Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Zakariyya Adaramola reports ] - The Federal Government has set up an inter-ministerial committee to address the technological gap in the country’s security issues, and promote the use of science and technology in the security system.
This is part of the commitment of the present administration to ensure that Nigeria produces what it needs in the country, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu said at the inauguration of the Technical Committee to work out modalities for the cooperation between Science & Tech and Defence ministries in Abuja.
Dr Onu said his ministry was partnering the Ministry of Defence to utilise the platform of science and technology to meet natural needs especially in security matters and bridge the technology gaps noticeable in the country.
"The mandates of the Committee is to close up technology gaps, develop capacity for the production of security needs in the country and promote science and technology in the security system for the overall benefit of the nation", he said.
The Minister of Defence Brig-Gen Mansur Dan Ali (Rtd) noted that the military has recorded more than 85% success in the fight against insurgency.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - This publication contains a comprehensive list of Private Universities in Nigeria approved by the National University Commission as at the year 2016/2017. The list is compiled in a serial order according to the year they were founded and establishment by different Private Individuals, Private Organizations, Private Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Churches, Mosques, etc. across Nigeria.
This specific list is to support students, lecturers, researchers, parents and guardians from any part of the Nigerian states that intends to apply for any of the Universities/Institutions to know the approved and accredited courses offered by these schools. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE:
Sunshine Nigeria
for Good Books Africa
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. C. K. Ekeke reports ] - It is really sad that the West—Barack Obama, David Cameron, Germany, France and off-course Nigerians mostly the North and SW led by Tinubu - elected a man whose past and antecedents are well known.
Moreover, most Nigerians know Buhari very well. His ethnic prejudice and primordial policies during his military regime in 1983/84 crippled the economy and the country. This is an ex-military dictator whose unguarded comments, unwise actions, lack of communication skills and leadership etiquette are nothing to write about. So far, his two-year presidency has been a complete disaster.
It’s really a shame of a nation that formulates policies designed to strangulate a potential region of the country, a region that has the capacity and wherewithal to develop the entire country.
And so, why are Ndigbo hated in Nigeria? I have written on this topic few times in the past including my piece titled: Why does Biafra want separation from Nigeria! Seven reasons (Part 1 &2), published by several Nigerian online newspapers.
In the video that Femi Fani-Kayode released recently, President Muhammadu Buhari stated the primary reason why the Hausa/Fulani hate Igbos so much in Nigeria. I have read a number of articles, few books and seen videos on the so-called "Igbo coup" of January 15, 1966, which off-course has been debunked by a number of writers and eye-witnesses. I’m not going to dwell on the awful history of Nigeria’s military period, but luckily we now know why Ndigbo are deeply hated in Nigeria.
Having known this, what are we going to do to redeem our history and reclaim our future in Nigeria?
Like the Jews, whom Igbos claim affinity with, they were hated by their neighbors – the Palestine, Arabs, Europeans, etc. and persecuted worldwide. Throughout the history, we read how the Jews were persecuted, sent in bondage because of whose they are and who they claimed to be, in addition to their disobedience and not following the commandments of God. Because of those reasons and others, the Jews always found themselves in bondage or enslaved...
We can count few nations in the world that like the Jews. But they have always overcome their travails. Each time, they cried out to God and a prophet will be sent by God to deliver them.
By divine intervention and providence, in 1948, the Jews finally settled in a tiny Land in Middle East, the size of Abia/Imo State combined. Today, the Jews literally control the globe with their ingenuity, innovation, and creativity. The tiny country of Israel, which has no natural resources, is among the richest nations and the third most industrialized nation on the planet after USA and Japan. Its minimum wage is higher than that of the U.S... Their scientists, innovators, writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professors, etc. scatter the globe and lead some of the prominent institutions in the world.
The Jews have learned to love and care for one another again, which was destroyed as a result of their travails and history of persecution, bondage and enslavement. Today, a Jew cannot look away while another Jew is struggling or suffering. They have re-established their "beloved community" – no fierce competition among themselves, no greed, no jealousy, no backbiting, none of that, but they work together to transcend adversity and achieve common success in all that they do and touch.
That’s what Ndigbo need to learn to do if they are ever going to conquer the adversity and pathological hatred against them in Nigeria. It is going to take the secret of the Jewish people and God’s divine intervention for Igbos to survive in Nigeria.
Igbos are fiercely hated by Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba tribes of Nigeria. And that’s one of the major reasons Nigeria cannot advance beyond what it is today—essentially a failed State, a corrupt, lawless and violent nation.
Despite her enormous human capital and abundant natural resources—a nation with so much promise of prosperity and greatness, today is a failed State because of ethnic hatred, tribalism, and injustice against Igbos. The Nigerian State sponsors ethnic and religious massacre using Boko haram and Fulani herdsmen as well as military and political motivated killings.
The barbaric, murderous state of Nigeria is one the main reasons several groups are agitating for self-determination, which is an international law. Some groups seek restructuring, which the north views as division of the country. Even though, the agitation for the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra by IPOB is widely felt in Nigeria and globally today, Niger Delta, OPC, Middle Belt, etc. and other variant groups are calling for restructuring or disintegration of the country.
Most ethnic groups in Nigeria want freedom and self-determination from the corrupt and failing State of Nigeria, which has been badly managed by a clandestine elitist group for their selfish and self-serving purposes. Moreover, the deep seeded ethnic hatred, severe suffering and marginalization and numerous injustices against Ndigbo by the Hausa-Fulani Caliphate and Yoruba co-conspirators since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 cannot be healed overnight.
Some of us who have spent time studying the mechanics—politics of hatred and policies of stagnation of the former eastern region know quite well that Ndigbo have no future in Nigeria. And those who still believe in one-Nigeria are either deluded or protecting the little crumbs they are receiving from their Fulani masters. We are deceiving ourselves in Nigeria. Instead of continuous waste of lives and destruction of destinies, the best thing is for peaceful division of the country if the north cannot agree to true fiscal federalism and regional autonomy.
It is time sincere and courageous citizens come together and unite to liberate themselves and their land from this clandestine and corrupt elitist group that have held Nigeria in bondage for too long.
All Sincere Nigerians must come together and do whatever is necessary to restructure the country or peacefully divide it — because there is no future and hope for us in today’s Nigeria. Life in Nigeria today is a hopeless one. Apart from the thousands that have been massacred since Buhari came into office, one study recently estimated that 7.4 million Nigerians are mentally depressed due to economic recession and hardship.
President Buhari and his northern cabals do not want restructuring. APC/Buhari said that 1300 page report of the 2014 National Conference organized by ex-president Gioodluck Jonathan should be consigned to the dustbin. Within months of coming into power, President Buhari relocated the army headquarters to his State, and appointed his nephew to be the chief of army staff. His cousins, nephews and friends head most of the vital institutions in Nigeria today. All the military institutions are headed by Fulani men who are absolutely loyal to Muhammadu Buhari even in his death bed. Sadly, Islamic Nigeria has become our new colonial master with their network of political prostitutes from Biafra representing their self-interests as long as they are given crumbs that fall under the table.
The north want status quo to continue. They want to continue to control the crude oil resources in Biafra land and revenue that accrues from it. They want to continue to control their conquered territories, which sadly today includes several parts of Biafra land. They want to stay on top of the oppressed people simply for their selfish, self-serving ideologies. However, history teaches us that such conquest and oppression do not always survive. Babylon, Assyria, Rome, Greece, Britain, France, etc. all failed.
We need courageous, visionary and skillful Nigerians to work together to emancipate the country from this systemic marginalization, political oppression, and satanic subjugation against the indigenous populations.
If we do not wake-up from our slumber now to confront the on-going satanic plan and attack carefully orchestrated by the Northern Oligarchy and their British imperial masters to continue the marginalization and subjugation of ethnic populations, the entire Nigeria will be enslaved and Islamized one day. As a matter of fact, the Eastern region is the only remaining territory for Hausa/Fulani to conquer in Nigeria. And it is on-going now. If it is not confronted, Nigeria will become Turkey or Egypt one day. Why not? Nigeria is the absolute desire of Saudi Arabia to become fully Islamized in Africa.
The strategy of conquest and enslavement of ingenious populations has always been the same used by colonial powers of the past – Babylon, Assyria, Rome, Greece, Britain, France, America, etc. And that’s exactly what is going on in Nigeria today. I firmly believe the evil British government is behind the oppression of Igbo in Nigeria. We need Godly wisdom and divine strength to overcome their satanic subjugation.
Moses, the great Jewish leader and prophet was called by God to deliver the children of Israel from the oppressive regime of Pharaoh and orchestrated policy to exterminate the Israelites from Egypt. Moses was born during the oppression of the Israelites in Egypt (Exodus 2:2). King Pharaoh launched an official policy of oppression against the Israelites because of their population growth, progress and wealth. When the oppression failed to curb the population growth, he announced the new policy (death decree) – "Every boy that’s born to the Hebrew woman shall be thrown into the Nile (Exodus 1:22). Moses was born just during that time. Even though Moses grew in up the Palace and received the best education the world can offer then, he was not a happy child. He grew up to witness the oppression and maltreatment of his people. Moses responded to the act of oppression against his people by killing an Egyptian and will later lead a movement with the help of Joshua, Aaron and divine guidance of God, he brought out the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt.
Jesus Christ was born in the middle of Roman conquest of his people and land. As he grew up, he led a movement that rebelled against the social, moral, economic and political injustices against his people. Jesus was murdered by the Romans with the help of his people – the Jewish religious bigots and hypocrites for the primary reason that he rebelled and agitated for freedom of his oppressed people. He remains the greatest moral, human and political activist of all time.
Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. – are just few examples of other human rights activists that agitated for social justice and freedom of their people.
Aren’t we tired of living in captivity, bondage, slavery and servitude in this modern times in our beloved country? Isn’t time that we demand to live as free people – to live in freedom, liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness for all? Isn’t time for all Nigerians to live in prosperity and pursue their God-given destiny?
By the way, one-Nigeria and unity cannot be achieved by force. Even God did not compel His creation to live in hateful unity and abused relationships. In fact, those were the very reasons divorce was permitted biblically. God the Creator did not continue to share the heavens with Satan, who was the "Angel of Light "after he rebelled and committed idolatry. God does not condone unity with uncircumcised people. Jesus Christ did not ask us to love and live with our enemies. He only told us to love our neighbor. We were not commanded to live with a neighbor who hates and always ready to kill. We don’t have to live with hateful and treacherous neighbors.
May God open our eyes, enlighten our minds and give us the strength to forge the unity and foster the love necessary to confront this satanic conspiracy in order to free our people and land from the coming enslavement and islamization of entire Nigeria.
C. K. Ekeke ( Email: )., is a theologian, author, consultant, and leadership scholar.
*Photo Caption - Map of Igboland

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] - The Senate fought the Executives; DSS fought EFCC, Judiciary fought the Executives and now the Executives are fighting the Executives.
There is a war in the Presidency. This is what some of us have been warning about and pleading with President Muhammadu Buhari to come clean on the cause, year of onset and prognosis of his medical condition over; and why we have been campaigning for him to resign and monitor a stable transfer of power while still capacitated.
The war is not between the infirm Buhari and Vice Osinbajo. The war is between the audacious Cabal at the presidency, with the cabal at the Presidency supported by their external northern-based coterie of Cabal. The war is between the Cabal and Buhari himself, who allegedly has been infuriated with their moves.
It is these cabal that we alerted the nation about, who "locked" ailing Buhari up in Aso rock, disallowing him seek continued medical management abroad. It was these cabal who, upon seeing Vice President Osinabjo in Acting capacity winning the hearts and minds of not just the citizenry but their Premiere, President Muhamamdu Buhari who was of high praise for him, that decided to block his travel and-possible-handover ever again even if he had to die in Aso rock.
We have seen two further strikes by this cabal. Chief of Staff Abba Kyari is reported to have injected the senseless, demeaning and mischievous "coordinating" into the template of the letter sent to the National Assembly, NASS. This was a second strike. They know that Buhari demanded impeachment of late President Umaru Yar'Adua for not being transparent and not handing over while sick to deputy Goodluck Jonathan, and intend to subject him to the same.
The third strike is happening now: while Senate President Olusola Saraki surprisingly saved the day by giving priority to the first premise in the letter to NASS, thereby empowering Professor Yemi Osinbajo as Nigeria's Acting President, the cabal yet refuse to accept his authority. Attempting to overrule Professor Osinbajo's declaration as relayed by his SSA Laolu Akande, to sign the budget when he deems it fit; the cabal went on the air to ridicule the Vice, Buhari and Nigeria by saying that they intended to fax the budget to London for President Buhari to accent and then transfer it to Osinbajo to implement.
SSA to the President, Ita Enang on Channels TV Wednesday night said,

"The 2017 budget will be transmitted to Mr president and the President will assent to the budget."

In an earlier write-up I called for the suspension/sack of Abba Kyari for insubordination. The same call now goes for Ita Enang. These are serious offenses of the "coup" nature. These are the culprit cabal talking to soldiers with malicious plots for the eventuality of a no Buhari.
As I wrote March 1st in my article, "Nigeria’s Looming Power Battle," the implicated wish to cause a constitutional crises and chaos with the intention of either promoting a military coup out of it or getting the Senate president to possibly impeach the pair of Buhari and Osinbajo, once Buhari is incapacitated, and setting up a temporary transitional government to conduct hastened early elections arranged for a northern or rather, northwestern to be precise, candidate's victory.
We the people must not wait as pawns. We must act preemptively to protect our destiny. A handful of cabal cannot continue to seize us by the jugular. The news is awash with a report on how the wealth of just five government corruption-made cabal can end extreme poverty in Nigeria. The cabal working with politicians and military have killed us. But as walking dead, we can yet give them a good fight.
Dr. Perry Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Seal of The President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is the official symbol of the Nigerian President, first used in 1979 by President Shehu Shagari.

[ Masterweb Reports: Abu Najakku reports ] - It is no longer secret that President Muhammadu Buhari is sick. Perhaps, what is secret is the true nature of his sickness. Upon his return to the country in March from the United Kingdom where he went to seek proper medical attention, President Buhari was quoted as saying “I couldn’t recall being so sick since I was a young man, including in the military with its ups and downs”, adding that he could also not recall having blood transfusion.
Well, on Sunday, 7th May, the President travelled again to London to meet his doctors. No sooner had he done so than the rumour mongers went back to work and the chit-chat again is that Buhari is dead. A text of the unfounded rumour of President Buhari’s death is already circulating and reads thus: “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been confirmed dead in London where he was receiving medical attention…..The Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom told reporters plans are underway to transport the body of the late President to Abuja where final burial funeral rites will be held…Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is expected to be sworn in office as the substantive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Government is yet to issue an official statement on the President’s demise. He was 74 years old.”
Government is indeed “yet to issue official statement on the President’s demise” because the truth is that President Buhari is not dead.
But who wants President Muhammadu Buhari dead? Those who wish Buhari dead are the same people that never wanted him to be elected President in the first place. In the run up to the last presidential election, they whipped up all sorts of sentiments to poison the minds of the voters. We saw some of them in Minna this past weekend. They miss their shady business and are eager to see the back of Buhari so they can resume in earnest. They were not united by the sublime prayer for a blissful marital life for Halima Babangida but the quest for power and the plot to acquire it. Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife was there too, even though neither the bride nor the groom is Igbo. Dr Ezeife had to be there in order to settle his political I owe you to President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida who helped him to the Government House in Awka in January 1992. Like Femi Fani-Kayode, Dr Ezeife is frustrated he has not been able to penetrate President Buhari and get a political appointment. I reserve the fullest fury of my pen for Ezeife for some other time.
Some Nigerians cannot stop being funny; the few of them who have been most vocal about President Buhari’s sickness are not concerned about his wellbeing despite their posturing. They see his sickness as merely another issue they can capitalise on to push on with their opposition to his administration. They are the same people who have not been able to disclose their age. This past weekend, I read a passionate birthday message on one whole page of Thisday that Eki Igbenedion placed on behalf of the family in honour of her husband, Chief Lucky Igbenedion and I was curious when I discovered that she had omitted the age of the man. Of course, you will recall that Governor Igbenedion led the most hopeless and irresponsible administrations in Edo state. If these folks cannot even find the confidence to say publicly how old they are, what moral gumption do they have to ask President Buhari to tell them the nature of his illness.
Side by side with these people are those who want President Buhari to reveal his type of ailment whereas they cannot reveal the number of their children or indeed the number of mistresses that bore them for them. May be these people know very well that it is better to keep away from the knowledge of the left hand what the right hand does! But if you cannot tell those around some things as simple as your age or the number of your children, then you have no business regaling us with the virtue of President Buhari revealing his kind of disease!
Nevertheless, the statements by Presidential spokesmen, Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu about the wellbeing of President Buhari are reassuring. Shehu has strenuously denied Buhari’s death, according to him: “Baseless rumours are trending again that unpleasant thing has happened to our beloved President, Muhammadu Buhari. If you have received this information (about the death of President Buhari) on Whatsapp or Facebook, disregard it because it is plain lies spread by vested interests to create panic. Nothing unpleasant has happened to the President. No cause for apprehension.”
Well, those of us who contributed financially and morally to President Buhari’s presidential campaign are rock solid behind him until the pleasant end. In just about two years, this President has largely combated Boko Haram and confined them to few areas in Borno state even as he continues to recover the stolen Chibok girls. He has ferociously fought corruption, exposed its perpetrators, seized their spoils and cut down on waste of public funds. The President has also begun the conditional cash transfer to the needy in order to address extreme poverty. The President has completed the Abuja-Kaduna rail line and put it to use; he has started the construction of the Lagos-Ibadan line as well as roads hitherto abandoned by sleazy chop and quench PDP administration.
Those who want Buhari dead are the looters, the kidnappers, the murderers and the traitors to national cause. No, corrupt folks, you have to live with the reality; President Muhammadu Buhari is not dead; he is alive and will only die when it pleases Allah. We love him; we pray for him, we continue to wish him well.
*Photo Caption - President Muhammadu Buhari

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] - According to TheCable, around 1am on Saturday, “a male and female suicide bomber struck at the mechanical works department of the university. One security guard was killed and a soldier injured."
That is about the only mention of the security guard who lays blown up and the injured  brave soldier you shall be hearing. 
It was this same date, May 14th last year that we honored two police officers who intercepted a cowardly suicide bomber forcing him to detonate his bomb at the gate of the Borno state Government secretariat in Maiduguri. Their names were never mentioned, the nation was never able to give personalized thanks.
The brave security officer and soldier who saved our children and teachers at University of Maiduguri won't be called heroes. Their names would not even be mentioned. I doubt the state or federal government will write the late guard's name down in a permanent official record and reach out to his family to thank them; talkless assure them of some form of support for their upkeep. 
The security man is our unsung hero. Many like him have passed and many more perhaps will. Making the ultimate sacrifice to save our families, our children, our institutions. They are not governors who get mention in the news in spite of opening our schools and risking our kids when the education boards warned them not to. 
They are not presidents who get celebrated for negotiating with terrorists, fixing a price to pay them from the nation's coffers, and freeing terror masterminds. No, these are not the owners of Nigeria PLC, whose names we are made to remember in spite of their chokehold on our lives. These are mere men. Men who die to capture bad guys we pay to release.

Michelle Obama will carry no placard for these and nor will Melania Trump. The world's headlines are not made of these. But once again, I will celebrate them. ENDS will celebrate them. Our headlines here, wherever this article is published will sing their praise. And though we do not know their names, we praise and pray for them and tell their families; their ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Dr. Perry Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Comrade Edwin Uhara reports ] - The slanted news story with the above title in the social media claiming that the Honourable Minister of Interior, Retired Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Dambazau has switched his loyalty from one individual to another is the height of mischief making and fictional reporting in the country.

For the avoidance of doubt, the loyalty of the Honourable Minister of Interior to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to the Constitution of the nation has never been in doubt and should not be misconstrued to mean loyalty to an individual.

It will be recalled that on the 11th of November, 2015, the Honourable Minister took the oath of Office to defend the Constitution of Nigeria and to uphold its honour and glory as espoused in the recitation of the National Pledge before the commencement of the weekly Federal Executive Council Meeting.

Therefore, it will amount to an act of sabotage and great disservice to the nation for any group or media organisation to allege that the Minister has switched an unfounded loyalty to an individual.

For the sake of clearity, the Minister remains loyal the Federal Republic of Nigeria and would carryout whatever task or instructions handed down to him by any legitimate leader of the nation.

Therefore, those who are seeking the flow of blood in the channel of clean waters for whatever reason known to them should look elsewhere, because the loyalty of General Dambazau to Nigeria and its institutions has never been and would never be in doubt.

Comrade Edwin Uhara ( Email: ) is a Journalist and Public Affairs Commentator. He writes from Abuja.
*Photo Caption - Retired Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Dambazau

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] - I have consistently warned that the cabal has no good intentions for Buhari and Nigeria and is only set on fomenting chaos and calamity with the desperate hope of retaining proximity to Nigeria's oil wealth and power. They do not care a hoot for Buhari and his health. He is held hostage to them in his state of infirmity. They wish to derail a smooth transition in the unfortunate event of Buhari's resignation or demise and they will pursue this portentous agenda at all costs.
The latest letter to the National assembly, NASS is just another piece in the cesspool of evidence against them.
As can be seen when the three letters from Buhari to the NASS, while the first ones dated 6th June 2016 and 17 January 2017 used the clear words, "the Vice President will perform the functions of my office," in the latest one sent from the office of the Chief of staff, Abba Kyari, it was mischievously decided to change the wording on the template to "the Vice President will coordinate the activities of the Government."
There is no question, this letter was worded differently to deliberately create ambiguity, contradiction and chance for chaos, which it did to an extent. TheCable analyzed the difference between these words played, and how "coordinate" according to the dictionary meaning, is a task of a peer and not a leader.
Thankfully, priority in the application of the letter by the Senate president was given to the preceding constitutional reference, who applied the letter to give "Acting Presidential" powers to Professor Yemi Osinbajo. However Nigerians should be alarmed at the sinister moves by the cabal.
We should not be misled by APC leader Bola Tinubu who recently claimed we worried too much about a so-called cabal. There is a cabal....a cabal that asks, "what Presidency?" Tinubu is playing politics. Most of what we see is politics, either out of need or out of desperation and risk. We all witnessed how the entire cabal and government officials claimed Buhari was "hale and hearty" only for him to return and admit that "he had never been so sick in his entire life...not even so stressed by military drills." Since then we all witnessed how he was prevented from ever talking to the nation again.
The cabal are liars. The cabal are desperate. The cabal are blackmailers, and in the interest of Nigeria, the cabal must be disentangled exigently.
We must call on Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to commence that process by first firing Chief of staff, Abba Kyari.
Dr. Perry Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - Nigeria Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] - There is a new twist in the media as regards the $43 million plus discovered by the astute and unrelenting EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) in an Ikoyi apartment. A PremiumTimes exclusive claimed that Nigeria's NSA Babagana Monguno has admitted knowing about the funds discovered and the total $289 million released by the Jonathan government. The report goes further, alleging that NSA Monguno even claims to have updated president Muhammadu Buhari about the "illegal" funds. This is very dangerous and promises to be highly damaging to the Buhari administration's reputation.
1. Monguno is a co-panelist of three picked by the president – now on indefinite sick leave in the United Kingdom – to investigate the discovered funds. Apart from the number of panelists being too small for an investigation of this sort, the presence of an implicated person on the panel would automatically render it valueless.
2. If indeed the NSA updated the president on the hidden stash, it will be an abuse of process for Buhari to set-up an inquiry and suspend the implicated NIA boss, Ayodele Oke.
3. It is currently reported that the implicated NIA boss's wife, Folashade Oke bought the property with $1.66 million cash. If indeed NSA Monguno has knowledge of and put a stamp of approval on such move, this violation of procedure in itself and it's approval  by the NSA is indicting. A government employee's wife and family can never be used for covert operations. There are enough paid staff for that.
4. A latest report in the Vanguard claims the NIA boss's wife bought and transferred the property to the NIA. What is happening here is that the property is still in her name. Whatever document was likely recently forged to present a record of transfer, and did/does not transfer the property ownership "C of O" to the department legally. If the ownership has been transferred to the department legally and on record with the bank and property records agency, then it automatically defeats the explanation and justification of the wife making the purchase in the first place as identification of the ownership can still be made, thus blowing the so-called cover. This seemingly hurriedly crafted alibi falls flat on its face. Little wonder when SaharaReporters called Mr Oke the night of the find, he reportedly told them he had a headache.
5. The entire NIA budget (~$160m in 2015) is less than the $289 million foreign currency transferred to the agency in 2015. Monguno's stamp for the NIA to take an extra $289 from NAPIMS CBN account that year, would mean an approval of violation of the law. Furthermore, if indeed extra-budgetary allocations were made by Jonathan, the extra must be returned to the central bank at the end of the fiscal year.
6. Media reports (See PremiumTimes, April 14, 2017) have it that on the account of the NIA, the funds were allocated for illegal operations in Lagos and Abuja, The NIA is an external intelligence agency and not for local operations, hence the admitted illegality of the so-called covert operations. Has NSA Monguno put his stamp on such illegality?
7. As mocked by MSNBC's Rachael Maddow, the NSA can and should keep any covert funds in the banks. This is standard operations all over the world, Keeping such funds in a private and shared building complex is a violation of the law as well as ridiculous activity as it puts the uninsured funds at risk of burglars, fire, flooding and looting by building management and maintenance. Has NSA Monguno put his stamp on such big-league irregularity? Does NSA Monguno approve of NIA "projects" with its money courier, Mrs Folashade Oke who "pays" security guards N10,000 and N500 to carry precious ghana-must-gos of ~$400,000 dollar mint packs as alleged in the media? (See SaharaReporters April 17, 2017). 
8. The PremiumTimes report claims NSA Monguno monitored and approved of the "projects" commenced in 2015 (or earlier) through 2016 till date. Why would an entire sum of $289 million be released in one tranche for a project to span three (3) or more years? What sense does this make? Why would the government not release the amount needed each year for a project to span several years?
9. Has Nigeria's NSA indeed put his stamp on foreign currency denominations released for local projects within Nigeria? Why was the money not released in naira, the nation's official currency if as the report claimed, the "projects" the NSA sent a certain Brigadier General Adeyinka Famadewa to inspect. Is the project a covert-op to devalue the naira by removing bulk dollars mint bundles from the apex bank vault? Where is this money changed to fund the "covert" "projects" in Lagos and Abuja? In the bank or with mallos? Is the funds to pay terrorists who like to receive their emoluments in foreign currency? 
10. So if indeed the NSA puts his stamp on this stash, does it mean his stamp also covers the PDP paraphernalia reportedly found in the Osborne apartment and how does he explain several reports in credible media that the funds is the same funds Dasuki is today on trial for siphoned from the CBN to fund Jonathan's re-election campaign, that were released not by accident mid February 2015 in the crunch period when Jonathan postponed the elections?
11. Why did the CBN deny releasing the funds that NSA Monguno allegedly is putting his stamp on? (See: NIA didn't get Ikoyi cash from the CBN – Okorafor; Vanguard, April 18, 2017)
The questions can go on and on. At this point, we only hope the report in PremiumTimes Of NSA Monguno implicating himself/attempting to absorb the hit, and another similar defensive report in Vanguard alleging Mr Oke could not answer certain questions Professor and now Acting President Yemi Osinbajo asked him on the excuse of "oath of secrecy," are in error. 
Interestingly, the seemingly ever evolving on-demand media reports from inside sources at a point alleged that the funds were approved by Jonathan on request by previous NIA Director General, Olaniyi Oladeji's era (2009 – 2013), which corresponds to the era of CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, now Emir. It's easy to recognize a stinking catch basin. This one stinks to the high heavens.
Is this a cover-up because of the number of top Buhari and Jonathan officials that may include CBN governor Godwin Emefiele and/or perhaps now Emir and former CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who may be implicated? Did someone rationalize that the best damage control, since Buhari kept NIA DG Oke for the past two years to the disappointment of those of us who voted for "change" and is thus also implicated, would be to absorb this mess and "quietly ease out" the NIA boss as a suspicious mainstream media silence promoting article suggested?
It would be tragic for Nigeria for the current NSA to claim funds that the entire world knows are fraudulent and one of several evidences of the level of rot and gravid corruption of the Jonathan, Dasuki and Diezani administration Nigerians fought so hard to boot out. These are the monies looted that caused a million deaths in Borno and the displacement of millions more. These are the funds used for so-called projects in wealthy Abuja and Lagos, that were looted that have led to the death-by-starvation sentence to thousands of Nigerian IDPs and also led to the recession via the devaluation of the naira. This is blood money.
This would be a serious blow to our faces and a pat on the back from the Buhari administration to the Jonathan's. This would explain why Dasuki has not been prosecuted for two years of the Buhari administration. And finally, this would let Nigeria know that Dasuki is back. This time his name is Babagana Monguno.
We await Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN's unveiling of the report of his panel any moment now.
Dr. Perry Brimah ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Daniel Osofisan reports ] - Last week, Fortune, a part of the TIME network released a list of 34 World Leaders who are changing health care globally, and surprise! surprise! Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Chair of Gavi as well as CEO Seth Berkley, made the list.
While receiving awards and recognitions may seem like second nature to Dr Okonjo-Iweala, one is forced to admit that she is the recipient of countless awards because of her contributions to humanity, particularly to Africans where she has shown, time and again, her heart truly lies.
The African continent has fewer voices who remain consistent and constant in their advocacy than Mrs Iweala. In her pursuit for a better life for the African people, she has maintained a consistent stand whether as Gavi Chair, or as a member of the Asian Advisory Board, or as Finance Minister, or in any of the other capacities she has served or continues to serve. Small wonder, the world stops to listen when she speaks. Her achievements, no matter which side of the divide you fall, are evident to all and only a mind that is so totally biased would say that Okonjo-Iweala is not an Ace performer.
Small wonder former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his memoirs acknowledges that one of the high points of his administration would not have been achieved without the hard work of Okonjo-Iweala. And just as the Paris Club 30-billion-dollar debt relief has gone down in Nigeria’s history, no attempt to rewrite history can wipe her name off the page that she led the team that secured and delivered that relief to our dear country.
But that was not the only achievement that earned her the name “Mama Naija”. As minister under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Okonjo-Iweala advocated and set up the Sovereign Wealth Fund against the backlash of opposition from state governors. Thankfully, she achieved her aim. If she did not, would we have been able to read that Nigeria’s Sovereign Wealth Investment almost doubled in 2016, thus encouraging the present government to infuse more funds into the account?
Following on the heels of the Sovereign Wealth Fund came other phenomenal and laudable achievements such as the institutionalisation of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) and the Treasury Single Account (TSA). A strong advocate for system as a means to achieving sustainable development, madam Iweala also started the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Corporation (NMRC), Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN), and pushed Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS).
Interestingly, Chief Obasanjo was not the only president she worked with who lavished her with exuberant praise. After her service to Nigeria as Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was appointed Chair of GAVI and Senior Adviser, Lazard. Former President Goodluck Jonathan, in his congratulatory message, described her as an achiever whose leadership, as the head of his economic management team, brought about the successful implementation of far-reaching reforms in many sectors including power, telecoms, agriculture, financial services and infrastructural development.
The saying goes, “The reward for hard work is more work”, so it came as no surprise when almost immediately her term as minister ended, she was snapped up by leading global orgnisations like Gavi, Lazard, African Risk Capacity and then the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Even before she had warmed her seat in those positions, more appointments came calling, followed closely by more awards. And like the phenomenal woman, mother and leader that she is, she takes on each appointment, each assignment, each accolade with humility and a sense of responsibility towards the people who have always held her heart, whose battles she has fought, and whose victories she relishes, Africans.
Dan Osofisan ( Email: ) reports from University of Jos where he works and resides.
*Photo Caption - As seen.