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Tuesday, July 20 2004

Vol 17 No.131









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    Adekunle’s book on Nigerian Civil War out soon

    TONY ITA ETIM, Port Harcourt

    THE Nigerian civil war story of Brig-Gen. Benjamin Adekunle (rtd) (a.k.a.) The Black Scorpion) will be on sale from next month.

    The book "The Nigeria-Biafra War Letters — A Soldier’s Story (Vol. 1), is compiled and edited by Abiodun A. Adekunle, the first son of the civil war veteran.

    Published by Phoenix Publishing Group Atlanta, United States (U.S.) the book which is on sale in the U.S. is a percussor to a comprehensive memoir (Volume 2) being compiled by the General.

    A statement signed by a representative of the publisher, Mrs. Busola Olagunju, described the book as the first document to emerge from Brig. Adekunle, who played a central role during the civil war.

    The author said the book is not a record of the entire cause of the civil war, but a compilation of some of his father’s documents.

    Such documents include letters written by Adekunle to members of the Supreme Military Council at the peak of the war, an account of the Third Marine Division’s early campaigns, a description of his early years; and some articles written by the international press and the war veteran’s thoughts and commentaries on political events in the country as recorded by him in his journals.

    According to Abiodun, the letters are unedited copies written by Adekunle to the Supreme Headquarters, and majority of these notes and letters were written during the heat of the conflict, while other war accounts were taken from notes written in retrospect by his father.

    Abiodun explained that not all the military encounters of the Third Marine Commando Division have been recounted.

    In an effort to capture the essence and soul of the Division, Abiodun further stated, some of the day-to-day source documents of the Divisional Headquarters such as the handing over notes of Adekunle to the then Col. Olusegun Obasanjo, are included.

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