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Prevent Your Email Being Clogged-Up With Hundreds (Even Thousands) of eGroup ( Chat Forum ) mails - Fight Back Using This Page !! Do you receive too many emails from Chat Forums ( eGroups ) that you spend hours deleting them daily and sometimes mistakenly delete important emails mixed up with these mass forum mails?. We have a solution to it. When people (forumnites) fight amongst each other, their insulting exchanges are delivered to forum members in addition to threads from hundreds (even thousands) of discussions for the period. Yes, you can fight back in drastically reducing the amount of chat forum posts (emails) reaching your Inbox by either opting to receive posts in Digest (condensed) format sent to you 4 or 5 times daily, or totally opting out receiving forum posts. We recommend either option, which can be accomplished by.going to the forum website by clicking the forum link in the left column of this page and editing your membership of the forum. Thereafter, you can simply go to the forum website using this page to read forum posts at your convenience. You will find below instructions on how to edit your forum membership ( either not to receive forum posts, receive them in digest format, or cancel your membership entirely).

 Instructions On How To Edit Your Membership, Read Forum Posts, or Post Articles

You can use the links below to read news articles that are delivered to your email by forumnites and which in the midst of hundreds (even thousands) of forum posts, may be overlooked. Follow the link for "Nigerian News Websites, Blogs & Reports" below, to read these news articles directly on the websites of the publishers of the articles.

     Nigerian Newspapers Click to read  Nigerian Newspapers
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     Map of Nigeria Click to read  Nigerian News Websites, Blogs & Reports
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