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Torture of Nigerian Barrister

Masterweb News Desk

( Monday, April 30, 2007 )

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[ Photo of Barrister Basil Igwike alleged torture submitted to Masterweb by his family in response to a linked article on our sites on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 titled "Illegal name change & terror in Nigerian community" ]

Picture of Barrister Basil Igwike taken after allegedly tortured by 'Dr. Godwin Maduka hit squad'
Photo Above: Picture of Barrister Basil Igwike taken after allegedly tortured by 'Dr. Godwin Maduka hit squad'.
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Geoffrey Anyanwu writing from Awka, Anambara State reported -

Cause of trouble

Indigenes of Nkerehi alleged that the American returnee pulled down the common market and forcefully seized the communal land in the name of building a monastery. As if that was not enough, he was alleged to have suddenly changed the name of the community from Nkerehi to Umuchukwu without the consent of the people and put up a sign post to that effect, just as he caused announcements to be made also of the change of name in the electronic media. This action elicited wide protest by aggrieved members of the community. In reaction, the American returnee unleashed mayhem on the stakeholders who spoke against the change of name of the community. In the process, many people were arrested, abducted, detained, and even tortured, especially the youths.

Victims of the terrorism

At the last count, about 15 members of the community have been attacked, including the lawyer, Igwike, and an Anglican Church teacher, Mr. Tochukwu Akaegbobi. Others include: Igwike’s 76-year-old father, Elder Theophilus Agodi Igwike, who is still lying critically ill in one of the hospitals in Umunze following his detention in police cell, just as Elder Ezekiel Onwu, the Secretary-General of Nkerehi Progressive Union; Mr. Joseph Anunobi, Mathias Anya, Denis Nwangwu, Okechukwu Benjamin Onwu, Ekene Onwu and Fredo Ike. While the Anglican catechist was manhandled and chased out from Nkerehi town for protesting against the extension of the monastery project to his church premises, the legal practitioner, Igwike was attacked because he was helping the community in legal issues concerning the change of name.

Elder Igwike’s reaction

The 76-year-old Igwike, who spoke on his sick bed, said he took ill after he was detained in police cell for four days on allegation that he was involved in the purported kidnap of Igwe Ukegbu, stating that he is innocent of the allegation. He said: "As a result of the crisis that trailed the change of the community’s name and the subsequent hoisting of a new sign post bearing the new name ‘Umuchukwu’, the town union executives met and directed that the sign–post be taken off until the matter is finally settled a meeting of the assembly.

Map of Nigeria showing Nkerehi town.
Photo Above: Map of Nigeria showing Nkerehi town. Nkerehi town is yellow dot on the map.
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Name change, victimization & torture
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

People, especially the Igbo, feel happy and great when their wards travel and return home with the good things of life that will make humanity better. They usually give such persons titles, like Akurue Ulo (wealth that is felt at home). However, the story of a recent development in Nkerehi community, in Orumba South Local Government of Anambra State, is a far cry from the noble experience as a wealthy son of the town is alleged to have instead brought home, intimidation, harassment and terror to the people. People of the community now live in fear and anxiety as they are alleged to be under serious persecution by one of their sons, said to be resident in the United State of America (USA) and who had turned their days into nightmare. According to the people, the man returned to the village in February this year and with.......    More 

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