Congo's wild gorillas 'using tools'
Obasanjo grants pardon to 150
Belarus leader defends Saddam
Bayelsa Governor arrested in London
Africa: A Continent in Chaos
Kuwait demands death penalty for Saddam
Scientists say human brain still evolving
Report: Stroke killed Yasser Arafat
UN ranks Nigeria 20th poorest nation
Anti-fraud agency to probe Obasanjo
Nigerian born US mayor jailed 9 years
Coffee a health drink, says study
SSS declares MASSOB leader wanted
U.S. issues fresh warning on Nigeria
Obasanjo accuses deputy of disloyalty
Iraq leader to oppose Saddam's death
FBI raids Maryland residence of Nigerian VP
We'll declare Niger-Delta Republic -Insurgents
Witchcraft: Burning issue
MASSOB: Be ready for Biafran administrators
Godwin Okpara in jail for rape
Africa: Continent is conquered again
Spain gets first married Catholic priest
Nigeria deploys satellite for census
Lions kill embassy worker in Zimbabwe
Man beheads brother, sucks his blood
Putting a new face on unity in Africa
S African unions want Zuma back
Open Doors helping suffering Nigerian Christians
Saddam's tasteless decor exposed on TV
Daily meal of a hungry Nigerian child
Nigerian police arrest vigilantes after 35 die
21 die in Bakassi Boys' cell
Saudi's King Fahd passes away at 83
Obasanjo: 'Celebrate throughout Africa'
Saddam trial to be shown live on television
Sudan VP Garang 'killed in crash'
Fraud rampant in Iraq
Kalu challenges Obasanjo to declare assets
Nigeria 'll be in space in 2020 -Obasanjo
Nigerian naval officer shoots okada rider dead
Woman fasts herself to death in India
Unbelievable! Slok Air flies into Nigeria
Nigerian mum kills only child with rat poison
Malu to drag Obasanjo to World Court
US bans Nigeria's military
Taliban hang tribal chief
Paris Club gives looters' names to Obasanjo
Obasanjo: Nigerians Still Siphoning Funds Abroad
Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer resigns
British MPs corner Obasanjo over IBB
Nigerian police 'drove nail' into woman's nostril
China writes off $US1.27b of African debt
Plane collides with cows in Nigeria, 196 escape death
Court drops treason charges against MASSOB members
Footprints of 'first Americans' discovered
Acid bath for Nigerian peacemaker, wife
Nigeria Begins Nuclear Power Programme
N17.7bn Recovered from Tafa Balogun
Oil is the Basis of Nigeria's Existence – Okoko
Nigeria to get $18bn debt relief
Nigerian ex-police chief manhandled, slumps in court
US Revokes Visas of Corrupt Nigerian Officials
Nigerians can protest without Police permit
Nigerian roasted atop another man's wife
World population hits 6.5bn
US shuts Lagos, Nigeria Visa office
The MASSOB insurgency
Man cuts off own penis, kills sex-crazed wife
5 beheaded, 14 guards seized in Brazil prison riot
Number of African insurgents in Iraq increasing
A testimony to Igbo marginalisation
British mother cooked baby on stove
Jesus died of a blood clot, claims researcher
US bans Zamfara Governor, Yerima
Nigerians rally for violence conference
MASSOB to issue sit-at-home order to Igbo
Equatorial Guinea, rich country being stripped of wealth
Elite may break Nigeria, says Buhari
Rats are called in to defuse landmines
Why Obasanjo Has Not Turned Taylor Over?
Violence against women shockingly high in Nigeria
Nigeria pays N2b yearly to lobby U.S
Richest Russian tycoon gets 9 years in prison
End my dire situation, says Tariq Aziz
US Intelligence: Nigeria 'll Fail in 15 Years
Inspector says Saddam wanted to fool Iran
Nigerian SSS arrests 2 for hoisting Biafran flag
Saddam Hussein Photo - Al Jazeera Hits Back
Indian woman chops off husband's penis
80 year old men marrying 10 year olds in Nigerian town
Saddam half naked, Bush vows a probe
US probes Saddam's prison photos
Breaking hold of a voodoo curse on Nigerian prostitutes
New Monkey Species is 1st in Africa for 20 Years
What happened to "African socialism"?
Bone find dates back 31,000 years
Kalu deplores negative reports on Africa
Would-be rapist loses testicle
Bin Laden wants Obasanjo toppled
Reps list 16 'sins' against Obasanjo
80 'Biafra separatists' charged with treason
Publisher under arrest for Obasanjo wife's story
Mbaise Destroys 100 Shrines to Cleanse Land
Demotion for Abu Ghraib commander
Pope's old car sells for $314k
Publisher arrested for article on Obasanjo's wife
Nigeria - Annual report 2005
Kenya's 1st lady attacks reporters
Study on Nigerian Diaspora
Bring home bin Laden's head, CIA told
Brain-damage patient asks for wife after 10 yrs
Doctors found with throats slit
Charles Taylor linked to Guinea coup
New cure for diabetes
Pope's old car on eBay
Nigeria must handover Taylor to Special Court
Nigeria: World's fastest growing mobile market
Nigerian student dies in the US after brief illness
NLC adopts Shekarau for 2007
Nigeria/Africa: Curing the curse of oil
Nigeria demands more debt relief
Castrate rapists say Kenyan MPs
Ex-Rwandan leader gets life for genocide, rape
20 killed in luxury bus robberies
Petrol tanker drivers' strike cripples Lagos
Jihad Threat in Nigeria Worries Christians
AU Commission Adopts Migration Policy
Nigeria bans U.S. airline from Nigeria
Cheap cellphone handset in Nigeria soon
Nigerians relocate businesses from US to Canada
Award for brave DR Congo botanist
Nigerian Catholic nun sells baby for N.25m
* Nigerian factory where workers wear condoms
Nigeria awaits another 'coup from heaven'
Obasanjo gets honorary doctorate from Beijing University
27,000 illegal Nigerian immigrants in Saudi Arabia
IBB, others not banned from politics
Nigerians are suffering -Atiku
UN Must Reform Or Die Says Condoleezza Rice
Email not for me says President Bush
Saudi threat to Nigerian pilgrims
Swiss charge Abacha's son after extradition
Nigerian doctor suspended in US for sex pill scam
Nigerian satellite for launch from Xichang
Kenya female boxing champ dreams of facing Ali
Mercenaries 'fuel West African wars'
Mbeki to revoke visa requirement for Mozambicans
Feminist Andrea Dworkin dead at 58
Royal father in EFCC net over alleged 419
Apartheid party bows out with apology
World's most influential named
African Popes in the History of the Catholic Church
Pope buried in St Peter's crypt
Ugandan ex-president questioned for killing 300,000
How we shared N55m bribe -Senator Adighije
MASSOB enters 4th stage of struggle
Saddam watches election of Iraq's president on TV
Conclave to elect new Pope starts April 18
Click to sign Pope John Paul II Book of Condolence
Wealthy Nigerians sell off property in U.S
US woman boxer dies after fight in the U.S.
Balogun handcuffed, docked
U.S. cancels Wabara, Osuji, Balogun, others visas
Northern Nigeria opposes power rotation, regionalism
'We've enough evidence to impeach Obasanjo'
Balogun plans bombshell in court
Obasanjo seizes wife's, 206 others' property
Dokubo holds Port Harcourt hostage
Australian scientists find arthritis-causing enzyme
Nigerian carrying $900,000 detained in Baku
Obasanjo must go in 2007
Nigeria's oldest man dies at 135
Zarqawi plans chemical attack in Europe
China looms large in Africa's future
Nigerian Muslims threaten mass boycott of conference
Nigerian court rules Delta Gov not an ex-convict
Magistrate rejects 'holding charge' child traffickers
IBB campaigners resort to GSM
The Report That Nailed Wabara, Osuji and Co.
Dishonesty a deterrent to African development
I arranged Osuji, Senators meeting---Wabara
N55m Bribe Money Refunded
Presidency orders Wabara to resign
U.S. to ban corrupt Nigerian officials
Mum shoots dead her family
Nigerian town razed by army after feud
Nigeria: Debt forgiveness and slavery
Nigerian legislators harass all ministers for bribe
Ugandan rebels attack women, hack off breasts
Women win as Y loses out in battle of the Xs
'Preacher' arrested with 200kg Indian hemp
Nigerian Senate overrules Reps on foreign debts
Mechanical nose to match dogs' invented
US troops shoot dead Iraqi general
Anti-cancer compound in green tea identified
Over 100 children rescued by Nigerian police
'Taliban' activists arrested in Kano
8 dead at Wisconsin hotel shooting
Nigerian beheads child for money rituals
Bush Bars Dariye, Wife from US
Blair's Commission Proposes $50bn Aid for Africa
Jackson near bankruptcy, prosecutors say
Rape suspect kills judge, others, flees
Is France the curse of Africa ?
Forbes release annual list of world's billionaires
Unrest in oil delta threat to Nigeria - US general
Body of 'Nigerian' found in boot of car in S. Africa
Stop payment of foreign debts -Nigerian Reps
South Africa to exhume apartheid victims
Australian sends masturbation pictures to women
Nigerian charged for raping 5 year-old girl
64 Nigerian children found in fish truck
Nigerian activists seek ban on ex-military leaders
Mozambique PM attacks Africa plan
US scientists battle over Darwin theory
North not afraid of break up— Dikko
AIDS could kill 80 million Africans by 2025
Ruins of 1,000-year-old palace discovered in Nepal
Togo Elections Hold April 24
Martha Stewart out of jail
Saddam tribunal judge is shot dead
Find could rewrite history of Universe
IBB is clean, says EFCC
EFCC Scare Rattles IBB
Suicide Bomber Kills 125 Iraqi Job Seekers
Zarqawi 'urged to attack the US'
How Kenyatta kept British spies guessing
Scientists are made, not born
Nigerian soccer clubs to pay $7,500 for violence
Power issues dog Nigeria
Lebanese government resigns
Kenyan school turns to handheld computers
Saddam's half-brother arrested in Iraq
Will Africa produce next pope?
Nigeria seizes Tafa Balogun's loot
Why US is afraid of Nigeria
Another Bola Ige's secret child
Saddam's half-brother captured
Major-General Adisa is Dead
Nigerian cardinal could succeed Pope
Northern Govs Reject Regionalism
Wife orders hubby to have sex at spearpoint
Explosions rock Kaduna arms depot
NDP adopts IBB ahead 2007 polls
London Police Declare Dariye Wanted
Ancient crocodile discovered
Space probe finds frozen sea on Mars
Anambra Legislators Trade Blows
Earthquake in Iran Hits Villages, 500 Dead
MTV launches channel for Africa
Man accused of plotting to kill Bush
Nigerian army reduce community to rubbles
Super Cup again for Enyimba
Adisa in Car Crash, Flown Abroad
Chinese the new economic imperialists in Africa
Swazi king luxury limousines' pictures banned
Tens of thousands to die - al-Qaeda warns
Nigerian National Conference meets with scepticism
Northern Nigeria may demand split into 6 countries
Sanctions imposed after Togo 'coup'
Egyptian doctors remove baby's 2nd head
Nun's death in the rainforest
National Conference: Ojukwu explodes
Confab: Senators threaten to impeach Obasanjo
Switzerland to Return Looted Millions to Nigeria
Nigeria Worries U.S.
Nigerian politician's wife dies
Nigeria's Software Industry Worth N15bn
Enahoro, Soyinka, lead confab list
South African army hit by HIV/AIDS
Obasanjo opens confab Monday
Thieves burned alive in Burundi
Ugandan army recruiting children
Nigerian court okays Bakassi handover
China mine blast 'kills 203'
Israeli gets Nigerian pregnant and runs
Obasanjo Begins 2007 Plans
Iran warns US not to play with 'fire'
Shia parties triumph in Iraq poll
Terrorism: US investigates Olajuwon over Al-Qaida
United Nations' theft might open up cancer worms
Nun gunned down in Amazon
My life as homosexual
Drug-resistant HIV strain diagnosed
Rice is a "slave" to whites - Mugabe
Bush Had Done More for Africa
Police sell motherless babies for N200,000
Asari Dokubo, others form political group
Restructuring tops Igbo agenda to confab
Togo turns back plane carrying Nigerian team
Nigeria quits Ecowas committee on Togo
Nigerian Senators want pay-for-life
Nigerian army pegs retirement age at 58
Iran will turn into burning hell for aggressor
Olajuwon gave to al-Qaida 'charities'
Nigerian Assembly endorses military action against Togo
Okonjo-Iweala carries anti-debt placard in London
Young mums die early
Nigeria to launch communications satellite in '06
Nigeria piles up reserves amid prudent policies - IMF
International Status for Enugu Airport
Nigerian Reps Exchange Blows
Abia rehabilitates FG roads
Obasanjo, Others Sued Over Immunity Clause
AU 'll Reject Unlawful Succession in Togo
Life & times of Gnassingbe Eyadema
Iran prepared if attacked by US or Israel
'Ojukwu has technically left APGA' -Chekwas Okorie
Nigerian Reps move to stop National Conference
Obasanjo Bags Lifetime Achievement Award
AU denounces Togo 'military coup'
Togo's Eyadema dies, son takes over
Shell's Investments in Nigeria Hit $8.2bn
Watergate papers go public
Bush delivers State of Union address
White Zim farmers flock to Nigeria
House Denies Obasanjo Funds for Dialogue
Georgian PM found dead
Balogun may escape EFCC charge
Over 31 US marines die in Iraqi chopper crash
Hitler film wins Oscar nomination
Woman discovers dad is British MP
IBB U.S. lobby flops
Why Obasanjo was not at President Bush's inauguration
2007: Forum Warns IBB, Buhari Banned
Nigerians under probe for money laundering in UK
Africa Unites For Bob Marley
Earthquake flattens 100 houses in Indonesia
2007: Neither IBB nor Atiku -Asari-Dokubo
APGA crisis: Ojukwu backs Umeh
Nigeria Cancels $1.9bn Gas Project
Mogadishu police chief shot dead
Nigerian new US Boxing Assoc. heavyweight champion
IBB campaign group lobbies US for support
'Green Maria to replace Black Maria' in Nigeria
Smoking 'stops Parkinson's'
New Zealand researchers build bone from wool
Bush vows to push for freedom
Biafra: SSS arrests vendors
Africa's leaders start living in the real world
Why South conceded '07 presidency to North
Deadly attack on Baghdad mosque
Malawi judges strike for big cars
Hearts lift African title
Giant baby boy born to Brazilian mother
Cancer 'killing more in US than heart disease'
Bush sworn in for new term, pledges unity
2 million Nigerian children orphaned by AIDS
50 Die in Lagos Multiple Accidents
Nigeria Can't Meet N1 Trillion Debt Obligation
Iran, Zimbabwe insist on nuclear rights
US brands Zimbabwe an 'outpost of tyranny'
Rice admits bad Iraq decisions
Nigeria has no ambition to become nuclear power
Guinea leader 'survives coup bid'
Court Bars SSS, Police from Arresting Uwazuruike
Nigeria's Oil Reserves Hit 35.5bn Barrels
Dhaka to emerge world's 2nd largest city by 2015
Man threatens to blow up van near white house
Presidency retires Tafa Balogun
Nearly 800 British troops injured in Iraq
Chinua Achebe Foundation launches project
Dentist discovers 10cm nail in man's brain
'US planning strike on Iran'
Nigerian arrested in Indonesia for beating lover
Gani to continue fighting common man's cause
Journalist leaves jail after 44 years
McDonald's former CEO dies at 44
How politicians rigged Nigerian 2003 polls
Hitler plot to kidnap Pope revealed
Shock as Nigerian DPO slumps dead
Obasanjo May Appoint Petroleum Minister
Israel cuts ties with Abbas
Japan demands return of islands seized by Russia
$6 billion LNG plant to be built in Nigeria
Obasanjo seeks 1st shot at 5 year single term
FBI Warns of Suspicious Inaugural Activity
Pilotless aircraft protects Sharon
Drugs 'prevent AIDS mutation'
Aide to Iraqi Shia leader killed
Nigerian fined for threats on S. African airline
Nigerian faces US federal indictment for theft, fraud
Black Americans reverse slave route, return to Ghana
Africans in Diaspora Set Up N600bn Institute
Abbas declares victory in Palestinian election
Ethiopian torture suspect arrested in the US
'07: CNPP Plans Merger, One Presidential Candidate
Africa Fights AIDS With Girl Power
In the running to succeed Mbeki
Blair urges Britons not to forget Africa
Snakes & crocodiles add to fears of villagers
Agbiti & Kolawole dismissed from Nigerian Navy
Tsunami Possible in Nigeria
Female Italian drug mule dies on flight
US wounded in Iraq reaches 10,000
Church ad campaign seeks priest abuse victims
PDP Suspends Ngige, Uba
Higher blood pressure among blacks, not genetic
Mugabe dumps his hardline disciples
Killer of Nigerian found dead in prison
China population to officially hit 1.3 billion
Death, riot and rape in Cameroonian prison
At 96, grandma becomes a beauty model
Wada Nas dead at 66
Gunmen attack joint Nigerian military-police patrol
African-American paranormalist to launch new TV show
Oputa panel report indicts Abdulsalami govt over Abiola
Ogbeh, PDP Exco Members Dragged to EFCC
Saudi behind Mosul attack on U.S. base
Zim ministers accused of spying for CIA
Crying elephants save tourists at beach resort
Despotic Amin planned 'Save Britain Fund'
Nigerian police kill passenger for N20 bribe
Obasanjo Asks Ngige to Resign
11 African villagers' throats cut
Obasanjo agreed to return Enugu, Anambra to APGA
Arafat 'poisoned by visitors'
Bush named Time's 2004 Person of Year
US accused of using Africans for tests
Nigerian Gov. gets new wife as gift
Dokubo Asari: I'm not a Nigerian


White Zim farmers to get Nigerian land
Woman unloads cocaine bullets, 4 Nigerians arrested
Nigerian drags Obasanjo to court
DRC conflict 'kills 1,000 a day'
Musicians unite for Sudan aid
Over one million lose parents to AIDS in S. Africa
4 killed in Ohio nightclub shooting
Postman held for hoarding 21,255 letters
Swiss court finds ex-Nigerian ambassador guilty of rape
Stop using foul language Obasanjo told
Nigeria gets 14-day ultimatum on Anambra crisis
National Confab coming -Obasanjo
Court summons Gov. Dariye
Kofi Annan rejects calls for resignation
US citizens can now go as Canadians
Bill Clinton helps launch search engine
Princess Diana 'desire to flee with lover'
American jailed for life for killing friend, Nigerian
Gay Nigerian wins asylum in the United States
Gov Dariye charged with diverting N1.61b
Maathai planting the roots of African peace
4 Saudi guards killed at US consulate in Jeddah
Nigerian priest who fled US, wanted in Texas
Corpses on display at Nigerian military pay parade
Nigerian embassies broke
Nigeria 'lifts' ban on 2007 campaign
British troops to remain in Iraq until 2008
5 Biafran activists deported
Road accident in Nigeria leaves 15 dead
Nigeria deploys 3,000 cops to Niger-Delta
Rape, fighting continue in Darfur
Iranians nabbed over night goggles
Baby teeth provide life-giving stem cells
Court rules Ukraine election result invalid
Nigerian militants set oil pipeline ablaze
'Killer' of Nigerian policewoman gives self up
Headless bodies found at mysterious pyramid
High tensions between black & white Australians
New smoking laws for S. Australian
Bomb blasts at Ngige's home
Soldiers take over Warri
Mugabe purges challengers
Mugabe bans charity feeding 90,000 kids
Philippine Flood Toll Crosses 400
Arafat's brother dies of cancer in Cairo
All 166 trapped Chinese miners dead
S. African, Nigerian may face death in Singapore
Hamas militant gets 67 life sentences
Sweeping plan for UN overhaul
Nigeria Loses $7billion Yearly To Oil Theft
Gov. Ngige survives assassination attempt
Nigeria takes over Alvan Ikoku College
Nigeria expels American journalist
UK asked to expose Nigerian account holders
PDP reassures North on 2007 presidency
Nigerian scientist constructs sniper telescope
Tutu and Mbeki in war of words
Al Qaeda vows to keep fighting U.S
Spain 'backed E Guinea coup plot'
You can't stop us from politics -Nigerian Army Chief
Man leaps to death from US Empire State Building
Another dreaded shrine found in Imo
Coup plotters jailed in E Guinea
Kabila axes six accused ministers
'Saddam's sons were denied entry into Syria'
Quiet Nigerian town under siege, many killed
Governor Dariye fights back
Gunmen bind boy to his father's bloody body
Over 16,500 missing from Bosnia war
S. African child prostitutes plucked from the streets
Woman nominated for top Zimbabwe position
Saudi Women Seek End to Home Abuse
Court freezes Ukraine poll result
Ukraine on brink of 'civil war'
Mexican mob burns officers alive
Nigerian policewoman crushed by hit & run driver
Obasanjo discloses large income
American teen charged with killing ex-Nigerian boss
Afenifere, APGA, ANPP plan merger
Nigeria an embarrassment to civilised world - Achebe
12 shot as Delta community, Nigerian soldiers clash
Sex abuse charges rock UN
American mother cuts off baby's arms
Bomb found on airliner in Iraq
New species found in ocean search
Vatican seeks priests from Africa
140 feared dead in Chinese disasters
Sex abuse by Congo staff outrages Annan
500 killed in Nigeria's Niger Delta mayhem
They want to kill me -Gov. Ngige
Elephant innocent of killing zoo keeper
How Gov Dariye fooled SSS, London cops
Liberian refugees beat up Nigerian camp commandant
New bloodshed erupts as Haiti police, gangs clash
US Churches Take Stand Against Israeli Occupation
S. Africa arrests Nigerian child prostitution syndicate
Stop harassing Ojukwu, court orders SSS


Russia's nuclear capabilities to be unmatched
Antibiotic halves African HIV/Aids deaths
Bill Gates is world's most 'spammed' person
Nigerian 419 scam uses FBI letterhead
Arafat 'had cirrhosis'
Humans 'were born to run'
Nigerian to hang for conspiring to kill wife
Nigerian rebel pulls out of peace deal
Tourism trade warned over Nigerian fraudsters
Shell ordered to pay N210b or quit Nigeria
Case against Gov Dariye, by Nigeria
1600 rebels killed in Fallujah
Al Qaeda defies manhunt with high web profile
Nigeria stores up future trouble
Man sets himself on fire near White House
Full text: Colin Powell's letter of resignation
US marine shown shooting unarmed Iraqi
MASSOB congratulates Bush on his election
SSS quizzes Dokubo
Mohammed Bello, 1930 - 2004
EU puts Odili, Dokubo, under surveillance
Bakare predicts revolution in Nigeria
More than 200 diseases linked to pollution
France launches drug plan for rapists
Arafat's illness still a mystery
Jerusalem soil for Arafat's burial
Yasser Arafat is dead
Nigeria'll break up if......
Nigeria not poverty-stricken, says Obasanjo
Troops report Falluja 'slaughterhouses'
Nigerian militants torch Anambra radio station
Rare spectacle as python swallows goat
EU commits N17b for Nigerian 2005 census
Nigerian police barred from carrying guns during strike
Nigerian soldiers ravage market
Australian breakthrough in spinal nerve regrowth
'An assassination order' on MASSOB leader
'Coup plotters' arrested in Ghana
Some Americans Panic
Nigerian 'deposits' in-law as collateral in China
Only stupid soldiers have no fear -Ojukwu
Lightning kills Nigerian coach
Dokubo gives Nigeria conditions for final ceasefire
Arafat Wants Jerusalem Burial
Gowon backs bid for Igbo presidency in 2007
Fawehinmi raises alarm over attempt on his life
Kalu threatens to name foreign accountholders
Bin Laden to make US bankrupt
Obama becomes lone black US Senator
Iraq war was war crime: Hawking
Nigerian prophets see Kerry win
Unfavorable vote for jailed Nigerian boxer, Ibeabuchi
Out of Africa - health workers leave in droves
Saddam's left leg for sale
Truckie beheaded housekeeper
UAE gets first woman minister
Egwu slams Nigeria: You've been unfair to Igbo
Nigerian National Awards have been abused
Iranian bill backs nuclear drive
Igbos have no plan to secede, SE govs assure
Obasanjo booed in Ibadan
American al-Qa'ida warns of US 'streets of blood'
Britain intervenes in Niger Delta troubles
'Saddam' gang jailed for 41 years
Baath Party fliers urge Saddam's return

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