Translational inhibition due to CHEAP RETIN-A the fact that the path of the excitation occurs Br neuron. recurrent inhibition     Carried intercalary brake cells (Renshaw). Axons of buy nolvadex online canada motor neurons often give collaterals (branches), ending with Renshaw cells. Renshaw cell axons terminate on the body or dendrites of the motor neuron, forming inhibitory synapses. Arousal that occurs in motor neurons travel in a straight path to the skeletal muscle, as well as collaterals to inhibitory neurons, which send impulses to motoneurons and inhibits them. The stronger the motor neuron excitation, the more excited Renshaw cells and the more intense they exert their inhibitory effect, which protects nerve cells from overstimulation. lateral inhibition    

[ Masterweb Reports: Tony Adibe reports ] - The Enugu State Executive Council said it has approved N2.5 billion for the construction of classroom blocks and renovation of dilapidated structures in primary and junior secondary schools under the state’s Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB).
The state Commissioner for Education, Prof. Uche Eze, who briefed newsmen after the meeting of the council, explained that part of the approval, aimed at improving the standard of education and creating a learning environment that is conducive in the state was the procurement of plastic chairs and desks, white boards and sporting equipment.
Also, Prof. Eze said that the council in keeping with the four-point agenda of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration on quality education and workers’ welfare, approved N271 million as bailout fund to the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) to enable the institution take care of seven months monetization arrears owed its workers.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[[ Masterweb Reports: Isiaka Wakili reports ] - President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday congratulated former Senate President and Senator representing Zone C Constituency of Benue State, Sen. David Alechenu Mark, on his 70
th birthday.

In a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, Buhari felicitated with the family, friends and political associates of the former military officer who served the country variously as a governor, minister and Senate President.
He commended the maturity, stability and focused legislation that Mark instituted in the upper chamber during the eight years he served as senate president and the dutifulness that culminated in the passing of many bills.
Buhari expressed belief that the wealth of experience Mark had gathered over the years would be most useful for the development of the country, especially in sustaining peace across the country.
President Buhari prayed that the Almighty God grant Mark longer life, good health and wisdom to continue serving his people and the country.
*Photo Caption - President Muhammadu Buhari

[ Masterweb Reports: Chris Chukwu writes President Buhari ] - Letter To His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari: As a good father has the responsibility to advice his child rightly, so as a good child is expected to do same in other to maintain a healthy and happy family.
I know so many persons will be asking what is Chris Chukwu up to again, but one thing I have learnt from *Young African Leaders Initiative Network* is that the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something special.
Your excellency Sir, I write this letter to draw your attention to the youths who have been said to be the future of tomorrow, they are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but the partners of today. I believe the future is right here with us and we need to act accordingly for the best interest of our dear country.
I'm writing this letter in other to be involve in the process that will help the present administration to bring the change we desire in Nigeria and also emerge as the best across the globe.
Sir, as a good father who is ready to listen to his son, I will love you to be the best of all best, I will love you to champion the crusade that will make Nigeria one big family, I will love you to make Nigeria the envy of all nations, I will love you to be the next record breaker across the globe.
I want to first of all commend your effort in fighting and curtailing corruption and insurgency in Nigeria, so many Nigerians who wine and dine in corruption have really learnt their lessons.
Corruption has eaten so deep into the country which has led to poor infrastructure, Increased cost of goods and services, Increased poverty, shoddy work and stalled projects, poor medical services, reduced investments in our economy, unemployment, rise in crime rate and insecurity, delay denial and sale of justice in our public land, property and utilities, social unrest and negative international image. All these has seriously affected Nigerians, most especially the youths negatively.
My humble advice to you, Mr President, is to intensify the fight against corruption, without fear or favour, without sentiments, no matter the tribe and political inclinations.
I will love you to take advantage of these corrupt individuals and ensure they are brought to book. Also, ensure that the treasures recovered from them are invested and well utilized in areas that will enhance the economy for the benefit of the country.
Nigeria will be next to no country if corruption is totally eliminated.
The youths have therefore, been historically notable change agents and drivers of societal transformation. Contemporarily, however, especially in the developing democracies, the trend has been that of relegation of youth interests and roles, thereby pushing the youth more into poverty, alienation, and turning them into agents of destabilization and conflicts, especially in diverse developing countries.
According to Kailash Satyarthi, "The power of youths is the common wealth for the entire world. The faces of young people are the faces of our past, our present and our future. No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of the young people".
There is a dire shortage of young persons occupying the political realm, either because of disempowerment, or alienation, or their perception that their involvement would not matter.
Statistics has shown that more than half of the Nigeria population is under 30 years of age, and yet they're restricted from running for office, even though they can vote.
Nigeria needs to adopt a "positive youth development approach", which recognizes the youths as active participants in societal development.
The goals of Youths empowerment, as identified by UNESCO, are to nurture in the youth values, ideals and notable skills as follows:

- Positive sense of self
- Self-control
- Decision making skills
- Moral system of belief

- Pro-social connectiveness
We must work hard in all respects to empower our youth in the Nigerian political economy.
I encourage you Mr. President to become a Hero by signing the NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN bill. Signing this bill will go a long in giving our youths a sense of belonging thereby making Nigeria a great nation.
I will like you to use your opportunity as the President to champion the crusade of mentoring, fathering, empowering the youths and making Nigeria the best place to be.
I am Chris Chukwu,

Medical Laboratory Scientist,
I just want to make healthy sense (HEALTHY SENSE WITH CHRIS CHUKWU)

My Email: My Phone: 07012494716
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Submission by Makweembo Mwanasa ] - "The value of money is not only to build mansions or buy fleets of cars… The value of money is to use it to help others." is a statement made by Prophet TB Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) during the provision of a scholarship worth over £10,000 (N5m) to Hngshin Daramy-Williams a Sierra Leonean-Singaporean student to pursue his Master’s Degree in Leeds University, United Kingdom.
He is one example from the multitudes. From the onset of Joshua’s ministry, the provision of scholarships – ranging from primary to tertiary levels of education – has been an ongoing exercise. However, out of the thousands of recipients who have been partakers of this benevolence, irrespective of religious or ethnic affiliations, two cases shine above the rest – Oduwole Olayinka from Nigeria and Mary Jean Nleya from Botswana.
Oduwole Olayinka gained admission into the University of Lagos to study Electrical/ Electronics Engineering at the tender age of 15. She was academically brilliant but came from a humble home which lacked sufficient financial means to supplement her dreams. A devoted member and worker in the ‘Youth Department’ of The SCOAN, Yinka’s intelligence and diligence soon drew the attention of TB Joshua.
"I remember how Prophet TB Joshua would come into our midst and tell us his life history and the challenges he faced. He encouraged and motivated me do better than my best," she recounted. When Yinka graduated with a First-Class Degree, the cleric stated during a Sunday service: "The church will take care of her education and she will attend the best university in the world. This will be done until the Lord says it is enough."
True to his promise, Prophet TB Joshua sponsored Yinka to University College London (UCL), renowned as one of the top 10 academic institutions in the world. The fees of £18,425 (N9m) for her Masters Degree in Technologies for Broadband Communications were paid by Joshua and the "Emmanuel TV Partners" alongside all other living costs. Yinka passed with flying colours, obtaining six distinctions and two good passes to obtain the best result in her entire class which comprised international students gathered from around the world.
"Afterwards, I got an unconditional offer from Oxford University to pursue a PhD in Engineering Science." This extensive program lasting four years cost well over £100,000 (N51m). "This was paid by Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners. To the glory of God, I got a PhD in Engineering Science, Oxford University on September 16, 2017," she said.
"When I was growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I never imagined that I would one day be an alumnus of the most prestigious university in the world," now Dr Yinka Oduwole said after her graduation. "Positive examples are motivators for success. My success I owe today to Prophet TB Joshua who took me, nurtured me, motivated me, inspired me, sponsored me and taught me to believe that I could achieve far beyond what I could ever dream."
"I never forgot where I was coming from," she continued. "I am achieving this not for myself alone but for the thousands all over the world who are right now being helped, equipped and trained because of TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners. We are the leaders of tomorrow."
Professor Geoffrey Thomas, Founder and First President of Kellogg College, Oxford, as well as Professor Tom Buchanan, Acting President of Kellogg College, both testified to Yinka’s academic brilliance during her time there. She was even highlighted as the sole African representative in Oxford’s Woman in Engineering – a list containing just 25 female scholars who are excelling in their chosen fields.
Yinka, whose PhD studies helped take definitive strides forward in the search for a cure for cancer, is now lecturing at the University of Surrey, as well as partaking in ground-breaking research into 5G technology. She plans to take the broad knowledge she gained from her academic endeavors to introduce such technology into her homeland. And her final advice to young students? "Work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on God."
Mary-Jean Nleya came to The SCOAN from the Southern African nation of Botswana as "an ordinary visitor." When she met Prophet TB Joshua, "I told him that I had no father – not that I had no biological father but I had no father that was responsible for my education. He informed me that I needed only Jesus Christ to be my father. From then on, I became a SCOAN Scholarship Recipient," she explained.
"A number of years ago, I tried to secure funding from the Department of Tertiary Education Financing but my application for a bursary was rejected twice," the young student recalled. "That rejection left me dismayed but I didn’t know that the Lord was using that rejection to preserve me and set me up for a greater level in life."
Mary-Jean first received sponsorship to complete her studies at the University of Pretoria in South Africa where she graduated with a LLB Magna Cum Laude. With the help of Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners, she then had an internship at the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands.
"During my time in The Hague, Prophet TB Joshua encouraged me to apply for a Masters at Harvard University. I was daunted by the prospect, given the low acceptance rates. However, I applied and later gained admission to Harvard Law School." Her course at Harvard cost nearly $85,000 (N30.5m), which was paid for in entirety by Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners.
"Who knew that I would attend a renowned university that has trained world leaders and presidents of superpower nations," she reflected. "But I, Mary-Jean, born in Botswana, have had this opportunity."
Showing her appreciation for Prophet TB Joshua, Nleya stated: "As Thurgood Marshall once said, none of us get here simply by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. Somebody had to bend down and help us pick up our piece. This is very true for me. I did not get here by pulling myself up alone. Somebody in the form of Prophet TB Joshua bent down and helped pick up my boots."
In appreciation, Nleya dedicated her thesis to the Nigerian cleric. "I literally phoned you crying because I thought I would not be able to finish this research paper successfully; but you calmed me down, uplifted me and told me it was possible. Thank you for leading me by example and setting high standards for me to reach. Thank you for your prayers and the endless lessons you teach," she wrote in her dedication.
Nleya is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Global Communiqué, a digital current affairs magazine which "provides compelling content in the form of interviews with those at the grassroots level and prominent figures". She is additionally a correspondent for One Young World and Your Commonwealth, global initiatives that have enabled her to travel to events such as G20 summits and interview world figures. Nleya has additionally written articles published in international media such as Al Jazeera and CNBC Africa, which have earned her numerous accolades.
Makweembo Mwanasa ( Email: ) reports.
*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Isiaka Wakili reports ] - The Presidency said none of President Muhammadu Buhari’s contemporaries in the army and former leaders advising him against seeking re-election can stop him in 2019.
The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said in an interview in Abuja that even if they contested against Buhari, he would defeat them.
A former president, Olusegun Obasanjo and a former military president, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, had earlier this year separately written scathing letters advising Buhari not to run for the 2019 presidential election.

The presidential spokesman said he would advise Buhari to run for second term "because he richly deserves a second term in office."
He said: "My response to them (Buhari’s contemporaries in the military and former leaders) is that if they like, they can come and contest against President Buhari. He will defeat them, all of them."

Shehu also explained that Buhari was yet to declare his intention for 2019, because he was focused on the problems facing the nation.
"The president himself, his passion is for the country. This is a president whose passion is not even for the office. Even when everyone is asking him to go for a second term, he is keeping quiet because his focus remains the nation and the problems of the country," he said.
For those asking Buhari not to talk about second term when people are hungry, Shehu said: "With all the noise the PDP is making, even during their tenure as president did they give breakfast lunch and dinner to every citizen? Is there any country in which someone does not go hungry? I am not saying it is perfectly in order but they are just politicizing these issues.

"This is a government that has removed this country from the shame of food importation, every state of the country now is into rice production, and we are feeding not only Nigeria but West Africa. And the government is working on having respectable prices for food items; food inflation is coming down grossly. Everyone complaining of hunger should go and work."

The presidential spokesman hinted that Buhari would continue working with all his ministers, since he had not sacked them as being demanded in some quarters.

Shehu defended the proposed amnesty for the Boko Haram insurgents, saying "Whoever is peddling these rumours that Boko Haram is being granted amnesty and so on, I would ask them who doesn’t want to make peace with the enemy? In any case, as it is proverbially said, all wars end up in the boardroom. You can defeat people technically in the field but at the end you must come to the conference room to resolve all issues."

*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Isiaka Wakili reports ] - The Presidency yesterday described as shocking and scary, comments by a former Minister of Defence, Theophilus Danjuma, calling on Nigerians to defend themselves from attacks.
It appealed to prominent Nigerians, who have national influence, to use their influence wisely and not continue to engage in public declarations that are likely to inflame emotional passions and threaten national security.
The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, in a statement, said silence can be dignified, but sometimes it can be misinterpreted and exploited.
Shehu, who did not mention any name, stated: "It is both shocking and scary to hear the recent comments by a senior citizen calling on Nigerians to defend themselves."
Danjuma, who is also a one-time Chief of Army Staff, at the maiden convocation of Taraba State University, Jalingo, on March 24, accused the Armed Forces of aiding attacks by bandits on communities across the country.
He explained that "The armed forces are not neutral. They collude with the armed bandits that kill people, kill Nigerians. They facilitate their movement. They cover them. If you are depending on the armed forces to stop the killings, you will die one by one," he said.
The elder statesman, who was conferred with an honorary Doctor of Science degree at the convocation, warned that if such attacks continued, the consequences would make what happened in Somalia a child’s play.
According to him, the military could not be relied upon for the security of the citizenry and advised Nigerians to rise up to defend themselves or risk massacre.
The former defence minister spoke against the backdrop of incessant attacks in his home state of Taraba, stressing that everyone should rise up and defend themselves.
Danjuma described Taraba as a mini Nigeria with multiple cultural heritage that bandits are trying to destroy.
But Shehu said the Presidency was very worried that criminal gangs would feel justified in defying legal governing and democratic institutions and authority of legitimately elected democratic government if unrestrained pronouncements are made.
He said the Presidency commended the military’s efforts to maintain peace and stability despite being pulled in various directions by elements determined to destabilize the country and government for their selfish reasons.
"Which country would survive if its citizens rise against the country’s organized, trained and equipped military?, the presidential spokesman asked.
He said the Presidency advised former leaders to take advantage of the various fora where people with a history of national security could offer advice to the government without resorting to the exploitation of emotional sentiments.
The statement noted that the Nigeria civil war motto "To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done" rings very timely at this time in the nation’s history.
"We must be careful to avoid the mess that destroyed other African countries like Somalia," Shehu cautioned.
The Nigerian Army had also commented on Danjuma’s convocation speech, urging Nigerians and especially citizens of Taraba State to disregard the statements.
The Director, Army Public Relations, Brigadier-General Texas Chukwu, in a statement also warned that whoever is found with arms will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the land.
He noted that the army views Danjuma’s statement as unfortunate since it was made at a critical time when the military had embarked on demilitarization of the north.
*Photo Caption - Theophilus Danjuma

[ Masterweb Reports: Eyo Charles reports ] - The government of Cross River State has named an abandoned baby after the state governor, Prof Ben Ayade. This is because it took the effort of Ayade’s officials to discover the day-old baby which was abandoned at a private medical facility on March 20. The hospital could not readily disclose the name of the mother, whom they said could not be older than 16.
The Director General of the State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Betta Edu, said she had to name the baby boy Anderson Ayade because the facility where he was born is called Anderson Primary Healthcare Center Calabar, and because the state government would henceforth cater for the baby.
The chief community health officer, Mrs. Elizabeth Offiong, explained that when the teenage mother came, she had lamented the ordeal she was facing and threatened to dump the baby afterwards.
Offiong said, "After giving birth, the girl refused to undergo series of tests as she out rightly rejected the food bought for her. She refused all our offers to treat her and rather insisted that she didn’t want the child.

"She threatened to dump the baby in the gutter if government would not take him. All efforts to persuade her to receive treatment were unsuccessful as she ran away and abandoned her newborn baby."

Speaking after naming the baby after Gov Ayade, Edu blamed the situation on rampant, promiscuous and carefree attitude of young people these days, which result in unwanted pregnancies.
Dr. Edu thanked God that the teenager managed to access the health center to deliver the child rather than delivering at home and dumping her in a toilet or bush, which probably would have led to the death of the baby.

She noted that the Ayade administration "believes that every child deserves to live, and every child should be wanted and be planned for. If you don’t want to have children then take up family planning."

While assuring that government would take over the support of the child until proper adoption is done, Edu said the sensitization campaign by her agency against promiscuous living and drugs had somehow helped.

"We are also going from house to house to convince them to take up family planning but many have rejected it," she said.

*Photo Caption - As seen.

[ Masterweb Reports: Victor Edozie reports ] - Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar said yesterday in Port Harcourt that he is offering himself for the presidency to set the country on the path of growth.
Atiku who visited Government House, Port Harcourt to consult with Governor Nyesom Wike on his presidential ambition, said that since 2015, the APC Federal Government had destroyed education, health and infrastructural sectors through poor budgetary allocations and releases.
"We have not seen 100 kilometres of road constructed by the APC Federal Government anywhere in the country," he said, adding that the APC Federal Government had destroyed the foundation of unity and cohesion of the country.
"I have never seen Nigeria so divided along religious, ethnic and regional lines. This division is as a result of the mismanagement of the APC," Atiku said.
Earlier, Governor Nyesom Wike said he had received Sule Lamido and now Atiku Abubakar, and that other aspirants would be offered the platform to consult with Rivers PDP.
*Photo Caption - Atiku Abubakar
2018-03-30 20:27:40 +0530

[ Masterweb Reports ] - Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, Immanuu-El Shalom, a Jewish priest and Tochukwu Uchendu, an accountant resident in Abuja have been ordered by the Federal High Court in Abuja to produce the fugitive or missing Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu or risk being jailed.
Justice Binta Nyako today at the Federal High court adjourned the case to June 26, 2018 to enable the sureties who guaranteed Kanu's bail time to produce him in court. A counsel for the sureties Chukwuma Machukwu Umeh (SAN) told the court his clients had not been served with court papers relating to the order made by the judge.
Umeh therefore made fresh application for an order of court demanding that prosecution serve the sureties with copies of the court order. He argued that responding to the verbal order by the judge could render the entire process legally defective. Other lawyers in the defense team joined Umeh’s application.


The prosecution counsel, Shaibu Labaran described the defense application as "conspiracy" to set back the case and demanded its dismissal. Justice Nyako granted the request by defense however noting that the application was an evidence of their lack of readiness to proceed with the case. In her words: "What is clear is that you are not ready, The sureties are to be served with the order of this court: to show why they should not forfeit their bond or to produce the defendant in the next adjourned date, with the alternative to go to prison,"


*Photo Caption - Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe



[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Perry Brimah reports ] -In my article May last year, captioned "Dear FGN: No Responsible Nation Ever Paid And Freed Terror Masterminds Within Its Borders," in rebuke of the Buhari government and its defense of its actions in reportedly paying Boko Haram terrorists millions of dollars and freeing the deadly group's terror masterminds in exchange for some Chibok girls, I wrote, and I quote:

"If the US ever dared pay and free terror masterminds on US soil, you can expect not just a massive class action lawsuit from the public, but also immediate Senate impeachment of the US president. And you can take that sentence to the bank. I feel sorry that I have to write to point this out. I had earlier written an article explaining why just like I repeatedly advised and warned former President Goodluck Jonathan, it is likewise wrong, treacherous and a violation of Nigeria’s anti-terror bill and the laws of God, for Nigeria to pay and free terrorists with blood and/or rape on their hands. Freeing terrorists and paying them is punishable by life imprisonment. [Ref: The Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011 and Amendment Bill of 2012 with amendments to Section 17]"

SaharaReporters had broken the story of the portentous deal with the heavy cash payment to the terrorists and the Wall Street Journal on May 6th that year confirmed with the shocking details:

"Inside the trucks sat five captured fighters, freshly extracted from prison, the first piece of the government’s proposed bargain. In a separate vehicle, according to people involved in the deal, a security detail guarded Nigeria’s principal concession to the Islamist terror group, a black duffel bag containing €2 million in plastic-wrapped cash." 

In a follow up article I gave further details of the role of the French Geneva Red Cross and local negotiators in the dirty deal and examined how the previous Jonathan government had on principle, refused such dangerous and jeaopardous deals to pay Boko Haram terrorists. That article was captioned "Intricate Details of Buhari’s Deal With Boko Haram – By Dr. Perry Brimah," published May last year.


Today, president Buhari himself has told the African Union why terrorists should not be paid while continuing to pay and free Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria, thus directly encouraging terror and the Dapchi and future abductions as a most profitable venture for the terrorists and other aspiring terror and kidnap groups across the nation now and in the years to come.
Paying Terrorists as a Channel for Corruption
It is important to point out that when $5 million is paid to the terrorists, the total amount taken from the nation's coffers could be four times that. $20 million may have been released by the NSA, of which government officials involved in the negotiations pocket some for politics, negotiators pocket some and involved international organisations also pocket their cut, with the $5 million remaining finally reaching the terrorists' hands. Payments to terrorists does not only finance their future terror and encourage a climate of terror but it serves as a route for looting the nation's treasury. The secrecy of such deals makes it impossible to know the entire risk, damage and looting of the nation in such shady government deals.
Till date, the exact amount of money paid by the Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai to Fulani terrorists as he announced, is not known. [See: "We’ve paid some Fulani to stop killings in Southern Kaduna – El-Rufai," December 2016] This money could be going a long way in financing the current dastardly waves of fully armed herdsmen terror across the entire nation which ave cost the nation its very fabric in addition to hundreds of lives and billions in property loses.
No More Deals! 
The current government policy of paying terrorists in Nigeria must be stopped. Nigeria's police should be upgraded with mass recruitment and the 80% callously allocated to protecting the cabal, pulled from them to serve the people.
Preventing abductions and responding appropriately by land, sea and air within hours of reports should be Nigeria's method of abating terror and abductions. Like former president Jonathan who took two weeks to respond to the Chibok saga, Buhari too took 8 days. This is unconscionable. The first 48 hours are most important in fighting crime. It is four years later with four years of advances in technology and four years to seal the borders and four years to tackle Boko Haram but Nigeria is still where it was four years ago. Like Jonathan, Buhari has not yet arrested a single sponsor of Boko Haram.
There must be punishment including immediate suspension, impeachment and imprisonment and/or death sentencing as stipulated by Nigeria's Anti-Terrorism laws for officials at any level found to be involved in the process of paying and freeing terrorists outside of the court and constitution.
Sadly, as we speak, the Buhari government is likely offering more millions of FOREX to Boko Haram and the freeing of more of its most deadly terrorists in foreign agency participated negotiations.
Dr. Perry Brimah ( WhatsApp: +1-929-427-5305; Email: ) reports.