judas, Brutus in Julius Caesar and Dona Marina, a woman who betrayed her people to foreigners. In the wise words of Shakespeare: ‘How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.
Hilda Ifeoma Ifegwu wrote from Umuahia.  
*Photo Caption – A wolf in sheep’s skin.

[ Masterweb Reports: Uche Aguoru reports ] - In as much as much as I do not want to give credence to Akamadu's unintelligent write up which is filled with unsubstantiated rumours and beer parlour hear say, I must not fail to inform the sponsors of this campaign of calumny that no one wins elections in today’s Nigeria through campaign of calumny but rather performance and acceptability by the voting public and this is what Governor T.A Orji has got. The citizens of Abia Central Senatorial zone have seen in Governor Orji (Ochendo Global) a performer par excellence, a man who has excelled where others have failed, a governor who has the interest of the masses at heart, a man who does not discriminate, a ruler with the heart of a lion and the humility of a lamb, a timeless visionary with the interest of Abia and Abians in general. Little wonder the masses of Abia Central Senatorial zone do not want to leave our amiable governor to just go home after 2015 as we know that he still has a lot to offer the people of this zone and the country in general given his wealth of experience both in civil service and as a public servant.
Abia Central Senatorial zone regrettably has not been well represented since the inception of this present democratic dispensation which took effect from May 29, 1999 till date. All those who have represented this zone has gone there to fend for themselves and not the people which reflects the exact opposite of why they were sent there. It's common knowledge that Ochendo has performed much more than all his predecessors put together and that’s why the people of Abia Central Senatorial zone are asking him to go to the Senate and represent them so as to attract what has been due to them since 1999 which they have never been able to get due to the greed and incompetence of those who had been representing them in that senatorial zone.
The Senate requires men of experience and charisma, men whose works and words speaks volumes, men with age of experience who can bring their experience into action when it matters, men who commands respect amongst his mates and above all men whose speeches translate into action and attracts development. These qualities are found in Ochendo and that’s why the people of Abia Central Senatorial zone are calling on him to come and represent them in the hallowed chambers of the Senate.
Let me remind Chuks Akamadu and our senator who has never contributed in all the activities going on in the Senate that Ochendo's achievements in Abia will for a long time remain fresh in the minds of every Abian prior to liberating Abia from the evil grip of Orji Uzor and his family which gave Abians a sense of freedom. Can people like Chuks Akamadu come out boldly to write about issues he knew little or nothing about? The answer is NO, it is common knowledge that most Abia politicians came back to their homes when Ochendo assumed power, in the days of his predecessors anybody who dares speak out against the government is either killed or victimized in such a way that they will run away from the state and never to come back for fear of being killed and those who dare to speak out without running away never lived to tell the story.
Ochendo empowered Abia youths without leaving a burden of debt on them. He is a man who went through life knowing how the average person on the street feels that’s why he established skill acquisition centers across the three geo-political zones of the state and has been empowering the graduates from this skill acquisition centers with money and tools that will establish them for life without asking them to pay back. He gave young Abians vehicles free to be used as taxis to enable them fend for themselves and families and some of them are youths whom before now have been roaming the streets after being used as political thugs by his predecessors.
Ochendo when he assumed office met a state with the worst security situation in the country, where people run away from their luxury homes to sleep in churches. Where people no longer use their expensive cars, dress well or wear expensive jewelries for fear of being recognized and attacked by kidnappers. Where crime and criminality brought commercial activities to a halt, but Ochendo in his God given wisdom returned safety and security to the state and all those who ran away from the state have all returned and are enjoying themselves without fear of being attacked or kidnapped.
Let me also quickly remind Chuks Akamadu and our gum chewing senator who thinks of nothing but how to beautify her face to make her look younger than her age that Abia since its creation never had a secretariat, ministries were operating in rented apartments thereby enriching individuals who are owners of those buildings leaving the state in perpetual debt but today the state can boast of an Ultra modern secretariat. Akamadu I hope those who sent you knew Abia's debt profile before his Excellency Governor T.A. Orji assumed office and how he had been able to manage the state's resources which today has lifted Abia from a debtor state to one of the healthiest states in the federation according to Ministry of Finance rating. I believe the loverboy Akamadu never knew that Abia civil servants whom before never dreamt of owning houses are now proud owners of their own houses in different housing estates scattered all over the state courtesy of Ochendo. Widows are praying for Osinulo on daily basis because she has continually wiped tears off their faces by building houses for them and training their children.
 I want to assume that Chuks Akamadu and his sponsors never knew that Abia was made a pariah state among the committee of states before Ochendo came into power. I also want to believe that your sponsors never knew that Abia State High Courts were having their court sessions in leaking roofs and dilapidated buildings and once the rains came the courts no longer holds and our judicial officers never had a place to stay until Ochendo came and built a world class High Court complex and a befitting judicial quarters. Are you aware that before Governor T.A Orji came in that our pupils were studying under leaking roofs and our health centres were falling apart and never had even a nurse to man them talkless of drugs but today he had built new class rooms and health centres for communities and equipped them with drugs and staff who are on 24-hours duty. He also built school across the three geo-political zones and also refurbished the old and falling ones.
May be Akamadu and his sponsors do not know that a man who built an ultra modern diagnostic and dialysis centres and made sure that the charges were reduced in such a way that even rural farmers and market women can afford to get tested and treated of their ailments that such a man his people will not let him go easily. Maybe Akamadu and our gum chewing senator has not been to Abia General Hospital Amachara to see how Ochendo transformed what was before now described as mere consulting wards where even animals refused to be treated to a word class health facility equipped with modern life saving machines and upgraded to a teaching hospital. I do not want to bother you with the opening of new roads in our rural areas, building of bridges across neighboring communities whom before now cannot have access to each other or is it the courage he exhibited in the building and relocation of the three markets which before now made entrance into the state capital an herculean task. If one begins to recount the achievements of Governor T.A Orji (Ochendo Global) Abians will be tempted to ask him to go for a third term but since our constitution does not permit that that’s why the people of Abia Central Senatorial zone are asking Ochendo to come and represent them in the Senate. I am sure if one man can represent the three senatorial zones, Governor T.A Orji will be asked to take it up for he has touched the lives of Abians more than all his predecessors put together.
Perhaps what the present occupier of Abia Central Senatorial seat has failed to realize is that the people of this senatorial zone are tired of pancake rubbing and gum chewing senator who has never made an impact in their lives but men of action, vision, wisdom, experience and with a mission in their hearts.
My advice to Chuks Akamadu and his sponsors is to go look else where and stop wasting their time and resources running campaign of calumny against a man whom God had already chosen and his people had chosen and endorsed him to represent them in the Senate come 2015.
Uche Aguoru is a media consultant and political analyst.
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[ Masterweb Reports: Charles Ajunwa reports ] – Common attributes of successful leaders, whether born with the proverbial golden spoon in the mouth or fortunate enough to have had their nuts cracked for them by the proverbial benevolent spirit, include great power of vision, focus, large heart of dedicated service and patriotism. Analysts of world affairs are also of the opinion that quality leadership fast-tracks the development drive of their societies by making effective and efficient use of available human and material resources.
The third democratically elected Governor of Abia God’s Own State, Chief T.A. Orji (Ochendo) belongs to this class and so has uniquely proven himself an innovator, servant leader in bureaucracy and politics and who is dedicated to human and infrastructural transformation of the Abia State. Emerging from the realm of the civil service to that of political leadership of Abia State, Governor T.A. Orji has become a celebrated national case study exemplifying true leadership, humility, hardwork and achievement notwithstanding challenges on his way. Indeed, the admonition of our Lord Jesus Christ to Christians to let their light so shine before men and women that they may see their good works and glorify their father who is in heaven, has found true expression in the life and governance of Governor T.A. Orji.
With diligent implementation of his people-oriented policies and programmes, Governor T.A. Orji has indeed strategically made tremendous difference in the political engineering of the state since her creation on August 27, 1991.
One of such positive testimonies is his political recruitment of ebullient professionals, tested men and women representing, in equitable terms, the three geo-political zones of the state, in the State’s Executive Council and other segments of the state’s political and administrative structure.
This has no doubt engendered a great sense of belonging among all strata of Abia populace and positive inputs into the socio-economic and political system resulting in steady growth and development in all sectors of the economy.
Today, Abia State is witnessing peace and tranquillity among the diverse Abia populace; this has hardly been seen before, because politicians of different party blocs seem to have found a common platform on which to ventilate their ideas in a progressive format.
This has engendered unity of purpose. After all, has it not been said, time without number, that peace and unity remain the strong pillars of social equilibrium and human advancement.
Having created the strong base for enhanced social cohesion among Abians, the Governor T.A. Orji administration has equally concretized human capital development through various skills acquisition programmes for Abia youths. The result is that thousands who would have been dependants are now bread winners and agents of economic development. Apart from the training of thousands of youths, the trainees were armed with the relevant starter parks and funds for the smooth take-off of their learned trades.
The health and housing sectors of the state’s economy have also enjoyed robust attention of the Governor T.A. Orji administration. These feats have robbed off on the health care delivery of Abians. For the first time in the history of Abia State, we have the international standard specialist diagnostic and dialysis centres both in Umuahia and Aba, several general hospitals have been built and more are being built in addition to over 720 primary health centres already constructed and equipped. The feat also include the 100-bed hospitals built in nine out of the 17 local government areas of the state. 
Governor T.A. Orji also provided ambulances in all the 17 local government areas in the state for the movement of patients to hospitals. He also provided hundreds of tricycles in this regard.
The relocation of old markets in Umuahia, the state capital, and establishment of new ones such as the Modern Market in Ubani Ibeku and the Industrial Market in Azueke Ibeku not to talk of Ohiya Mechanic Village, is a master stroke that has given the state capital a facelift. It is a pragmatic step to broaden the infrastructural landscape and economic base of Umuahia. Furthermore, high rise buildings and modern architectural edifices now dot the landscape of Umuahia.
These include the International Conference Centre, New Workers' Secretariat, New Government House, Joint Allocation Committee building complex, ASUBEB secretariat, to mention but a few.
The dispensation of justice in Abia has been given a new definition through the building of modern High Court complexes in Umuahia and Aba. Road construction as a catalyst for economic and social transformation has equally captured due attention of the administration of Governor T.A. Orji. For instance, many roads in Aba, the commercial nerve centre of the state and other cities like Umuahia have been reconstructed while new ones have been embarked upon in the local government areas.
Take it or leave it, Governor T.A. Orji has impacted positively on all sectors of the state’s economy and has reconnected the political web of the state to the Federal Government thereby promoting national unity, better coordination of developmental programmes and provision of dividends of democracy.
Little wonder, the strings of national and international awards to the Governor T.A. Orji seem unending. It is indeed an acknowledgement of his hardwork and commitment to excellence.
What is natural, befitting and beneficial for the present and future generation is to give the Governor the needed continued support, cooperation and suggestions that will encourage him to do more. For Governor T.A. Orji, he is a confirmed bridge builder, restorer of hope whose legacy projects will stand the test of time. Bravo the Legacy Governor!
Charles Ajunwa
Chief Press Secretary To The Executive Governor
Abia State, Nigeria.
*Photo Caption - His Excellency, Governor T. A. Orji (Ochendo) of Abia State

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - David Abioye, the Ist Vice President of Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel has displayed rare qualities of humility, loyalty and faithfulness in his service to Bishop David Oyedepo and Winners Chapel family. It is prophetically discernible that Bishop David Oyedepo is the current Apostle of Faith and in his extraordinary work of faith he has mentored many sons of the prophet, one of which is David Abioye.
David Abioye, the second most senior bishop in Winners Chapel, has been with the presiding bishop since the inception of the ministry in 1981. Abioye saw Winners Chapel grow from a small church in Ilorin to a mega church with branches in over 60 countries. When Oyedepo left Kaduna for Iyana Ipaja, Lagos in 1989, Abioye was the spiritual giant who manned the Garden of Faith, the church’s National Headquarters while Oyedepo took over Lagos and later Canaan Land, Ota. He was ordained a Bishop under Living Faith Church in 1993.
 In 2004, Oyedepo transferred Abioye to Abuja as the senior pastor and it took only the grace upon his life for the crisis generated by that transfer to be quelled. The former Bishop of Abuja, Dayo Olutayo, resigned from the church in the wake of Abioye’s transfer and many thought that Winners Chapel in the capital city will collapse in his hands but after few months of shaking, the church stood on its feet and multitudes thronged towards it.
Abioye supervised the establishment of numerous branches of Winners Chapel in the capital city including Karu, Nyanya , Mararaba, Lugbe, kubwa, Gwarimpa, Jahi and numerous other mega churches before he moved to Goshen City, a 15,000 capacity auditorium in Auta Balefi, Kilometre 26, Abuja Keffi Expressway which sits on a large expanse of land estimated to be over 600 acres with estimated cost of initial construction cost being put at over N2 Billion naira.
 It was on record that Goshen City was built within 18 months and crowds of worshipers have continued to overflow the place. Goshen City has a primary school (Kingdom Heritage Model School), a secondary school (Faith Academy), a youth center, a mini housing unit, guest houses, printing press, youth church and the massive auditorium which holds two services every Sunday. Goshen City is the headquarter of World Mission Agency (WMA) where the activities of churches in the mission field of the world is commissioned and supervised.
David Abioye is a seasoned teacher of the word. While Oyedepo oscillates between insightful mysteries and deep prophetic release, Abioye goes into deep expositions of the Word, and breaks the lump, heavy prophetic releases of the Presiding Bishop into pieces such that even the newest convert could grasp, thus creating a colorful balance in the ministerial team of Winners Chapel.He and wife Mary had authored many inspiring books.
Despite all the greatness associated with David Abioye, he has not failed in private and public to attest his loyalty to the leadership of Bishop David Oyedepo. During Shiloh programmes, with the exception of 2013, where Oyedepo's son took over the Youth Seminar, Abioye had not failed to re-emphasize to the teeming youth of the church the need to remain faithful to the leadership of the presiding bishop and those teachings of his have greatly influenced the attitude of the church in general that they’ve learnt to be patient with what they couldn’t understand till they grow into maturity.
Till a few years back, David Abioye was the sole Vice President of Living Faith Churches Worldwide and is in charge of the general administration of the churches in Nigeria and overseas but his office has been split that he now is the first Vice President. Afterwards a change in the composition of the Board of Trustees of the church further reduced his influence. Recently, the succession pattern as enshrined in the Church’s ‘Red Book’ or 'Mandate' further foreclosed the possibility of succeeding Oyedepo in the future. I was personally aware that since the past ten years some persons have advised Abioye that it is time to part with Bishop Oyedepo.  While some alluded to gradual marginalization, others concocted all manners of suppositions-yet Abioye had always maintained that God called him to follow and obey his master (Oyedepo) as Joshua followed Moses, leaving those break away advisers disappointed.
Abioye have demonstrated that one must not be a President and Founder of a ministry before getting fulfillment in God's vineyard. The penchant with which many persons rush to start their own churches, ministries, and missions without authorization from the Grand Master and Bridegroom of the Church, Jesus Christ, is grieving to the Holy Spirit. It creates bad blood, divisions, quarrels and enmity and at the end it is the flock of Jesus Christ that suffers. It is possible that a  pastor, priest, prophet could be instructed to start a new work by God, and it is imperative that such a one must obey, but majority of the crowd masquerading as founders of churches were not divinely authorized to do so.
 People are no more patient with their leaders and they are quick to claim that God had called them for something else. Therefore, Abioye’s stay in Winners Chapel has made many gallivanting pastors stick to their visioneers and wait for God’s appropriate time to quit. However, one must not always quit where one started.
Jacob, one of our fathers in the faith, was with Laban for 21 years and his wages was changed ten times, yet he did not leave Laban until God authorized him to get back to his father’s house -Genesis 30:1-28; 32 and 33. This does not presuppose that Oyedepo is cheating Abioye- rather it justifies sticking to a place until God speaks otherwise. Therefore, pastors should learn from Bishop David Abioye and remain faithful in the place of their assignment. They must ignore rumors, gossips, insinuations and tale bearing of men and ask God for direction.
David Abioye has displayed unparalleled loyalty, faithfulness and service to Winners Chapel and Bishop David Oyedepo, one hopes that this service continues till God only speaks to the contrary-one prays too that those about to abandon their place of service without proper authorization will emulate Abioye, shun divisive tendencies and concern themselves with building the church of God till they get clear orders from above.
Obinna Akukwe ( Email: ).
*Photo Caption - Bishop David Oyedepo, Founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners Chapel.

[ Masterweb Reports: Theophilus Ilevbare reports ] – The General is at it again! When he is not openly criticizing the man he facilitated to the ascendancy to Aso Rock with his utterances, he is hobnobbing with state governors eyeing President Goodluck Jonathan’s seat and opposed to his second term aspiration. But his latest offering in the form of a narcissistic missive is a desperate attempt from his moral grandeur to salvage whatever is left of the wreckage of a crashed landed flight piloted by his stooge. The purpose of the mixed grill of a letter must be to rubbish the present administration and Obasanjo has succeeded, in turning himself to a hero, once again. Unfortunately, Nigerians have fallen cheaply for his uncanny ability to draw negative messianic attention to himself with his manipulatively tendencies. Little wonder, the reactions that have trailed his controversial letter are legion and everyone, wittingly or unwittingly, has been drawn to join in what is now widely regarded as the 'shege dance’.
The former president’s epistle actually overshadowed the attention another leaked complaint letter would have gotten. Dated 25 September to President Goodluck Jonathan from Mallam Sanusi Lamido, his revelation that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) – Nigeria’s cesspit of corruption - has failed to remit $49.8 billion, being proceeds from crude oil sales between January 2012 and July 2013 to the Federation Account elicited widespread outrage. But appearing before the Senate committee on finance, Mr. Sanusi, said an ongoing review of relevant accounts between the CBN, the NNPC and the ministry of finance showed that only $12 billion (N1.9 trillion) was missing as of yet.
Without the patience to pen many pages of letter which will likely go unreplied and trashed at the State House, the number three citizen of the country, Speaker Aminu Tambuwal,on Monday, 9 December, at an event organised by the Nigerian Bar Association to mark the 2013 International Anti-Corruption Day, came down hard on President Goodluck Jonathan whom he accused of encouraging corruption with his body language. He cited examples with the recent Oduahgate that the presidency swept under the carpet while lamenting that anti-corruption agencies have gone to sleep.
The media was still awash with Obasanjo’s letter ‘bomb’ to President Jonathan, as a response was still awaited when the eldest daughter of the Mr Obasanjo, Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, joined the fray with an open epistle of her own to her father, not a response or “support to President Jonathan or APC or any other group or person,” she remarked. In the purported letter, she ruled out further communication with her father till death, describing him as a liar, manipulator, two-faced hypocrite determined to foist on President Goodluck Jonathan what no one would contemplate with him as president. Iyabo exposed how Obasanjo got away with many of his atrocities because “Nigerians were his enablers and people ultimately get leaders that reflect them.”
Not forgetting the letter to Obasanjo (Daily Trust 15/12/2013) by a former chairman of the PDP, Audu Ogbeh. In his narrative, he challenged Obasanjo over the role he played as then president, when he watched with glee from his seat of power in Aso Rock as rampaging thugs unleashed mayhem and made Anambra state ungovernable, kidnapping former Governor , Chris Ngige, and eventually swearing in his deputy, to cut a long story short.
In the spirit of the season, a former Chief Justice of the Federation, Dahiru Musdapher, on Decomber 20, weighed in with his own open letter to President Jonathan. He recalled how Jonathan brushed aside recommendations from the National Judicial Council and the Chief Justice of Nigeria to sack former Appeal Court president, Ayo Salami, ignoring firm arguments by the two authorities that Mr Salami was innocent of allegations against him. Punishing Mr Salami, they advised, would terribly dent an already integrity-deficient judiciary. But all these fell on deaf ears.
Back to Obasanjo’s missive, the most weighty of all the letters since it is coming from a past civilian president to the incumbent. My brief here is not to dismiss the message with the wave of the hand because the messenger is guilty of more grievous offences. This will be akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water. There’s no way the message can be separated from the messenger, especially when the messenger is far worse than the recipient. However, it makes sense to review the substance of the message.
Describe the former president’s letter with any negative adjective like these: hypocritical, satanic, demonic, messianic, self-serving, mischievous, deceitful and instantly, you paint a picture of a controversial epistle from a depraved man persistently tortured by the heinous crime he perpetuated in his eight years (mis)rule as a democratically elected president, culminating in a sham election that threw up a terminally ill Umaru Yar’dua and a docile Goodluck Jonathan. He knew the former could not survive one term let alone two. He was not oblivious that Jonathan was incompetent and nondescript, yet he craftily foisted him on us. Obasanjo advertised them both as the only pair capable of turning the country’s fortune around.
The former president is the personification of everything wrong with Nigeria. He epitomizes corruption, irresponsible leadership, dishonesty, double standard. Our collective amnesia is the only reason anyone will heap praises on the Ota farmer for that letter.
That said, his message is apt for the season and should be taken seriously. The issues raised, though germane are common knowledge save for the part where he talked about 1000 people placed on political watch list and training of a presidential hit squad of snipers to take out perceived and real enemies of this administration.
Obasanjo’s 18 page diatribe will likely go the way of his four previous letters to Jonathan - The trash can. This letter is a reaction from the General’s bruised ego of his previous epistles that were ignored. Maybe Obasanjo should have paused to ponder why his previous letters were shredded considering it would have taken nothing to respond with Jonathan’s horde of frothing aides. Did he not think that Mr President might have deemed it appropriate to convey in subtle manner the old aphorism: “silence is the best answer for a fool”?
His missive dripped of charlatanism and unrepentant impunity that reminds us of a freed prisoner who falsely arrogates to himself the title of a ‘Statesman’. Here is a man who hunted his political foes with state instruments, he imposed his stooges in various political offices, undermined democracy with massive electoral fraud just as he flagrantly disobeyed court orders. There was fiscal unaccountability of astronomical proportions during his administration. He usurped the petroleum ministry, he is accused of human rights abuse by way of massacres in Odi and Zaki Biam. How can we forget Mr Obasanjo’s futile attempt to change the Nigerian constitution with billions of naira to grant himself perpetual tenancy, or is it the $16 billion dollar he splashed out to his cronies in government to generate darkness? By accusing Jonathan of giving opposition parties support in gubernatorial elections was he trying to insinuate and admonish Jonathan to tamper with the electoral process and impose PDP candidates on the electorate against their wish?
Obasanjo will easily beat anyone to be inducted in the country’s hall of shame for his recklessness and manipulative tendencies but that should not make us disregard his warnings particularly now that he realises that the man he installed as president is well on course to smash every infamous and dishonest record he set.
Obasanjo should receive his torture in silence if he is now disenchanted with the ‘anointed one’ he installed as president. His moral grandeur is the height of his self-delusion. He should leave the rest of his life in silence and give opportunity to people with integrity to talk.
Beyond the messenger, the propriety of the letter and the way it was thrown in the public, there are serious treasonable allegations that in the national interest, President Jonathan must respond personally and in his capacity as President. From the political watch list to the presidential secret hit squad in covert training; abuse of office; mismanagement of national resources; incompetence; deliberately strengthening the fault lines of clannishness religion and region; factionalisation and weakening of the PDP are just a highlight of the weighty allegations Nigerians are demanding for answers. President Jonathan’s electoral promise to fight corruption headlong has since been forgotten as recent allegations from Obasanjo, Sanusi and Speaker Tambuwal that the President is participating in, and facilitating the rapid growth of corruption has blurred any impression Jonathan has made in his effort to fight the scourge.
Mr Jonathan must replace this unbroken, graveyard silence with a response of his own. He is morally bound to reply Obasanjo’s umpteenth letter. More so, he is obliged to respond to the treasonable allegations in the former president’s epistle. Such accusations are legitimate grounds for impeachment should the president keep mum.
As we match towards 2015, we watch on as the drama of unending political battle of wits between a godfather and his godson unfold.
Theophilus Ilevbare ( Email: is a public affairs commentator.
*Photo Caption - Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo

[ Masterweb Reports: Ezeani Ugochukwu ] – There is no doubt the title of this piece may rouse some sensibilities. Those not sufficiently informed, or deliberately misinformed, about governance in Anambra state may demur. The insouciant may shrug it off while those who know the development trajectory of the state in the last couple of will applaud it.
Regardless, it is fair to say that since the creation of Anambra, over two decades ago, the state did not know development until recently. The transformation going on in the state can only be compared with the best elsewhere in the country. But more than that, the effort of the APGA government will be appreciated when pitted against a background of near hopeless infrastructural development before 2006. Successive governments in the state were too distracted and embroiled in political struggles for political power to concentrate on the real business of governance. To the extent that anarchy was rife with development completely eluding the state. Where development was evident at all even if it was skewed in concentration it was regarded as heavenly. Because of past failures middling achievements were regarded with awe. It was not until the Obi administration that the state began to witness real development. Apart from its multi-sector thrust, development was to touch for the first time all the communities in the state. None of the 177 communities is not without a handful of development project, either completed or on-going. Without being immodest Anambra is among the first three states in Nigeria with the best network of roads.
Development in other sectors like education, health, environment, agriculture, judiciary, human capital, security, sports, etc is not tackled any less. The state has since returned to reckoning among the frontline states in Nigeria. However, it is the volume of work and the tempo with which it is being sustained now the Obi administration is almost closing shop that baffles a lot of people. In less than three months from now the administration would lay down the burden of office. To be precise, by March 17, 2014, Chief Willie Obiano led APGA government will formally assume leadership of government in the state. The fact that APGA victory in the November governorship election was a reward for the untiring effort of the government is not in doubt. Though there are those who hold contrary view and are quick to impute extraneous influence. However, the spread of the win at the first ballot was an endorsement of the holistic development of all sections of the state. That Obi still works with the same zeal with which he started tells so much about his persona. Almost everybody is in agreement that the man is light years ahead of his peers. On a good day, a governor, about to leave office, will be involved in only self-enriching projects. Rather than do this, Obi still works as if he just finished a first tenure, about to do a second. Any wonder Anambrarians, among them members of the clergy, have continued to eulogize him and prayed God for another Obi.
The man’s dedication to duty and his self-effacing approach to governance can hardly compare with any other. His humility amidst impressive record of achievements signposts, like his past political struggles, a new beginning in the politics of the state. It won’t be a surprise if the state begins to reject certain of politicians for the office. A swashbuckler may find it difficult to succeed to the office in the near future. A new order may have been enthroned with successive striving for a better record. Anambra has witnessed a new dawn and will resist any attempt at relapse.
It does not matter that those not on the same page with the man are quick to dismiss his achievement as not commensurate with the number of years spent. They argue that if any of his predecessors was availed as many as eight years such person would perform no less. This argument may be plausible but there is no assurance that the political whirlwind brought on the state at time would have abated. It is most unlikely. If truth be told it is difficult to say that any of them has the kind of magical wand with which Obi buried political infighting in the state. That may account as one of the most important thing the governor did. There is no doubt that states need peace to progress. An ambience of strife does not encourage development. I have had to argue that even if Governor Obi is denied every credit, the fact that he held the state in once piece is a worthy epitaph. He has brought peace to the state. He has also brought development. All these he was able to do by demystifying the office and weeding out leeches from government. Unfortunately, this has been part of his undoing. He is yet to be forgiven by those whose career he ruined by plugging loopholes in government. Conversely, that explains why he has achieved so much for the state without borrowing – working till the very end of his tenure – flagging off projects and commissioning others. This singular act commends itself to the fact the he is God sent. It takes very few governors, if any, not to suspend work at the tail end of their tenure and appropriate all the money already earmarked for projects.
Prior to the November governorship election, there were speculations that the tempo of work at various sites in the state was for the purpose of gaining electoral mileage over opposition parties. But one month after, the man is yet to slow down. A flurry of development activities is ongoing at many project sites throughout the state. Construction of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, water projects is yet to be affected by the brevity of the man’s time. Human capital is no less developed as civil servants are encouraged to go on refresher courses. A good number of them have had to receive car gifts weeks after the election. Over 200 cars have been given out to them ditto for all the schools in the state. This has since debunked the allegation that the man was working just for his party to win the governorship election. It has also exposed the lie that the gift of cars, some of which came days before the election, was a bait.  There are also over 1,000 transformers being distributed to all the communities in the state. What is going on in Anambra state is no doubt encouraging and will become a benchmark for the incoming administration.
Barrister Ezeani Ugochukwu  reports from Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. 
*Photo Caption - Governor Peter Obi

[ Masterweb Reports: Chuks Ibegbu reports ] - The proposed National Conference will soon commence. In this commentary, Chuks Ibegbu, a public affairs analyst looks into issues Igbos need to present at the conference. The proposed National Conference initiated by the Goodluck Jonathan administration will soon commence. The Presidential Advisory committee on the conference after its nationwide tour recently submitted its report to Mr. President with suggestions on the modalities for the conference.
Over the years , many Nigerians have been calling for the convening of a National Conference so that Nigerians can sit down and discuss their nationhood and how they can live together as a people.  Some suggested a Sovereign National Conference, National Conference or constitutional review. Whatever the tag, the basic issue is that Nigerians  need to sit down and discuss their past, present and future. No nation can afford to be moving in a circus without pausing to x-ray their nationhood at some moments in their existence . Some people argue that the National Assembly has the latitude to discuss
issues that are canvassed at the National Conference. This is not plausible . There are several issues that the National Assembly is not fully equipped to look into.

For instance, the National Assembly may not discuss and resolve such issues as the restructuring of the country or the divisibility and indivisibility of the country as may be agreed by Nigerians and other contentious national issues. It is at the realms of a National conference that such issues can be addressed without any hindrance.

For Ndigbo, this National Conference is a veritable opportunity to redress the imbalances and injustices of the past. . Ndigbo have the least number of states and local governments in the country which translates into the least federal allocation, least opportunities at the center and so on. Past Censuses were unable to capture the true demography of Ndigbo at home and outside Igbo land. The exclusion of census paradigms as ethnicity and religion wrought a great havoc to Ndigbo during past censuses as Ndigbo living outside Igboland were subsumed under the population of the areas they reside without benefitting anything however from the value they demographically add to those places. The  naïve actions and inactions of a peacefully militant pressure group in the East worsened our case during the 2006 census exercise. For instance, a  state like Abia with an estimate of ten million or more people was said to have only a little above two million persons in the last census exercise. Aba alone has more than
one million houses and none of these houses have less then twenty residents. One can then imagine how Abia state and in corollary other Igbo states were undercounted in the past census exercises with its attendant consequences on them.

There are other issues that are critical for Ndigbo to table at the
conference. For instance after the civil war many oil rich parts of Igboland were excised to neigbhouring states by the JUSTICE MAMMAN NASIR boundary adjustment committee. This is why states like Abia and Imo have fewer oil wells than they deserve which also affect their share of the thirteen percent derivation that accrue to oil producing states. The National conference is an avenue to address and redress these long years of injustice and marginalisation which is of course affecting our children today .Those who desire the status quo to subsist are the ones kicking against the conference  by inciting the polity against it.

Good enough, Igbo leaders are determined to make the case for Ndigbo at the conference. The Abia state Governor Chief T A ORJI is a great architect of redressing the imbalance of the past hence his invaluable support to the National conference.

As the conference commences early in February 2014, NDIGBO AND NDIABIA must gird their loins and put forward their case succinctly, pointedly, plausibly and convincingly.

Hon. Chuks Ibegbu ( Email: ).


*Photo Caption – Hon. Chuks Ibegbu

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - Why would someone leave the comfort of his home, travel thousands of miles by Delta Airline, brave blistering pot-holed roads fraught with highwaymen, live through “ime ego” and “igba nkwu” to marry a girl, and finally give his newborn child a name that begins with death? Put the other way, why do we celebrate death so much? Why does death always grab headlines in the media, in our conversations and social events? Must we crown death Mr. Big Shot? Just yesterday, the telephone rang and someone in Nigeria was playing “onwu zuru uwa.” He was preparing for a trip that would take him to the village for the funeral of an 86-year-old man named Chief Onwuchekwa. As we talked, I couldn’t resist being annoyed with “onwu zuru uwa” playing in the background. That Igbo music extols and romanticizes death as if the singer had just won 700 Naira NNPC lottery. What is so great about death that we seem to name our children after it, to venerate or idolize death? I called up my homeboy Sir Onwuka to lambast his surname. His wife picked up and I said: “Nwanyi, from now on your name is Mrs. Nduka, no more Onwuka”. The husband called back to tell me what a beautiful name he has. I hung up when he asked: “Won’t you die someday?”   Hardly a month goes by without someone calling with a disheartening news that starts with “we are at ‘ulo onwu’” (house of death) or some man or woman is groaning “onwu, onwu, onwu, hia, onwu, onwu, hia……”
I am tired of being tired of death. The last time I saw classmate Chief Onwuama on a Lagos road, I avoided him as you would an Egyptian plague, even refusing to make eye contact. Can’t someone give me some happy, good news that goes like: “Congratulations. We hear you are going to be having dinner with Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu ”? Or “My dear brother, how did you enjoy riding in the bullet-proof BMW with Sister Stella Odua.?” It is better than “we have just returned from burying Mr. Onwudinjo .” Igbo names that start with Onwu (Death) rub me the wrong way for some reasons. The Igbo name  Onwuamaka (death is good) is the worst offender. The others include Onwuka (death is supreme), Onwumere (death is the doer), Onwuemerie (death is winning), Onwurapum (Death, please leave me alone) or Onwuegbulam (Death, plesse don’t kill me). I do not like these Igbo names and these are reasons why they may strike fear in any heart. 
Onwuamaibe: Death knows no peers (death has no friends) –who told you I want death for a friend? I don’t for sure.
Onwuanu-mba: Death does not heed or death rebukes – We rebuke death and that’s why we are still around.
Onwuaso: Death does not respect – would you expect respect from person who steals from you? No, you don’t .
Onwuatuegwu/Onwuatu: Death does not fear – Death fears a little when you refuse to abuse your body with drugs and when you take good care of the system you are housed in.
Onwubiko: Please, Death! - We have nothing to beg death for except that it should get away and leave us alone.
Onwubuariri/Onwubualili: Death is terrible sorrow- how can death be terrible when we are more terrible, treating our bodies in death-producing ways ,such as kidnapping, overeating, drug abuse, armed robberies, and using assault weapons?
Onwuchekwa: Death should wait- death is a thief and you’re asking it to wait in the shadows until everyone is unaware of its movements before it strikes.
Onwudinjo: Death is bad/evil – death is worse than evil, more evil than boko haram that bombs harmless babies in the wombs.
 Onwudiwe: Death makes one furious or has done an evil thing- death isn’t bad if it is a time for a well-deserved rest from troubles.
Onwueme: Death has done it again – please tell Death we do not want its favors.
Onwuka: Death is greater – there’s nothing great about some rascal who destroys and/or steals the property of another.
 Onwuma: Death knows or can please itself – how can Death please itself when it is trespassing on property of another and is unable create anything of value? 
Onwumechili: … Death closes- death cannot close the case because it does not have the last laugh, according to the Holy Scriptures.
Onwurapu, Onwurah, Onwughalu: Death should leave us out- since death’s purpose it to cause pain, sufferings, and confusions, it does not know when to leave enough alone or to let the sleeping dog lie.
Onwutalobi Death has eaten the kingdom – death was cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven for disobedience so it officiates over the kingdom of this world where it moves to and fro, seeking something to destroy.
Onwuzulu: Death is everywhere – death is not in all places; it is not in heaven. Only God and saved souls are there.
Onwuzuluigbo/Onwuzuruigbo: death has reached all Igbo land- did anyone tell you that the Igbos have invited death in their midst or that the world is limited only to Alaigbo? What of Alayoruba and Alaawusa?
Onwuzuluike: Death should rest – rest for what? Death hasn’t done any work to deserve a rest
Onwuamaka- Death is good – Chai! How can this man be good when everything he does is too crazy; you can’t even have a wake or funeral without the committees of friends without eating bitter kola nuts, or without consuming large quantities of Heinekens.
Dr. James C. Agazie ( Email: ).
*Photo Caption – A grave in a cemetery