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Anambra: The Offodile Syndrome

Anambra: The Offodile Syndrome

-Masterweb Reports
Anybody who has been following developments in Anambra State does not need a soothsayer to reveal to him that El Rufai is acting a well scripted drama. Recall that at the beginning of the year, a write up circulated on the net warning of impending media war against Gov. Peter Obi, as part of the efforts to pitch him against the President and portray him as being far from what he preaches. This is the Offodile Syndrome!

“Peter Obi brought civility and peace to governance in Anambra State at a time politics in the State had degenerated to dangerous and unacceptable levels”, so declared Chudi Offodile.  By this he has admitted that at the time they held sway, Anambra was home to Bedlam as lunatics took over the asylum.  At that time, important institutions of the State were all burnt down; Obi has rebuilt all of them.

Chudi Offodile said Obi “engaged in needless propaganda, in pursuit of Federal lucre”. I have maintained that Obi is a “disappointment” to many, who feel that the level of propaganda in the state does not match the projects on ground. Why should we not propagate his good work? Let me ask Offodile if it is Local Government lucre that Obi should pursue?  The man saying this used to be a member of the House of Representatives and at that time, he had so weak a wing for developmental flight; otherwise let him tell us a single thing he attracted to his Constituency. Today Obi is respected in Nigeria and he belongs to many Federal Government Committees thus bringing honour to Anambra State.

For the purpose of setting the records straight, on road infrastructure, as at the 19th day of June, 2012, Anambra State Government has asphalted over 600kms of roads. The records are there for everybody to see. Probably intimidated, “Engr.” Offodile suddenly started commenting on qualities of roads; RCC, CCC, Nigercat, IDC, among other reputable companies construct roads for the State.  “Engr”. Offodile's predicament is a classical case of onye amaghi ihe o ga eji koo mmadu onu, o si ya na odi ihu ka nna ya (a person who does not see any valid for castigating another telling him him that he resembles his father). The statistics on roads in Anambra are there for everybody to see.

On the issue of contracts not advertised, it is on record that all jobs in Anambra State are duly advertised. Today Anambra has one of the strongest Tenders Board, with a lawyer of repute, Barr. Peter Afuba as Chairman amogst other reputable lawyers, Architects, and Engineers. No contract is awarded without going through that Board and the State Executive Council for approval. I invite Offodile to verify this.   It is those that deal with him, one way or the other, who say he is prudent.  In 2009, he won Thisday prize for the Most Prudent Governor in Nigeria as well as many other awards.  While most of the States are borrowing and issuing bonds, he has not done so. The Senate of Nigeria, Debt Management office, World Bank may be wrong in acclaiming Anambra’s financial stability as against the analysis of a lawyer turned “financial guru.”  

Why is Offodile troubled that Gov. Obi has so much money of the State in the bank saying he should spend all in the provision of infrastructure?   This is incestuous analysis and at most shocking.  In a world where lack of savings is one of the reasons for economic recession, somebody says we should not save?

Seeking for things to deal a blow on Obi, Offodile was everywhere. He even accused him of not initiating Orient petroleum simply because he was seeking ways to denigrate the fact that Obi was the first and only Governor of Anambra State that investing money – N4 Billion – in it.  Through his efforts, the facility is due for commissioning. Sensing that Obi will get the glory, Offodile started early to distract from that by reference to who initiated what. 

Offodile also accused Obi  him of not building schools in the State. It is on record that Obi built five classroom blocks in each town in Anambra State. The one for Awka, Offodile's home town, is at Community Secondary School, Nkwelle Awka. He holds strangely that the Governor visiting schools, handing over computers to them and finally handing them over to Churches is evidence of incoherence. Well, he knows what he means.  I do know that one of the greatest things Obi does today, which people like Offodile have not understood, is visiting primary and secondary schools for which he has been to over 200 of them.   Such visits have long lasting psychological effects on children. I think it was President Clinton who dreamt of being an American President when President Kennedy visited his school.

Realizing that one of the strongest point Obi has among development partners is his commitment to immunization and devotion to primary health, for which he has built close to 200 Primary Health Centres in the State.  It is a pity that he does not know at his level that promoting immunization culture is one of the most fundamental in the general health of the people globally. It is a major preventive exercise that has attracted the attention of people like Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, who is committing Billions of dollars into it. Under Obi Anambra’s immunization coverage of Anambra State moved from 45% to over 85%.

I find it difficult to understand why Offodile should develop heart attack to hear that Obi attracted Innoson, SABmiller and other companies to Anambra.  When Obi came into office, he invited manufacturers and pleaded with them to invest in the State and assured them of Government support.  One of them, the Chief Executive of  Innoson Motors Manufacturing, Innocent Chukwuma  in his recent remarks, referring to Gov. Obi,  said:  “we vividly recall that just five years ago, you laid the foundation stone of our motor plant and shortly after, when we faced onerous challenges, you firmly stood by us. Only less than two years ago you brought the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR to commission the plant at Nnewi. We also note with pleasant memory that your Government has so far remained the largest single customer to the factory and your good self “the Chief Marketing Officer.” As I write, Anambra State Government has ordered 500 vehicles worth over 2 Billion Naira from the company out of which she has paid 70%, while even still awaiting delivery.

Yes, Obi attracted SABmiller and some other companies. SABmiller, the second largest brewer in the world have a relationship with Next International Company for over 20 years. The Global Chief Executive of SABMiller, Mr. Graham Mackay, made it clear that they came to Anambra on the insistence of Obi and because of the presence of a strong government in the state. It is a pity that Offodile is not concerned with the over 1000 direct employment by the brewery and many other ancillary jobs. He is not delighted that Anambra State has 10% shares but he is after the remaining 12% shares owned among prominent Nigerian investors.

Next International Company is one of the many companies Obi was part of before he became Governor.  Obi and Next have investments in several corporations. Next started from Onitsha and still retains Onitsha as its head office. Next have warehouses in Lagos   far above the two malls in Abuja that Offodile the Estate Valuer  incredibly over-valued.

Pretending to care for the State, Offodile lamented lack of airport in the State. Obi has said it severally that it is not proper fiscal management  to embark on  an airport project for 40 Billion Naira when it is 45 minutes from Enugu Airport to Awka and 35 from Asaba. Much as the building of an airport is guided by necessity, it is not among the Millennium Development Goals.

Offodile also talked about Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital as only referral hospital in the state. Obviously, he is not aware that Anambra State Teaching Hospital located in his home town has started functioning.  The first clinical at the College of Medicine by students of Anambra State University was on the 26th of June. But will it be above him to turn blind eyes to such things because Obi made them possible?

On the issue of Onitsha Hotel and Convention Centre, one is a bit happy that Offodile appears to know a little about what Obi is doing. He mentioned two contractors over the project. He should have gone ahead to tell us their quotations. I thought that at a certain age and with certain level of exposure some of us ought to have overgrown selective biases. Whilst the initial contract was 5 Billion naira, Obi, working closely with Capital Alliance (Protea partners) was informed that a hotel of that size would not take more than N2.5 Billion Naira. Eventually it was cancelled and re-awarded to Akiota Works at the cost of 2 Billion naira thus saving 3 Billion for the State. Akiota today is one of the best Nigerian construction firms.

In saying that Obi did not initiate projects, but merely completed those initiated by others, I believe every elementary school pupil will recognize the folly of this line of thought.

Offodile is guilty  of many peccadilloes simply because he is driven by other motives that are not altruistic.

Joseph Anarado