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Nigerian Army Brutality & Human Rights Abuse

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    ( 70-Year-Old Man Blinded By Soldier )

    A soldier orders a girl to her knees

    70-Year-Old Joseph Okechukwu Agu Blinded (on both eyes) By Soldier
    Mr. Agu is a native of Ukana, Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.
    Read all about the story below -
    For daring to exchange words with an army officer on January 15, 2009, a 70-year-old man, Joseph Okechukwu Agu, was given the beaten of his life. He did not believe, back then, as the blows rained down on his hapless head that he would live to testify before a public tribunal on the incident that transpired between him and the soldier. Agu must have told his family as he was leaving for work, that the day would be better, and that they should hope for the best when he returns. He was however unaware that a dare- devil in military khaki was already waiting somewhere with a dose of agony. The aged man met his waterloo, when an enraged army Sergeant, Francis Ogah, who is serving at the 82 Division, Enugu Barracks dragged him off his lorry and gave him the beating of his life, with the metallic buckle of his belt that later led to his total blindness. Narrating his ordeal on that fateful day, Agu who is now assisted by his wife to move about, said: "On January 15, 2009, at about 8.30a.m, I was attacked by Sergeant Francis Ogar with his belt. The soldier hit my face with the metallic buckle of his belt, and that led to the blindness of both my eyes. The incident took place along Abakpa-Ogui Road, Enugu. I was driving a tipper lorry and Ogah was driving a Mitsubishi bus. He was in his army uniform on that day, all off a sudden, he double-crossed me, blocked my tipper, pulled me out of the lorry and......"    More 
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    A soldier orders a girl to her knees

    Photo by Osun Defender
    Soldier manhandles Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) agent
    Read all about the story below -
    The young man you see in this photograph was in the vice-like grip of an enraged soldier drafted to violently quell the spontaneous protest over the announcement of results of the last governorship election in Osun State on April 15, 2007. Please, do not ask me how we sourced this photograph as the question will never elicit any answer. Our source, whose identity is known only to God Almighty made this photograph available to us. In this edition, the photograph has returned as the subject of our enquiry. Events in Osun State have continued to confound the most reticent and cool- nerved in the comity of men. It is surprising that a nation that was held spell-bound to the tales of horror during the sitting of Justice Chukwudifu Oputa panel, has learnt nothing from the gory tales of Nigeria's dirty past. Not even during the military era did anyone have the temerity to violate the law with impunity and get away with it as it is today. Nigeria, our dear country, is passing through a difficult time today because......    More 


    A soldier orders a girl to her knees

    Scene From Lagos Violence
    A soldier restoring order, -
    orders a girl on her knees, threatening her with a stick.


    Video by LiveLeak
    Nigerian soldiers during the civil war murder Mathias Kanu, an unarmed Igbo man they suspected was a Biafran soldier.
    The soldiers told a foreign journalist they would not kill the unarmed man but would take him prisoner, feed him and interrogate him. The man was murdered as soon as the foreign journalist left.
    Viewers discretion is advised. You do not really have to watch above video which is totally unimaginable.

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