Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Wole Opesanmi reports ] – In the spirit of the celebration of the just concluded Eid-el Kabir with our Muslim Brothers, it is imperative that we shed some light on the truth about religion and hope therefore that we become better neighbour to our neighbours, better friend to our friends and off course better citizens to our nation. From Antiquity, religion has been a tool used in connecting with a higher power that most of us agree truly exists. You have just to look at the blueness of the sky to know that there’s a power way-bigger than what we could possibly understand and till the day everyone one of us become dusts, it will continue to be a mystery. The self-proclaimed Atheists can continue with their propaganda but the day anyone of them explains to us the origin of water or of day and night, that day I’d begin to think it fathomable for someone to say there’s no power bigger than him.
There is a higher power my brothers and sisters. Every religion refers 'the almighty' in different names, and there's always going to be different versions, truly we all worship the same being although we do it in different ways and we would agree that our way of worship has worked for us (Christianity has worked for me). Conversely, Religion has also been a weapon for people to exploit and twist to their advantage, and the raison d'être is implicit in the dogged, vis-à-vis fanatical belief of the people, which weakens their thinking faculty. Thus, it makes them dependent on their religious icon(s) for illumination on this path of life that we all are scheduled to go through. I have a Muslim friend by the name Daud who prays five times daily and observes every rite and ritual of the Islam religion. I’m a Christian; I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and I observe every rite and ritual of the Christian religion. The interesting auspice however is the fact that I would take a bullet for Daud as I believe he would for me. The rationale sorrounding our relationship might be lost on fanatics and extremist but the truth remains that; he has been a good friend to me over the years and I believe I have been same to him. Thus, even through the difference in our belief, we have kept our friendship.
 No true and healthy religion breeds terror, injustice and wickedness and if by chance you find yourself doing evil to your fellow man in the name of religion, no matter the justification by your religious icon, best believe you are in the wrong faith as no good ‘god’ will demand that you decapitate the head of your neighbour simply because he doesn’t believe in what you believe in. And no good god will have you make enemies (in the name of Holiness) with your neighbours even if they are of a different religion talk less of a different doctrine within the same religion. If you are told otherwise, my dear religious people, it is your first duty as a human being to resist such god for powers which demand human tyranny and injustice cannot accomplish their purpose unless human beings co-operate. The evil that follows Extremism and Fanaticism has been the bane of religion since the days of our Ancestors and I daresay it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Just read the papers and a hundred stories will surface; from the Senior Pastors having carnal knowledge of their members to Imams doing same with the Alhajas in the Mosque, negative exploitation of religion will continue. This truth saddens my heart and so I have decided to write my way into the hearts of the exploited and hope to heavens that I soften their fanaticism and make them (to a reasonable extent) Liberal in their view of life. The exploiters can continue their exploitation of the unguarded and naïve followers but like almost every religion agrees, WHAT YOU SOW, YOU WILL REAP.
Sometime back, in the course of my observation of the compulsory NYSC programme that Nigerian graduates are scheduled to go through, I got the opportunity to teach in a village in Enugu state (Nigeria). It is a village where ‘Dog eats Dog’ and everybody understands. The best you can do as an individual is to protect yourself and your family by whatever means possible (I’m talking about hardcore Juju here). I was teaching in a secondary school and in one of my classes, I found my students haranguing themselves on a very sensitive topic, (Religion). It took some firm intervention by me to silence their nauseating arguments and what made it worse for a listener and an observer like me was the fact that they were all supposed to be Christians. They were only arguing about their churches and trying to protect the reasons for the doctrines of their respective churches. For clarity sake I’d state categorically that the argument was between the Catholic church-going Students and the Pentecostal church-going Students. So enthusiastic were they in their arguments that they started calling themselves all sorts of ugly names at which point I had to quell the arguments and continue my Economics lessons. My Economics class was always interesting and soon, we had forgotten about the early arguments and concentrated on the ‘functions of the Central Bank in Nigeria’. However, I got to my ‘cubicle’ and couldn’t shake the nagging fear that these children’s religious fanaticism in something they knew very little about could be exploited by their spiritual heads and my mind swiftly raced to the Northern part of our dear country Nigeria.
The blood sucking sect in Nigeria called Boko Haram, and indeed all terrorist movements around the world are borne out of exploitation of the Achilles heel in religion. Some sick fellows have a grudge or an ambition and would go to any extent to settle or achieve it as the case may be. However, this dissertation isn’t for them as their hearts are hardened as stone and rigid as the biblical mountain that cannot be shaken. This critique is for that brother who believes he is doing the will of his god when he burns down the house of a ‘sinner’ with pregnant women and little children inside and he says it is because the sinner isn’t of the same religion as his, thus his god asks that he exterminates them unless they are willing to accept what he accepts and believe in what he believes in. He plays God and decides who lives and who dies, because he has the power (maybe through weapons) at that moment to do so. And in all of these wickedness’, he believes he is doing the will of a god. This exposition is for that church member that takes her daughter to the senior pastor for ‘cleansing’. Whereas we all know the ‘Machine’ used in the cleansing process, the knowledge is always lost on the woman as she believes it is the will of her god to let the senior pastor do whatever he deems fit (As the spirit leads) with her daughter. And finally, it is for those who believe in the ’Angelic nature’ of clergymen and say they shouldn’t be checked because they can never be wrong. The infamous Rev King burnt down some members cum followers of his church to death because they ‘Misbehaved’ and the church members stood by him. I’m yet to comprehend the possibility of standing by someone that might burn you to death if you ‘Misbehave’. How brainwashed can an individual be when it comes to religion? It is with unhappiness that I reveal to you; VERY MUCH! November 18, 1978, the United States witnessed horror like they have never seen as Rev Jim Jones convinced close to one thousand of his followers (children included) to commit mass suicide in Jonestown and that has been recorded as the highest mass suicidal act in the world. Such Tragedy!
The powers these religious Men have over their subjects cannot be quantified, cannot be understated and definitely cannot be taken for granted. Or how else can you explain this baleful and bewildering jingoism hideous in a paradoxical, insoluble and unnerving brouhaha embedded in religious innuendos? There’s no other explanation for the sheep-like followership that people exert when it comes to religion, our safest option remains for us to agree that these clergymen have great power over their subjects’ psyche, thus they can hurt them whilst fulfilling their personal ambition. This is the first step in the process of having a stable country devoid of religious killings, devoid of ‘spiritual cleansing’ by some pastors, free from bombings and free from mental, sexual and physical abuse by some Imams. If we acknowledge that these followers cannot think for themselves, we know that to stop them from doing harm to the society and to themselves, we have to protect them from their tyrannical leaders. We have to let these people know that Islam (as most religion) is a religion of peace and whoever preaches otherwise to them is their enemy and must be rebuked. Maybe if true Muslims pursue this cause zealously, there will be reduction in the social ills that the brainwashed Muslims commit. In the same vein, if true Christians pursue the enlightenment of brainwashed Christians, then corruption and abuse will have no place in Christendom. We might not live-happily-ever-after as a country, but I promise you, we will be better-off and my belief is based on the fact that Nigeria is a country full of pious people. It is ironic how we are still one of the most corrupt Nations in the world. Such conundrum isn’t it?
Few months back, there were protests across Nigeria and indeed across every sphere of religion that retaining the clause that allows little girls to be married off will be wickedness to the girl. The unfairness of the act being that the girl has no choice, has no say and most especially, has nobody to fight for her. Her parents are poor and as such they will take offers from any suitor, paedophile or not, connoting that she gets married to whomever regardless of her physical and mental readiness. On this matter shall I end this dissertation but not before expressing how I feel and I daresay you are free to challenge me if you think what I’m saying is balderdash.…. That the Islam religion permits the Muslim man to marry little girls is not news, the permission cannot be denied, it is in black and white in the Quran. The Prophet married a child. Also, that the Islam religion permits the Muslims to perform Jihad i.e. (kill in the name of Allah) is not news, the permission cannot be denied, it is a fact. There are handfuls of more permission by the Islam religion but that is not why we’re here. I am here to demonstrate to you how wicked and selfish an individual you are if you support child marriage simply because your religion permits it. If you maintain that child marriage should be practiced because in your heart you know that there is something about little girls that tickles your fancy and arouses sexual feelings in your loins, it is ok. It is a mental and/or psychological problem and you can seek medical and spiritual help. But if you hide under the guise of religion to marry and touch little girls because your religion says you can, well sir let’s explore this together and, I beg you to open your heart because that is the only way to know if your strong-mindedness on this issue is justified.
Several thousand years ago, it was okay for Muslims to kill people as long as they were ‘unbelievers’. As a matter of fact, the Islam religion was spread by warfare. Therefore, in that age and time, if you kill an individual that refuses Islam, you will be doing a wonderful thing and will be earning the respect and adulation of folks in your immediate environment. Let’s fast forward the date however to the year 2013 and let me ask why you don’t kill us ‘unbelievers’ that refuse the Islam religion today? Take a while to ponder. As you think it over, let me quickly let you know that the answer is very simple; the acts obtainable plenty centuries ago cannot fit into the present environment. Therefore even though it is permitted to perform holy Jihad which might result in loss of lives, you understand that this is a different age, it is a crime in this age and I daresay it is ‘All shades of wrong’ in this era and so it behooves of you as a good Muslim man or woman to concentrate on the aspects of the Quran that this age supports (Unless off course you are a Boko). Now let us take the child marriage situation and explore as well. Plenty centuries ago, the prophet Mohammed married a 6 yr old Aisha and had sexual relations with her at age 9 as was the norm and custom of that period and best believe there were no complication that arose from such consummations because if there were, the Prophet, Bless his soul wouldn’t have gone ahead with it and not only that, he would have advised his followers staunchly against it and my conviction is based on the fact that the Islam religion is a religion of peace and justness. Now let us fast forward the date to the year 2013 yet again and let me tell you about very few of the things the little girl that gets married at a very tender age suffers. Apart from the entire mental and psychological trauma which I cannot begin to break down to you because of the enormity of its volume, I would like to introduce you to a serious condition called ‘obstetric fistula’ prevalent in the Northern part of Nigeria where the bulk of the little female children are being married off. It is a condition that makes her lose the control of her bowel movements thereby making her pass urine and faeces uncontrollably which means therefore that she has to start wearing pampers and tissues everyday of her life to prevent being embarrased in public. If you can imagine that happening to your sweet little daughter when she’s married off and you have no qualms about doing that to somebody’s daughter, then there is a problem somewhere. Alternatively, if you are the man that loves marrying little girls because the Quran permits you and you now know that marrying and getting them pregnant at young ages can cause this terrible medical condition yet you don’t have reservations about the act, my brother, you are nothing short of an incarnate of the devil himself.
 Religion is evolutionary. No matter how hard we try to ignore it, fight it and sometimes castigate it, what obtained a thousand years ago cannot be practiced in this present age. Thus, it will be unfair to take certain customary and traditional practice of the old age that favoured their environment and the prevalent situation back then and fuse into the present simply because you are not on the losing side of the custom. That is not only being nonchalant about your neighbour’s plight, it is you being wicked. No good Muslim should hide under the excuse of the Islam religion to molest little girls albeit on their marital bed. If that is the hobby of the Nigerian Senators, it is okay. They can seek medical help and combine prayer with it. I believe God in his infinite mercy will cure them of the problem. However, if they do that under the pretext of obedience to the teachings of the Prophet, we shall continue to reject it and pray that they will see the light because I have no doubt in my mind that if Prophet Mohammed was in this age and time when marrying little girls would cause so much havoc to their health and break them mentally and physically, HE WOULD NOT SANCTION IT and If as a Muslim you believe otherwise, then its a pointer to the fact that you are either in the wrong religion or you are not practicing your religion right. In all your religious practices my dear Christian and Muslim brothers, ask yourself this question; can true religion really breed wickedness?
P.S- The Nigerian senate president said the situation will be re-visited, and I hope he reads this…. Sir, that you see us as fools (that make lots of noise, after which you come, say few soothingly-diplomatic words to calm the nerves and then everything is swept under the carpet and forgotten) doesn’t make us fools o! Nigerians are not foolish people. As a matter of fact, Nigerians are one of the smartest in the world and this is the reason for our cynical nature. We know what you and the rest of the people in Government are doing sir. We are just not motivated enough to start a revolution. 
But one day Na one day!
Wole Opesanmi (Email: Phone: 08073195581) reports  from Navy Town in Lagos - Nigeria.
*Photo Caption – An AK-47 Rifle. *One of the tools of evil in Nigeria and around the world.

[ Masterweb Reports: Fola Ojo reports ] – Chief Ladoke Akintola was one-time premier of the then Western Region of Nigeria. Smooth-talking, loquacious master of jabberwocky, Chief Akintola was severally accused by his many opponents of crass corruption.  His sarcastic response sickened many both in his party and outside. The line is memorable.  “I didn’t eat the money, I spent it, whose grandfather can swallow a penny?” he had said.  The premier, in a manner of a stand-up comedian, trivialized the behemoth called corruption, and today, the monstrous Godzilla is still very much around sinking Nigeria deep into thralldom and towering tribulations.  Friends, this is the fungus among us.
To date, our leaders determinedly continue to trivialize the madness of financial misappropriation and the long-term harm and hurt it unleashes on the destiny of Nigeria.  This wild-fire menace and monstrous cascade continues unhindered. The loose behaviors of some dare-devils in power now have become dangerous dance-steps on a freeway way to a volcanic conflagration threatening to gulp up the  beautiful but beleaguered country and spit it out down the of abyss of history.
I have decided in my small corner to stop calling those leaders who steal from the nation’s treasury “corrupt”. Because when you do, it seems the culprits perceive it is as a deserved adornment of a chieftaincy title. So they glee, and glow, and gyrate over the nomenclature. And unfortunately, the attendant historical punitive consequences meted out to “corrupt” Nigerian government officials are nothing but a replica of the sham and shame that takes place in a shanty courthouse.  All of them always get away.
It was both amusing and amazing when we learnt that the government is now on a massive man-hunt for the person responsible for revealing the frenzy, frightful, free-for-all shopping spree of exotic armored vehicles for Aviation Minister Stella Oduah that cost tax-payers $1.6 million. A man who should be celebrated and honored publicly is now the criminal. That is the state of things now in our land where the celebrity becomes the culprit.
Also recently, the new PDP threw a challenge in the face of the PDP-run government that it made $1.05bn in July 2013, and wanted to know what happened to the dough.  The platoons in the new PDP should know what they are talking about. The new PDP and the ancient PDP used to be conjoined twins until they were separated by the surgical scissors of ambition, power, money and control. Together they used to fight common enemies, together they took orders under the same commander, they both know what ammunitions are used for what squabble, they both know where the “ammunitions” are kept, they know how the ammunitions were procured, and they still have the template and blueprint of operations in their possession. When they allege that money is missing, the new PDP must know what they are talking about.
Home and abroad, money is missing in stacks and stashes. Home and abroad, our vaults are vanishing in batches. Government recently admitted that between August and September 2013, Nigeria’s external reserves dropped by $1.33bn — from $47bn to $45.67bn. Money is missing, projects are neither completed nor executed, external reserves are on a free-fall, and we are not fighting any wars!
I think to call our leaders “corrupt” is a musical alto and tenor in their ears. To call them “corrupt” is an attempt to embellish the act, costume the behavior in angelic robe and toga, and sandblast the feisty festivals of banditry and criminality that are going on in government. To call them “corrupt” is to make the vice appear meek and mild, because it no longer carries any correctional weight.  Who said our leaders are corrupt? What is going on is no longer corruption; governments at all levels have become grim gulags and concentration camps of heinous crime against humanity, and a bromide and banal affront on divinity.
It has shown through recent developments that these people don’t care if you call them “corrupt”. What follows an uncovered case of corruption is usually a coronation of the perpetrator. He or she is applauded and hailed as if he just scored a winning goal in a world cup final match.  He either becomes a chief in his village, an Igwe in his clan, a pastor in his church, an Imaam in his mosque, and a Jeep-driving, jet-flying celebrity among us.
…to be continued
Fola Ojo ( ).
*Photo Caption – Map of Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Chris Onyishi reports ] –Talk is cheap, people say. Answering a comrade is even cheaper. What is difficult is performing like a comrade. When I was in the University, I used to think that what separated me from unimaginable wealth is the graduation date. When I move about these days, I still see young lads in their Youth Corps uniform feeling the same way I felt some 30 years ago. Little do they know that they are gradually inching into some cliff.
When comrade Adams Oshiomole was talking tough and twisting government’s arms in the yore years when he held sway as the NLC chief, little did he know that arm twisting is cheaper than arm bending. I am not particularly an ardent follower of what goes on in the Ancient Kingdom of Benin City to be able to assess how well the one time sweet talker, Comrade is fairing in the land but there is this saying that you must not dive into a glowing fire to know that you can get scotched.
There is this wild cat in my area that is noted for causing chicken to howl from their roost at night. The story is that before this species of cat imbibed this habit, it climbed down from the tree on one occasion and as it made its way through a dark alley, it stumbled on droppings from a chick.
The cat then robbed off the chick droppings and tasted it. The cat then said to itself, if this is this sweet, only, God knows how sweet the chick that dropped it will taste. So this is how the wild cat used the taste to imagine what the chick itself will taste like.
If what goes on at the backyard of Comrade Oshiomole is, by any stretch of imagination, what obtains inside of the Benin City, then, one does not have to go into Benin to understand how our ebullient but diminutive comrade is fairing in the land.
That the Benin bypass has become a harrowing experience to travelers who crisscross to and from Lagos axis is only a euphemism. For most of us who ply this bypass for lack of air fare or for avoidance of the regular droppings – from the skies – of our flying birds, of recent, it is like a little cricket between the Red Sea and the Red Dragon.
When you are coming from the Eastern part into the bypass you suddenly see a group of husky looking young men who would emerge from the bush adorning one yellow overcoat. They claim to be working for the Comrade. They then brandish ID cards and ask you to wind down. Before you come out of the shock, they are already inside your car demanding one form of radio license or the other and the fine ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 Naira.
Just about when you are through with them, one way or the other, you get midway into the bypass and now you see another group of 10 gangsters. This time you realize you are into a deep bull sheet. This group would be clutching cutlasses and short guns with some having painted faces with white substance. They are real armed robbers. Whereas the initial group disguised that they were government agents, the latter does not put in doubt as to the fact that they are real armed robbers.
If this does not portray what goes on inside Benin City, then it would appear that Oshiomole is using these groups of political togs turned armed robbers to terrorize people who use the bypass to move from South West to the South East and reverse. For crying out loud, why should anybody be made to pay radio license because he is passing through Edo State to his destination. The bypass was actually introduced after people complained of series of harassment from some individuals who would accost you with a motor cycle as you pass through the Benin town in those days to your destination.
It would appear that the notion is, follow the bypass and we will get you there in a more damning form. The bypass is not too long that Comrade Oshiomole, as the Chief Security Officer of the state, cannot cause security agents to patrol the length of it.
Chris Onyishi (  SMS to +234 806 093 4215 )
*Photo Caption – Governor Adams Oshiomole

 [ Masterweb Reports ] -  “The ongoing debate is WHY AREN'T  THE IGBOS WELCOMED BY THEIR FELLOW NIGERIAN NEIGHBORS? Please click of the link below and read the Yoruba perspective.  The next essay on WHAT THE IGBOS DO TO HURT THEMSELVES.” The foregoing statement was made by  Dr. James Agazie online on October 6, this month and posted in several Igbo/Nigerian forums (fora).
Otoiheoma Egbe today made the following rejoinder to Dr. James Agazie’s media statement: “Why Ndi-Igbo are NOT welcomed by the rest of Nigerians is because NDI-Igbo are More Hardworking and More Intelligent than the Rest of Nigerians!!

“Naturally, once your mate Beats you hands down in all spheres of Life, the tendency is for the Beaten Competitor to become Both Jealous of you and Angry with you. Most of your detractors [Enemies] may Destroy You if they can; out of Envy and Jealousy.

Look around you, and you can find your so called Friends and or Relatives in this Mood of Anger and Jealousy over your Success!! Nevertheless, Regardless, continue to Share LOVE than Hatred with your detractors, for this is Godly!!”

*Photo Caption – Starving Biafran children. Nigeria imposed a complete naval blockade of Biafra (including shipment of food & medicine) during the civil war.  

[ Masterweb Reports: Pastor C.S Amiola reports ] –  Right from the educational system to political structure and every aspect of the economy, successive governments have continued to implement needless policies at the expense of the populace whom they claim to serve. Most of these policies which are initially touted as beneficial usually end up as another waste of public resources and a millstone around the neck of the average Nigerian. The latest in this series of counterproductive policies is the introduction of new number plates and driver’s license by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). While the idea may be commendable in itself, the mode of implementation is totally unacceptable.
As far as the FRSC is concerned, it makes no difference whether you had a number before or not; the cost is the same across board. Why would you charge someone who already has a registered number plate and drivers’ licence as if they had none at all? This is nothing short of oppression and exploitation. Worse still, implementing this policy at this time is no guarantee that we will not repeat the process in the near future as time has proven that we usually implement policies before we have successfully developed the appropriate structures to ensure sustainability.

For Nigerians to agree with the FRSC’s purported reasons for this new policy, the financial implications must be properly adjusted such that it can be easily accommodated by the average motorist whose livelihood is just barely above the poverty line. Any policy that would require the average Nigerian to cough out twenty-five thousand to forty thousand naira in these challenging times is not humane at all. Human right organisations, political unions, opinion leaders, religious bodies and loyal citizens of Nigeria see the policy as draconian, oppressive and fraudulent. It reeks of extortion. While it may be necessary for new cars and new drivers, it’s totally unwarranted and unprofitable for old car owners.

Pastor Caleb Amiola ( ) is Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Ife-North Chapter.
*Photo Caption - Car with Lagos State license plate.


 [ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu reports ] –  The Bible is a great book of wisdom that captures all human experiences within it. The “Tower of Babel”  which is a famous biblical story of a community with a single language that set out to build a city and tower  that would be tall enough to reach into the heavens and how that audacious project was scuttled through the introduction of different languages is symbolic of the near impossibility of building a nation from a contradiction of languages and cultures. In Genesis chapter 11 verse 6, 7, 8, the lord said, “behold, the people are one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have decided to do.”  “Let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”  “So the lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off building the city.”
As the biblical story aptly demonstrates, all it took to destroy the solidarity and harmony of an ambitious community trying to build a city and the tallest building in the world was to change their language. It is a symbolic testament to the real time experience and impossibility of Nigeria and most African nations created through colonial fiat without considering the implications of the ethnic and religious divides.  Soon after independence Nigeria and most African nations plunged into genocide/ ethnic cleansing and sustained conflicts across ethnic and religious lines. Not surprisingly, more than 90% of African conflicts since the post-colonial period have been internal civil/tribal wars, with different ethnic and religious groups pitted against each other in endless battles that most often come with shocking barbarities and human rights violations. From Nigeria which infamously pioneered genocide in Africa, to Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Congo, Chad, Uganda and Central African Republic amongst others,  Africa has been in an endless inferno of unrelenting conflicts. 

The consequence is an African continent  with countries  that lacking the cultural homogeneity,  solidarity and harmony needed for development has remained stagnated, undeveloped and locked in perpetual strife. Like the Tower of Babel, the inherited contradictions in Nigeria and most African countries have ensured that the different ethnic nationalities and religious groups spend all their time devising how to subjugate, dominate, marginalise and even kill members of other ethno-religious groups and no time on development. Consequently the greatest factors of marginalisation, poverty and inhibitions to development in Nigeria and Africa are from within each individual country.  Nigeria and most of Africa was quite simply created to fail.

The 1884 Berlin conference that arbitrarily carved Africa into lines of colonial control without any consideration for cultural and religious homogeneity must count as one of the most callous, selfish and immoral acts in history, second only to the trans-Atlantic slave trade. That single perfidious act created an African continent with nations designed to fail from the onset and it wasn’t done from ignorance.  Europeans for several centuries fought wars on ethnic and religious divides that sought to define and claim sovereignty on the basis of their cultural identities. The 1648 peace of Westphalia and subsequent treaties established the concept of nation states anchored on cultural identities from whence the evolution of European states as nation states founded on cultural homogeneity and autonomy commenced.  Indeed the evolution of European states into culturally homogenous nation states has continued apace into the 21st century with newly independent   Eastern European nations such as Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania and more than 10 new nations in the last two decades. In the West of Europe, Scotland is scheduled to hold a referendum on independence from Britain in 2014. Thus the 1884 European cabal and subsequent colonial and post colonial administrations that took and upheld the inglorious decision to marry alien ethnic and religious cultures in a combustible brew in Africa knew the consequences. 

It was a deliberate decision designed to keep Africa in perpetual crisis mode and consequent underdevelopment. The price has been high in blood and human suffering with estimates of more than 10 million dead, 11 million maimed and another 5 million displaced as a result of conflicts since the post-colonial era. The ravages of poverty, famine, preventable/ treatable diseases and social dislocation is also estimated to have killed more than 30 million and consigned more than  200 million to total penury.  The blood, gore and human suffering occasioned by the contradictions of most African countries have been apocalyptic.

The failed states syndrome is also more endemic. There are more failed states in Africa than anywhere else with the increasing danger that such states could become outposts of global terrorism.  In light of the evident  contradictions  and consequent  tragedy of African nations, the future of Nigeria and Africa’s lies in self determination  through the ambit of international  law as established in the 1941,1945 and 1960 United Nations  charter  for  ethnic nationalities  who so desire. A peaceful redefinition of boundaries organised and supervised by the United Nations through democratic means to create more culturally homogenous nation states   that can ensure a measure of socio- political stability and economic prosperity.

Nigeria and Africa must travel Europe’s well travelled road of self determination to be saved from eventual collapse. This can easily be done through respecting the existing tenets of international law as it concerns self determination. There needs to be a genuine apolitical reckoning with the mistakes of Africa’s colonial birthing and take urgent steps to correct them in the interest of global security. The present situation where countries like Nigeria and other African countries continue to force nationhood on unwilling ethnic nationalities is unsustainable in the long term and a threat to global security.  Africa can only become stable and prosperous when the rights of all the ethnic nationalities are recognised and respected by way of self determination.  Then and only then can Africa join the comity of nations in contributing to world peace and prosperity.  The time is now!

Lawrence Chinedu Nwobu ( ).

*Photo Caption - Tower of Babel.

 [ Masterweb Reports: Eddy Aghanenu reports ] – The death of the amiable, hardworking Senator Pius Ewherido threw up a political vacuum in Delta Central Senatorial Zone. The late senator was the best the zone has ever presented since this political dispensation. He was a listening senator who fought to bring projects to his constituency. His voice was not only heard but he matched his words with action. He was beloved by his people. His death therefore came as a rude shock.
Late Senator Ewherido, not satisfied with the political situation in Delta State decided to join hands with like minds to form the new liberation party – All Progressive Congress (APC). He was in the thick of its formation. His sole purpose and agenda was the liberation of Delta State (nay Nigeria) from the hands of those who have contributed in under developing the country and enslaving the people. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to see the actualization of his dreams.

Nature abhors vacuum. His position in the senate has to be filled via a democratic process. APC can be said to be new but the members are patriotic and passionate about the development of the country. Two prominent sons of Delta Central – Oloroguns O’tega Emerhor and Festus Keyamo rose to fill the giant shoes left by Senator Ewherido.

Olorogun Festus Keyamo is not a strange name in Nigeria. A very successful lawyer, an activist and social crusader, Bar Keyamo has taken advantage of his profession to confront the powers that be. He has been able (at the risk of his life and freedom) to bring succor and justice to many. Nevertheless, in Delta State politics, nothing much was known about him. He was therefore stepping into the political terrain where he has neither political base nor structure. Though worthy to be a successor to the late Ewherido, his lack of political base coupled with some costly and ill advised political moves will cost him the APC candidacy. He would have been a vibrant representative as he is in his social crusading wars.

Olorogun Emerhor will also be a worthy successor to the late senator. Olorogun Emerhor, the Evwreni born politician is a financial guru.  He has been in politics since this political dispensation. His name is like a re occurring decimal in Delta State politics. Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, Chief Executive Officer to many blue chip companies in Nigeria and beyond is genuinely loved by his people. In Urhoboland, this chattered accountant’s name is synonymous with philanthropy. He has contributed immensely to the Urhobo cause. He has vied as a governor and senator in past elections. He was unfortunate not to have the party tickets in those years of his sojourn into elective office. He has in the process built up a political base in his senatorial zone. Though, he was in the ruling party during the first few years of this political era, he later realized that development can never come from this corruption ridden party. True and time tested democracy can also never be realized in the ruling party.

To actualize his dream and satisfy the yearnings of his people, Olorogun Emerhor has to move to where the will of the people will be paramount. Today, he is a key member of All Progressive Congress (APC), the party that will bring the needed change and development to Nigeria. He worked assiduously to win the party ticket. In the primaries, Olorogun Emerhor emerged the party’s candidate for the vacant senatorial seat.

Today, the struggle has gone to another level – how to transform this victory at the primaries to electoral victory at the polls. Delta State today is in need of change. Like Walter Rodney will say, some few Deltans have helped in under developing the state. This must not be allowed to continue. Delta State with its abundant human and natural resources must not be allowed to degenerate to a state where nothing works. Corruption is on the rise. Infrastructural decay beautifies the landscape. Our schools are some of the worst in the country in terms of infrastructure and performance. Insecurity is on the increase. Kokori in the heartland of Delta Central is under siege. Unemployment is on the rise. Our hospitals are mere consulting clinics. This is what APC has come to rectify and who is better to do this at the national assembly than Olorogun O’tega Emerhor.

The APC primaries have come and gone. Not all contestants will be satisfied with the process but as true democrats, we must accept the results as expressed by the people. There can never be a flawless event organized by man. APC as a democratic party has proven again after the Anambra experience that it will preach and practice democracy. It will continue to improve. We cannot all be winners neither can we all be losers. In this primaries organized to choose the APC senatorial candidate, the party is the winner.

Let us therefore as true democrats desirous of the needed change in Delta Central join hands with the APC candidate; Olorogun O’tega Emerhor to ensure that he clinches the senatorial seat. Let it not be said that because of some perceived wrongs that we will allow the party that has destroyed the state to win the seat. Let it not be said that we allowed the rot in the state to continue by not joining the people to fight for their freedom. Let it not be said that we helped in mortgaging the future of our children, children unborn and our youths by sitting on the fence. Let it not be said that we aided in the educational decay in the state by not joining APC in its quest to free the state from its path to doom. Let it not be said that Delta State will continue to live in 18th century in the twenty first century world because we abandoned the people when we were needed most.

Let it be said that because of the zeal and contributions by patriots such as Bar Festus Keyamo, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, Dr Otive Igbuzor and many other compatriots, that Delta Central was liberated from the hands of Pharaoh and on the move to the promised land. This is a task that must be done.

Eddy Aghanenu ( ).

*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria showing its 36 states (including Delta State), and Federal capital (Abuja or FCT).

 [ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] – Paul Enenche, the founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja has exhibited tendencies which clearly certifies him as an apostle on assignment to help people discover, rediscover and recover their destinies. 
For a few uninitiated, destiny refers to divine- assignment ordained from the beginning of the world for a human being to fulfill. The Almighty God told prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1vs 4-5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Thus Jeremiah was set apart as a prophet even before he was born. John the Baptist was ordained as a' voice in the wilderness' announcing the mission of Jesus Christ long before his birth. In Isaiah 40 vs 3 ''The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.'' Joseph's leadership in before Pharaoh in Egypt was preordained.

Therefore, the subject of destiny is not a strange one. Everybody is set apart to perform one task or the other for the benefit of humanity. One of the problems of Christendom is that many people are doing what they are not called to do, that is why we preach about how Jesus healed the blind and lame, yet the blind and lame still abounds in the same congregation.

This is because those empowered by God to pursue the path of divine healing are in private practice in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world while those empowered to drive witches out of the villages have built mega churches in the cities. This results in overdose of anointing in a few areas while other areas are left untouched.

Paul Enenche is a medical doctor trained in University of Jos, and married to Becky Enenche, also a medical doctor and both of them manages the church formed in 1996.

This church has estimated 250,000 members in all their branches nationwide with about 25,000 in attendance at the headquarters attendance during their 5 services every Sunday but Enenche has millions of spiritual followers cutting across all denominations, especially people who have at one time or the other sat under his teachings and those who hook on too Dunamis TV for his ministrations.

Paul Enenche deserves to be catalogued in this pastor's series because his is a peculiar brand of prosperity preaching which inculcates the spirit of responsibility and integrity in the pursuit of wealth. Many times in his church services he had cause to call on those with sinful materials or gifts obtained through wickedness to come out for alter calls and a lot of men surrendered cigarettes, condoms, money while women surrendered phones, watches, trinkets, money and even residential flats they obtained through immorality.

Enenche also has a healing ministry. Many with debilitating diseases throng his church every Tuesday for the Healing and Deliverance Service and testimonies abound that persons with life threatening conditions including HIV, cancer, stroke etc. received healing after the service. There are evidences that he takes care of his pastors because most of them that started with him in 1998, are still with him, enjoying good measures of ministerial freedom and financial comfort.

Beyond all these, Enenche has a peculiar trait in his messages which I have observed for over thirteen years. The central summary of his teachings is that every Christian must locate what God has called him to do and fulfill it. He harps it on his listeners to make meaningful impact in life by making the life of someone else better instead of base acquisition of wealth. He also reminds them of the eternity of heaven and hell. When the congregation has been tuned to being responsible for societal change, he initiates them into spiritual empowerment by prophetic releases which carry unction for recovery of stolen mandates.

This subject of destiny fulfillment, from my Personal prophetic discernment, has three segments; Destiny Discovery which involves the ability of a believer to be aware of his mandate and how to cultivate an attitude and spiritual affinity that would bring it to pass. The second one is where a person is aware of his mandate but the pressures of life and hardship have caused the person to jettison Gods mandate as being unrealizable and untenable. The last is where the destiny has been stolen, exchanged, shortchanged, blocked, tied, and hidden.

This could be as a result of sin, wickedness, occultism, spiritual manipulation and oppressions of witches and wizards who specialize in tampering with people's per-ordained destinies especially during the early days of birth. What churches actually term destiny recovery programme is nothing but poverty alleviating and success enhancement programme. A believer could be successful in the eyes of men without fulfilling destiny and they are in millions in Nigeria.

Therefore, the destiny discovery and recovery ministry of Pastor Paul Enenche is one of the numerous assignments that God is reviving so that the displaced could find its bearing. This man's prophetic unction is for the purposes of backing the discovery and recovery with the divine force and power necessary for every God given assignment to become fruitful. Enenche submits to the spiritual fatherhood of Bishop David Oyedepo who visits his church almost annually, he also has affinity with Pastor Enoch Adeboye, but the central focus of his message is different from that of these two men.

A combination of worship, healing, prayers, prophesy and revelational teachings is common place with him. He has discovered his area of core competence and is fulfilling it. He also operates Dunamis TV and occasionally organizes city wide crusades in Nigeria and Africa.

The annual Glory Conference of Dunamis Centre which holds every November is about the most spiritually charged programmes in the city of Abuja and his Cross Over Night of every 31st December is the most popular cross-over night with massive turnout superseding any other in the city.

Enenche have also found it difficult to tolerate politicians who mismanages public funds, and he not just lashes at them, he also galvanizes the congregation to pray against them. Conclusively, it is time for pastors to realize that the end time army according to Joel is an army that will not break their ranks; it is a focused army where each person is aware of his assignment. Until the church rises up to occupy their places of assignment, the day of the Lord may be constantly postponed.

This generation that has become addicted to immoral music, movies and harmful social networks needs strong clarion call from  apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors who will awaken them to the urgency of discovery, rediscovering, recovering and ultimately fulfilling their destiny and Paul Enenche is among those commissioned to undertake this task in an Apostolic dimension.

Obinna Akukwe ( ).

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 [ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety Reports ] – (Onitsha Nigeria, 16th of September, 2013)-On 10th of September, 2013, the acting Chairman of the Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission (ANSIEC), Mr. Sylvester Okonkwo announced the shifting of the Local Government poll earlier fixed for 5th of October, 2013, to 14th of December, 2013. One of the main grounds upon which the LGA poll was shifted was given as the inability of about 27 political parties that indicated interest in participating in the poll to submit their candidates’ list in line with the ANSIEC electoral guidelines. The difficulties associated with the obtainment by ANSIEC of the certified true copy of the INEC’s register of voters for the poll was cited as another reason for the LGA poll shift.
It is recalled that the leaderships of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law and Anambra CLO had on 15th of August, 2013 written the Anambra Resident Electoral Commissioner, Prof   Chukwuemeka Onukogu and the acting Chairman of ANSIEC, Mr. Sylvester Okonkwo, upon which we pointed out serious challenges threatening the successful and credible conduct of the two crucial polls and demanded that they be frontally addressed. We also demanded that the LGA poll date should be slightly adjusted to the second week of December, 2013 so as to give room for popular participation upon tackling of the laps complained of. One of the challenges pointed out is the possible unavailability of the Anambra LGA’s voters’ register to be used for the poll. INEC had earlier announced 17th of October, 2013 as a date for final display of its Anambra voters’ register; expected to be derived from the supplementary voters’ list and the main voters’ register as against the 5th of October, 2013 date fixed for the shifted LGA poll. Similar challenges threatening the credibility and popularity of the two polls were also pointed out in our (Intersociety) public information of 21st and 24th of August, 2013.

We at Intersociety see the adjustment of the Anambra LGA poll date as a two-way traffic; one showing that the two electoral commissions especially the ANSIEC have listening ears and the other exposing the gross incompetence of the two electoral commissions in conducting the two crucial polls on the basis of popular participation and administrative competence. Though Anambra State has earned notoriety as one of the States in the Nigerian Federation that has not held polls into her LGA System since December 1998, but our insistence on holding such polls popularly and credibly knows no bound. It is on indisputable record that no popular and credible Local Government polls have been organized in Nigeria since December 1998. In other words, the last time popular LGA poll was held in Nigeria was in December 1998; during the expiring military regime of General Abdulsalami Abubakar. Subsequent LGA polls organized since then have grossly run short of international demographic and enfranchisement standards. This has lightened calls for abrogation of State Independent Electoral Commissions created by Section 197 of the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 amended in 2011 and taking over of their functions by INEC.

Anambra State as Nigeria’s electoral Promised Land must always lead the way and avoid returning to electoral dark ages during which the dregs of the society took over her hallowed political corridors and turned them into an enclave of banditry and brigandage. Research has shown indisputably that demographic correctness, security and safety are the three pillars of popular polls in Africa including Nigeria. Where there is demographic correctness; the concerned electoral umpire is administratively competent. It also engenders security and safety, which encourages large voter turnout. Any poll grounded on demographic correctness, security and safety, is beyond judicial revocation on account of judicial review or enquiry afterwards. Where these are the norm, the excesses of errant politicians and their political parties as well as tainted adjudicators in the temple of justice will be cut to sizes.

There is no doubt that many, if not most registered political parties in Nigeria are the major generators of poll rigging and poll violence in the country. They are expressly aided by corrupt and immoral judicial officers who dish out summary orders and verdicts with utter alacrity. The unfolding despicable events in Anambra State are a case in point. The quality of people fielded by some political parties in the forthcoming Anambra governorship poll is alarmingly shocking. For instance, out of four major political parties and their candidates jostling for the crucial governorship poll; that is to say All Progressives Congress, Labour Party, All Progressives Grand Alliance and People’s Democratic Party, it may most likely be correct to say that at least three of their candidates fundamentally fall short of political aristocracy and charisma. In the raw eyes of popular and credible poll, they are pretenders, but from the prism of poll rigging and brigandage, they are real and mean. They are exponents of robotic electoral mandate and opponents of living electoral mandate. To clip their wings and confine them to the tight dictates of popular poll contest is a serious challenge facing INEC and the security agencies.

Finally, we remain resolute in our demand for free; credible and popular polls in Anambra State on 16th of November, 2013 and 14th of December, 2013, respectively. To this end, INEC and ANSIEC must live up to their statutory duties and responsibilities. On the part of INEC, all the challenges that can mar the credibility of the crucial governorship poll such as reported existence of polling centers in unapproved areas of the State, missing 53 polling centers in nine LGAs and 93,000 double registrants said to have been found in its voters’ register; should be frontally addressed and timely too. All fictitious names and confirmed dead voters should be expunged and those with voters’ cards pinned down to existing polling centers across the State, whose names and pictures got missing through “either data virus attacks” or “ deliberate manual deletion”, should be allowed to vote on voting day. Also, the emergence of some buccaneering characters into the crucial Anambra governorship and LGA races has made it imperative for the Federal and Anambra State Governments to step up forensic security in all parts of the State to ward off any security threats and unnatural unsafe conditions between now till after the two polls.

The ANSIEC on its part, must not slumber as it has previously done that necessitate several postponements of its LGA poll dates. We demand nothing short of epochal and historic popular LGA poll, befitting the State’s current enviable status in the global free and popular poll index. The 14th of December, 2013 date for the poll must be realistic and final. The State Electoral Commission must issue fresh or adjusted guidelines excluding the conduct of fresh party primaries to all participating political parties and the Anambra Public as a matter of utmost immediacy. The number of political parties that return their candidates’ lists within stipulated time should be allowed to contest and their candidates’ names and their parties’ logos printed on ballot papers. The issue of whether or not an “acting chairman of the Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission” can legally and administratively conduct the LGA poll in acting capacity, should also be legally resolved; likewise the appointment of the substantive chairman of the Commission by the Governor upon his or her confirmation by the State Legislature. Our questions are: Is it true that there is a subsisting court order hindering such substantive appointment? If yes, what type of court order? Is it interim or ex parte, interlocutory or perpetual? If no, what is holding the appointment of the substantive chairman of the ANSIEC?
1. Emeka Umeagbalasi, Chairman of the Board
08033601078, 08180103912,
2. Comrade Justus Ijeoma, Head, Publicity Desk

*Photo Caption – Map of Anambra State

 [ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] – The people responsible for the break-up of the ruling PDP, including President Jonathan, party Chairman Tukur, Governor Akpabio, Minister Wike and others are already blaming others for the break-up of the party. They earlier made Nigerians believe that Buhari and CPC are the sponsors of Boko Haram until Azazi broke the lid that their actual sponsors are in PDP; The same thing is re-enacting while trying to trade blames over the convention fallout factionalization of the party.
Months before the Azazi revelation I had in a  write up 'PDP Boko Haram and their 2015 succession politics', stated that 'This party called the PDP is a bundle of deceit. The name Peoples Deceptive Party actually depicts them. When a criminal is in a locality and visits theft on the unsuspecting locals, the only way to avoid detection is to point in another direction as the search for the criminal ensues. The criminal blames the stranded traveler who lodged in a nearby motel or the stranded trader who slept in the market square or even the mentally deranged who lives near the sewage pit. This is the formula the PDP have used to make Nigerians look the other way while seeking for sponsors of Boko Haram.'' The assertion in that write-up is still relevant in the face of recent crisis in the party.

President Jonathan, in an effort to control the PDP, broke the ranks of Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), using Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State to form PDP Governors Forum. The new PDP leaders learnt the skill set of internal factionalization from Akpabio. The same president, in an effort to sack Sylva as Governor of Bayelsa State, forced the apparatus of the party to disown a sitting governor. The Sylva tactics was adopted by Bamanga Tukur in the way he sacks elected PDP excos in many states, replacing them with sycophants, this act was one of the grouses of the New PDP.

During the election of PDP NWC, members of the North East Zone, in a congress, adopted  Babayo Shehu as their representative for the post of National Chairman, while Tukur was roundly rejected. President Jonathan had to use the power of state coercion to impose Tukur on the zone and the party, forcing Babayo Shehu to withdraw. Therefore, when the South South Zone of PDP adopted Uche Secondus to represent it as Deputy National Chairman, the G-7 group rejected the adoption of Secondus and insisted on the re-election of Sam Jaja for the office, The G-7 act of rejecting the party adopted zonal representative was an act they learnt from the election tactics adopted to select Tukur as national chairman.
Four northern governors paid a solidarity visit to their beleaguered colleague in Rivers state and on their way to Port Harcourt Airport their convoy was waylaid by thugs allegedly acting under instructions of Minister of State for Education, Wike, and pelted stones at them under the protective indifference of Rivers State Police Command. The same art of harassment of senior party officials by thugs was elevated at Eagle Square Venue of the convention when thugs loyal to a PDP gubernatorial aspirant, Tony Nwoye, accosted and rough handled a sitting senator, Andy Uba, and his brother, Chris, even after President Jonathan was already seated.
The stoned northern governors went back to their respective states and resolved to revenge and fight the presidency which they believed masterminded their humiliation in Port Harcourt. They ran to Babangida, Obasanjo and Atiku for consolation and strengthened their loyalty to anti-Tukur forces.
The refusal of the Presidency to recognize that 19 is greater than 16 in the recent Governors Forum elections was elevated by the New PDP when they failed to recognize the legitimate Tukur led leadership.
The same PDP chieftains whose acts of impunity caused the break-up of their party are claiming that 2015 elections is the cause for the factionalization. This is another lie meant to whip up sentiments. The G-7 governors inserted that clause at the beginning of the post-convention reconciliation under the advice of senior party elders, and immediately that clause was rejected; they retraced back to their original intentions.

Their original intention was to ensure that the perennial rigging of PDP presidential primaries through insertion of fake delegates list is not re-enacted in 2015. While they wanted to sponsor a candidate apart from Jonathan, they also wanted to ensure that the winner emerges through transparent processes. These are legitimate demands and I do not think that coalition of forces in PDP can defeat Jonathan in primary election under a transparent process- rather the margin of  victory will be narrow.. The presidency thinks otherwise and wants to avoid the unpalatable and in the process created the crisis that led to the formation of New PDP.
The level of high handedness, impunity and lawlessness displayed by the Jonathan foot soldiers in the handling of NGF election, formation of PDP Governors Forum, suspension of Amechi, Wammako, Uba, Jaja and substitution of delegate list from Adamawa to exclude Governor  Nyako and former Vice President Atiku  created the tensions that led to the break-up of PDP.
Jonathan should not be stopped from contesting in 2015 and Lamido, Atiku and their groups should not be disenfranchised out of the primaries- let PDP delegates decide their flag bearers not Anenih, Tukur, Gana and co.. Those responsible for the break-up of PDP including Jonathan, Tukur, Wike and Akpabio should exercise restraint on how they react to or comment over issues concerning the dissidents in order not to elevate it from break-up level to scatter level.

Obinna Akukwe ( ).

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