National Conscience Party(NCP)
- Launches A New Logo -

National Conscience Party(NCP) Logo & Flag

Statement from Sylvester Ivo Mode, Chairman National Conscience Party, Washington/Baltimore Metropolitan Area:-
"Just before the election, our National Headquarters in Nigeria decided to change the NCP logo from the Egg & the Nigerian Map to A PAIR OF EYES. When we questioned them as to why the eyes, the reply was TO WATCH THE LOOTERS. Since them, we have really come to appreciate the change. Everywhere we travelled to during the election, you could hear people, both old and young, shouting OJU, OJU, OJU and the popular song was Daddy, mommy, oju won wa di bofun (daddy, mommy, vote for the eye.) "

Ogun State Headquarters: 82 Simbiat Abiola Hwy, Isabo Oke Iyeke, Abeokuta
Branch: 56 Ewusi Street, Makun, Sagamu
Phone: 0803-727-1737 or 0803-335-5147

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