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    Inspired by Nigerian scammers, grandma turns a criminal
    The Story behind the Nigerian Phishing Scam
    Watch out for domain name scams
    US internet crime losses doubled last year
    Editorial: Scams increase during hard times

    EFCC officers and police prepare to bust a Cyber Cafe in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo Above: EFCC officers and police prepare to bust a Cyber Cafe in Lagos, Nigeria. *Click Photo To Play Video
    Click For EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers
    Click For I Go Chop Your dollar
    Click For Nigerian 419 town
    Click For '419er Anthem' Lyrics

    Filipinos Cautioned against New Job Scam
    FBI Warns of Bogus Haiti Online Donation Scams
    419 email scam asks Muslim brotherhood for help
    Heartless 419 scammers prey on Haiti relief donors
    'Nigerians' are back with a new scam
    Scam calls ask 'grandparents' to send money

    Family duped in Nigerian rental scam
    Nigerian 419 scams now hitting Paypal
    Nigerian e-mail scam targets home hunters
    Woman enters plea in check scam case
    Woman loses $400K to Nigerian 419 scamme
    Nigerian scammers penetrate Facebook
    Nigerian worker jailed for massive credit card scam
    How A Nigerian Steals Your Laptop
    Nigerian posing as woman held on web fraud
    419 kidnap victim rescued in South Africa
    Nigerian dream girl was a conman
    Swede rescued from Nigerian 419 fraudsters

    Nigerian Diplomat: Jail E-Mail Fraud Victims for Greed
    Nigerian scammers dupe Australians $36m/yr
    419 scam pair sentenced 15 years
    Nigerian woman gets 2 years for 419 scam
    Malawi panics over Nigerian 419 messages
    Nigerian lottery scam sent 25,000 letters every day
    419 Target Networking Site

    Nigerian e-scammer convicted in Canada
    419 fraudsters take advantage of US tax proposal.
    American Arrested in Nigerian Fraud Scheme.
    Nigerian 419 Scheme Uncovered in Warren, Ohio, U.S.A.
    Nigerian Scam Targets Social Networking Sites
    Nigerian scammers target DJs
    Victim of Nigerian scam gets her $4,500 back

    British mom, daughter in Nigerian counterfeiting
    Evil e-mail Scammers turn to high-tech tools
    Fraud a multi-billion dollar industry
    Nigerian scam rips off local eBayers
    Scambaiters Turn Tables on Nigerian 419 Scammers
    Nigerian fraud suspect was deported 8 times
    Dutch court jails Nigerian internet fraudsters
    Spain arrests 10 Nigerians for 419 scam
    American avoids falling prey to Nigerian scam
    Nigerian scammers turn on the loveless

    Nigerian scam targets lonely hearts
    Nigerian 419 scammers plead guilty in US
    Nigerian tries to swindle S'African of $185,000
    17 Nigerians in jail in Ghana for internet fraud
    Cyber conmen on the prowl
    American ripped off by Nigerian scammer
    How Nigerians Swindled an Egyptian General
    Australian woman duped by Nigerian 419er

    Australian woman stung in Nigerian dating scam
    Award-Winning Trini Film Maker Hit By 'Nigerian Scam'
    Award-Winning Trini Film Maker Hit By 'Nigerian Scam'
    Aussies scammed $2.5 million by Nigerian fraudsters
    UK police in Nigerian scam haul
    Nigerian "419ers" targeted in 80 arrests around the world
    Nigerian conman used 100 identities to embezzle £1m
    American woman charged in Nigerian puppy scam
    Nigerian scams using INTERPOL name
    Nigerian Money Order Scam Target Americans

    419 e-mail scam targets renters
    Woman scammed by Nigerian internet suitor
    Nigerian Internet Scam ruins treasurer
    Why EFCC is losing war on webscam
    419: The Global Reach of Identity Theft
    12,000-km Nigerian Credit Card Fraud
    Scammers targeting elderly
    Family lose $1.3m in 'Nigerian' inheritance scam
    419 scam has links to US

    American gets 14 yrs in Nigerian scam
    Qataris cautioned against fake Nigerian job offers
    Tout of Africa... The £1.5bn Con
    Nigerian scam costing Australians $500,000/month
    Australians falling for Nigerian scam
    Scambaiters turn tables on 'Nigerian finance minister'
    New scam claims Pinochet link
    Email scammers use BBC news story in latest lure
    Five arrested for internet 'Nigerian' fraud

    'How I was duped by a 419 network'
    Are you being SCAMMED?
    419: Nigeria Okays N1.2b for Cybersecurity Directorate
    Nigerian fraudsters target people placing classified ads
    'Internet vigilantes' turn tables on scam artists
    Nigerian (419) fraud is a worldwide problem
    American woman victim of Nigerian 419 scam
    US state police start Web crimes unit
    Nigerian scam envelops US county & treasurer

    Nigerian scam rattles Michigan county's trust
    American doctor loses big in 419 con game
    Vigilance defeats Nigerian scam
    Ghanaian police bust Nigerian 419 con
    Taunting 419 scammers
    419 fraudsters shift to other W. African countries
    Nigerian admits role in Web-based scam
    Briton jailed for aiding Nigerian 419 scam
    US ship brokers shun Nigerian 419 inquiries

    Experts warn of continuing 419 fraud danger
    Nigerian email 419 scams
    Palmerston North mum, son lose $200,000 to scam
    Nigerian scam hits Pittsburg
    Victims Still Falling Prey to Nigerian E-Mail Scam
    Scam that cost Manubhai his job, Nigeria's 5th biggest industry
    Fraud: The "advance fee" or "419 scams"

    Nigerian scam victim sues Singapore firm
    UK 'failing on Nigerian fraud'
    Nigeria scams 'cost UK billions'
    Cash that Check -- Go to Jail
    The Nigerian (Palestinian??) Scam
    Thieves find open door through the Internet
    Mass spam uses BMW to dupe users
    Foreigner recounts bitter encounter with 419 kingpin

    Malaysians warned of 419 scam on World Cup
    FBI named in Nigerian e-mail scam
    Fraudsters Hijack N/Assembly Website
    Vigilante strikes back at internet scammers
    419 scammers launch shipping sites
    South Africa's Absa bank used in 419 scam
    Latest Nigerian scam lures the lonely
    Nigerian held for cheating in India

    Nigerian fraudsters target US Army
    Nigerian swindle snares man, 77
    419 newspaper ads for dogs in US papers
    Net fraud crackdown 'to save millions'
    419 email scammer claims AIDS cure
    'Nigerian scam' suspected in preacher's slaying
    Nigerian in Philippinno police trap for 419
    Scamming the Nigerian scammer
    Nigerians foiled in banknote scam in Vietnam

    Nigeria agrees Bakassi handover
    Nigerian gets 3 years for 419 scam
    Nigerian 419 scam moves to Scotland
    Even smarties get swindled on the Internet
    Fraudsters turn up the heat
    Nigerian money scam hits Okinawa servicemembers
    Profile of a 419 Dupe
    565 arrests, 2.8m victims in global fraud

    How US psychotherapist fell for Nigerian e-mail scam
    Nigerian jailed 3½ yrs in the US for 419
    419: Will it ever end? (9)
    419: Will it ever end? (7)
    419: Will it ever end? (6)
    419: Will it ever end? (5)
    419: will it ever end?
    Ex-Japanese chief 'stole 9m yen' to pay 419 loss

    Nigerian admits role in 419 scam in the US
    Nigerian duo in Indian dock for 419 scam
    Nigerian 419 scam stole the most money on the web
    Nigerian E-Mail Scam Price Tag: $5,000 Per Victim
    Nigerian Scammers Scramble As IRS Deadline Looms
    The 419 (Nigerian) Scam

    Consumers Fall For 'Nigerian Scam'
    U.S. indicts 4 in Nigerian 419 scam
    Nigerian hard drive scam cracked in the US
    Nigerian fraudster caught and charged in the US
    Renowned psychiatrist duped in Nigerian scam
    Lawsuit filed over Nigerian e-mail scam
    Dutch authorities nab Nigerian scammers

    American lady duped by Nigerian 419er of $50,000
    Valentines Warned of Nigerian-Style Scam
    Nigerian Credit Card Scam Hits Local Kmart
    Nigerian indicted in fraud that netted $670,000
    Charges in alleged Nigerian fraud scam
    10-day remand for arrested Nigerian duo
    Scammers Posing As Marines Offer Mountains of Cash
    Several Arrested In Alleged Online Scam
    Russian Tycoon Is Spammers' New Target
    Nigerian jailed 376 yrs for 419 fraud

    Russian Tycoon Is Spammers' New Target
    419 Suspect Escapes Mob Action
    Nigerian e-mail scammers feeding on greed
    Nigerian with fake ID arrested at US army post
    This is proper 419!
    BBB warns of Nigerian scam
    Nigerian e-mail scammers feeding on greed, gullibility
    Caribou police round up fake bills
    Prince Albert and the Nigerians

    Nigeria seeks 20 -yr jail term for 419 fraudsters
    Nigeria partners Britain to stem email scams
    Two Nigerians Convicted in $242M Fraud
    Many in U.S. fall for Nigerian e-mail scams
    Nigerian town where scammers target the West
    Nigerian 419er dupes American woman $2,500

    Ghana And Nigeria Unite Against E-Mail Fraud
    Americans are not global village idiots
    Cyberscams helping Nigerians hit jackpot
    419 Emails From A Cultural Perspective
    Sandpoint woman steers clear of scam
    Microsoft, Nigeria Fight E-Mail Scammers
    'Nigerian scam' puts new twist on an old trick
    $4.5M returned to woman defrauded in Nigerian scam
    Nigerian advance fees scam results in guilty plea
    Nigerian scams hit home, police: 'Do not respond'

    Nigerian expat body offers help against fraudsters
    Nigerian gets 14yrs in US for ID theft
    Scammers Using Internet Phone Service For The Deaf
    New scam targets students
    Nigerian scams hit home, police: 'Do not respond'
    419 scam springs 'trip for two' sequel
    Absa warns of new 419 scam
    Nigerian Scams Spin Katrina

    Nigerian fraudster nabbed in S. Africa
    Music producer stalked by Nigerian 419ers
    Nigerian crooks dupe Indian businessman
    American cleric charged with 419 fraud

    Nigerian 419 scam town
    FBI and Spanish Police in biggest yet 419 raid
    Nigerians get rich off Net scams
    Nigerian man charged with money laundering
    419 Copy Cats? *Americans warned
    Nigerian 419er caught red-handed in India
    £70m scam smashed, Nigerians, others held
    Nigeria jails woman in $242m email fraud case
    Chinese 'twist' to Nigerian money scam
    E-mail scam costs Lawrence resident $2,000

    Nigerian Letter Scam strikes yet again!
    Focus on facts and feeling to foil financial fraudsters
    Nigerian student jailed for £25,000 tax scam
    Brampton man faces charges in e-mail scam
    Two foreigners nabbed over advance fee fraud
    US Police Make Arrest In Alleged Lottery Scam

    Now a Jewish Nigerian scam
    Nigerian check scam catches Bladenboro woman
    Nigerian e-mail scheme targets Calais rental owners
    'Nigerian' money scam: What happens when you reply?
    4 investigated in suspected identity scam
    Students admit £350,000 credit card plot
    African Scam: Suckers!
    Senegal swoop on e-mail scam
    'Man of God' In 419 Scam
    Local man arrested after e-mail scam

    The Nigerian Chess Scam – revisited
    Australian lottery scam dupes some Americans
    419: Prince Ademola Needs Your Help
    Royal father in EFCC net over alleged 419

    'Queen of greed' convicted over Nigerian 419 scam
    Beware: Guide to detecting 419, scam too
    Scam alert: Beware of counterfeit postal money orders
    Postal inspectors warn residents of money order scams
    $2 million dollar gift from wealthy Nigerian
    USPS Warns Of Money Order Scam
    Lawyer's fantasy costs client $372,000
    CrimeTracker: Internet Scams
    Nigerian jailed 4 yrs in Hong Kong for 419 scam
    Woman dies while on trial over 419 scam

    Nigerian to spend 8 years in U.S. jail for 419 scam
    American foils attempted Nigerian 419 scam
    Nigerian gets 5 1/2 yrs in US for identify theft case
    Don't you be fooled by the Nigerian Gold Rush
    Nigerian Businessman Murdered in the U.S.
    "Nigerian Scam" Targets Online Sellers
    Nigerian 419 scam uses fake US money orders
    Nigeria passes Bill to curb Internet fraud

    Hussein's Millions Up For Grabs In Nigerian-Style Scam
    Nigerian identity thief convicted in the U.S.
    'Nigerian' money scam: What happens when you reply?
    '419' Scam: Lions ticket buyers beware, NZRU warns
    Fraudsters tamper with 419 Bill
    419: Ajudua's Bail Application Dismissed
    New twist on Nigerian scam
    Nigerian web scam victimizes Alaskans

    Alleged 419 kingpin docked for $2.3m scam
    Australian good samaritans scammed by 419
    Nigerian 419 scammers exploit tsunami tragedy
    Nigerian charged in US money order 419 scam
    Local Authorities Warn Of Twist To Nigerian Letter Scam
    Woman falls short of being duped by Nigerian 419er
    Nigerian 419 scam hooks online sellers
    Nigerian 419er ran scam from Toronto jail
    Nigerian 419 scammers using name of FSB boss
    New 419 scam uses money orders as bait

    'Nigerian 419' fraudster dupes American $21,000
    US police warn of latest Nigerian 419 scam
    Nigerian Scam Lures Valley Woman
    Tourism trade warned over Nigerian fraudsters
    Internet Scam Lands Two in Jail
    Ghanaians: Beware of White Collar Scams
    Police warning over scam gangs
    Alleged cash hoard turns into bait for internet scam
    Nigerian scam, fraud charges plague cattleman

    Australian 'Nigerian' 419 scammer jailed
    Liverpool police officer duped by 419; Beware
    Australian Nigerian 419 scam adviser jailed
    2 New Zealanders in court over Nigerian 419 scam
    Prince of 419 scam rips himself off
    419 cashier's check warning
    419ers take Aussie financial advisor for AU$1m
    Beware of bogus check in Web sales
    Australian duped by 419, pleads guilty
    419, thieves have left me with an identity crisis

    American landlord loses $2,700 to 419
    US Nonprofit chief duped of $51,000 by 419
    135 arrested in telemarketing-fraud investigation
    Beware of lottery emails – you didn't win
    BBB warns of business scam through TTY relay system
    Terrorists grow fat on email scams
    Man sentenced for "black money" fraud
    Houston man cons Internet scam artists

    American woman targeted by Nigerian 419
    419 Swindles American of $97,123.00
    Nigerian scam woman detained
    New study outlining dangers of 419 released
    Arkansas AG issues Nigeria 419 scam alert

    Man avoids scam, tries to track con artist
    Identity theft can plague honest people
    Nigerian cybercrooks target sporting dog
    US crackdown on net fraud
    Nigerian Scam Targets Online Sales
    Nigerian 419 scams: Now who's the Fool?
    Over 100 susepcts netted in cybercrime raids
    US merchant group helps in 419 stings

    Tread carefully online to steer clear of cybercrime
    Devil's Advocate: Fighting back against dodgy emails
    Before sending money, check out those e-scams
    Abacha's 'daughter' dupes American N980m
    5 ways to steer clear of online crime
    Spanish lotto win? It's Nigerian scam
    419 ropes American into swindlers ring

    419ers make guest appearance in Doom 3
    International 419 email scams score billions with offer of millions
    Nigerian woman arrested in India for 419
    Nigerian 419 scam targets military supporters

    Net vigilantes target 419 sites
    Nigerian minister battles 419 scam artists
    Nigerian 419 scam focus of US investigation
    419 E-mail scam targets gays
    Nigerian 419 scam almost ropes in American
    Nigerian 419er swindles American couple
    US residents victim of 'Nigerian' identity thief
    Nigerian 419 scheme hits Colorado locals
    US police nab Nigerian man with multiple identity

    We haven't been hacked by 419 - eBay
    419 scammers hack eBay
    Arab News Editorial: Nigeria & Scam Industry
    Huge Nigeria 419 scam trial collapses
    Nigerian bank scam based in Midlands
    Man tricked out of £3,000 by 419
    419 dupes Honolulu man of $2,544

    Forum warns to beware of identity theft
    Foreign 419 'copy cats' swindle Nigerians
    Nigerian arrested for 419 cheating in India
    Turning the tables on Nigerian 419 conmen(#1 article)
    Email scammer falls for fake church(#2 article)
    Anatomy of a 419 scam
    Authorities warn against 4-1-9 scheme

    Nigeria failing to tackle 419ers
    Nigeria renews strategy to fight 419
    Scams not new to Alexandria
    BBB warns about Nigerian Letter scam
    Scammers using Internet, old ploys to stalk prey
    Nigerian fraudster remanded in Ghana
    Swindlers find new ways to dupe Netizens

    Beware of 'Nigerian check scam'
    419 - 500 Arrested - $500m Assets Seized
    New Zealander bankrupt from Nigerian 419 scam
    419 Scam Targeting Alabama Consumers
    Nigerian Riches: Scamming The Scammers
    Turning the Tables on E-Mail Swindlers
    Nigerian sent to prison in fraud scheme
    Nigerian arrested in money transfer racket
    Nigerian credit card scam dupes company $30,000
    '419' dupes many viz $500,000 lottery scam

    Nigerian 419 scam email wins New York award
    419 targets Internet sellers
    Nigeria scam(419) finds home in Sedalia
    E-mail scams luring victims
    Police warn of Internet scams
    Beware: Nigerian Check Scam Strikes Again
    419 swindles American small business $63,000

    Omotoso at large, 419 goes global
    Woman Allegedly Scams Bank $60,000
    419ers crack cold fusion
    Crooks out for cash with bogus email scam
    US Bank Teller Stops Nigerian 419 Scam
    419 fraudsters get smarter
    No E-mail? This Was Serious
    Nigerian Internet scams hit Wood County
    Locals may be charged in 419 scam
    Residents warned of Nigeria scam

    419 Offer Luxury Cars To 'Lucky Winners'
    419 dupes American $4,000.00 *Be warned
    Nigerian oilmen sacked over scam
    Which Nigerian Spammer Are You?
    US Couple Linked to Nigerian Forgery Ring
    Alert over bogus banks *Be warned
    419ers plug into plasma TV market
    Police warn area Internet users of new twist to 419
    Email scam hits Mumbaikar

    Iraq joins Nigeria as Internet-fraud center
    419: What happens when you reply?
    419 adding new twist
    Residents warned of check scam
    Nigerian jailed in N. Wales for 419
    A forum posting on Nigerian 419
    Nigerian jailed for e-mail scam
    419 dupes pet owner $3,500.00
    419 swindles Australian $72,000

    Prof dupes $600000, hands over to 419
    Nigerian check scam circulating here
    Australian adviser falls for Nigerian scam
    'Nigerian' Scams Continue To Fool Consumers
    Ibekwe, Nigerian '419' Rep, Dead
    India arrests 2 Nigerians for cheating(419)
    Obasanjo set to tackle Internet crime
    419 fraud schemes net R100m in SA
    Scam disguised as a 'sob story'
    419 gangs dupe Britons of over £12m

    Speaking Out:- 419 and progress
    Nigerian scammers in line of fire
    E-mail scam victim counts his losses
    Woman stung by 419(Nigerian scam)
    Nigeria Cracksdown on Internet Fraud
    Masterminds of biggest 419 face the music
    Nigeria's global scams finally noticed at home
    SA ministers' names used in 419 email scam
    Get-rich scams soar

    US student duped by 419, warns others
    Internet Cafés 'Used for 419 Scam'
    Saudis jail 2 Nigerians for 419
    Amsterdam, headquarters of Nigerian 419
    Elderly woman target of scam
    Call 4 Action: 'Nigerian' E-Mail Scam
    Nigerian in Houston convicted of e-mail scam

    419: NIPC Cautions Embassies
    We have 419's new number
    $242m Scam: Suspects Arraigned, Deny Charges
    Five charged over Nigerian 419 scam
    Credit card scam spreads from Nigeria to Keyser
    419: 2 Nigerians Arrested in Ghana
    419ers reduced to Welsh penury

    African scam with a twist
    Dutch police arrest 52 in 419 email scam
    Credit card scam spreads from Nigeria to Keyser
    419 scammers start working the phones
    Man loses life savings to 419

    Nigeria targets 419 spam that taints its image
    Nigerian 419ers run dry
    Nigerian Scam Continues To Claim Victims
    Nigerians running lucrative swindles
    419: 2 Nigerians Arrested in Ghana
    Police charge man with elaborate false-check scam

    Familiar international money scam surfaces
    Net cheque scam finds first victim in province
    ICPC Vows to Jail Afolabi, Others
    New twist on Nigerian e-mail scam warned
    419 dupes American over $300,000
    419 dupes American couple $6,000
    419 leaves man $12,000 poorer

    Nigerian 419ers surface in Baghdad
    Number of fraud cases rises
    ID card scam: Afolabi, Akwanga, Shata, others in court
    Many still fall victim to Nigerian scam
    Fools fortune found in a little shop of horrors
    Bank scam goes to the Highlands
    Con trick leads angry victims to Scottish pharmacy
    Vote For Troublemaker Of The Year

    New Nigerian scam targets deaf community
    Consumers should beware scam artists during holidays
    419 dupes American $50,000
    Local authorities warn residents of Internet scams
    Online fraud cases triple
    Easy life turns tough on Nigeria's global con men
    Cashier's Checks Used In Web Scams

    Bank worker saved woman's savings
    Film preservationist hopes e-mail no scam
    "Nigerian" scammers becoming the scammed
    'Sucker' list targets local victim
    419: Ibekwe collapses in prison, may go blind
    Nigeria govt up in arms against e-mail scam
    Nigeria to wage war on junk-mail scams
    Nigeria pledges to tackle email fraud
    Nigeria stamps on 419 (again)

    Nigerian fraudsters 'shop early for Xmas'
    Lottery fraud warning
    Campus police probe Nigerian e-mail scam
    419 scam offers Saddam's loot to the unwary
    Don't get taken in by `Nigerian' scam
    Nigerian Email Conmen Fall into their Targets' Net
    Sweet Revenge On Nigerian Scammers
    Nigerian email scam causes Americans to loiter in London hotels
    Canada: The new Nigeria?
    Peach Bottom man almost victim of scam

    Microsoft/AOL E-Mail Tracking
    American loses $400,000 to 419
    Peach Bottom man almost victim of scam
    Details On The Nigerian E-mail Scam
    Nigerian networks 'rife in SA'
    $170b owned by Nigerians in foreign banks

    Nigerian 419 scams: Your questions answered
    'Car For Sale' Scam Hits Town
    Guard against high-tech con
    Nigerian oil funds fraudsters foiled(Call it whatever, it is 419)
    419 Kingpin, Shina Olowoake, & Ade Bendel in Court
    Frederick Man Loses $3,000 in Internet Scam

    Cancerous email scam mutates
    Free Software As Nigerian Scam
    Con artists net $200000 in NS this summer
    Cancerous email Scam Making Way To Brunei
    RCMP issues scam artist warning
    Nigeria tackles 419 scammers
    5 Singaporeans duped $2m
    'Greedy' man duped of $330,000 in Net scam

    419 Aussie scammer
    Updated versions disguise same-old scam from Nigeria
    Nigerian Email Scammer Arrested
    Pensioner accused of AUS $5m Nigerian scam
    'Nigerian fraudster' group smashed
    Man arrested over Nigerian 419 scam
    419: Judiciary Used to Frustrate Trial, Says Ribadu
    Fraudsters go under as commission tightens noose
    419 Innocent Slaying: Embassy slaying case to reopen(See News Below)
    Nigerian Diplomat Shot Dead in Prague, July 26, 2003

    The Nigerian e-mail fraud: Scam in a spam
    CALL 3: Internet 'Phishing' Scams
    How to beat the 419 scammers
    Nigerian 419 scammer turns to telemarketing
    Nigerian '419' scam finds home in South Africa
    Send cash here instead
    Internet Fraud Complaints Rising

    Letters seeking bank info are scams
    Nigeria looses scam on Tarboro
    Nigerian Scammers Targeting Museum Stores
    Nigerian email scam still sucking us in
    Lady out of $2,500
    Had I won the Spanish lottery? Apparently, yes
    I'm Enjoying Life in Prison, Says 419 Kingpin
    Absa internet scandal only tip of iceberg'
    Nigerian e-mail fraud claims Indian

    Cashiering A Check Scam
    Couple avoids Nigerian scam
    Police warn of online scam from Nigeria
    'Truck driver' scam puts new twist on an old fraud
    Secret Service tracks Nigerian scams
    Examining identity theft
    Nigerian fraudsters targeting computer companies
    Thackeray: Nigerian scam goes religious

    Church's Ex-Treasurer Gets 3 Years
    They who live by the fraud...
    Elder abuse occurs everywhere, even here
    Pair plead guilty in Medicare scam
    Last 2 defendants in Medicare scam admit guilt
    Nigerian e-mail scam zips into Florida Keys
    New 'Nigerian' Internet Scam Targeting Americans
    Internet helping fuel fear about new car theft scam

    Bank dashes man's hope for African inheritance
    FBI warns residents of Internet schemes
    New twist to old scam
    Nigerian Scam Targets Local Horse Trainer
    Industry love-in turns into slag-fest
    Nigerian 419 scammer turns to telemarketing
    Letter cam hits Merredin

    Nigerian Scam Targets Local Horse Trainer
    City man loses $20,000 to Nigerian con artists
    Money scams target small firms
    Law enforcement targeted in latest 809-area-code scam
    New Nigerian Letter Scam
    Nigerian conmen using KL as base
    Public falls prey to prize scams

    Malaysians not behind scam in Hamburg
    Ex-King of Nigeria Has Millions for YOU
    419: Crime commission intensifies search for fraudsters
    Nigerians attack con artists
    Phoney websites earning millions for fraudsters
    419: FG Investigates Bank Accounts
    '419' Letters are Obstacle to Foreign Investments
    The Biggest 419 affair ever, London court hunts 10 Nigerians, 6

    Fake Nigerian e-mail parody targets SCO CEO McBride
    419 'scamster' loses assets
    African defrauds American of $6,000
    Two Men Accused Of Scam While Posing As Cops
    Man guilty in $2 million Nigerian bank scam
    Elk Grove man admits Nigerian scam conspiracy
    African money scam warning
    American swindled by Nigerian scam artist
    Fraudsters send emails in the name of top businessmen
    Nigerians rap against fraud

    Rhode Island police warn of scam linked to Nigeria
    Nigerians rap against fraud
    Watch for money scams: Police
    The Scam Files: Email central
    Spam targets city workers
    SE Parish Divided in Wake of Scam

    Cyber-swindlers e-mail the greedy and the gullible
    'Nigerian Scam Letter' surfaces in area
    New 419 scam angle
    'Handkerchief switch' nearly snags 86-year-old
    *Warnings issued on scam mail
    Nigerian scam moves to Iraq
    Latest Nigerian Scam Targets Classified Ads

    Nigerian Scam Warning Repeated
    419: Uncertainty Over NDDC MD's Fate
    It's a scam
    Rev Tightnuts cons the conmen
    Internet financial scam uses Estrada name to lure victims
    APEC furthers plans to combat cybercrime
    Add another word to the Net fraud lexicon
    Nigerian 419 fraudsters nabbed in SA

    Internet fraud is back to haunt
    Classic E-Mail Scam May Have New Twist
    Identity theft scam linked to Nigeria
    Nigerian scam has local ties in N. Country, NY, U.S.
    New Twist Found On Nigerian E-Mail Scam
    Houston residents indicted in Nigerian e-mail scam

    E-mail scam with bad grammar
    Old fraud has new face, police say
    Watch out for unsolicited e-mail
    How I escaped 419 onslaught, by Soyinka
    Taking on Nigerian con games becomes a crusade
    Latest Internet trend: Scamming the scammers

    George W. Bush and the Nigerian Scam
    Scam suspect blames Nigerian hoax
    Beware of 419 Scams!
    Internet scams target soft hearts & big wallets
    Police arrest alleged Nigerian fraudster
    Jobs scam: Nigerian in court
    'Letter scam' extends to Cook Island phone lines

    STOPPED CHECKING HERE &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    Latest Nigerian email scam comes from above
    Amsterdam: home of the 419 lottery scam
    Email Scam Targets Massachusetts Lottery Players
    Scam bilks hopeful lottery winners
    419 Coalition '03 News on Nigerian 419 Scam

    Alleged 419 kingpin's mansion auctioned
    'Nigeria-419' Internet Scam unearthed
    E-mail scam has new ploy
    'Nigeria-419' internet scam unearthed(Watch this link for updates}
    Advanced Fee Scams: A Multibillion-Dollar Fraud
    Australians warned about Mandela email scam
    Nigerian Connection Still Reaches Out For Brunei
    Metro man caught by Nigerian Internet scam

    'Nigerian' con game still active
    E-Mail Scam Cheats Victims of Thousands of Dollars
    PC builder takes 419ers for £171
    Sellers Beware: Internet Fraud Scam
    Capital e-mail users hit by Saddam fraud
    'Saddam's son' writes WND, trolling for dollars

    Nigeria tightens the noose on 419
    Nigerian scams show up again
    Internet latest site of plunder for swindlers
    Nigerian MP on fraud charges
    Fake bank Web site scam reaches US
    Local business victim of fraud
    Same Scam, Different Pitch
    Fake bank site part of Nigerian scam
    Iraqi twist adds flavour to Nigerian scam

    Nigerian scam continues to thrive
    Nigerian community warns against fraud
    New Twist on 'Nigerian Scam' Targets Car Sellers

    New twist on old scam prompts police warning
    Iowans Warned of Nigeria Check Scam
    Nigerian scam artists now posing as Internet buyers
    Fake chance to get pre-tend rich
    Annie's Scam lessons learned from the world of fraud
    US$10m Fraudsters in the Dock
    Nigerian scam rips off Rhodes varsity
    International e-mail scam ensnares get-rich dreamers
    Web scam costs local woman her savings
    Warning On Bogus E-mails

    Nigerian e-mail scams flourish despite global crackdown
    'Nigerian scam' fails when bank won't cash check
    Police issue Internet scam warning
    Beware of Nigeria scam on Web
    419: Crime Panel Parades Two Suspects
    Nigerian charged in credit card fraud
    Man allegedly duped by con artists arrested
    Nigerian Million Dollar Letter Scam Gets A Brunei Twist
    Police warn of bank scam callers

    419: Canadian man told to repay bank $114,000
    Nigerian email scam targets ASIC
    E-mail scam is expensive for friend, credit union
    Internet scams target region
    'Sucker' jailed in theft from senior citizen
    Cyberspace gangsters launch new menu of crookery
    New Technology, Old Scam
    The 12 scams of Christmas
    Today's scams are merely recycled
    Spam & Virus "blended threats" top email dangers in '02

    419 reasons to ignore certain e-mails
    Web Scams Scare Shoppers('Beware the 'Nigerian Letter')
    Beware of old scam resurfacing here
    Nigerian Net Scam, Version 3.0
    Con artists take scams online
    419: Scam pops up yet again
    *Nigeria meets money laundering deadline
    Nigerian 419: Now the force is with you!
    E-mail threats, viruses worsen in 2002
    Email Scam: Putting the lid on

    *Nigerian email scam causes Americans to loiter
    Letter scam sparks arrest
    Nigerian E-Mail Scammers Reported On Run
    Fake bank website cons victims
    Law firm out $2.1 million in African fraud
    Arrests in Nigerian Letter Scam
    RCMP, FBI & US Secret Service crumble "Nigerian Letter Scam"
    Meet the Nigerian E-Mail Grifters
    Senator Craig's Office Hit With Nigerian E-Mail Scam
    Six arrested over 'Nigerian e-mail' fraud
    Suspected 419 scamsters in court
    Briton kidnapped in money scam

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