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    Arkansas Association of Nigerians (AAN)

    Executive Officers for 2002& 2003

    2002 & 2003 Executive Council

    1. Dr. Lawrence Okere - President

    2. Dr. Chima Uko Igwe - Vice President

    3. Attorney Vicky Ewenike - General Secretary

    4. Mr. Simeon Okolie - Treasurer

    5. Mr. Godwin Ekanem - Financial Secretary

    6. Mr. Benneth Okafor - Public Relations Officer

    AAN Supervisory Council

    Prof. Dennis Balogu - Chairman

    Contact Address:-

    Arkansas Association of Nigerians (AAN)
    P.O. Box 1925
    Little Rock
    Arkansas 72203
    Email: igwecu@hotmail.com

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