13 Russian miners die in underground blast
Pushing Mugabe MP may mean jail
Nigerian Reps in exchange of blows
Obasanjo govt becoming unpopular - Okonjo-Iweala
Okocha appeals to Obasanjo to get life's savings
Nigerian President Backs African Bishops
Israeli arrested for threatening to kill Nigeria's Ndala
New species of 3ft humans found
Ghana jails 4 British cocaine smugglers
Australian charged with flashing penis
Nigerian mother, others caught with hard drugs
ThisDay-(S. Africa) suspended until Monday
Africans not falling for Bush's charity
Israeli parliament ratifies Gaza withdrawal plan
Nigerian pilgrims robbed in Darfur
Orchestra takes off from Fela's touch
African Anglicans consider own theology
Naked American woman's body, hands cut-off found
Tea could hold back Alzheimer's
China mine toll jumps to 122
Nigerian police admit killing Agbeyegbe
Massacre of Iraqi army recruits
Earthquake rocks Japan's Niigata, 21 dead
Sahara town booms with people smuggling
Iran 'won't halt uranium enrichment'
Saddam fair trial documentary
EU to pick up half AU's Darfur tab
'07: Forces that will produce Obasanjo's successor
Twin suicide bombings kill 20 Iraqi policemen
Pakistani baby born without skull, still alive
Tape shows female hostage crying
US defiant on Kyoto climate accord
Google blows new bubble
Africa's big plan 'disappointing'
Nigerian tribe gives Shell an ultimatum
Castro breaks knee in dramatic fall
US prison abuse soldier jailed
Israel kills top Hamas militant
Nigeria ranked the 3rd most corrupt country
Achebe slaps Nigeria —FG
China mine blast kills at least 56
Typhoon kills 31 in Japan
Nigerian appointed 1st African woman magistrate in UK
Zim broadcaster & pastor arrested for store theft
Uganda opens groundbreaking HIV/AIDS centre
Haiti and Bangladesh top corruption report
Nigerian Senate suspends Isa Mohammed
Cameroun petitions UN over Bakassi
Bottom half of human body discovered
'Saddam' armed robbers convicted
Iraq war increased terrorism risk
Kidnappers seize charity chief in Baghdad
Two S. African babies raped in their homes
Dr. Obi Eluwa Passes On
Tension in Nigeria after police secretly bury corpses
Keeper Vincent Enyeama escapes death
ANPP rejects IBB for 2007 presidency
Nigeria proposes new tax laws to punish evaders
SA wedding scams: Alarm bells ring
Obama's a local hero in Kenyan villages
Pregnant girl buried alive
Many Iraqi intellectuals seek exile
Court Frees Fryo, Others Over Ige's Murder
2007: IBB group inaugurates US chapter
New space crew docks with station
Musharraf hangs on to army
Nigerian pop star jailed for drug mules
SSS Detains 15 American Labour Officials
Police arrest 500 APGA supporters
Gov Odili offers to buy Dokubo's AK-47 rifles
Zimbabwe opposition leader acquitted of treason
Darfur death toll reaches 70,000
Landslide win for Cameroon leader
Prince Harry recorded confessing to cheating
Nigerian Muslim Militants Threaten to Kill Nurses
Nigerian woman quizzed over UK beheading
Nigerian forced into prostitution in London feel disgraced
Resign now, APGA tells Obasanjo
Oprah, Cruise to co-host Nobel concert
Space station crew blast off
Mobile phones linked to benign tumours
2 Nigerian women sentenced to die by stoning
Nigerian rebels' threat to force Shell out in 5 yrs
Masterweb rocking the world
Nigerian doctor to get $$ for 69 days in jail
Saddam has hernia operation
Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear Capable Missile
Investigators unearth Iraq's 'killing fields'
Cameroonians kept in limbo over Bakassi
Africans let down by governments
Soweto township marks centenary
Mugabe's spies monitoring your calls, mail
Iraqi rebels handing over weapons
Two hostages beheaded in Iraq
World Igbo Congress backs MASSOB
AIDS 'made to kill blacks'
Fraud trial dogs S. Africa's heir apparent
Talibans attack police patrol, take hostages
Saddam a lesser threat than the war
Rebels attack Nigerian police station
What Saddam was really thinking
Bin Laden alive - German intelligence
Withdraw troops, Dokubo tells Nigerian govt
Dokubo: Why we won't disarm now
Obasanjo Offered Dokubo Top NDDC Job
Kenyan green activist wins Nobel Peace Prize
Ethiopia demands return of looted sacred objects
British Hostage Beheaded
Dokubo: We won't disarm until...
Upheaval against Nigeria, a U.S. ally
Giant ape sparks new species hope
29 killed in Egyptian blasts
Pakistan hit by suicide bomb, over 40 dead
Saddam made $19b evading sanctions
Iraq had no WMDs, admits US
Nigerian priest arrested for rape in S. Africa
Nigerian clashes: '50,000 killed'
Guinea-Bissau's army chief of staff killed
Car bomb kills 30 at Pakistan rally
Taiwan criticises US over bullying
Saddam avoided telephones
Report concludes no WMD in Iraq
Nigerian rebel leader worried by troop movement
Uniformed men kill Ateke's hit man
Nigerian bishop seeks to lead anti-gay US Anglicans
Inspectors conclude no WMD in Iraq
Militiamen say they're paid by Khartoum
Nobel prize for sniffing out nose's secrets
MASSOB Women Allege 'Killer Squad'
Diseases kill 350,000 cattles in Nigeria
Asari's rival warlord, Ateke surrenders arms
Niger Delta groups reject FG's pact with Dokubo
Nigeria Recovers Stolen Radioactive Materials
Putin accuses US of dictatorial policy
'Things fall apart' in Nigeria
Nigerian cops killed in attack
Ghanaian and Nigerian Authors Win Awards
External debt choking Nigeria
Ajaokuta rolls out first steel
8,000 Nigerian doctors in U.K, U.S.
Hold the phone - or it will pollute the planet
Milk may be culprit in breast cancer
Brain finds Coke a gas, flat on Pepsi
Nigerian family repays return of dead relative from US
Explosion at Kenyan airport, over 2 injured
Nigeria, Militia leader Work on Disarmament Plan
Harare elite driven into prostitution
'We are proud to be Africans'
Five churches bombed in Baghdad
Bear kills one, five critical
Achebe turns down Nigeria's CFR honour
Nigerian doctor drowns in Trinidad beach

Nigerians in U.S. seek voting in absentia
Malaysian claim raped by foreign students
Iran's Vice president submits resignation
Israeli commandos, pilots fighting in Iraq
Africa - A Scar on the World's Conscience
No proof to link between Saddam & Bin Laden
Zimbabwe 'grope' doctor is minister's son
Nigerian women capture African title
Kenyan prisoners beaten to death
Migrant ship sinks off Tunisia, many dead
Profile: Nigeria's oil militant
Nigeria may convoke National Confab
Secret agents crack down on MDC activists
Nigerian rebel leader given hero's welcome
State of emergency declared in Gaza
Israel to soothe trauma with marijuana
Desmond Tutu stars in off-Broadway play
Nigeria launches massive polio vaccination campaign
Nigerian army uncover arms depot in Rivers
'Saddam' band of thieves 'carried out armed raids'
Saddam's trial to begin in mid-October
Kenyan girl exhumed in British rape allegation
Prisoners use songs to break out of jail
Top Zanu PF officials snatch farms
Europe support for Iraq unlikely, even if...
New twists on Nigeria loot recovery: What next?
Dokubo: I'm ready to die today for Niger Delta
Zimbabwe radio station goes live on internet
Nigerian ex-convict worked in US school 7 yrs
Nigeria Delta rebels agree truce
Nigeria launches first nuclear reactor
Asari Dokubo vows to launch Operation Locust if...
Nigeria at 44: A trapped nation
Libya seeks Security Council seat
SA confirm World Cup bid
IMF forecasts growth in sub-Saharan economies
Billionaire Soros pumps $18m into Kerry campaign
Nigeria: A toddler at 44
Mandela receives Xhosa's highest honour
Gandhi voted among top 10 greatest S. Africans
Private space ship lands safely after wild ride
You really do need that coffee
Nigerian rebels agree to ceasefire, but depends on...
Nigerian Soccer Players Turning Nigeria Gay
US to Nigeria: Must keep peace in Niger Delta
Niger Delta rebel leader to meet Obasanjo
Saddam declares candidacy for Iraq elections
USS Cole bombers sentenced to death
Ghana remands Nigerian for using cutlass on ex-wife
Nigerian army in hot pursuit of fleeing Taliban
Ojukwu, SSS strike deal
Congo vigilantes burn street children to death
Straw shook Mugabe's hand 'because it was dark'
Kenyan citizens arrest 2 police officers
Surgeon cuts man's penis into pieces
Indian accuses doctor of cutting his penis
Woman's throat cut, boy's penis cut off
Scorpion stings passenger aboard Nigerian aircraft
Villagers flee as Nigerian soldiers battle Taliban
Prepare for war, Sudanese urged
Even God backs Ojukwu, says Gani
Kenyan hospitals in acute shortage of blood
Ojukwu & Biafra by the Ballot Box
Ajaokuta to roll out steel next week
Iran Will Not Get Nuclear Weapon: Bush
Japan arrests Nigerian serial rape suspect
Nigerian gets 12 years in US for Ecstasy possession
Nigerian army officer declared a terrorist by US
Nigerian police kill 31 'Talibans'
Nigerian wife poisons husband for refusal to make love
Nigerian students up in arms
Kenyan killed as he pleads for his pregnant wife
France recognises gay parents
Nigeria loses to Abacha's family over loot
Manipulation against Ojukwu, an attack on Ndigbo
Paralympics: Nigerians set 2 world records
Former pop star to sue US for deportation
Daily walks great medicine for the elderly
Raja Ramanna: The man Saddam wanted
Nigerian troops, militants clash, 29 dead
Petrol now N54.50k/litre in Nigeria
Court orders Nigeria to hands-off Ojukwu
Kenyan denies biting off husband's penis
Nigerian army bomb Dokubo-Asari's base
Iran's the new Saddam: Israel
2 thought dead emerge from crash
Powell issues N Korea warning
Nigerian army accused of using chemical weapons
Lagos Cost of living soars
Nigerian priest sues over US hospital firing
Nigerian gets death for smuggling in Indonesia
Nigerian amongst 3 facing death for rape in S. Arabia
Nigerian Taliban kill four in northern Nigeria
Haiti flood deaths top 1,000
Obasanjo visits US black burial ground
Talibans strike again in Borno, Nigeria
Afenifere, M/Belt, S-S Movement storm Ojukwu's home
NLC presidency is illegal court rules
Nigeria admits spending excess crude funds
Jigawa counts birds with N5m
Iran Vows to Continue Nuclear Drive
Nigeria is accused over rights abuses
Second American hostage executed
Okonjo-Iweala: "They want to kill me"
Human Rights Criticizes Nigerian Sharia Courts
Abacha family blocks frozen funds handover
Nigeria bans Halliburton contracts
Saddam Hussein begs for mercy
Nigerian navy 'loses' impounded tanker
Callers claiming to be SSS could be 419 -Ojukwu
Bakassi: Why Nigeria Lost at The Hague
US hostage beheaded
U.S. lifts most sanctions on Libya
Havens that are taxes on world's poor
Iraq - The transatlantic drift
Mystery shrouds identity of African
Why They Want to Kill Ojukwu And Me
Igbo in US, Europe Plan Protest Over Ojukwu
It 'll be War to Arrest Ojukwu
PDP to rule Nigeria for 60 years
S. Africa deputy minister's utterances mock AU
Saddam trial likely next month
Three Kurds beheaded by militants
Alabama beauty Miss America
Religious tension engulfs Kwara, Nigeria
Security Council Resolution 1564 on Darfur
Saddam reads, gardens, waits for trial

Saddam trial possible in weeks
Iran rejects UN nuclear demands
Saddam: Vote me in as your president
Soldiers, police storm Enugu for Ojukwu arrest
Police arrest 53 MASSOB members
300,000 Nigerian kids risk death
20 Nigerians feared burnt to death
Obasanjo presses case for debt forgiveness
US slams Annan Iraq comments
Ukpabi Asika dies at 68
Nigerian doctor faces rape & fraud charges in the US
Obasanjo wants govs to lose immunity
Nigeria enters car export market
Obasanjo recommends pardon for 62 convicts
Kenya unveils first national dress
Annan says Iraq war 'illegal'
Signs of sophisticated Iraq insurgency
Brazilian thieves rob bus full of policemen
West Bank's deadliest day since 2002
Nigerian Minister Accused of Ethnic Cleansing
Madrid bombing images released
US & Russia secretly remove uranium
Blow to Kibaki as minister resigns
Ojukwu alleges govt plot to kill him, MASSOB boss
Zamfara residents chase away polio officials
Dokubo Asari: Our Links With Biafra
14 Kenyans arrested over dumped foetuses
10,000 dying a month in Darfur camps
US assault gun ban ends
2 Nigerian lesbians caught making love
The coast is clear for Igbo president
MASSOB not rebel group
Crashed car traps Australian couple in bed
Bodyguard accidentally kills senator
Libya link to seized weapons
US marks anniversary of Sept 11 attacks
SMS: 45 minutes to terror
Nigerian gets 4 yrs in India for cocaine possession
Yoruba youths back Igbo presidency
Ritualists Kill 2 in Lagos Guest House
WTC agency to sue S. Arabia for 9/11 damages
S. African women's 'invisible' marriages
Dead or alive? Laden mystery
North Breaking Away, Soyinka Warns
Powell calls Darfur atrocities genocide
Nigeria militia forces pursued in ravaged oil region
Zimbabwe jails 'coup plotters'
Wild dogs terrorize US neighborhood
Nigeria slams a two-count charge on Gov Dariye
South African priests held over bogus marriages
Russia warns of worldwide pre-emptive strikes
Space capsule crashes into Utah desert
World wants Bush out of the White House
Ojukwu declares support for MASSOB
Nigerian outlaw hacks off airman's hand
Italian in court for slapping Nigerian lady's breasts
Akubike jailed in South Africa
How MASSOB'S stay-at-home order grounded Aba
South Africa's new black billionaires
Equatorial Guinea's oil boom leaves poor behind
Nigeria ranked high in diversion of public funds
IBB says ready for court on gulf war windfall
Top Saddam aide still on the run
Who's A True African American?
Gani warns Nigeria to keep hands off MASSOB
Politicians wage geopolitical war in Central Nigeria
British arms dealer fuels Sudan war
Swazi king picks girl, 16, as new wife
Saddam to go on trial within weeks
Toxic home brew kills 31 in Pakistan
Jigawa state bans smoking in public
Nigerian troops battle rebels
They want to kill me, says Abia PDP chairman
Bin Laden capture 'getting closer'
SA man charged for 'nuclear bomb'
Nigeria blasts Halliburton
Nigerian senate threatens boycott of executive
US court dismisses landmark terror convictions
Nigeria Accuses MASSOB of Treason
Nigerian drug dealer sentenced to death in Indonesia
Massob: the Real New Face of Igbo?
Where a bribe can buy an unsuspecting bride
Gaddafi marks 35 mercurial years in power
Nigerian born US mayor convicted of racketeering
CNPP takes Igbo presidency campaign to US
'Female' suicide bomber kills 10 Russians
Swaziland king ready for 12th wife
Comet researcher dead at 97
Shell Rejects Nigerian $1.5b Compensation Order
Nigerian held for threat to shoot Bush
Nigerian deported without her baby
Nigeria's accounting standards outdated
India tests nuclear missile
Iraq 'fertile ground for Jihad'
Frustrated chimpanzee turns smoker
MASSOB turns Nigerian police into town criers
$170 billion alleged loot alarms Obasanjo
How MASSOB shut down South-East
Why Ukiwe was sacked by IBB
'Obasanjo is the saboteur'
Nigerian dad a hero to US freshman
Obasanjo decries Igbo's disinterestedness
Apga, others hail Igbo MASSOB protest
How Bola Ige was killed
Zim mercenaries' leader convicted
Eritrean asylum seekers hijack Libyan plane
Nearly 36 million Americans live in poverty
Iraqi police battle U.S. troops by mistake
FG to ban rice import from 2006
Igbo traders close shops for MASSOB
Young Nigerian transvestite exposed
Indonesia seeks death for Nigerian smuggler
Russia finds air crash explosive
Small asteroid just misses Earth
MASSOB Shuts Down Igboland
Igbos Shun New Yam Festival
Nigerian ministries, agencies corrupt
Ripples in Washington over Obasanjo's caricature
US 'mother' put children in Nigerian orphanage

Ghanaians fear diversion of Nigerian loan
Thatcher's son charged in African coup plot
Oil-rich nation leaves its people in poverty
Mugabe 3rd greatest African ever
Nigeria orders shell to pay $1.5b for pollution
Robbers kill 8 Nigerian Policemen
40 000 child prostitutes in S. Africa
Double air disaster hits Russia
Man charged for giving naked woman ride
Nairobi police disperse Maasai
Obasanjo, others ceded '07 presidency to North
Mexico captures "legend of drug trafficking"
Mugabe threatens new archbishop
World commemorates end of slavery
Nigerian Cuts Off Boys' Penis
West Nile 'causes lasting damage'
I Can't Pick My Successor, Says Obasanjo
Nigeria loses 50,000 barrels of oil daily to theft
Two French journalists missing in Iraq
Abacha's 'daughter' dupes American N980m
Congo recalls its diplomats from Burundi
Franco's grandson jailed in US
Iran and Israel exchange threats
Zanzibar bans gay sex
Locust Infestation Hits Northern Nigeria
Saddam's cousin seeks Swedish asylum
Iran threatens pre-emptive strikes
China issues "green cards" to foreigners
Welcome to U.S. Soldeb Nigerian Restaurant
Obasanjo's loan to S. Tome, Ghana unconstitutional
Robbers storm Nigerian police station
Australian baby chokes to death on screw
Warming warning for Europe
FG Dismisses Massob Demand
Nigeria to Spend $248M to Fight HIV
7 US adoptees found in Nigeria, returned
Iran threatens to destroy Israel's nuke reactor
S Africa criticises US 'global drive'
Iraqi senate already shaped before vote
Manhunt on for Biafran rebels
17 crushed to death in Nigerian accident
Autopsy report released on dead Nigerian in US
2007: Only God can stop me -IBB
Today in '03: 'War criminal' Idi Amin dies
Your 100 Greatest Africans of all time
Nigeria's corruption hurts business
Nigeria Loses $19.72bn To Capital Flight
Shake-up for US troops overseas
2007 will be bloody in Nigeria if .....
Gunmen kill 156 in Congolese raid
France honours African veterans
Nigeria, Zimbabwe in diplomatic row
Atiku set to dump PDP
We're ready to die in Bakassi, indigenes vow
Gunmen Attack Nigerian Media Men in Ghana
India carries out rare execution
S. Africa's de Klerk quits party he once led
Aids suit: Schroder appeals to Libya
Castro turns 78 rolling back capitalism
Kenyan author and wife attacked at hotel
Australia within range of N. Korea missiles
Court annuls San Francisco gay weddings
Nigerians disrupt IBB rally in New York
Kenya's 'oldest' man is dead
Libya rejects US pay-out, demand compensation
Saddam 'gave up WMDs in 1991'
'Army coup foiled' in Mauritania
Taylor's Nigerian exile growing uncomfortable
EU sees no genocide in Darfur
Africa to Wall Street: We Want You
MASSOB Calls for Stay At Home August 26

Nigerian flood render 15,000 homeless
Stowaway from Nigeria found dead
26 Africans die in bid to reach Europe
Beheaded 'Nigerian' woman laid to rest
Biafra: The sun rises again?
Nigerians embrace whiteness, shun Igboness
Nigeria 'helping Britain fund Mugabe opposition'
Man cuts off penis in sex protest
North 'll neutralise Igbos in 2007
African nut sparks Western beauty craze
Iraq reimposes death penalty
Buthelezi's daughter dies of Aids
Apartheid's final surrender
Africa - from bad to worse(Comment)
Nigerian soldiers, police clash, girl burns to death
Man with human head, corpse nabbed
Collected Poems By Chinua Achebe
How police uncovered skull, bodies at shrine
Nigerian witch doctors held for ritual killings
Nigerian kills 71-year-old father
Nigerian mother mourns soldier killed in Iraq
Nigeria wife-swapping sect raided
Nigeria confident of making World Cup
Nigerian police recover 20 human skulls, 1 corpse
Nigeria leaves out shot-putter
Northern coalition backs Ndigbo for 2007
Nigeria to learn Israeli desert bloom
Saddam's daughter 'to be politician'
US Statue of Liberty reopens
Obasanjo: I'm ready to die for Nigerian unity
IMF Offers to Help Recover Looted Funds
US agent fooled Saddam, won war
What could Saddam be thinking of today?
Saddam writes letters to grandson
German diplomat commits suicide
Paraguay supermarket fire kills 283
Cardinal Arinze visits an old artist friend
Nigeria hardest hit by sub-Saharan exodus of capital
Why Buhari toppled me, by Shagari
Saddam's said to be fine, has infected prostate
Man raped girls and blind mother
Saddam 'has suffered a stroke'
68 dead in suicide bombing
Pictures of militia causing mayhem in Nigeria
6 'dead' as trucks plunge into Nigerian sea
Darfur villagers chained, burned alive
Detainees 'made to dance like Jacko'
Africa's new model for spreading oil wealth
Europeans aim to snatch crown from Africans
Nigerian referee drops dead on pitch
Nigeria to make cheap Aids drugs
Soccer referee shoots, kills coach
Cocaine in stomach kills smuggler
US police nab Nigerian man with multiple identity
Angolan minister commits suicide
Piracy report says Nigerian waters most deadly
Saddam's life in prison revealed
Nigerian banks report $71m in fraud
Don't convoke SNC, Obasanjo warned
US freezes Taylor's assets
Obasanjo must appoint petroleum minister
Racism at the root of Darfur crisis
36 Nigerians die as petrol truck crashes into market
Aids drugs could help prevent cervical cancer
Armed group threatens Iraqi new leaders
Headless body identified
Iraqi police find beheaded body
Buhari faults Obasanjo's loot recovery
Anambra bans 100CC motocycles
Arab News Editorial: Nigeria & Scam Industry
Man jailed for strangling lover in sex game
Fish good for life's ticker
South African police officer rapes woman
Shell appoints Nigerian as MD
Adekunle's book on Nigerian civil war out soon
Dog saves man from burning house
US Crimestoppers seeking Nigerian suspect
Crazed surgeon amputates man's penis
Nigerian drug dealer arrested in Pakistan
Mandela celebrates 86th birthday
Bounty put on Iraqi PM's head
Nigerian Nun Attacked & Robbed in the US
Oil: Prize Or Curse to Nigeria?
You can't convene SNC Nigeria warns
'07: Obasanjo's Unsigned Pact with North
Why Does the World Hate Israel?
Gaddafi could buy Crystal Palace soccer club
African Union - Same Old Song
Nigerian girl to have life-changing operation
Zimbabwe hangs on to Livingstone's statue
Rebel group seeks independence from Nigeria
Bodies lined up in Sudan desert
Iraqi governor assassinated, 10 others killed
Nigeria's Samuel Peter to fight Jovo Pudar Aug. 5
Iraq militants kill Bulgarian hostage
US military talks to Nigeria over Gulf of Guinea
Congolese beat up Ugandan envoy
Nigerian athlete slain in dispute at US gas station
Robbery victim dials police with toes
Nigeria on brink of violent implosion
Uzoamaka Nwizu(1949 - 04) dead from Leukaemia
Death of Nigerian in US jail questioned
Saddam loyalists turn Iraqi city into no-go area
Mandela relative's stage collapse
African Union - Same Old Song( Editorial )
French killer 'hunted virgins'

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