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Nigeria becoming dangerous?

Masterweb News Desk

( Friday, November 23, 2007 )

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 Obeya  Masterweb

"Government please help us because our faces are full of cry if not blood." -Alpha Obeya

On Wednesday, November 21 Masterweb received an email from one Alpha Obeya( Email: ) on the rising crime wave in Abuja satellite town, a suburb of Abuja, capital of Nigeria. The authenticity of Obeya's claims is unverified, but similar reports have been made to Nigerians in the Diaspora by family members who warn them of the need to be very careful visiting home. In some cases these Diaspora Nigerians were told by relatives not to visit until the tide of robberies, assassinations, kidnappings and murder subside in the country. There has been several cases of Diaspora Nigerians visiting home either robbed or murdered.

Masterweb calls on the new administrations of President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and Inspector General of Nigeria Police, Mr. Mike Okiro to do all within their powers in protecting lives and properties in Nigeria. This is the first service every government owes its people.

Alpha Obeya's Email is Reproduced Below:-

The level of crime wave in our society is very high. What is the police doing about this? I do not know. Look at Mararaba, Aso junction N/s, Nyanya. People living in satellite town of Abuja are those facing these problems most. So called rich men cannot operate without us that are poor, but all the security are made for them. Every day people are robbed of their belongings in these places and the worst of it is that they also rape our sisters, wives and mothers. Government please help us because our faces are full of cry if not blood. The police can eradicate crime in the country in one week. They should find out where all these bad people are hiding for God sake. I.G. Okiro what are you doing, because the last hope of the common man is on you.

Alpha Obeya

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Nigerian robbery suspects paraded before journalists in 2003.
Photo Above: Nigerian robbery suspects paraded before journalists in 2003.

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