* Nigerian journalist arrested, "tortured"
* Rejected man ends up naked, stuck in gate
* Iraq unveils tough laws
* Nigeria air force, police clash
* Africa 'should refuse to pay its debts'
* Nigerian guilty in US heroin smuggling case
* "Western" diet raises stroke risk
* Australia arrests 2 Nigerians after $200,000 drug sting
* Nigerian woman loses claim against Miss World
* Nigerian govs still looting treasury
* Obasanjo redeploys minister for embarrassing him
* Surprise US handover of power to Iraqis
* Kenyan alleged to have raped daughters held
* U.S. resumes diplomatic ties with Libya
* Shackled Saddam in court 'in days'
* Headless, armless bodies stump Philippino cops
* How Aguiyi Ironsi was killed
* '07 Presidency splits Northern Nigeria
* '07 Presidency not zoned -Obasanjo
* Scottish police on trail of naked cyclist
* Nigerian in US kills own child, on the run
* Bush almost caught with his pants down
* Nigerian fraudster remanded in Ghana
* Nigerian, 2 women, face marriage scam trial in UK
* Dog averts gun massacre
* Militant 'to kill' new Iraq leader
* US war crimes immunity bid fails
* Gaddafi: African Union doesn't need me
* Rwandan mayor gets 30 years for genocide
* Mayor burned to death by peasant protesters
* Formaldehyde linked to cancer
* Shagari, Buhari, IBB Are Settlers - Gov Turaki
* Nigerian swallows 160 bags of cocaine
* Wife cuts off husband's penis; he kills her
* DJs Attack On Obasanjo
* DJs Attack On Obasanjo(AllAfrica)
* 94.7 in hot water over Obasanjo insults
* Mass Burial of Plateau Religious War Victims
* Thailander almost cuts-off husband's penis
* Nigerian Civil War: Causes & Lessons
* The Northern Military Counter-Rebellion of 1966
* Nigeria on verge of war? - Updated
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  Special Features  
* Ghana to host 2008 African Nations Cup
* 'Beheaded' marine arrives US Beirut embassy
* Obasanjo elected African Union Chairman
* Hurry Now !, 60% Off On All Our Rates *Ends Soon
* Nigerians in US to renew work permits in Abuja
* Nigeria turns to movie industry for growth
* Asia's richest woman loses husband's fortune
* Nigeria, a new home for Zim white farmers
* Two Nigerians in pageant finals
* NUD invite SNC memoranda from Nigerians
* World's first civilian spacecraft launched
* Bakassi dispute in pictures
* Muslims Mark Empire's 200 Years in Africa
* Review of - Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success
* Elephant kills & gives mother & child burial
* Woman born in 1877 still going strong
* Nigerian US football star collapses & dies
* Britain Introduces Nigerian Visa By Post
* Iraqi deputy foreign minister assassinated
* Killer maize sparks Kenya alarm
* Banjo responds to Gov Daniel's rejoinder
* SA Warders accused in death of Nigerian prisoner
* Sudan ethnic tensions of govt land control
* DJs suspended for Obasanjo defamation
* Ghost Stories: Do you believe in ghosts?

More Hot Topis / Info

      * 50 killed in Nigerian strife
      * Nigerian student dead in the US
      * '419' dupes many viz $500,000 lottery scam
      * Former Rwandan president jailed 15 yrs
      * Taylor deserted by aides in Calabar
      * Oil experts give warning on unruly Nigeria
      * Saddam's earless victims find hope
      * Story of immigration wins Orange prize
      * Nigeria braces for strike, oil exports in danger
      * Japan longest-living nation, centenarians double
      * Ronald Reagan dead at 93
      * American dead after bulldozer rampage
      * Girl raped in her parents' room
      * CAN threatens war in Zamfara, Nigeria
      * Nigerian caught removing human heart
      * Suicide ends love-triangle killing orgy
      * Nigerian held with heroin in India
      * MASSOB a threat to Nigerian security
      * 38 MASSOB members to be tried for treason
      * Nigerians question unity after religious bloodshed
      * Nigeria's debt 'unpayable': Obasanjo
      * Nigeria created 30,000 jobs in 4 years
      * Forget presidency till '15, Northern Senators tell SE
      * Nigerian killed in US prison
      * Violence, Crime Threaten Nigerian Govt
      * Nigerian dead in US prison, inquiry widens
      * Protests await Obasanjo's visit to US
      * Nigerian family sues US district over drowning
      * Nigerian Gov caught with N309 million?
      * Kano: OPC threatens reprisal attack
      * Sierra Leone begins war crimes trials
      * Naked man in a scuffle with U.S. police
      * Nigerian priest accused of sexual misconduct in the US
      * Bush keeps Saddam Hussein's pistol as trophy
      * Nigerian 419 scam email wins New York award
      * Nigerian, 2 others, held with cocaine in India
      * I'll resign if..... - Obasanjo
      * My life as a child soldier
      * Nigeria bows to national confab(SNC)
      * A war-torn world? Not so much now
      * Enahoro, Soyinka, others may convene national confab
      * Nigeria seeking nuclear power, not weapons
      * $4.56m Nigeria Airways funds missing
      * China warns Taiwan over independence
      * Nigeria names airport after Akanu-Ibiam
      * Woman cliams boyfriend planted cocaine on her
      * Nigeria's road warrior is always on call
      * Ugandan dogs to be deployed in Iraq
      * Pope to create six new saints
      * South Africa to Host 2010 World Cup
      * Bush falls off bike, hurt
      * Gadhafi walks out on Arab summit
      * Nigerian drug lords target S. African schools
      * US to give US$2.1 billion for Nigerian biotech

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More Hot Topis / Info

      * Over 50 killed by Nigerian militia
      * 2007: Northern group backs Kalu
      * Nigerian arrested carrying 266 dead parrots
      * Bin Laden's house front-runner for Turner prize
      * Iraqi head assassinated
      * Obasanjo declares state of emergency in Plateau State
      * Nigerian kills 'son' he doubted
      * North is inviting chaos, says Ohanaeze
      * Christians slaughtered by mobs in Nigeria
      * Nigerian muslim on rampage, issue ultimatum
      * Zimbabwe farmers lease land in Nigeria
      * Ex-Nigerian minister, Afolabi dies in UK
      * Wole Soyinka promises more protests
      * Vanguard supports clamour for Igbo Presidency
      * CIA to Saddam: Co-operate or handed over
      * Nobel winner held after Nigerian protests
      * Ohanaeze to revenge future Igbo killings
      * "You are an idiot", Obasanjo to Christian leader
      * Saddam lawyer files war crimes suit
      * Nigerian Christians say nearly 600 slain
      * Nigerian merchant murdered in US
      * Mugabe plans to retire in 2008
      * Arsenal's Kanu to wed Nigerian Miss World
      * Killer & Penis Eater Gets Life in Jail
      * Horrific photo of Iraqi prisoner abuse
      * Omotoso at large, 419 goes global
      * Nigerian in Malta to stand for Euro elections
      * Kenyan rapist gets life for infecting girl with AIDS
      * Man 'cut off, ate penis'
      * 419 swindles American small business $63,000
      * Obasanjo acknowledges coup plot to topple him
      * Iraqi prisoners tell of sexual abuse, others
      * Police raid MASSOB men in church
      * Kano bans drinking and selling of alcohol
      * Bomb kills Chechen president
      * Ohanaeze to resist power shift to North
      * Hundreds of Muslims killed in Nigerian attack
      * Nearly 4 million HIV-positive Nigerians
      * Nigerian police deal with protesters punitively
      * Riot police confront Buhari, Ojukwu, others
      * Writer sentenced to death by Amin dead at 90
      * Nigeria calls on citizens to pay off debt
      * Nigeria 13th poorest but 6 are among richest
      * Mugabe's mansion, a 'shoot & kill' area
      * Ugandan tabloid breaks Aids taboo
      * $170b stashed away, EFCC worried
      * Nigerian kills self in Indian jail
      * Man cuts-off his penis, testicles
      * Honoured Nigerian engineer dead in the US
      * Nigeria's Peter Guns For Heavyweight Greatness
      * Mandela 'top humanitarian hero'
      * Nigerian Labor warns Shell on job cuts
      * Man killed outside Mandela's home
      * Nigerian murdered in his BMW in S. Africa
      * Nigerian beauty for Miss Universe contest
      * Slavery lawsuit explained by plaintiff
      * Nigerian boxer banned from Olympics
      * US Couple Linked to Nigerian Forgery Ring
      * Tough Nigerian Elliott box Magee to a draw
      * Satanism to truncate Nigeria's democracy
      * Expatriate care for Nigerians, Ghanaians
      Unclaimed Nigerian corpse in India
      * Dogs of War brought to heel
      * I Regret Serving Blood Thirsty Govt - Kalu
      * Nigeria, Mauritania host al-Qaeda cells
      * More assassinations in Nigeria
      * Zimbabwe's torture training camps
      * Nigerian mafia controls politicians
      * Kadhafi calls for Pan-African army
      Construct pit latrines in Biafra or....
      Nigerian woman missing in the US
      Man contemplates suicide for fortunes on Obasanjo
      Robber kills Nigerian in the US
      Unclaimed Nigerian Corpse in India
      Unclaimed Nigerian Corpse in the U.S
      'Taliban' of Nigeria: Who Are They?
      International Conference on Biafra held
      Biafra: Police On Red Alert
      Igbos in the enterprise called Nigeria
      The Man, General Philip Effiong
      Great chance to become rich & successful
      Nigerian couple in for abusing teen
      Police kill top Nigerian cyclist, others
      Obasanjo must go campaign to begin
      Chorus of hallelujahs like never before
      How do we reverse the brain drain?
      Man killed after penis snatching allegation
      Gaddafi announces separation from Arabs
      Nigeria: Odoemena interviews Chief Abaribe
      How to Save Africa
      KADA needs various project leaders, etc.
      Malaria Builds Resistance, Kills Millions
      Sicily's sorry tide of African migrants
      Ngozi Iweala to tackle Nigeria's corruption
      Sicily's sorry tide of African migrants
      Ogbeni Banjo on Charles Taylor's Asylum
      Idi Amin To Die Soon
      Despotic Charles Taylor's Calabar mansion
      419 Bid to Scam Wole Soyinka
      Group in Nigeria linked to terrorism
      Gani's party, NCP, has a new logo
      AU '03 Summit Website Launched !
      River of ashes in Nigeria
      Uganda's atrocious war
      Eyewitness: Sierra Leone's rape ordeal
      Oldest human skulls found in Africa
      Girl weds dog to break 'evil spell'
      Between Ojukwu and Nigeria
      Nigeria's coming civil war('67)
      2 headed tortoise born in S Africa<
      Friendship Ties
      Nigeria tightens the noose on 419
      Nigerian lawyer, others nabbed for 419
      Nigerian army produces weapons
      Yoruba group seek sovereign state
      Osu Caste System in Nigeria
      The School Fees Syndrome
      The 'begging soldiers'
      Islam's Other Victims: Africa
      Voice and Embassy of Biafra
      Corruption and liberation

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