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Love Passion Crime(& More) News Articles

Wonderful World !

    Exercise May Prolong Men's Sex Lives
    Man gets 7 yrs for rape of 6 yr old
    90 lashes stay for 15-year-old girl
    Man cuts off own penis to cure sex addiction
    5-yr-old girl raped, fighting for life
    'I asked for school fees, and Dad raped me'
    Dad raped daughter - cops
    Body found in cooler, couple charged

    Penis stew turns woman into vegetarian
    Penis Amputated, Suit Filed
    Russian wants to sell Hitler's 'penis'
    Needle left in woman's vagina for 50 years
    S. African girl fondled, raped by principal
    Cannibals cut off, cook, penis for meal

    Eunuchs 'cut off man's penis'
    Cannibal/penis-cutter in for murder
    Man acquitted of 'protruding penis'
    Malaysian man cuts his penis, burns and eats it
    A dish best served boiled
    Penis surgery goes sour
    Baby born with four legs and three hands

    Man kills wife, cuts body in half
    Naked pictures haunt US senate candidate
    New penis for youth after 'bush' disaster
    Woman kills husband, boils his penis
    Girl weds dog to break 'evil spell'
    'Husband made me watch mom raped'
    Rape Victims Married Off to Rapists

    Penis-shaped lollies seized in Greece
    4 women chopped off man's penis
    Wife Gives Husband's Penis the Chop
    Father cuts off accountant's penis for marrying daughter
    Tyson wants to rape former victim and her mother
    Students stage naked protest over funding
    '8 men raped me to rid themselves of HIV'
    Viagra rival promises a hard day's night
    Brazilian makes up with wife who cut off his penis

    6yr old Indian 'raped by father, grandfather'
    S. African woman jailed for penis attack
    Wive cuts off husband's penis
    Hidden sexual identity spurs deadly dilemma
    Man chops off own genitals
    Doctor's penis cut off by lover
    Malaysia: Man gets 18 years for raping daughter
    Man critical after penis cut off
    Former cop jailed 4yrs for raping brother

    Kenyan who had affair with son's wife fined
    Penis flasher brings down plane
    Wife chops off husband's penis, runs
    Wife fled country after cutting hubby's penis
    Apology over penis picture
    Girl pregnant after father raped her
    Students fight to save penis foreskins

    Man Cuts Off Penis, Tosses It to His Wife
    Man faces charges of raping daughters
    Men strip naked for anti-war protest
    Woman fights off sex attacker
    'Help me, he's going to rape me'
    Woman Convicted of Running Down Husband
    Travails of a girl, who is told she is a boy
    Woman Takes Bite Out Of Man's Scrotum
    Mice Bit My Penis As I Was Tortured - Witness

    Man cuts his penis, says is root of sin
    Man shot in drunken penis size competition
    Man's penis deformed by surgery
    Two men attack couple and rape wife
    Man jailed for killing & cannibalising his mother
    Women(lesbians) rape another woman

    Lover's husband cut off man's penis, doctors..
    Penis biter spared prison
    Village shock as billy goat kills woman, 57
    Man poisons his children and self in domestic row
    Grandma accused of throwing niece into pit latrine
    Man lives with murdered mother's body

    The penis cutters
    Bobbitt arrested on domestic violence charge
    John Bobbitt remarries in Las Vegas

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