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AAUW '06 Upcoming Events Program

Upcoming Events at the NYC AAUW Branch House

[ Saturday 03/04/06, 2-6pm: Sharing the Vision - Women's Herstory Day ]

2:00pm: Sign-in, light refreshments and musical selections - Free At Last by Ms. Lorraine Klaasen, 50 Names of God by The Rev. Dr. Tai Ikomi Falade and Songs of Working Women’s History by Ms. Beverly Grant

2:20pm: Welcome remarks, introductions of the AAUW NYC Branch Membership VP and the Black History Committee Members by Dr. Nkechi Agwu

2:22pm: Information on AAUW membership by Dr. Kathleen Mulligan

2:25pm: Poetry Readings on Black Women’s History by Ms. Therese Leuko

2:30pm: Video/readings from the film and book, His Beauty for my Ashes, facilitated by the author The Rev. Dr. Tai Ikomi Falade with book signing

3:45pm: INTERMISSION: Silent auction/raffle of Annie Walsh Memorabilia and African artifacts towards AWMS

4:15pm: Panel Discussion: The Church in Politics and Education

- Annie Walsh Memorial School: The 1st Girls Secondary School in Africa South of the Sahara by Mrs. Daphne Bardowell and Mrs. Europa Wilson-Agwu

*Political Activities of the London Missionary Society in Botswana by Dr. Kathleen Mulligan
*The Church as a Pivot in the Education of Black People by The Rev. Dr. Joe Omeokwe

5:15pm: Anansi storytelling, information about the Voter Rights Act and AAUW Tribute to Ms. Coretta Scott King by Ms. Joyce Arkhurst, Voter Education Chair

5:45pm: A taste of Pan-African ethnic dishes provided by BMCC Global Affairs Club with background music from God Bless Africa, African Union Award Winning Anthem. (Club participants – Michael Kent, Samuel and Miranda Sackeyfio, Norma Mejia, Therese Leuko and Germaine)

[ Thursday, 05/18/06, 6-8pm ]: Readings on Prince and Seacole's – A Stranger in the Village Facilitated by Dr. Cheryl Fish

[ Tuesday, 03/21/06, 6-8pm: Raising the Roof ] - A Potpourri of dance, drama, poetry and song performed by the Accidental Acting Society of AAUW with ArtPartners/Tsehaya & Company Inc. Performance includes:

- Sketches of Miles Davis (choreography by Tsehaya)

- Miles Davis (poem by Helen Yalof)

- Market of the Nile (song by Helen Yalof with choreography by Tsehaya)

Upcoming events at off-site locations

Saturday, 03/11/06, 8:30-1:45pm EYH workshop by Dr. N. Agwu and Mr. E. K. Viho (--Learn to play Okwe (Mancala)--oldest strategy board game in the world!)

11/08/05-03/05/06 Finding Priscilla's Children: The Roots and Branches of Slavery (New York Historical Society. Join the NYC Branch AAUW Tour on Sa, 02/04, 1:45pm)

02/01/06, 04/06-27/06, 04/27-31/06 Exhibition - When Women Pursue Justice (Featuring 90 female leaders, ancestors and activists. For more information contact ARTMAKERS INC. at (212) 989-3006 or

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