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Personal Information

Name: Chief Charles Okechukwu Okereke
Born: Ndi-Elendu, Alayi, Abia State, Nigeria, July 29, 1956.
Home address: 2725 W. Fairmount Ave., Milwaukee, Wi 53209
Work address: P. O. Box 11721, Milwaukee, Wi 53211
Tel#: +1 414-442-5133; Mobile: +1 414-807-0329
E-mail:, or


1975-1979 B.S.(Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A. )
1980-1981 M.S.(University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A.)

Work Experience

1991- Present: President, Kleen-Tech Co., Milwaukee, Wi, U.S.A. - Cleaning/Home Improvement Company
2000 - Present: Publisher & CEO, Nigeria Masterweb.Com  &  Nigeria Masterweb.Net
2000 - Present: Publisher & CEO, Africa Masterweb.Com
2002: Composer, God Bless Africa (The Unofficial African Anthem)
2002: Composer, All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child)


1978-79: Vice President, International Students Organization, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Or., U.S.A.
1984: Unidbros Cross
1991: Omeudo II of Alayi, Natural heir to Alayi Igboji Ezeship(Chieftaincy) mantle
2001: Who's Who in the 21st century(Men of Achievement), International Biographical Centre, Cambridge,
Member:- Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute, Raleigh, NC., U.S.A.
2002: Man on the Spot-Nigeria, AdmiNet(A Cyber-Documentation Center delivering general information
about governmental authorities and public services)
2002: 2000 Oustanding Intellectuals of the 21st century, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge,
2002: Composer, God Bless Africa
2003: Composer, Rise Up For Africa - Click for Okereke BBC London Interview on Rise Up For Africa as a befitting Black anthem.
2003: Composer, All Hail Biafra *Song inspirationally composed in 1970 at the end of the Nigerian civil war, but recrded in 2003.
2003: Editor's Choice Award -Poetry.Com & International Library of Poetry
2003: Best Poems & Poets of 2003 Honor -Poetry.Com & International Library of Poetry
2002: Member, Business Advisory Council -US National Republican Congressional Committee
2003: Honorary Co-Chairman, Business Advisory Council -US National Republican Congressional Committee
2003: 2003 National Leadership Award by US National Republican Congressional Committee
2006: 5th African Scout Jamboree Honor
2010: Leadership Award -American Association of University Women (AAUW) NYC Branch, New York, USA.
2010: Excellence In Leadership Award -XclusiveNigeria.Com
2015: Ambassador for Peace Award -Universal Peace Federation (UPF), Nigeria chapter
2015: Award of Excellence -National Association of University Students of English ad Literary Studies (NASELS), Universty of Uyo chapter.
2015: Igbo Journalist of The Year 2015/2016 -Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC).
2016: Composer, Trump Up America (America Solidarity Anthem)

Quotes By Chief Charles O. Okereke

(1) - "The cross of grief and pain from predators and oppressors in disguise as leaders or liberators ceases with age, but the people live from age to age through generations. Eventually, the nation reverts to the people. Time on your side."

(2) - "Peace and justice are of prosperity, human rights and freedom. These are the main elements of humanism, which is not of tribe, race, group or section, but of Godís love and human conscience. Music and media guided by His Grace are vehicles of everlasting peace and justice."

(3) - "Let the guns implode, the wooden barrels decompose to fertilize a vibrant agriculture, and the metallic barrels and structures melted for industrialization. Let the ensuing abundance fill up the greedy and the rest of society for the complete healing of Africa."

(4) - "Troubled path is not always from the devil. God may use thorns and people against you in blessing you towards his design for you on earth. You may be painfully poked, hated, ridiculed and isolated into the path set for the fulfillment of your destiny. People around you may be vehicles in the attainment of your destiny, so worship Him above and let people say and do what they like."

(5) - "Words of mouth is not doing, only time tells its truthfulness. It is easy to say words in times of need be it vote, money, love and almost all our personal desires. Our guide is trust and track record of the sayer, so listen with measured reason so you may not be deceived."


Sons & Daughters of Africa( SADA )
Internet Society(ISOC)
Ndigbo In Wisconsin Inc.(NIWI)

Special Interests

Volley Ball
Web Designing
Song Writing

Favorite African Links

1. Adminet.Com
2. Afrika.No
3. US-Africa Magazine

Personal Philosophy
Creation is equal in God and in science, the rest is for one to fulfill.


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