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BreakingNews 13/7/17 - How Africa Can Attain Her Needed Development

BreakingNews 13/7/17 - How Africa Can Attain Her Needed Development

[ Masterweb Reports: Leonid Yanovsky reports ] - The questions of how Africa can attain her needed development is certainly complicated to say the least. Many people have spent their lives trying to answer this question. Obviously, certain parts of Africa are more developed than others. The entire continent has a tendency to be grouped together, in spite of the fact that different parts of Africa vary so much. However, there are certainly a lot of poorer areas in Africa, and there really are some clear solutions to the issue.

For one thing, it's important to draw a distinction between charity that works and charity that doesn't work. Far too many times, charitable providers are only interested in doing something to help, and they don't really spend a lot of time asking the relevant individuals how they can help. A lot of charities are painfully inefficient because they were more or less created for flawed reasons in the first place.
One of the best ways to lift all people out of poverty is just to give them money with no additional requirements or string attached. Most of the efforts towards African development have involved plunging the people there into higher amounts of debt. Giving people loans is not going to help. There is no guarantee that they are going to be able to pay the money back. In the case of actual cash rewards, the people who manage to give money will be literally introducing it into the economy.
When people get cash rewards, they know how they should spend them already. They know whether it's a good idea to spend the cash rewards on a new business idea, on food or medicine, or on some other need or course of action that could ultimately make things better. A lot of charities from the outside are never going to know about all of the particulars of living in a certain area, because they really are not there.
Some people might decide to play exciting casino games at Red Flush Canadian casino. In the process, they are going to be teaching themselves skills and connecting with the broader world. Some people might decide to start their own businesses online. Other people will be able to buy a laptop at last, giving them the opportunity to make these decisions in the first place.
Actually giving people the money to make all of these decisions makes all the difference in the world. There are lots of African economies where the wealth is distributed in the wrong directions, or there isn't enough wealth there in general. Actually giving some money to the citizens directly is the sort of thing that could actually cause massive changes in a subtle way.

For the most part, the people who live in poverty will spend their money wisely if they are finally given the opportunity to change their circumstances. One way or another, giving people money rather than loans or some form of capital that is not as liquid will work better almost every time. Charity programs like this can help African development.
Leonid Yanovsky ( Email: ) reports.

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