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Knights of Africa adopts God Bless Africa

*God Bless Africa, now its official anthem

- Masterweb News Desk

( Friday, October 7, 2005 )

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 Knights of Africa  Masterweb

"What about if we had a new song to unite us? Would that help? We need not look too far. We have a unifying song, composed by none other than a great Pan-Africanist, Chief Charles O. Okereke, whose music and song, God Bless Africa would most certainly move you to action and even to tears, unless of course, you are a stone or you just happen to be beyond redemption." -Prof. Sir Vincent Abukuse Mbirika

Knights of Africa has adopted God Bless Africa, an anthem composed by Nigeria/Africa Masterweb founder, Chief Charles O. Okereke as its official anthem. God Bless Africa came in first in the African Union Anthem competition. African Union for unknown reasons still uses the old OAU anthem that never was submitted in the African Union Anthem competition. We believe God Bless Africa will eventually emerge the official African anthem, because it is a song destined for African solidarity and unity. God Bless Africa was a child of inspiration from God. The anthem has been described by Knights of Africa as a hymn that "would most certainly move you to action and even to tears, unless of course, you are a stone or you just happen to be beyond redemption." Many shed tears after listening to the inspirational hymn. This has been the case in almost all our presentation of the song to an audience. Please join us in congratulating Knights of Africa for her vision in seeing what is good, saying the truth about it and using it for the benefit of Africa and mankind. His Serene Highness, Prof. Sir Vincent Abukuse Mbirika, Sovereign Grand Master, Knights of Africa, is a man of great spiritual endowment that treats others the way he treats himself. He talks to the poor the same way he does to famous people like himself, and believes through Knights of Africa, Nkrumah's dream for Africa would be fulfilled shortly. More information on Knights of Africa is published below.



His Serene Highness, Prof. Sir Vincent Abukuse Mbirika -

The Sovereign Grand Master

Sir Vincent Abukuse Mbirika [Photo Left: Prof. Sir Vincent Mbirika ]
We would like to believe you are already familiar with us. But if for one reason or another, you are not quite knowledgeable of an organization called Knights of Africa Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, referred to in short as, "KNIGHTS OF AFRICA", or "KNIGHTS OF AFRICA UNIVERSAL SOVEREIGNTY", permit us to be the first to introduce ourselves to you. But, before we go any further, since we will be touching on matters related to civilization and our role in it, allow us to take you along a few years back into history. We would have liked to go back say, 4 billion years or more when, as we are reminded from the writings of learned Sumerians, a god or a celestial messenger called Anunnaki appeared in the land we now know as the continent of Africa and gave mankind the first seed of civilization. We are also reminded that somewhere in South-East Africa, what we have come to know as Adam and Eve, or First Father and Mother of mankind, originated. A great modern scholar of ancient origins of mankind, Zecharia Sitchin, in one of his several books, "The Cosmic Code," published by Avon Books,1998, has carefully elaborated the fact that Africa is not only the origin of mankind, but the origin of what we now know as human civilization.

You may not be spiritually ready to travel that far back in history with us. Nevertheless, allow us for our present purpose, to limit ourselves back to a mere 6000 years or so. We know from accurate records written on clay and maintained by learned people of that time that there was an advanced civilization going on in Africa earlier than 6000 years ago. This geological finding has been collaborated by records kept by equally learned people of Sumer or Sumeria. Our ancestors of that era were no savages running around rubbed in an abyss of darkness. On the contrary, they were advanced and enlightened people, doing far more with the continent than we are doing with it at present. They were engaged in scientific discoveries, advanced mathematics, physics, cosmography, building of huge pyramids and doing just everything else we find hard to comprehend with our seemingly reduced and regulated intellectual capacity.

In matter of size, there has been a slight artificial change affecting the area of the African continent. Ancient records have it that, the area some people refer to as Middle East, is only a modern geo-political division, established to serve vested interests of the dividers. African landmass stretched as far north as Mesopotamia, the present site of Iraq, all the way to the southern tip of South Africa. The area also included present day Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. If you find it hard to imagine an area that big,do not pitty yourself, you are not alone. Let us ask you for a moment to focus your mind on the present reduced size of Africa. Can you visualize an area 11,700,000 square miles full of trees, grass, deserts, rivers, all kinds of animals and birds? And in all that vast land, you have only a small population of a mere 800 million people or less! A population far less than that of China!

Take in comparison the areas of the U.S.A, China, India,Western Europe, Argentina and New Zealand. Add them together, and their combined area is still smaller than the total area of the African continent by 35,320 square miles, to be exact.

Do not envy Africans either. Out of a reported area of 139,255,000 square miles of water, and 57,255,000 square miles of dry land which when put together add to the total area of the world we live in, Africa is only a small part of it, but big enough to arouse everlasting attention.

As you read what we are about to share with you, keep this picture in mind that you cannot faithfully think of Africa without thinking big. Everything our forefathers did was preceded by thinking big. Coming from an area that huge, thinking small would have been looked upon as the nearest thing to sin. We know from their kept records that our forefathers were no timid feeders in lagoons. They explored the world 3500 years before there was a people or a civilization that would later become Europeans who would eventually spread their limited brand of civilization from their small enclave to the rest of the big world they did not know existed. It is interesting to note, during that time, what became several millennia later the United States of America, was still an insignificant wild territory crisscrossed several times by African travelers visiting a little more civilized territory next door called Mexico. One need not go any further than the state of Veracruz in Mexico, among other places, to confirm this. Better still, if one would visit La Venta, a site near the gulf coast in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, the evidence is there for one to see. Need we say anymore?

Despite all that solid evidence and what ought to have passed for common knowledge, when several thousand years later, newly adventurous tribes of people who collectively became known as Europeans, appeared on the scene, they convinced themselves they had "discovered" a territory south of them called Africa. They did exactly what ignorant people would always do whenever they encountered anything with which they are not familiar. They even went as far as believing, since the people they encountered in Africa did not behave or act like them, the Africans must be primitive and uncivilized. The Africans on the other hand, did not see anything civilized or amuzing in those fellows culture that regarded taking a bath a form of punishment as was the custom among the Anglo-Saxons of that period.

How can one "discover" what has always been there visible from every angle to anyone with eyes? When Europeans were ready for advanced learning, was Africa not the source of their serious learning and civilization? Were some of the great European intellectuals we have ironically been forced to worship, scholars like Plato and Aristotle, his student, not educated in Africa at the great University of Alexandria in North Africa? What about the great African philosopher, Socrates, from whom the Greeks learned logical reasoning? It is amazing how many less informed people have mistaken and contine to mistake that great philosophical giant to a Greek. Socrates was an African living in Greece. When you put a rabbit into an oven, you don't seriously think it will turn into a biscuit or an English muffin do you? Of course not. If you succeed baking it, it only becomes a baked rabbit, but certainly not a biscuit, less so an English muffin. Therefore, there was no way one could turn Socrates into a Greek philosopher, given his prominent African features such as big think lips, broad nose black skin and woolly hair.

And what about Saint Augustine of Hippo, who went to England to convert and teach the Anglo-Saxons something they didn't know much about - religion? He winded up staying there long enough to become the first Archbishop of Canterbury. Lest we forget, when the Vatican was looking for great minds to organize her, she didn't waste time looking around in Europe only. She instead reached for three Africans who became Popes: Victor in 189-198 A.D., Melchiades 311-314 A.D, and Gelasius 492-496 A.D. From that time on, the Vatican assumed an orderly fashion she still maintains today. We wouldn't be so surprised, if the Vatican did the right thing again, by reaching for Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria to become the next Pontiff after the present one, assuming of course, it is the will of God for His Eminence to outlive His Holiness.

As this Grandmaster relaxed in his hotel suite at Baden, Austria, the Austrians were quick to remind him he was staying in a famous suite known for its African music composer who had stayed in the same suite when he composed the famous Symphony number 3, popularly referred to as "Eroica". And who else could that be but the famous Ludwig van Beethoven? He too has also been mistaken by his European admirers to have been germany, except those who knew him well, the Germans. There is a lot of material written about Beethoven's background and one of the sources is that written by Frau Fisher, an intimate friend of Beethoven,(See R.H. Schauffler, The Man Who Freed Music, Vol.I, P.18, 1929).The famous blind and deaf composer of Symphony number 9, also known as, "Ode to Joy" is one more example of how whatever is supreme in Africa, or of African origin, is always claimed, stolen, branded or adopted by non-Africans, and that includes without exception, civilization itself.

We should not be surprised,if say, two or three hundred years from now,books came out in the Western World, claiming that Mr. Kofi Annan, the present African Secretary-General of the United Nations, was European and not at all an African from Ghana. All that the good Secretary General has to do to earn that mistaken identity is, keep on doing an excellent job as a peace maker. He will certainly join a long roll of Africans who have distinguished themselves in arts, sports, education, science, diplomacy and just in anything else. When we hear of names: Hayden, Beethoven,Imhotep, the real Father of Medicine, Pedro I, first emperor of Brazil, and so are some of the familiar names in the Bible,such as Moses, Ibrahim, Solomon,Mary the Virgin Mother of Jesus, Jesus the Christ and many more, it never occurs to us these were African people. If anyone has a problem swallowing that, we stand ready and willing to assist anyone find out for oneself by referring one to reliable authoritative sources.

It is possible, we, the present inhabitants of Africa,have either forgotten our past, or we do not care about it. We simply went along agreeing with our new visitors that they had "discovered" us! We got used to doing as they told us to do, until ultimately, we found ourselves at the bottom of a pile that once belonged to us. We who were for millennia at the top dispensing civilization to everyone else, found ourselves pulled down to the deepest basement of the very civilization we once dispensed. And we may remain there for time immemorial unless we change the perception of ourselves. We got so used to following our neighbors in the north, across the Mediterranean Sea, in everything they did, good as well as bad. We forgot we were following people who, a few millennia ago, were following us! Is it any wonder we are in the jam we are in now?

The Chinese, who were least amused with Europeans, ignored European culture for a long time. In doing so, they made room to improve on their own culture and surpassed us by far, not just in technology but even in matters we ought to have been champions of,things like procreation. They outnumber us by far, and with the AIDS virus killing us at an unprecidented rate, there may be no catching up in any near future. Even the Indonesians who, thirty years ago, seemed to be in the same boat with us, sailed away in a faster boat, leaving us stranded in our old fashioned coasting schooner made in Europe. We later became of no match even to the less populated Japanese and their Korean neighbors. In short, we became the laughing stock of the world, and later we would constitute the largest group of beggars the world has seen. All because we allowed ourselves to be led by a people we had no business following. May be at this late hour in history, we could slightly cut down accepting uncritically, anything European as a cure for all our ills. It wouldn't cause any more damage beyond what we have experienced, and we wouldn't need to be going to London (Lancaster House) or Paris, as frequently as we do, to resolve our disagreements with our next door neighbors. When the Japanese or Koreans or, for that matter, the Chinese, quarrel with their neighbors, you don't see them running to London, Paris or Amsterdam for a solution. Only we Africans play this kind of foolish game fit for people who have totally lost their ability to solve their own problems. This stupidity, excuse my French,has outlived its purpose, if indeed it had any purpose at all.

If anyone were to follow anybody at all, common sense dictates you follow somebody who knows more than you do. Do not make the mistake of following anyone who may be following you. Therefore, if we, so-called modern Africans, were to follow anyone at all, it would have been far better following the deeds of ancient Sumerians and Assyrians, our distant relatives who knew in their time, much more than we do today in our time. In the absence of Sumerians and Assyrians, we would do better to learn from the Chinese, Koreans and the Japanese who stayed aloof from the Europeans for centuries and thereby managed to advance faster in technology than we who held tightly onto European skirts as loyal blind followers.

If those who colonized us knew more how to solve problems than we did, they haven't shown it as yet. For if that was the case, there would have been no present day Bosnia and Kosovo civil wars, Irish and English long civil disturbances or Germany against everybody else in Europe a few years ago. There would probably have been no First and Second World Wars, or those other numerous unnumbered European quarrels and territorial fighting we have been experiencing under the leaderships of our northern neighbors.

It is very obvious that, some of our major problems in Africa today, are attributed to this reckless blind following. We have saturated our mind with myopic belief that, our former colonial masters have better answers and solutions to our domestic problems - kind of ignorance far stretched to blindness. When they start a quarrel with their next door neighbor, we do the same with our neighbors- just to ensure we are not left behind. When their quarrel becomes unbearable and they must seek more muscle elsewhere to assist, they come straight to us, and we willingly go even when we have no business taking sites in matters that have no bearing on us. We have from time to time allowed ourselves to be killed in wars we shouldn't have participated in the first place.

As though we must regularly visit Europe to receive our "peace-matching" orders, as well as a fresh supply of Eurodollars, to replace what we have blatantly wasted in uncalled for civil wars, when some intelligent Europeans frown at this suspicious behavior and question our motives, we tend to quickly get annoyed as though one of their responsibilities is to clean after us! Yes, their forefathers did help add to our confusion in the past, but this is not 1885 and we are not in Berlin. We can be found in Lagos, Nairobi, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Bujumbura, and every other African City and Village - when we are not overseas. It was a great African writer, Dr. Chinua Achebe, who once said, the reason why many African leaders do not know enough about the miseries of their people is because they don't live in the countries they rule. Their physical bodies may be in Africa, but their mind is where they have kept their treasures - in Europe. Think about that. As I travel throughout Africa, I sometimes ask myself, "I wonder where the leader of this country is?"

What about if we tried to resolve our own problems, using our own skills rather than looking to those who have no beneficial interest in our unity but most certainly, have much to gain from our disunity?}{

What about if we had a new song to unite us? Would that help? We need not look too far. We have a unifying song, composed by none other than a great Pan-Africanist, Chief Charles O. Okereke, whose music and song, God Bless Africa would most certainly move you to action and even to tears, unless of course, you are a stone or you just happen to be beyond redemption. Knights of Africa, with permission from the composer, has adopted the song to be played and sung at all our gatherings. You may get a CD through us by making a donation

Prof. Sir Abukuse V.E.P. Mbirika welcomes a friend, Carl Willacy, to a knighting ceremony
Prof. Sir Abukuse V.E.P. Mbirika welcomes a friend, Carl Willacy, to a knighting ceremony

Let nobody think we are blaming our brothers in the North for all our ills. Some of our serious problems bear our own stamp of cruelty and are so distinctly African that they display our own brand of a state of nature. For example, what is there that would top the Sierra Leone episode, where a rebel leader thought his best way of solving educational backwardness was to burn schools, recruit school children into a fighting force, kill several thousands of them and at the end of 9 years of untold sufferings, be rewarded with the vice-presidency of the very country he just savagely terrorized! That certainly does not smell France, United Kingdom or the U.S.A for that matter. We could be wrong. We stand corrected. His group better known as Revolution United Front ("RUF") has been well described by an eye witness, Idrissa Conteh, a reporter who has first hand knowledge of it. He has described it to be "the most illiterate, barbaric, and myopic rebel organization Africa has ever produced in the history of civil wars." Presented with sordid situations like the Sierra Leone episode, we are reminded, we do have a job to do before we can set our New World Order. And that is where the Knights of Africa organization comes in.


In chivalry, Africans taught everyone else what it was all about. Even as late as 1040 A.D, before the advent of Christian chivalry, it was an African Caliph of Egypt, North Africa, named Abu Tamin, who gave permission to the merchants of Amalfi, Southern Italy, to build an inn and a hospital for the travel-weary pilgrims and the sick and wounded, a stone's throw from the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. That movement grew up to what became The Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, commonly known as "Knights of Malta". It then became clear, Knights of Africa will be fulfilling those ceremonial responsibilities and charitable activities once performed by the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem. Hence, it was necessary to reform and incorporate the remaining positive activities of Knights of Malta into Knights of Africa under the Grandmastership of His Serene Highness, Prince Abukuse Vincent Mbirika. The Grandmaster was elevated to the rank of Duke of Africa earlier in 1993, before being appointed by Knights of Malta Grand Priors meeting in Florence in 1994, to take over and lead them as Grandmaster.

As you read about the creation of Knights of Africa, bear in mind that even though the organization seems to have just come into being, its roots go farther in antiquity. The organization is richer in foundation than most orders can ever claim, and that includes Knights of Malta.


On June 24, 1993, in Jerusalem, Grandmaster, His Serene Highness, Prince Abukuse Vincent Mbirika experienced an event of biblical proportion. As he stood in the great Dome of the Rock, where once King Solomon built a holy temple into which the Ark of the Covenant was placed, (see Old Testament, 2 Chronicles Chapter 5 verses 2 - 10), he had an experience so unique that there was nothing in memory to compare to. As he led the knights of Malta delegation on a tour of Jerusalem, he was spotted by an Arab Moslem official who must have been somehow fascinated to see a black man heading an organization which looked like totally European in its composition. The officer, believing he was witnessing something unusual, (Secretary General Kofi Annan wasn't yet at the head of U.N), did something equally unusual and most unexpected. He took Prince Abukuse by the hand further down below, where he instructed him to place his right hand on the very rock that is attributed to being the one Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac. That same rock that once sat the Ark of the Covenant, before it was taken to Ethiopia, East Africa where it has remained for the past 2950 years. The coincidental presence of Prince Abukuse at that spot seemed to connect the distant past with the present. Not a minute after placing the hand on the holy rock, he was filled with a divine guidance to knowledge before unknown to him. He was like a person who had experienced a "Misterium Tremendum", the kind of experience you read about in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 6 verses 1-8. He was compelled by a force, beyond his comprehension, to found a humanitarian order that would address itself to changing the face of Africa, as he had been shown twenty-one years back.

His eyes were vividly opened to the problems facing the continent of Africa and the realization that the Ark of the Covenant, sacredly guarded in Africa, was capable of dispelling all of Africa's major problems and fears, as it did for the ancient Hebrews when they had it. But Africans had to go about it the right way. They had to realize that we were each other's keeper and the Ten Commandments enclosed in the Ark, applied to us today as it did to the Israelites of the past. How peaceful would Africa be if we even kept say, two or three of the Commandments. Of course, nothing is better than keeping all of them. What about if we could only take Jesus seriously on what He said, as written in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 22 verses 36-39. There certainly could have been no massacres of Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo and many others we never hear about.

Realizing what had happened on that day, in Jerusalem where it all started to take shape, Prince Abukuse re-founded the Knights of Africa Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem. In short, "Knights of Africa Universal Sovereignty." It is universal because it belongs to everyone in the world who practices principles of uprightness and wants to continue. It knows no race, color or creed. It only knows we are all children of one God whom we know by His different names in different languages. It belongs to everyone whose word is better than his signature. How so important is a person's word! "In the beginning," it is written, "there was a Word and the word was with God; through it everything was made and without it nothing could exist." One can read this in the Book of John, Chapter One. The strength of a good word cannot be over emphasized.

Knights of Africa, like the ancient order of Knights of Malta, is a non-profit philanthropic sovereign order that was first recognized in modern times by the United States of American government, through none other than the president himself, Mr. William Jefferson Clinton, in two official letters from the White House, addressed to the Grandmaster, on August 22, 1994 and on October 4, 1994. Thereafter, the organization has been duly chartered and recognized by the States of New York and Delaware as a charitable humanitarian legal entity. By letter from the U.S. Department of Treasury dated July 15, 1999, the organization has been granted federal tax-exempt status, and has been declared a publicly supported organization under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as organizations described in section 501(c) (3). This advance ruling took effect from April 21, 1999 and will be reviewed again after December 31, 2003. The State of New York added its approval by granting the Knights of Africa an Exempt Organization number 221257 issued on March 14, 2000, exempting Knights of Africa from payment of New York State and local sales and use tax.

In essence, Knights of Africa is an organization dedicated to helping the continent of Africa recapture its past glory as it enters its period of renaissance in the 21st century, known as "Africa Century." However, our services stretch far beyond Africa. The organization fulfills its helping responsibilities by attracting to its membership, upright people who must choose to rise and remain above petty things like, greed, jealousy, nepotism, lay investiture, parasitic thievery, incompetence, and non-transparency and accountability in public affairs. These petty obstacles are diseases that have for so long robbed Africa of her glory and positive energy. They are, incidentally, perpetuated by none other than a few misguided and crooked brothers and sisters among us and their equally misguided and crooked foreign boon companions.

Knights of Africa will set criteria and standards for genuine leadership, the kind of leadership which is aware that there is penalty and reward in whatever we do as leaders. Many people who call themselves leaders have chosen reward even where it is undeserved. Few, if any, think of the penalty. And that is one of our biggest problems among our leaders now. Some have chosen to loot their own countries without any regard of the possibility of a penalty. Our mission will be accomplished through a carefully planned leadership dynamic training at our institute. We refer to that institute as (LDI).

We believe, we Africans are not the miserable poor creatures the rest of the world seems to think we are. Only some misguided among us think they indeed are and, in so thinking, they become what they think about. The majority of Africans are people of dignity awaiting to be re-awakened and reminded again that they are the original people on this earth and in their veins, runs unavoidable blood of greatness undiluted by any make-believe prejudices thrown at them by those who do not know any better.

Knights of Africa has a solemn duty of re-awakening the continent to the fact that they have to think big again, as their ancestors did when they built the great pyramids that remain to date, owe inspiring. They must think big to attain greatness as it was in the old days of General Hannibal of North Africa, and as it is in the mind of modern big thinkers like Nelson Mandela of South Africa; Julius Nyerere of East Africa; and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of West Africa. Africa has no lack of great thinkers. It only has a shortage of philosopher-kings willing to step forward and convert to intelligent political leaders. We intend to help fill the gap through democratic principles that have stood the test of time. We will assist wherever necessary to kindle people once again to thinking useful thoughts that result in material and spiritual abundance unknown to modern Africa. We believe civil wars are caused by lack of knowledge of whom we really are and an extension of greed to the point of madness that knows or respects no law or order. Overthrowing democratically elected governments is certainly not the way to change anything. It only adds to the paucity of our ability to think big and better.

But, we shouldn't be thinking small at all! We are made in the image of God and God, who made the universe in its vastness, is incapable of thinking small. We too should be incapable of thinking small. Nelson Mandela beautifully summed it up at his 1994 Inaugural Speech, when he said:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us."

" We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, talented, fabulous? Actually who are we not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world."

"There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone."

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear,our presence automatically liberates others."

The Knights of Africa strongly condemn parasitic habits of stealing from the people that which is meant for their collective development and making it one's own property. For lack of a better term we will call it, the Marcos--Duvalier--Mobutu--Abacha syndrome. If you are one of them and we forgot to add your name to this dishonorable list, append yourself on. Stealing from people who can hardly afford it, is one of the most terrible form of parasitic thievery. It is a step above mass murder for it does not seem to bother these kleptomaniacs what happens to the rest of the society they are robbing. If you are such a compulsive thief, try your trade on Bill Gates. He might afford it if at all he can feel it. He currently makes only $1,500 per second even when he is sleeping. But we bet you, he can make it faster than you can steal it.

We abhor the mean actions of some of our people in positions of power who have chosen to help themselves to scarce resources meant for everyone in the country. After helping themselves, in the way parasitic thieves always do, they take their catch to some overseas hide-away banks, leaving their people die from starvation and diseases which could have been prevented or cured had they not taken away for themselves that which would have been utilized to prevent the calamity. As a result of their abominable actions, the people are left living in perpetual misery. If those serial killers call themselves leaders, God have mercy on us all. We are dead at their hands, only awaiting burial.

It is a solemn duty of Knights of Africa to locate the ill-gotten wealth wherever it is hidden and return it to Africa, where it belonged in the first place. The recouped wealth has to be used to uplift the quality of life in Africa. Knights of Africa see no meaningful virtue in begging for leftover crumbs from countries that label themselves "developed." Most of them, incidentally, developed at our expense in material, labor and unpaid reparations that add to trillions of dollars. If we were to collect back a paltry one trillion, and put it to good use rather than hiding it with our Swiss cousins, as we have been taught and accustomed to, wouldn't we change a good part of the face of Africa?

Begging to meet our need for daily bread and our daily supply of unwanted used guns with which we have learned to eliminate ourselves, isn't going to do. In fact, it is a shame that has no precedence in a truly civilized society. Even the ordinary ants seem to be doing better than us. They at least know and understand what collective unity is. We don't. Given the amount of wealth we have in and on our soil, we surely have no business begging or waiting for something called "foreign aid". We should instead be giving such an aid to people who have a legitimate reason to genuinely claim being potentially poor. People who have no luxury of a continent as big as ours and certainly not as much wealth in it as we do. Can you think of any? How about the English, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Finnish, the Danish, and so many others who have no continent as rich as ours, and all they have, in most cases, are small scattered islands hardly with resources to match even those we have in Nigeria or a small portion of the Congo.

It is written," where people have no vision, they shall perish." The Knights of Africa believe further, "where leaders have no higher non-selfish goals and vision filled with genuine desire to help their fellow men and women, their people need not wait for physical death before they experience hell." Those short-sighted "leaders" will make sure they home deliver enough hell to satisfy everyone in the country. They will lead them into the abyss of hell right here on earth, with eyes still open. It is unfort-unately happening right now in many parts of Africa.

The average peasant in the former Zaire under Mobutu Sese Seko, would be glad to tell you what hell here on earth is all about. If that is not enough to clod your blood, ask any Muganda who lived under both, Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada's regimes. Ask any Liberian who lived under the last days of Samuel K. Doe's miss-rule. And what about the Nubians of Southern Sudan mountains under their present rulers? Ask the Sierra Leone amputees to tell you what it is like to see your own neighbor chop your hands off in bright day light for no other cause than a primitive sadistic desire to see you helpless for the rest of (his) life. What about Rwanda of 1994, Ethiopia of 1985 to-date, Nigeria under Sanni Abacha's miss-rule and a string of other African nations?

Vijay S. Makhan of the Organization of African Unity at Addis Ababa was asking the right question when he lamented, "What is wrong with us? Why is it that every time we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, after having suffered untold miseries and gone through the grief and desolation of unwarranted wanton killings and destruction, we seem to plunge back into the abyss of chaos and anarchy?" We have some solution to that, brother Vijay, and we are ready to put it forward.

Knights of Africa, through its trained eyes for spotting potential problems before they reach our doors, will help any country stay a step away from such potential problems. Our membership consists of some of the best minds Africa has today. They will help any African country stay a respectable distance from economic troubles by planning progressive steps before hell descents. These steps have nothing to do with the band aid help usually associated with The World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

If you think you are one of the best minds in Africa or somewhere else, and you are not as yet, one of our members, contact us immediately to see if our membership gloves fit you. May be you are genuinely one of the best minds you think you are, and solution to some of Africa's worst problems is sitting dormant within your head.

To get information for membership, send your detailed resume electronically to or write us at P.O. Box 643 FDR Station, New York, New York, 10150. We will soon be moving our headquarters to Africa. Stay tuned

If you happen to be a person of considerable financial means and are wondering what will happen to your estate after you are long gone, think of including Knights of Africa in your will. Do not make a mistake of leaving it to your friendly bank overseas to make a decision for you when you are gone. We have seen too much of such errors lately. If you are indeed concerned about changing the image of Africa now, you need not wait until you are no more. Do it now and allow us the opportunity of assisting you take it off from your federal tax, if you happen to be in the USA. We strongly believe and recommend Africans ought to practice giving support to their organizations. We also invite others, worldwide, who subscribe to our way of thinking to give us their spiritual and material support.


The originator and leader of Knights of Africa is His Serene Highness, Professor Sir Vincent Abukuse Mbirika, Ph.D., D.Sc., Knight Grand Cross of Justice in the Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John, Knights of Malta. He is also a Knight Grand Cross in the Order of Saint Luke in Canada, and Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Villa Vicosa of Portugal. He has since 1983 been elected Fellow of International Biographical Association, (F.I.B.A), at Cambridge, United Kingdom. Additionally, he appears in more than 15 distinguished listings all over the world, including Two Thousand Men of Achievement and in Who is Who of Intellectuals, both published in United Kingdom. His name appears among People Who Matter, and Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans, both published in the United States of America. Back in 1973 after publishing a booklet, A Mental Approach for Developing African Economy Through the Twenty First Century, he was awarded Certificate of Merit from London. Born in Bunyore, Western Kenya, East Africa, on May 15, 1935 Abukuse was raised from birth to assume leadership once held by his famous uncle, Abukuse the First, who ruled Bunyore in the 1920s and 30s. But Bunyore was too small to contain him. He decided in his youth to set his mind to the entire continent of Africa.

After completing eighth grade education in Kenya, he had his first bitter encounter with the British colonial power which ruled Kenya at that time. He was permanently barred from continuing with higher education beyond eighth grade. Despite his valedictorian achievement, he could not be allowed to join any of the five secondary schools available to Africans. The reasoning was, Abukuse being a gifted mathematician at that early stage, if he were allowed to acquire higher education, he would be dangerous to British colonial rule. Abukuse believes they were absolutely right for the first time! For he soon discovered, thanks to British colonial powers, the best weapon to eradicate colonialism and oppression, was not a gun, a knife, or a spear, but a good solid higher education. He went on later to receive his first doctorate in Higher Education at New York University in 1970.

Abukuse did not give up. He looked forward to the day in the future when he will play his role in dismantling British colonial rule starting with Kenya and thereafter, the rest of Africa - a theme that was being echoed from West to East Africa. That was part of the grand plan in the hearts of African freedom fighters of whom he was a part.

By an act of God's divine order, at the tender age of 16, Abukuse decided to courageously walk on foot from Bunyore across Africa to Gold Coast, now Ghana, a distance of over 3000 miles. He planned to walk a few miles a day. The purpose of that long walk was to meet in person his new found hero, a man he had only heard of but never met or seen in person. That man was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, who later became the first African prime minister of an independent African nation that took back its old name of Ghana.

As luck would dictate, Abukuse walked the first 250 miles to reach the kingdom of Buganda, where legends have, his ancestors originated over 500 years back. He unknowingly walked into a home of a relative of the ruling monarch, and as luck would repeat itself again, he was warmly received by members of Buganda royal family who introduced him to their king, His Majesty, Frederick Walugembe Mutesa II, known by his subjects in their language as "Ssaabasajja Kabaka" of Buganda. The king was himself a man of ambition and adventurous spirit. He had no problem expressing his admiration for the zeal and courage of the travelling young Kenyan who had so far reached his kingdom.

The king upon learning why the young traveler had come that far on foot to reach the kingdom of Buganda, decided to adopt him as one of his children. He gave him a princely title of "Omulangira" meaning in English, "prince," a title that he still maintains and addressed by the current Buganda prime minister whenever they write to each other. His majesty had him enrolled for studies at Makerere College School in 1953. The newly dubbed member of the royal house of Buganda was assigned to live in the home of the king's cousin, where he was to be taught Buganda royal manners and customs as well as the language. He alternated living at the home of an English professor at Makerere University, where he was taught manners and customs of the English upper class society befitting a prince.

He was never to walk again to Ghana. Instead, he returned to Kenya, well groomed and proficient in both, Buganda language and customs of the royal family as well as English upper-class refinement. He was almost torn between acting like an upper class English aristocrat and keeping the serene calmness of a true Muganda royalty, when serenity was still part of the royal decorum.

Back in Kenya, he became one of the first four African air traffic controllers ever allowed to control the British Royal Air Force fighter planes. He proceeded to Zanzibar Island, where he continued his air traffic control work as well as teaching himself numerous skills. In an incredibly short time, he mastered on his own, and passed examinations in aerodynamics, meteorology, law, theology, advanced mathematics, economics, and believe it or not, advanced level Latin and Esperanto languages.

While in Zanzibar, he met some of the most famous Pan-Africanists of that era who included an aspiring young politician called, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanganyika African National Union. He went on to meet and befriend fire-brand Zanzibar politicians, Sheikhs Abeid Karume and Abdulrahman Babu. He also met a young brilliant youth who told him his name was Salim Ahmed Salim. That brilliant young man grew up to become one of his nation's most efficient and well known leaders. He became prime minister of Tanzania, and now, he is the long serving head of the Organization of African Unity, Secretary General, Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim. Outside Zanzibar, Abukuse met and worked with Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, legendary Kenyan political leader, Tom Mboya, and most of all, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, whose thoughts on Pan-Africanism were to influence the future Grandmaster forever. Later he met and befriended Sekou Toure of Guinea, Siaka Stevens of Sierra Leone, William Tolbert of Liberia and numerous other leaders who got together to establish the first leg of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's wish of African unity.

As though destiny had it all marked out, Abukuse grew up preparing to complete whatever plans Dr. Nkrumah started but left unfulfilled. Dr. Nkrumah died in April 1972 when Dr. Mbirika was already a well-established Pan-Africanist, with unquestionable leadership credentials. He took it upon himself to complete the unfinished business Dr. Nkrumah had worked and invested so much into.

Much of the confidential plans which were drawn up for possible unification of Africa, be it economic, educational or political unity, have been passed to Dr. Mbirika through visions attributable to nothing less than invisible divine intervention. Every plan that was revealed to him through visions back in 1955, 1958, and 1986, has been fulfilled right on schedule at the time predicted in the past. For example, the Grandmaster was shown in a vision, as far back as 1986, where the funds will come from to fulfill the unfinished business. He was shown names of some people who will help him implement the plans, people he had never met. That vision is no longer a dream or a mystery. It is being fulfilled on schedule just as it was predicted 16 years back.

It was also revealed there will be several attempts by some unscrupulous people to steal the funds set up for African unity. Grandmaster was told to pay little attention to that. It was shown those who would attempt to steal, would be doing so at their own great risk and peril. Many have indeed tried by presenting phony wills and claims which have winded up in costly court contests. None of them has succeeded in their unholy missions. Most of them have not lived a day longer to see the hour they thought would be their biggest catch of the century. This again comes to prove, vanity and greed have no shame or fear of fatal consequences.

And if the omen stands true, as it has so far, those who are still seriously forcing their ways to rob Africa of its livelihood will not succeed. We have learned of the current biggest banking conspiracy put together between some thieves and certain participating dishonorable bankers. To them we say, "one may succeed fooling man, but no one has ever succeeded fooling God." If those misinformed thieves would steal the Ark of the Covenant from Africa, then they may have a shot at the African funds. The funds are for a very definite purpose with God's blessings. There is a possible curse for those who would dare divert the purpose just as there has been a definite curse for those who have for hundreds of years tried to steal the Ark of the Covenant. It is no wonder Knights of Africa, which has a foundation directly connected with the Ark of the Covenant, has no worries about anybody attempting to help oneself to the funds. The great Pan-Africanist, who started it all, had only one plan in mind: to unify and develop Africa. Only those who are suicidal would seriously strive to challenge the purpose.

On one hand, those who would team with Knights of Africa to fulfill the mission of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah have much to gain and enjoy. Knights of Africa welcomes them in our struggle of putting a new paint on Africa. If you think you are one of them and you are totally for Africa's progress, step forward to be counted. On the other hand, if you think and know you are one of the unfortunate parasitic thieves, cease and desist trying to steal from a people dying of AIDS and starvation, or go on at your own risk and peril. Do not ever say you were not warned in advance by anybody who knew better.

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